The Urban Area of Northolt in the County of Greater London

The Urban Area of Northolt is located within the county of Greater London.

Northolt is situated in the London region of the UK and is governed by Ealing, Harrow, Hillingdon, councils.

The Urban Area of Northolt is covers the following regions.

  • Ealing - Outer London - West and North West - London
  • Harrow and Hillingdon - Outer London - West and North West - London
  • Ealing
  • Harrow
  • Hillingdon
  • St Barnabas: Northolt Park
  • St Hugh: Northolt
  • St Mary: Northolt:
  • St Richard: Northolt

Where is Northolt is located in the UK

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Map of the Urban Area of Northolt in Greater London

Dentists in Northolt

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Northolt
Church Road (dental Surgery) 101 Church Road Northolt Middlesex UB5 5AH
Dental Surgery 1 Mandeville Road Northolt Middlesex UB5 5HE
Dental Surgery 192 Church Road Northolt Middlesex UB5 5AE
Dental Surgery 211 The Heights Northolt Middlesex UB5 4BX
Dental Surgery 72 Petts Hill Northolt Middlesex UB5 4NN

Opticians in Northolt

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Northolt
Mandeville Opticians 6 Mandeville Road Northolt Middlesex UB5 5BJ
Oldfields Opticians/eyes On Call 27a Oldfields Circus Northolt Middlesex UB5 4RR

Chemists in Northolt

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Northolt
Alpha Chemist 480 Church Road Northolt Middlesex UB5 5AU
M.gokani Chemist 32 Church Road, Peel House, Northolt Middlesex UB5 5AB tel:02088 411585
My Own Chemist 4 Northolt Trading Estate, Belvue Road Northolt Middlesex UB5 5QS tel:02088 457390
Your Local Boots Pharmacy 47a-47b Oldfields Circus Northolt Middlesex UB5 4RR tel:020 84236470
Your Local Boots Pharmacy 5 Haydock Green Northolt Middlesex UB5 4AP tel:02084 222620

Doctors in Northolt

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Northolt
Islip Manor Medical Centre 45 Eastcote Lane Northolt Middlesex UB5 5RG tel:020 88454911
Mandeville Medical Centre 3 Mandeville Road Northolt Middlesex UB5 5HB tel:020 88453275
Meadow View 141 Mandeville Road Northolt Middlesex UB5 4LZ tel:020 84223181
The Barnabas Medical Ctre Girton Road Northolt Middlesex UB5 4SQ tel:020 88644437
The Grove Medical Practice 81 Danemead Grove Northolt Middlesex UB5 4NY tel:020 84238423
The Medical Centre 45 Doncaster Drive Northolt Middlesex UB5 4AT tel:020 88648133
List of Streets in Northolt
Abbott Close
Academy Gardens
Acock Grove
Alderney Gardens
Arliss Way
Arnold Road
Ascot Close
Attewood Road
Auriol Drive
Badminton Close
Bancroft Court
Bangor Close
Bannister Close
Bannister Close
Bayshill Rise
Bedser Drive
Belvue Close
Belvue Road
Bengarth Road
Bishops Drive
Blenheim Road
Brabazon Road
Brasher Close
Briar Crescent
Bridport Road
Brighton Drive
Bristol Road
Bruffs Meadow
Buttercup Close
Canford Avenue
Carr Road
Carr Road
Cartmel Court
Casey Avenue
Cassandra Close
Castle Road
Chartwell Close
Cheltenham Close
Cherry Gardens
Church Avenue
Church Road
Church Road
Clare Road
Clauson Avenue
Clifford Close
Compton Crescent
Court Farm Road
Court Mead
Cowings Mead
Cranberry Close
Crawford Gardens
Currey Road
Dabbs Hill Lane
Danemead Grove
Derby Road
Dimmock Drive
Dolphin Road
Doncaster Drive
Doncaster Gardens
Dorchester Close
Dorchester Road
Dukes Avenue
Ealing Road
Ealing Road
Eastcote Lane
Eastcote Lane
Eastcote Lane
Eastcote Lane North
Elm Tree Close
Epsom Close
Eskdale Avenue
Fakenham Close
Farrier Road
Field End Road
Field End Road
Field Way
Fisher Close
Fontwell Close
Fort Road
Fortunes Mead
Freeman Close
Gallery Gardens
Garden Close
Gauntlet Close
Gaylor Road
Girton Close
Girton Road
Glamis Way
Godfrey Avenue
Gonville Crescent
Goodwood Drive
Gosling Close
Grainger Close
Grandstand Way
Greenacre Close
Greenford Road
Greenhill Gardens
Gulliver Close
Hadden Way
Halifax Road
Halsbury Road East
Halsbury Road West
Hammond Close
Hapgood Close
Harewood Avenue
Harewood Close
Hari Close
Harvey Road
Hawthorn Farm Avenue
Hawtrey Avenue
Haydock Avenue
Haydock Green
Hazelmere Close
Hazelmere Drive
Hazelmere Road
Hazelmere Walk
Hearn Rise
Hemery Road
Hendren Close
Henson Place
Hexham Gardens
Hindhead Gardens
Hollydale Close
Holmwood Close
Home Close
Hornbeam Close
Horse Shoe Crescent
Hotspur Road
Huntingdon Close
Hurst Close
Hutton Close
Huxley Close
Irving Avenue
Islip Gardens
Islip Manor Road
Jacqueline Close
Keble Close
Kempton Avenue
Kensington Road
Kensington Road
Kentford Way
Killowen Avenue
Kingshill Avenue
Kingsmead Drive
Kingston Close
Laing Dean
Lancaster Road
Langtry Road
Larwood Close
Lauder Close
Laughton Road
Laymead Close
Leander Road
Lewes Close
Lilian Board Way
Lilian Board Way
Lilliput Avenue
Long Drive
Lordship Road
Lynne Way
Lytton Close
Makepeace Road
Malden Avenue
Mallet Drive
Mandeville Road
Mandeville Road
Manor Avenue
Manor Gate
Marley Close
Martin Drive
Mary Peters Drive
Mary Peters Drive
Matthews Road
Maurier Close
Meadow Close
Medlar Close
Merton Avenue
Mildred Avenue
Millway Gardens
Moat Farm Road
Mulberry Close
New Park Close
Newbury Close
Newbury Way
Newdene Avenue
Newmarket Avenue
Newnham Close
Newnham Gardens
Nigel Close
Northolt Road
Norwich Road
Old Bridge Close
Old Ruislip Road
Oldfield Close
Oldfields Circus
Orchard Close
Oriel Way
Owen Close
Paddock Close
Palmer Close
Parkfield Avenue
Parkfield Close
Parkfield Drive
Parkfield Road
Pentland Place
Perry Garth
Perth Close
Petts Hill
Pilgrims Close
Plumpton Close
Poppy Close
Priors Farm Lane
Pump Close
Rabournmead Drive
Raglan Way
Ramsey Close
Reading Road
Rectory Gardens
Rectory Gardens
Rectory Park Avenue
Redcar Close
Ribblesdale Avenue
Ripon Close
Ross Close
Rothesay Avenue
Rothesay Avenue
Rowdell Road
Rowdell Road
Roxbourne Close
Rubens Road
Rugby Avenue
Ruislip Road
Ruislip Road
Ruislip Road
Russell Road
Sandown Way
Sandringham Road
Shadwell Drive
Sharvel Lane
Silverdale Close
Siverst Close
Southwell Avenue
Stable Close
Stroud Field
Summit Road
Sussex Crescent
Swallow Drive
Sycamore Close
Taunton Road
Tenby Gardens
Tessa Sanderson Way
The Fairway
The Farmlands
The Heights
The Link
Thirsk Close
Thorn Close
Thorndike Avenue
Towney Mead
Union Road
Vanbrough Crescent
Vernon Rise
Vicarage Close
Wadham Gardens
Waterside Close
West End Road
Western Avenue
Western Avenue
Western Avenue
Wetherby Close
Wheatsheaf Close
Whitton Avenue West
Whitton Avenue West
Willow Tree Close
Wilsmere Drive
Wincanton Crescent
Wood End Close
Wood End Gardens
Wood End Lane
Wood End Road
Wood End Way
Worcester Gardens
Yeoman Road