The Town of Ashton-under-Lyne in the County of Greater Manchester

The town of Ashton-under-Lyne is located within the county of Greater Manchester.

Ashton-under-Lyne is situated in the North West (England) region of the UK and is governed by Tameside, council.

The town of Ashton-under-Lyne is in the Greater Manchester South East region of Greater Manchester within North West (England).

  • Tameside
  • Ashton-under-Lyne: Christ Church
  • Ashton-under-Lyne: Holy Trinity
  • Ashton-under-Lyne: St Gabriel
  • Ashton-under-Lyne: St James
  • Ashton-under-Lyne: St Michael & All An
  • Audenshaw: St Stephen
  • Hurst: St John the Evangelist
  • The GoodShepherd, Ashton-under-Lyne St

Where is Ashton-under-Lyne is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Ashton-under-Lyne in Greater Manchester

Dentists in Ashton-under-Lyne

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Ashton-under-Lyne
Ashton Primary Care Centre 193 Old Street Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire OL6 7SR
Dental Surgery 94 Henrietta Street Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 8NX
Dental Surgery Glebe Street Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 6HD
Dr Akrams Surgery 194 Oldham Road Ashton-under-lyne OL7 9AW
Eagle House Dental Surgery 60 Stamford Street East Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 6QH
Links Associates Ashton Ltd Dental Surgery, Glebe Street Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 6HD
Oldham Road (dental Surgery) 194 Oldham Road Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL7 9AW
Penny Meadow Dentist 53 Penny Meadow Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 6HE

Opticians in Ashton-under-Lyne

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Ashton-under-Lyne
4137 Ashton Asda Opticians, Cavendish Mill, Cavendish Street Ashton-under-lyne OL6 7DP
Be Spectacular Limited - Old Street 149 Old Street Ashton-under-lyne OL6 7SQ
Boots Opticians (ashton-under-lyne) 17-19 Staveleigh Mall, Ladysmith Centre Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 7JL
John Blease Opticians 15 Fletcher Street Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 6BY
Muldoon & Tonge 178 Stamford Street Central Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 7LR
Spec-tackle (ashton Under Lyne) 28 Market Hall, Bow Street Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 6BZ
Specsavers (ashton-under-lyne) 39 Warrington Street Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 7JG
Vision Express (ashton) 12 Mercian Mall, Ladysmith Centre Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 7JH
Visioncare Incorporated 28-30 Penny Meadow Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 6HG

Chemists in Ashton-under-Lyne

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Ashton-under-Lyne
Adams Pharmacy 169 Mossley Road Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 6NE tel:01613 398889
Asda Pharmacy Cavendish Street Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 7PF tel:0161 3426610
Ashton Pharmacy Ltd 22 Stockport Road Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL7 0LD tel:0161 3304389
Ashton Primary Care Centre Pharmacy Ashton Primary Care Centre, 193 Old Street Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 7SR tel:01618 208281
Boots Uk Limited 1-3 Bow Street Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 6BU tel:0161 3301746
Boots Uk Limited 17-19 Staveleigh Mall, Ladysmith Centre Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 7JJ tel:01613 082326
Group Pharmacy 2 Albion Street Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire OL6 6HF tel:0161 3303917
Group Pharmacy Glebe Street, Penny Meadow Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 6HD tel:0161 3306068
Ipharmacy Direct 2 Raynham Street Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 9NU tel:0161 6373131
Penny Meadow Pharmacy 61 Penny Meadow, Greater Manchester Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 6HE
Stockport Road Pharmacy 96 Stockport Road Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL7 0LH tel:01613 301187
Well The Highlands Surgery, 156 Stockport Road Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL7 0NW tel:01613 301173
Your Local Boots Pharmacy 173 Mossley Road Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 6NE tel:0161 3301303
Your Local Boots Pharmacy 348 Oldham Road Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL7 9PS tel:0161 3301078

Doctors in Ashton-under-Lyne

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Ashton-under-Lyne
Albion Medical Practice 1 Albion Street Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 6HF tel:0161 2148710
Ashton Gp Service Ashton Primary Care Centre, 193 Old Street Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire OL6 7SR tel:0161 3427050
Ashton Medical Group Bedford House Medical Centre, Glebe Street Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 6HD tel:0161 3309880
Chapel Street Medical Centre Chapel Street Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire OL6 6EW tel:0161 3399292
Gordon Street Medical Centre Gordon Street Med. Ctr., 171 Mossley Road Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 6NE tel:0161 3305104
Ht Practice 156 Stockport Road Ashton-under-lyne OL7 0NW tel:0161 3427200
Stamford House 2 Princess Street Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire OL6 9QH tel:0161 3440803
Tame Valley Medical Centre Glebe Street Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 6HD tel:0161 3307747
Tame Valley Medical Centre Glebe Street Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL6 6HD
The Highlands Practice 156 Stockport Road Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL7 0NW
Waterloo Medical Centre 1 Dunkerley Street Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL7 9EJ tel:0161 3307087
West End Medical Centre 98-102 Stockport Road Ashton-under-lyne Lancashire OL7 0LH tel:0161 3395488
List of Streets in Ashton-under-Lyne
Abbeydale Close
Abingdon Street
Adam Street
Addison Avenue
Albemarle Street
Albemarle Street
Albemarle Terrace
Albion Street
Albion Way
Alder Close
Aldergate Grove
Alderley Street
Alderley Street
Alexandra Road
Alexandra Road
Alexandra Street
Alexandra Street
Alexandria Drive
Alfred Street
Alger Mews
Alt Grove
Alt Hill Lane
Alt Road
Alton Close
Ambleside Avenue
Anderton Grove
Andrew Street
Anglesey Close
Anglesey Road
Ann Street
Anne Close
Arden Close
Argyll Street
Arlies Street
Arlington Street
Arundel Street
Arundel Street
Ash Close
Ashbourne Drive
Assheton Close
Athol Street
Atlas Street
Audenshaw Road
Audenshaw Road
Audley Street
Back Lane
Bakery Court
Bakewell Avenue
Bamburgh Drive
Bamford Grove
Bangor Street
Bank Street
Bank Street
Bank Top
Barnard Close
Beauchamp Street
Beauchamp Street
Beaufort Road
Beaumont Street
Beech Mount
Belfairs Close
Belper Street
Belsay Close
Bennett Street
Bentinck Street
Bentinck Street
Berkeley Street
Beverly Close
Birch Street
Bishops Close
Blandford Street
Blandford Street
Blenheim Way
Blucher Street
Board Street
Bollington Street
Bombay Street
Boodle Street
Booth Street
Borrowdale Crescent
Botany Lane
Bowland Close
Bowman Crescent
Bowness Road
Bradbury Street
Bradgate Street
Brassey Street
Brecon Crescent
Brierley Close
Bright Street
Bristol Avenue
Britannia Street
Broadbent Avenue
Broadhurst Grove
Broadoak Crescent
Broadoak Road
Bromley Crescent
Brook Street East
Brook Street West
Brookdale Avenue
Brookfield Grove
Burgess Avenue
Burlington Street
Burlington Street
Buttermere Road
Buxton Avenue
Cairns Place
Camberwell Drive
Cambridge Street
Camp Street
Canterbury Street
Canterbury Street
Canterbury Street
Carlisle Crescent
Carlton Road
Caroline Street
Carr Street
Cartmel Close
Castle Court
Castleton Grove
Castleton Grove
Cavendish Street
Cedar Avenue
Cedar Mews
Cedar Street
Chadwick Street
Chapel Drive
Chapel Street
Charges Street
Charlestown Way
Charnwood Close
Cherry Avenue
Chesterfield Grove
Chippendale Place
Church Street
Church Street
Claremont Gardens
Claremont Street
Claremont Street
Clarence Road
Clarence Road
Clegg Place
Clifton Street
Clinton Street
Clive Street
Clyde Street
Cobden Street
Colwyn Street
Community Street
Coniston Grove
Connery Crescent
Cork Street
Corkland Close
Corkland Street
Coronation Road
Cottingham Drive
Cotton Street East
Cotton Street West
Coulthart Street
Countess Street
County Avenue
Cowhill Lane
Cowhill Lane
Cowper Street
Cranbourne Close
Cranbourne Road
Cranbourne Road
Cranbourne Terrace
Cranbrook Gardens
Cranbrook Street
Craven Street
Crawford Street
Cricket's Lane
Cricket's Lane
Cricket's Lane North
Crompton Street
Cross Glebe Street
Cross Street
Crossley Crescent
Crowhill Road
Crown Street
Crowthorn Road
Croxdale Close
Cumberland Grove
Currier Lane
Curzon Road
Curzon Road
Daisy Close
Dale Grove
Dale Street East
Dale Street West
Dale Street West
Dales Brow Avenue
Darnton Gardens
Darnton Road
Darnton Road
Darwin Street
Davies Street
Dean Street
Delamere Street
Deramore Close
Derby Road
Derby Street
Derwent Avenue
Diamond Street
Dixon Street
Dorset Street
Douglas Street
Downing Street
Downshaw Road
Dukes Platting
Durban Street
Durham Drive
Dysart Street
Earle Street
Earnshaw Close
Eastgate Street
Eaton Drive
Edale Grove
Edward Street
Egerton Street
Elgin Street
Elizabeth Street
Ellesmere Avenue
Elm Grove
Ennerdale Grove
Enville Street
Epping Close
Evans Street
Everest Avenue
Evesham Grove
Exeter Drive
Exmoor Close
Farnsworth Avenue
Farnsworth Close
Fern Lodge Drive
Field Lane
Field Lane
Fieldfare Way
Firbank Close
Firs Avenue
Fitzroy Street
Fleet Street
Fleet Street
Fountain Street
Fraser Street
Frederick Street
Freeman Avenue
French Street
Freshwater Drive
Freshwater Drive
Furness Avenue
Gambrel Bank Road
Gambrel Grove
Garden Walk
Gas Street
Gate Keeper Fold
George Street
Glebe Street
Glendon Crescent
Glenthorne Drive
Gloucester Close
Gordon Street
Gorsey Lane
Gorsey Way
Gorton Street
Gower Street
Grafton Street
Graham Street
Grange Park Avenue
Granville Street
Grasmere Grove
Green Lane
Greenhurst Lane
Greenhurst Road
Greenhurst Road
Greenwood Avenue
Grey Street
Grosvenor Court
Grosvenor Place
Grosvenor Street
Grove Street
Grovewood Close
Guide Lane
Guide Lane
Guildford Drive
Hadfield Crescent
Hadfield Crescent
Hague Street
Halifax Street
Hall Road
Hall Street
Hamilton Street
Hampson Road
Hardwick Street
Harley Street
Harmol Grove
Harper Place
Hartshead Avenue
Hartshead Close
Hartshead Road
Haysbrook Close
Hazel Avenue
Hazelhurst Road
Heginbottom Crescent
Henley Drive
Henrietta Street
Henrietta Street
Hepple Walk
Hereford Close
Herries Street
Herries Street
Hertford Street
Heys Road
High Peak Road
Higher Wharf Street
Higher Wharf Street
Highfield Glen
Hill Street
Hill Street
Hillary Avenue
Hillgate Street
Hillside Crescent
Hilton Crescent
Hilton Crescent
Hilton Drive
Hindley Street
Hodgson Street
Holden Clough Drive
Holden Street
Holland Grove
Hope Street
Hope Street
Howard Court
Howard Street
Howbro Drive
Howe Street
Hulme Street
Hunt Avenue
Hurst Bank Road
Hurst Brook Close
Hurst Cross
Hurst Cross
Hurst Grove
Hurst Grove
Hurst Hall Drive
Hurst Hill Crescent
Hutton Avenue
Inglewood Close
Jackson Street
Jersey Street
Jersey Street
John Street
John Street East
John Street West
Jowett's Walk
Jubilee Street
June Street
June Street
Katherine Street
Katherine Street
Kelson Avenue
Kelvin Street
Kendal Avenue
Kensington Avenue
Kenworthy Avenue
Kenyon Street
Keppel Street
Kershaw Street
Keswick Avenue
Kinder Avenue
King's Road
King's Road
Kingsley Close
Knight Street
Knowle Avenue
Laburnum Avenue
Ladbrooke Close
Ladbrooke Road
Ladbrooke Road
Ladysmith Drive
Ladysmith Road
Lakeside Avenue
Lambert Street
Langham Street
Larkfield Close
Latchford Street
Layard Street
Leam Street
Leech Avenue
Lees New Road
Lees Road
Lees Road
Lees Square
Lees Street
Leicester Street
Lennox Street
Lennox Street
Lichfield Avenue
Lily Lanes
Lily Lanes
Lime Grove
Limehurst Avenue
Lincoln Close
Lindisfarne Road
Links Place
Lockingate Street
Lord Sheldon Way
Lord Sheldon Way
Lord Street
Lord Street
Lordsfields Avenue
Lordsfields Avenue
Lower Alma Street
Lower Carrs
Lower Green
Lower Wharf Street
Lower Wharf Street
Lowfield Avenue
Lowland Grove
Lyndhurst Avenue
Lynwood Close
Lytham Close
Mabs Court
Mackeson Drive
Mackeson Drive
Mackeson Road
Mackeson Road
Maiden Close
Mallory Avenue
Malvern Avenue
Manchester Road
Manchester Road
Manchester Road
Manor Farm Close
Mansfield Close
Mansfield Street
Margaret Street
Margaret Street
Market Street
Marlborough Close
Marlborough Street
Marne Avenue
Marsden Close
Marshall Court
Mason Street
Massey Avenue
Matlock Avenue
Melbourne Street North
Melbourne Street North
Melbourne Street South
Mellor Close
Mellor Road
Mellor Road
Mellor Road
Melville Street
Melville Street
Middle Green
Midgley Crescent
Mill Lane
Miller Street
Minto Street
Montague Road
Montague Road
Morpeth Close
Moss Lane
Moss Street East
Moss Street West
Moss Street West
Mossley Road
Mossley Road
Mount Pleasant Street
Mount Pleasant Street
Mowbray Street
Mowbray Street
Mulberry Street
Neal Avenue
New Lees Street
Newman Street
Newmarket Road
Newstead Avenue
Newton Street
Ney Street
Nile Street
Nook Lane
Nook Lane
Norman Road
North Street
Northumberland Avenue
Norwich Close
Nottingham Drive
Oak Grove
Oaken Clough
Oaken Street
Oakfold Avenue
Old Cross Street
Old Lees Street
Old Road
Old Street
Old Street
Oldham Road
Oldham Road
Oldham Road
Oldham Road
Ormonde Court
Ormonde Street
Oxford Street East
Oxford Street West
Palace Road
Park Bridge Road
Park Crescent
Park Crescent
Park Parade
Park Parade
Park Parade
Park Square
Park Street
Park Street
Patterdale Avenue
Patterdale Road
Pavilion Drive
Pavilion Drive
Peel Street
Pekin Street
Pelham Street
Pennine Drive
Pennine Grove
Penny Meadow
Penny Meadow
Penrith Avenue
Peterborough Close
Picton Street
Pine Street
Plantation Street
Platt Avenue
Platting Grove
Plymouth Close
Poland Street
Pole Street
Pollitt Avenue
Poplar Grove
Portland Place
Portland Street North
Portland Street South
Portland Street South
Portugal Street
Pot Hill
Pot Hill Square
Pottinger Street
Princess Street
Princess Street
Progress Street
Prospect Place
Prospect Road
Providence Street
Queen Street
Queen's Road
Queen's Road
Ramsden Street
Rayner Lane
Rayner Lane
Raynham Street
Raynham Street
Redbrick Court
Reins Lee Road
Reyner Street
Richmond Street
Richmond Street
Richmond Street
Ripon Street
Robinson Street
Rock Street
Rodney Street
Romney Street
Rose Hill Close
Rose Hill Crescent
Rose Hill Road
Rose Hill Road
Rothbury Avenue
Rowley Street
Rudman Street
Russell Street
Rutland Close
Rutland Street
Rydal Grove
Ryebank Grove
Ryecroft Street
Salisbury Crescent
Scafell Avenue
School Avenue
Scotland Street
Sharon Close
Shaw Street
Sheard Avenue
Sheldon Court
Sherwood Close
Silas Street
Slate Lane
Sloane Street
Smallshaw Lane
Smith Street
Smithy Grove
South Street
Southwell Gardens
Spring Bank Avenue
Spring Clough
Springfield Street
Springvale Close
Springwood Way
St Albans Avenue
St Asaphs Drive
St Christopher's Avenue
St Christopher's Road
St Christopher's Road
St David's Close
St James Street
St Michael's Square
St Peter's Street
St Peters Close
St Stephen's Avenue
Stainmore Avenue
Stamford Square
Stamford Street
Stamford Street Central
Stamford Street Central
Stamford Street East
Stamford Street West
Stamford Street West
Stanhope Street
Stanhope Street
Station Street
Stewart Street
Stockport Road
Store Street
Sugden Street
Sunderland Avenue
Sunnyside Crescent
Sunnyside Grove
Surrey Street
Sutcliffe Street
Sutherland Street
Swan Street
Swift Street
Sycamore Close
Sycamore Crescent
Talbot Street
Taunton Avenue
Taunton Brook Lane
Taunton Green
Taunton Hall Close
Taunton Lawns
Taunton Place
Taunton Road
Tensing Avenue
Tewkesbury Avenue
The Churches
The Clough
The Heath
The Heys
The Ladysmith
The Ladysmith
The Mere
Thirlmere Avenue
Thornway Drive
Timperley Fold
Timperley Road
Tiverton Place
Townsley Grove
Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Street
Tramway Road
Tree House Avenue
Truro Avenue
Turn Street
Turner Lane
Turner Lane
Turner Street
Twirl Hill Road
Twirl Hill Road
Ullswater Avenue
Union Road
Union Road
Union Street
Union Street
Union Street
Uxbridge Street
Vale Street
Vicarage Crescent
Vicarage Road
Victoria Court
Victoria Street
Victoria Street East
Villiers Street
Viscount Avenue
Waddicor Avenue
Warre Street
Warrington Street
Warrington Street
Warwick Road
Water Street
Waterloo Gardens
Waterloo Road
Waterloo Street
Watermill Court
Waters Edge
Welbeck Street North
Welbeck Street South
Welbeck Street South
Wellbank Avenue
Wellington Clough
Wellington Road
Wellington Road
Wellington Street
Wenlock Avenue
Wesley Drive
West Street
Westbourne Drive
Westbury Street
Westgate Street
Westminster Avenue
Westmorland Avenue
Weymouth Road
Weymouth Road
Whalley Grove
Whernside Avenue
Whiteacre Road
Whiteacre Road
Whitelands Road
Whitelands Road
Whittaker Street
Whittington Street
Whitworth Close
Wigmore Street
Wilkinson Street
William Street
Williamson Street
Willow Wood Close
Wilshaw Grove
Wilshaw Lane
Wilson Crescent
Wimpole Street
Winchester Avenue
Windermere Crescent
Windsor Drive
Winton Street
Witham Street
Wood Lane
Wood Lane
Wood Street
Woodlands Road
Worcester Close
Wordsworth Crescent
Worthington Street
Wright Street
Wrigley Street
Wych Street
Yew Tree Close
York Street
Yorkshire Street
Yorkshire Street