The Urban Area of Enfield in the County of Greater London

The Urban Area of Enfield is located within the county of Greater London.

Enfield is situated in the London, East of England, region of the UK and is governed by Broxbourne, Enfield, councils.

The Urban Area of Enfield is covers the following regions.

  • Enfield - Outer London - East and North East - London
  • Hertfordshire - Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire - East of England
  • Broxbourne
  • Enfield
  • Enfield: St Barnabas
  • Jesus Church Forty Hill
  • St Andrew Enfield
  • St George Freezywater
  • St James Enfield Highway
  • St John: Clay Hill
  • St Luke the Evangelist: Enfield
  • St Mark Bush Hill Park
  • St Mary Enfield Chase
  • St Michael Gordon Hill
  • St Peter & S Paul Enfield
  • St Stephen Bush Hill Park

Where is Enfield is located in the UK

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Map of the Urban Area of Enfield in Greater London

Dentists in Enfield

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Enfield
Chase Farm Hospitals Nhs Trust 127 The Ridgeway Enfield Worcestershire EN2 8JL
Chaseside Ltd Chase Side Dental Practice, 8 Nunns Road Enfield Middlesex EN2 6JT
Dental Arts Studio 6-8 London Road Enfield Middlesex EN2 6EB
Dental Practice 11 Old Park Avenue Enfield Middlesex EN2 6PJ
Dental Surgery 253 Hertford Road Enfield Middlesex EN3 5JL
Dental Surgery 325 Willow Road Enfield Middlesex EN1 3BX
Dental Surgery 415 Hertford Road Enfield Middlesex EN3 5PT
Dental Surgery 63 Bullsmoor Lane Enfield Middlesex EN3 6TG
Dental Surgery 87 Trinity Avenue Enfield Middlesex EN1 1HT
Dental Surgery Angle House, 39 The Ridgeway Enfield EN2 8PD
Ordnance Unity Centre 645 Hertford Road Enfield Middlesex EN3 6ND
Petrie Tucker And Partners Waltham Cross Dental Centre, 966 Hertford Road Waltham Cross Hertfordshire EN8 7RU

Opticians in Enfield

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Enfield
Anthony Weyman Optometrist 71 Windmill Hill Enfield Middlesex EN2 7AF
Boots Opticians (enfield) 18 London Road Enfield Middlesex EN2 6EB
Enfield Crown Road Specsavers Limited 3 Crown Road Enfield EN1 1TH
Enfield Eye Care 555 Hertford Road Enfield Middlesex EN3 5UQ
Goodlooking Optics (enfield) 5-6 St. Onge Parade, Genotin Road Enfield Middlesex EN1 1YU
Gordon Thomas 43 Church Street Enfield Middlesex EN2 6AJ
Hammond Opticians Ltd 40 London Road Enfield Middlesex EN2 6EF
Scrivens Opticians (enfield) 33 Palace Gardens Shopping Centre, Unit 10 Enfield Middlesex EN2 6SN
Specsavers (enfield) 52 Palace Gardens Enfield Middlesex EN2 6SN
Vision Express (enfield) 28 Palace Gardens Enfield Middlesex EN2 6SN

Chemists in Enfield

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Enfield
Boots Enfield Retail Park, 2a Crown Road Enfield Middlesex EN1 1TH tel:02083 677019
Boots Uk Limited 30-32 Shopping Precinct, Palace Gardens Enfield Middlesex EN2 6SN
Capricorn Pharmacy 16 Enfield Road Enfield Middlesex EN2 7HW tel:020 83673939
Hayward Chemist Ltd 10 Queen Annes Place Enfield Middlesex EN1 2PT
Healthfare Pharmacy 9 Colman Parade, Southbury Road Enfield Middlesex EN1 1YY tel:020 83675456
Lloydspharmacy 198 Lancaster Road Enfield Middlesex EN2 0JH tel:020 83634499
Lloydspharmacy 226-228 Hertford Road, Enfield Lock Enfield Middlesex EN3 5BH tel:020 88042074
Lloydspharmacy 304 Baker Street Enfield Middlesex EN1 3LD tel:020 83633210
Mk Shah Pharmacy Hertford Road Enfield Middlesex EN3 6PR
Ronchetti Pharmacy 617-619 Hertford Road Enfield Middlesex EN3 6UP tel:01992 710749
Well Enfield - 255-257 Hertford Road 255-257 Hertford Road Enfield Middlesex EN3 5JL tel:02088 055821
Well Enfield - 417 Hertford Road 417 Hertford Road Enfield Middlesex EN3 5PT tel:020 88054154
Well Enfield - 644 Hertford Road 644 Hertford Road Enfield Middlesex EN3 6NA tel:01992 764476
Well Enfield - Silver Street 66 Silver Street Enfield Middlesex EN1 3EP tel:020 83630823
Whitakers Pharmacy 68 Silver Street Enfield Middlesex EN1 3EW tel:020 83646129

Doctors in Enfield

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Enfield
Abernethy House Surgery 70 Silver Street Enfield Middlesex EN1 3EB tel:020 83704940
Bincote Surgery 11 Bincote Road Enfield Middlesex EN2 7RD tel:020 83630585
Brick Lane Surgery 28 Brick Lane Enfield Middlesex EN3 5BA tel:020 84430413
Medicus Health Partners- Bush Hill Park Bush Hill Park Medical Centre, 25 Melbourne Way Enfield EN1 1XG tel:020 83665858
Medicus Health Partners-carlton House Carlton House Surgery, 28 Tenniswood Road Enfield Middlesex EN1 3LL tel:020 83704900
Medicus Health Partners-freezywater Pcc 2 Aylands Road Enfield Middlesex EN3 6PN tel:01992 676202
Medicus Health Partners-green Street Green Street Surgery, 48 Green Street Enfield Middlesex EN3 7HW tel:020 88043200
Medicus Health Partners-lincoln Road Med Lincoln Road Medical Practice, Lincoln Road, Bush Hill Park Enfield Middlesex EN1 1LJ tel:020 83678989
Medicus Health Partners-moorfield Road Moorfield Road Enfield Middlesex EN3 5XP tel:020 88041522
Medicus Health Partners-riley House Riley House Surgery, 413 Hertford Road Enfield Middlesex EN3 5PR tel:0844 8151379
Medicus Health Partners-southbury 73 Southbury Road Enfield Middlesex EN1 1PJ tel:020 83630305
Medicus Health Partners-willow House 285 Willow Road Enfield Middlesex EN1 3AZ tel:020 83630472
The Ordnance Unity Centre For Health 645 Hertford Road Enfield Middlesex EN3 6ND tel:01992 761185
Town Surgery 37 Cecil Road Enfield Middlesex EN2 6TJ tel:020 30921662
Trinity Avenue Surgery 24 Trinity Avenue, Bush Hill Park Enfield Middlesex EN1 1HS tel:020 83634493
White Lodge Medical Practice 68 Silver Street Enfield Middlesex EN1 3EW tel:020 83634156
List of Streets in Enfield
Abbey Road
Abbotts Crescent
Abercrombie Drive
Abridge Close
Acacia Road
Acorn Close
Adamsrill Close
Addis Close
Addison Road
Adelaide Close
Agricola Place
Albany Park Avenue
Albany Road
Alberta Road
Albuhera Close
Aldersbrook Avenue
Aldridge Avenue
Allandale Road
Almshouse Lane
Amberley Road
Ambleside Crescent
Amwell Close
Apple Grove
Aragon Close
Archers Drive
Archibald Close
Armfield Road
Arnold Avenue East
Arnold Avenue West
Ascot Gardens
Ash Grove
Ashdown Road
Ashford Crescent
Ashley Road
Ashton Road
Aspen Way
Athole Gardens
Auckland Close
Audley Road
Autumn Close
Avalon Close
Avondale Crescent
Aylands Road
Ayley Croft
Baddeley Close
Badgers Close
Bagshot Road
Baird Road
Baird Road
Baker Street
Balmoral Road
Banbury Close
Banton Close
Barnard Road
Batley Road
Baynes Close
Beaconsfield Road
Beckwith Close
Bedale Road
Bedford Crescent
Bell Lane
Bell Road
Bell Road
Bellamy Road
Bentley Mews
Beresford Gardens
Bert Way
Bertram Road
Beverley Close
Bewcastle Gardens
Bicknoller Road
Bideford Gardens
Bideford Road
Bilton Way
Bilton Way
Bincote Road
Birkbeck Road
Bishops Close
Black Fan Close
Blossom Lane
Bodiam Close
Boleyn Avenue
Borden Avenue
Bouvier Road
Bowles Green
Bowood Road
Bradley Road
Braithwaite Road
Bramley Road
Brancroft Way
Brantwood Gardens
Brayton Gardens
Brendon Way
Bressey Avenue
Brick Lane
Brick Lane
Bridge Close
Bridgend Road
Bridgenhall Road
Bridle Close
Brigadier Avenue
Brigadier Hill
Brimsdown Avenue
Brimsdown Avenue
Broadfield Square
Broadlands Avenue
Broadlands Close
Broadoak Avenue
Brodie Road
Brooklands Court
Brookside Gardens
Browning Road
Browning Road
Bryn-Y-Mawr Road
Bryn-Y-Mawr Road
Buckingham Close
Bull's Cross
Bulls Cross Ride
Bullsmoor Close
Bullsmoor Gardens
Bullsmoor Lane
Bullsmoor Lane
Bullsmoor Lane
Bullsmoor Lane
Bullsmoor Ride
Bullsmoor Way
Burleigh Road
Burleigh Way
Burlington Road
Burncroft Avenue
Burnham Close
Burton Drive
Bury Street
Bush Hill
Bycullah Avenue
Bycullah Road
Bycullah Road
Byron Court
Calder Close
Calshot Way
Camberley Avenue
Cambridge Gardens
Canford Close
Canning Square
Canonbury Road
Capel Road
Capstan Ride
Carisbrook Close
Carnarvon Avenue
Carpenters Road
Carterhatch Lane
Carterhatch Lane
Carterhatch Road
Castle Road
Castleleigh Court
Catherine Road
Catisfield Road
Cavell Drive
Cecil Avenue
Cecil Road
Cedar Avenue
Cedar Avenue
Cedar Park Road
Cedar Road
Celadon Close
Centenary Road
Central Avenue
Chailey Avenue
Chalkmill Drive
Chalkmill Drive
Chalkwell Park Avenue
Chantry Close
Chapel Street
Charles Street
Charnwood Road
Chase Court Gardens
Chase Court Gardens
Chase Green
Chase Green Avenue
Chase Green Avenue
Chase Hill
Chase Ridings
Chase Side
Chase Side
Chase Side Avenue
Chase Side Avenue
Chase Side Crescent
Chasewood Avenue
Chatsworth Drive
Cherry Road
Chesterfield Road
Chestnut Road
Cheviot Close
Cheviot Close
Chiltern Dene
Chinnery Close
Christchurch Close
Church Lane
Church Street
Churchbury Close
Churchbury Lane
Churchbury Road
Clay Hill
Clay Hill
Clifton Gardens
Clive Road
Clive Way
Clovelly Gardens
Clydach Road
Clydach Road
Cobbett Close
Cobham Close
Cocker Road
Coldham Grove
College Gardens
College Road
Collinwood Avenue
Collinwood Avenue
Colman Parade
Colonels Walk
Colvin Gardens
Comreddy Close
Conical Corner
Conifer Gardens
Connaught Avenue
Connaught Close
Connop Road
Constance Road
Conway Gardens
Cook's Hole Road
Corby Crescent
Cornhill Drive
Cotswold Green
Cotswold Way
Countisbury Avenue
Cowdrey Close
Cracknell Close
Craddock Road
Craddock Road
Crawley Road
Crescent Road
Crest Drive
Cricketers Arms Road
Croft Road
Crofton Way
Cross Road
Crown Road
Crown Road
Cuba Drive
Culgaith Gardens
Culloden Road
Cunningham Avenue
Curthwaite Gardens
Dairy Close
Dearsley Road
Dearsley Road
Delhi Road
Dell Road
Dendridge Close
Dewgrass Grove
Dimsdale Drive
Dison Close
Donkey Lane
Donkey Lane
Downs Road
Drake Street
Drapers Road
Dryden Road
Dudrich Mews
Dundee Way
Dunraven Drive
East Crescent
East Road
Eastbury Avenue
Eastfield Road
Eaton Road
Edenbridge Road
Edington Road
Edison Road
Electric Avenue
Elizabeth Avenue
Elm Gardens
Elmer Close
Elmhurst Road
Elmore Road
Elsinge Road
Enders Close
Enfield Road
Englefield Close
Enstone Road
Ermine Side
Essex Road
Fairoaks Grove
Fairview Road
Falmer Road
Farorna Walk
Farr Road
Faversham Avenue
Ferndale Road
Ferns Close
Fielders Close
Fillebrook Avenue
Fir Tree Walk
Firbank Close
First Avenue
First Avenue
Flash Lane
Florence Avenue
Florence Avenue
Florence Drive
Forest Road
Forsyth Place
Forty Hill
Forty Hill
Forty Hill
Fotheringham Road
Foxmead Close
Foxwood Green Close
Frederick Crescent
Fyfield Road
Gardenia Road
Garnault Road
Gater Drive
Genotin Road
Genotin Road
Genotin Road
Gentleman's Row
George Lovell Drive
Gilbert Street
Gilmour Close
Gladbeck Way
Glebe Avenue
Glenbrook North
Glenbrook South
Glenloch Road
Glenville Avenue
Gloucester Road
Goat Lane
Goat Lane
Goldsdown Close
Goldsdown Road
Goodwood Avenue
Gordon Hill
Gordon Road
Gordon Road
Gough Road
Government Row
Graeme Road
Grafton Road
Great Cambridge Road
Great Cambridge Road
Great Cambridge Road
Great Cambridge Road
Great Cambridge Road
Green Street
Green Street
Greencroft Gardens
Greenmoor Road
Greenwood Avenue
Gresham Close
Greystoke Gardens
Grove Gardens
Grove Road West
Gunner Drive
Haddon Close
Hadley Road
Hadrian's Ride
Haileybury Avenue
Halifax Road
Hallside Road
Halstead Road
Hammond Road
Hampton Mews
Hansart Way
Hardy Way
Harefield Close
Harman Road
Harris Close
Harrow Avenue
Harston Drive
Hartmoor Mews
Haselwood Drive
Havenhurst Rise
Hawksmead Close
Hawthorn Grove
Haydon Close
Hazel Grove
Hazelwood Road
Heath's Close
Heather Drive
Hedge Hill
Heene Road
Henry Close
Hermitage Close
Heron Mead
Herrongate Close
Hertford Road
Hertford Road
Hertford Road
High Oaks
Hillside Crescent
Hillside Crescent
Hoe Lane
Hoe Lane
Holbrook Close
Holly Road
Holmwood Road
Holtwhite Avenue
Holtwhite's Hill
Holtwhite's Hill
Hook Gate
Hornbeams Avenue
Horseshoe Lane
Hunters Way
Hunting Gate Close
Hunts Mead
Illingworth Way
Ingersoll Road
Innova Way
Innova Way
Inverness Avenue
Inverness Avenue
Irkdale Avenue
Island Centre Way
Ivinghoe Close
James Lee Square
James Street
Jasper Close
Jeffreys Road
Jervis Avenue
John Gooch Drive
John Street
Johnby Close
Jules Thorn Avenue
Jute Lane
Kempe Road
Kenilworth Crescent
Keswick Drive
Kettering Road
Kilvinton Drive
Kilvinton Drive
Kimberley Gardens
Kimberley Gardens
Kinetic Crescent
King Henry's Mews
Kingsclere Place
Kingsfield Drive
Kingsfield Way
Kingswood Close
Kirkland Drive
Kynaston Road
Lackmore Road
Ladbroke Road
Ladysmith Road
Ladysmith Road
Ladysmith Road
Lambourne Gardens
Lambs Walk
Lancaster Road
Lancaster Road
Landridge Drive
Landseer Road
Langdale Gardens
Langdale Gardens
Lansbury Road
Larches Avenue
Larksfield Grove
Larmans Road
Lathkill Close
Laura Close
Laurel Bank Road
Lavender Gardens
Lavender Hill
Lavender Hill
Lavender Road
Lawson Road
Layard Road
Lea Road
Leda Avenue
Lee Road
Lee View
Leighton Road
Leyland Avenue
Leys Road East
Leys Road West
Lilac Avenue
Lime Tree Walk
Lincoln Crescent
Lincoln Road
Lincoln Road
Lincoln Road
Lindal Crescent
Linden Avenue
Linden Gardens
Lindhill Close
Lingfield Close
Links Side
Linkside Close
Linkside Gardens
Linwood Crescent
Little Park Gardens
Lockfield Avenue
Logan Close
Lombard Avenue
London Road
London Road
Longfield Avenue
Longleat Road
Lonsdale Drive
Lonsdale Drive North
Lovell Road
Lower Kenwood Avenue
Lowther Drive
Lumina Way
Lyndhurst Gardens
Lynmouth Avenue
Lynn Street
Lynton Gardens
Lytchet Way
Lytton Avenue
Mafeking Road
Mafeking Road
Magnetic Crescent
Magnetic Crescent
Magpie Close
Mahon Close
Main Avenue
Maltby Drive
Malvern Road
Mandeville Road
Manly Dixon Drive
Manor Court
Manor Farm Road
Manor Road
Mapleton Crescent
Mapleton Road
Marrilyne Avenue
Marryat Road
Martini Drive
Masons Road
Maybury Close
Mayfield Road
Mcadam Drive
Meadow Close
Meads Road
Medcalf Road
Melbourne Way
Melling Drive
Merryhills Drive
Merton Road
Meyer Green
Millais Road
Millers Green Close
Millmarsh Lane
Mollison Avenue
Mollison Avenue
Mollison Avenue
Monastery Gardens
Monastery Gardens
Monks Close
Monks Road
Monroe Crescent
Moorfield Road
Morley Hill
Morley Hill
Mortimer Drive
Mount View
Myddelton Avenue
Myddelton Avenue
Myddelton Close
Myrtle Grove
Navigation Drive
Netherby Gardens
Newbury Avenue
Newby Close
Newland Drive
Newport Close
Noahs Close
Northumberland Avenue
Nunn's Road
Nunn's Road
Nursery Close
Nursery Gardens
Oak Avenue
Oakhurst Road
Oatlands Road
Old Forge Road
Old Park Avenue
Old Park Grove
Old Park Road
Old Park Road South
Old Park View
Old Road
Oldbury Road
Orchard Crescent
Orchard Way
Orchardleigh Avenue
Ordnance Road
Orton Grove
Osborne Road
Osborne Road
Padstow Road
Painters Lane
Palmers Lane
Palmers Lane
Park Avenue
Park Avenue
Park Crescent
Park Nook Gardens
Park Road
Park Way
Parsonage Gardens
Parsonage Lane
Parsonage Lane
Peartree Road
Pembroke Avenue
Pentrich Avenue
Percival Road
Perry Mead
Pevensey Avenue
Phipps Hatch Lane
Pines Avenue
Pinnata Close
Pitfield Way
Platts Road
Porlock Road
Portcullis Lodge Road
Portland Drive
Postern Green
Power Drive
Poynter Road
Preston Gardens
Primrose Avenue
Primrose Avenue
Princes Avenue
Priors Mead
Private Road
Private Road
Progress Way
Putney Road
Queen Anne's Gardens
Queen Anne's Grove
Queen Anne's Place
Queen's Road
Radcliffe Avenue
Radnor Gardens
Raglan Road
Raleigh Road
Ramney Drive
Ravens Close
Raynton Road
Redlands Road
Regency Court
Rendlesham Road
Ridge Crest
Ridgemount Gardens
Ridler Road
Riley Road
Ringlewell Close
Ripley Road
River Front
River Front
Riversfield Road
Riverside Gardens
Riverwalk Road
Robinson Close
Robson Close
Rochester Close
Roedean Avenue
Roedean Close
Roman Way
Rosemary Avenue
Rosemary Avenue
Roseneath Walk
Rossendale Close
Rossington Close
Rotherfield Road
Roundhedge Way
Roundhill Drive
Rowantree Road
Rowanwood Mews
Rushey Hill
Russell Road
Russell Road
Salisbury Road
Sandringham Close
Sarnesfield Road
Seaford Road
Second Avenue
Sedley Close
Sennen Road
Severn Drive
Shaftesbury Avenue
Sharon Road
Shaw Road
Shepley Mews
Sheppard Close
Sherborne Avenue
Shirley Road
Shooters Road
Silver Street
Sinclare Close
Sittingbourne Avenue
Sketty Road
Slades Close
Slades Gardens
Slades Hill
Slades Hill
Slades Rise
Soham Road
Solar Way
Somerset Road
Soper Mews
South Lodge Crescent
South Ordnance Road
Southbury Avenue
Southbury Road
Southbury Road
Spring Court Road
St Andrew's Road
St Andrew's Road
St Faith's Close
St George's Road
St George's Road
St John's Terrace
St Luke's Avenue
St Mark's Road
St Martin's Close
St Stephen's Road
Stainton Road
Standard Road
Stanley Road
Sten Close
Sterling Road
Stockingswater Lane
Stoneleigh Avenue
Stonycroft Close
Stratton Avenue
Strayfield Road
Suez Road
Summerhill Grove
Swan And Pike Road
Swan Way
Swan Way
Sydney Road
Taunton Drive
Teal Close
Temple Grove
Tempsford Close
Tenniswood Road
Teynham Avenue
The Approach
The Approach
The Brackens
The Brightside
The Coppice
The Drive
The Generals Walk
The Glade
The Glen
The Greenway
The Grove
The Hatch
The Link
The Loning
The Ridgeway
The Ridgeway
The Sunny Road
The Town
The Town
The Vineries
Third Avenue
Tippetts Close
Tiptree Drive
Titchfield Road
Tollgate Road
Tollgate Road
Totteridge Road
Trentwood Side
Trinity Avenue
Trinity Street
Tudor Crescent
Turkey Street
Turkey Street
Turkey Street
Turpin Close
Tweedy Close
Tyberry Road
Tyberry Road
Tynemouth Drive
Tysoe Avenue
Uckfield Road
Unity Road
Uplands Park Road
Uplands Park Road
Uvedale Road
Valley Fields Crescent
Velocity Way
Velocity Way
Vermont Close
Vernon Avenue
Vian Avenue
Vicar's Close
Village Park Close
Village Road
Village Road
Violet Avenue
Vista Avenue
Waddington Close
Wagtail Close
Walcot Road
Walnut Grove
Walsingham Road
Waltham Gardens
Walton Street
Warwick Road
Waverley Road
Weardale Gardens
Wellesley Park Mews
Wellington Road
Wendy Close
West Bank
Westcroft Close
Westfield Close
Westmoor Gardens
Westmoor Gardens
Westmoor Road
Westmoor Road
Weston Road
Weston Road
Westview Crescent
Wetherby Road
White Horse Mews
White House Lane
Whitethorn Gardens
Whitewebbs Lane
Whitworth Crescent
Wickham Close
Wilford Close
William Covell Close
Willow Road
Willow Road
Willow Road
Winchester Close
Windmill Gardens
Windmill Hill
Windmill Hill
Windmill Hill
Windsor Road
Windward Close
Winifred Terrace
Winnington Road
Wolsey Road
Wonnacott Place
Woodbine Grove
Woodend Gardens
Woodfield Close
Woodgrange Avenue
Woodgrange Gardens
Woodlands Road
Woodridge Close
Worcesters Avenue
World's End Lane
Wyndcroft Close
Yeomans Way
Yews Avenue
York Terrace
Youngmans Close