The Urban Area of Hayes in the County of Greater London

The Urban Area of Hayes is located within the county of Greater London.

The Parish Church (a Grade II listed building) is called Hayes: St Mary the Virgin and serves the parish of Hayes: St Mary the Virgin and the benefice of Hayes and belongs to the diocese of Rochester.

Hayes is situated in the London region of the UK and is governed by Bromley, council.

The Urban Area of Hayes is in the Bromley region of Outer London - South within London.

  • Bromley
  • Hayes: St Mary the Virgin

Where is Hayes is located in the UK

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Map of the Urban Area of Hayes in Greater London

Dentists in Hayes

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Hayes
Ayling & Associates Dental Practice 13 Station Approach, Hayes Bromley BR2 7EQ
Dr Sanjay Patel Associates Hayes Dental Surgery, 33 Pickhurst Lane Bromley Kent BR2 7JE
The Mary Jones Dental Practice George Lane Bromley BR2 7LQ

Opticians in Hayes

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Hayes
Boots Opticians (hayes) 2 Station Buildings, Station Approach, Hayes Bromley Kent BR2 7EN

Chemists in Hayes

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Hayes
Day Lewis Pharmacy 5 Station Approach, Hayes Bromley Kent BR2 7EQ tel:02084 625333
Your Local Boots Pharmacy 15 Station Approach, Hayes Bromley Kent BR2 7EQ tel:020 84621422

Doctors in Hayes

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Hayes
Forge Close Surgery Forge Close, Hayes Bromley Kent BR2 7LL tel:020 84621601
Pickhurst Surgery 56 Pickhurst Lane, Hayes Bromley Kent BR2 7JF tel:020 36675550
List of Streets in Hayes
Abbey Close
Abbotsbury Road
Abbotsbury Road
Abbotswood Way
Acacia Avenue
Addington Road
Addison Way
Adelphi Crescent
Adelphi Way
Aintree Close
Albacore Way
Albert Road
Albion Road
Alexander Close
Almond Close
Angel Lane
Angel Lane
Appleby Close
Ash Grove
Ashwood Gardens
Austin Road
Avondale Drive
Badgers Close
Balmoral Drive
Balmoral Drive
Barnet Wood Road
Barnhill Avenue
Barnhill Avenue
Barra Hall Circus
Barra Hall Road
Barra Wood Close
Baston Road
Bedwell Gardens
Beechwood Avenue
Beechwood Avenue
Belmore Avenue
Benenden Green
Bennetsfield Road
Betam Road
Bidborough Close
Bilton Way
Bishop's Road
Black Rod Close
Blacklands Drive
Blackpool Gardens
Blair Close
Blake Close
Blyth Road
Bolingbroke Way
Bolingbroke Way
Botwell Common Road
Botwell Common Road
Botwell Crescent
Botwell Lane
Botwell Lane
Botwell Lane
Boughton Avenue
Bourne Avenue
Bourne Circus
Bourne Vale
Bourne Vale
Bourne Way
Bourne Way
Bourton Close
Bradenham Road
Bramley Close
Brenchley Close
Briar Gardens
Burbage Close
Burnham Gardens
Burns Close
Burwood Avenue
Bury Avenue
Bushey Road
Byron Way
Carfax Road
Carlton Avenue
Carlton Avenue
Carnarvon Drive
Cavalier Gardens
Cavendish Close
Cecil Way
Cedar Avenue
Central Avenue
Central Avenue
Chalfont Road
Chamberlain Close
Charville Lane
Charville Lane
Chatham Avenue
Chatsworth Close
Chaucer Avenue
Cheriton Avenue
Cherry Grove
Cherry Walk
Chesil Way
Chester Close
Chesterfield Way
Chestnut Close
Chestnut Close
Chilham Way
Christopher Road
Church Close
Church Close
Church Green
Church Road
Church Walk
Churchfield Close
Clarendon Road
Clayton Road
Clayton Road
Cleave Avenue
Clement Gardens
Clevedon Gardens
Clifford Gardens
Clivesdale Drive
Club Gardens Road
Colbrook Avenue
Colbrook Close
Coldharbour Lane
Coldharbour Lane
Coleridge Way
College Way
College Way
Commonwealth Avenue
Compton Road
Coney Hill Road
Conifer Way
Constable Close
Constance Crescent
Conway Drive
Copperdale Road
Copthorne Mews
Cornford Close
Coronation Road
Corwell Gardens
Corwell Lane
Cotmans Close
Courtlands Avenue
Craig Drive
Cranbrook Close
Crane Gardens
Cranford Drive
Cranford Park Road
Cranmer Road
Crest Road
Cromer Close
Cromwell Road
Cromwell Road
Crowland Avenue
Crown Close
Crown Close
Croyde Avenue
Croydon Road
Culverstone Close
Dale Drive
Daleham Drive
Dallas Terrace
Dallega Close
Dalton Close
Damson Drive
Dartmouth Road
Dawley Avenue
Dawley Parade
Dawley Road
Dawley Road
Dawley Road
Dawley Road
Dawson Close
Dawson Close
Deer Park Way
Denbigh Drive
Dene Close
Derwent Drive
Dickens Avenue
Divine Way
Dorset Avenue
Dorset Close
Draven Close
Drenon Square
Dudley Place
Dukes Way
East Avenue
East Avenue
East Walk
East Way
East Way
Eastry Avenue
Egan Way
Egan Way
Eighth Avenue
Elers Road
Elm Close
Elmlea Drive
Everard Avenue
Evergreen Way
Exmouth Road
Fair Acres
Fairdale Gardens
Fairey Avenue
Fairholme Crescent
Farleigh Avenue
Farnborough Crescent
Fifth Avenue
Firefly Close
First Avenue
Five Elms Road
Fletchers Close
Forge Close
Forris Avenue
Fourth Avenue
Fredora Avenue
Freemans Lane
Fremantle Way
Frogmore Avenue
Frogmore Gardens
Fuller Way
Furzeground Way
Gade Close
Gainsborough Road
George Lane
Georgian Close
Gilfrid Close
Glamis Crescent
Glebe House Drive
Glebe Road
Gledwood Avenue
Gledwood Crescent
Gledwood Drive
Gledwood Gardens
Glenister Gardens
Golden Crescent
Golden Crescent
Gordon Crescent
Goshawk Gardens
Gould's Green
Goulds Green
Grange Close
Grange Road
Grange Road
Granville Road
Greenfield Place
Greenwood Close
Grosvenor Avenue
Grove Close
Guinness Close
Hamble Drive
Hambro Avenue
Hamilton Road
Hanover Circle
Hardinge Close
Harlington Road
Harold Avenue
Harrow View
Haven Close
Hawthorn Place
Hawthorndene Close
Hawthorndene Road
Hayes Close
Hayes End Close
Hayes End Drive
Hayes End Road
Hayes Garden
Hayes Hill
Hayes Hill Road
Hayes Lane
Hayes Lane
Hayes Mead Road
Hayes Street
Hayes Wood Avenue
Hayman Crescent
Haystall Close
Hazelmere Way
Heath Rise
Heatherwood Drive
Hemmen Lane
Hepburn Gardens
Hermon Grove
Herne Close
Hesa Road
Hewens Road
High Street
Hillborne Close
Hilldown Road
Hillside Lane
Hitherbroom Road
Holland Close
Holland Way
Holmbury Gardens
Homevale Close
Hook Farm Road
Hoppner Road
Hoskins Close
Hubbards Close
Hughes Road
Hunters Grove
Hurst Close
Hurstdene Avenue
Hurstfield Crescent
Husseywell Crescent
Hyde Way
International Avenue
Jonson Close
Judge Heath Lane
Judge Heath Lane
Judge Heath Lane
Juniper Way
Juniper Way
Keats Close
Kechill Gardens
Keith Road
Kelf Grove
Kemsing Close
Kendal Close
Kenilworth Gardens
Kenmore Crescent
Kenton Way
Kerstin Close
Kestrel Way
Kingsbridge Way
Kingsdown Way
Kingshill Avenue
Kingshill Close
Kingswood Place
Knowlton Green
Laburnum Road
Lancaster Walk
Langdale Drive
Lannock Road
Lansbury Drive
Lansbury Drive
Lansdowne Road
Larkfield Close
Lawrence Road
Leamington Place
Len Taylor Close
Lennard Avenue
Lennard Close
Letchworth Close
Letchworth Drive
Leven Way
Leybourne Close
Lilac Gardens
Lime Grove
Lime Grove
Link Field
Link Field
Little Road
Longmead Road
Longwalk Road
Lonsdale Close
Lundy Drive
Lych Gate Walk
Malling Way
Manor Road
Mansfield Drive
Manton Close
Mapleton Close
Marden Avenue
Marlow Gardens
Marshall Drive
Marvell Avenue
Marwell Close
Matfield Close
Maxwell Close
Mead House Lane
Mead Way
Mead Way
Meadow View Road
Melina Close
Mellow Lane East
Mellow Lane West
Melrose Close
Middleton Road
Mildred Avenue
Millington Road
Millington Road
Minet Drive
Minet Gardens
Monarch Drive
Monmouth Road
Montcalm Close
Moray Avenue
Morgan's Lane
Morgan's Lane
Moston Close
Mount Road
Mounthurst Road
Nestle's Avenue
Newhaven Close
Newman Road
Newport Road
Nickleby Close
Nield Road
Nine Acres Close
Ninth Avenue
Normandy Drive
North Avenue
North Hyde Gardens
North Hyde Road
North Hyde Road
North Road
Northfield Close
Northfield Park
Oakington Avenue
Oakington Avenue
Oakmead Avenue
Old Station Road
Orchard Road
Orwell Close
Park Lane
Park Road
Parsonage Close
Pasadena Close
Peggotty Way
Pembury Close
Pemerich Close
Penshurst Green
Percy Gardens
Perry Close
Phelps Way
Pickhurst Green
Pickhurst Lane
Pickhurst Mead
Pickhurst Park
Pine Place
Pinkwell Avenue
Pinkwell Lane
Pittsmead Avenue
Pole Hill Road
Pondfield Road
Poole Way
Poplar Place
Portland Road
Precinct Road
Prestons Road
Prestons Road
Prickley Wood
Princes Park Avenue
Princes Park Circle
Princes Park Close
Princes Park Lane
Princes Park Parade
Printinghouse Lane
Printinghouse Lane
Priory Close
Pump Lane
Purkis Close
Queens Road
Raeburn Road
Raynton Close
Raynton Drive
Rectory Road
Redgate Drive
Redmead Road
Redmead Road
Regents Close
Reid Close
Repton Avenue
Rigby Lane
Romney Road
Rookery Lane
Rosedale Avenue
Roseville Road
Ross Close
Rosslyn Close
Rostrever Gardens
Roundwood Avenue
Rowan Place
Rutland Road
Rydal Drive
Sackville Avenue
Salcombe Way
Sandiland Crescent
Sandow Crescent
Saville Row
Savoy Avenue
Saxony Parade
Seaton Road
Second Avenue
Sedgewood Close
Seventh Avenue
Shakespeare Avenue
Shelley Close
Shepiston Lane
Shepiston Lane
Shepiston Lane
Shoreham Way
Showers Way
Silverdale Gardens
Silverdale Road
Sixth Avenue
Skipton Drive
Snowdon Crescent
Southall Lane
Southall Lane
Speldhurst Close
Spencer Avenue
St Anselms Road
St Anselms Road
St Christophers Drive
St Dunstans Close
St Jerome's Grove
St Mary's Crescent
St Mary's Road
St Mary's Walk
Stanhope Avenue
Stanstead Close
Station Approach
Station Approach
Station Approach
Station Hill
Station Road
Station Road
Stirling Road
Stockley Close
Stormount Drive
Stuart Avenue
Stuart Crescent
Sutherland Avenue
Swallowfield Way
Swift Close
Sycamore Avenue
Thackeray Close
The Green
The Knoll
The Oaks
The Parkway
The Parkway
The Parkway
The Parkway
The Square
Third Avenue
Tiepigs Lane
Tithe Close
Titmus Close
Townfield Road
Townfield Square
Trent Way
Trevor Close
Trevor Road
Trinity Drive
Truro Way
Tudor Road
Tudor Square
Turner Close
Ullswater Close
Uxbridge Road
Uxbridge Road
Uxbridge Road
Uxbridge Road
Varcoe Gardens
Victoria Close
Vincent Close
Viveash Close
Walnut Close
Walters Close
Waltham Avenue
Warley Avenue
Warley Road
Warren Road
Warren Wood Close
Warwick Crescent
Watersplash Lane
Waverley Close
Weald Way
Welwyn Way
Wensum Place
Wentworth Close
Wentworth Crescent
Wesley Road
West Avenue
West Common Road
West Walk
Westcombe Lodge Drive
Western View
Western View
Westland Drive
Westland Drive
Westlands Close
Weymouth Road
Wheatley Crescent
Whittington Avenue
Wilkins Close
Willenhall Drive
Wilmar Close
Windsor Gardens
Wolfe Close
Wood End
Wood End Green Road
Woodhouse Close
Woodrow Avenue
Woodstock Gardens
Woolacombe Way
Wrays Way
Wyatt Close
Wyre Grove
York Avenue