The Town of Atherton in the County of Greater Manchester

The town of Atherton is located within the county of Greater Manchester.

Atherton is situated in the North West (England) region of the UK and is governed by Bolton, Wigan, councils.

The town of Atherton is in the Greater Manchester North West region of Greater Manchester within North West (England).

  • Bolton
  • Wigan
  • Atherton: St George
  • Atherton: St John the Baptist
  • Atherton: St Philip
  • St Andrew, Over Hulton

Where is Atherton is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Atherton in Greater Manchester

Dentists in Atherton

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Atherton
52 Market Street [dental Practice] 52 Market Street, Atherton Manchester Lancashire M46 0DP
M G Miller And D T Scoular Dental Surgery, 17 Crab Tree Lane, Atherton Manchester Lancashire M46 0AU
Mr Cd Ainsworth Dental Surgery Dental Surgery, 3 Mayfield Street, Atherton Manchester Lancashire M46 0BF

Opticians in Atherton

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Atherton
Hepworth & Hall Opticians (atherton) 15 Church Street, Atherton Manchester Greater Manchester M46 9DE
Seddons Opticians 14 Market Street, Atherton Manchester Lancashire M46 0DN

Chemists in Atherton

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Atherton
Boots The Chemist 82 Market Street, Atherton Manchester Greater Manchester M46 0DP tel:01942 883455
Cohens Chemist Atherton Health Centre, Omerod House, Nelson St, Atherton Manchester Greater Manchester M46 0LE tel:01942 883848
Lloydspharmacy 23 Church Street, Atherton Manchester Lancashire M46 9DE tel:01942 882023
Newbrook Pharmacy 56 Newbrook Road, Over Hulton Bolton Greater Manchester BL5 1ER tel:01204 656798

Doctors in Atherton

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Atherton
Bee Fold Medical Centre 25 Bee Fold Lane, Atherton Manchester Greater Manchester M46 0BD tel:01942 876011
Dr Kk Chan & Partners Seven Brooks Medical Centre, 21 Church Street, Atherton Manchester Greater Manchester M46 9DE tel:01942 884026
Dr Vasanth Atherton Health Centre, Nelson Street, Atherton Manchester Greater Manchester M46 0LE tel:01942 481040
Intrahealth Atherton Ormerod House, Nelson Street, Atherton Manchester Greater Manchester M46 0LE tel:01942 481680
Meadowview Surgery Ormerod House, Atherton Health Centre, Nelson St, Atherton Manchester Greater Manchester M46 0LE tel:01942 481060
Seven Brooks Practice 7 Brooks Medical Centre, 21 Church Street, Atherton Manchester Greater Manchester M46 9DE tel:01942 483250
List of Streets in Atherton
Ainsdale Avenue
Albion Close
Alder Street
Alderfold Street
Aldford Drive
Allenby Street
Alma Street
Argyle Street
Arley Way
Ascot Drive
Ashfield Avenue
Askrigg Close
Atherleigh Way
Back Shakerley Road
Back Short Street
Bag Lane
Bath Street
Beacon Close
Bedford Drive
Bee Fold Lane
Beech Avenue
Beech Street
Belgrave Street
Belmont Avenue
Belvedere Avenue
Birch Road
Birchfield Avenue
Birkdale Avenue
Blacksmiths Fold
Blakemore Park
Bolton Old Road
Bolton Old Road
Bolton Road
Bolton Road
Bond Street
Bracken Road
Braddyll Road
Bradshaw Street
Brampton Street
Breeze Hill
Breeze Hill Road
Briarcroft Drive
Bridge's Street
Brierfield Avenue
Brindley Close
Brook Close
Brook Fold
Brook Street
Brooklands Avenue
Brookside Close
Browning Avenue
Bullough Street
Buttercup Close
Butterfield Road
Buxton Close
Cambridge Street
Cannon Street
Cannon Street
Canterbury Close
Car Bank Avenue
Car Bank Crescent
Car Bank Square
Car Bank Street
Car Bank Street
Carr Brook Drive
Caton Drive
Cedar Avenue
Central Avenue
Chanters Avenue
Chapel Street
Cherry Tree Grove
Cherrywood Avenue
Chester Street
Chestnut Avenue
Chichester Avenue
Chiltern Avenue
Chowbent Close
Clarence Street
Claybrook Close
Clement Avenue
Coach Street
Coal Pit Lane
Collard Street
Colliers Grove
Colliery Lane
Colwyn Grove
Coniston Avenue
Corhampton Crescent
Cornwall Avenue
Cornwall Avenue
Coronation Avenue
Cox Way
Crab Tree Lane
Crab Tree Lane
Crawford Avenue
Crescent Avenue
Croft Avenue
Cromer Drive
Crosby Grove
Crosby Street
Cross Street
Cumberland Avenue
Cumberland Road
Dawson Street
Defiance Street
Denbigh Grove
Derby Street
Desmond Street
Devon Road
Devonshire Road
Dorning Street
Dorset Avenue
Dorset Road
Dorset Road
Douglas Park
Douglas Road
Douglas Street
Drake Street
Droxford Grove
Durban Street
Durham Close
Earl Street
East Street
Eckersley Fold Lane
Edale Close
Elizabeth Street
Elmfield Avenue
Elmwood Close
Elsdon Drive
Engine Lane
Engine Lane
Essex Place
Everest Road
Factory Street West
Fairlyn Close
Fairlyn Drive
Fallowfield Way
Fern Close
Firs Road
First Avenue
First Close
Flapper Fold Lane
Fletcher Avenue
Fletcher Street
Formby Avenue
Formby Avenue
Frances Place
Freshfield Avenue
Gadbrook Grove
Gadbury Avenue
Gadbury Fold
Gadfield Grove
Garston Avenue
Garthmere Road
Garthmere Road
Geoffrey Street
George Street
Gibfield Drive
Gibfield Park Avenue
Gibstone Close
Glenview Road
Gloucester Place
Gloucester Street
Gloucester Street
Grafton Street
Green Close
Green Hall Close
Green Street
Greenfield Road
Greenough Street
Gregory Avenue
Gretna Road
Hambledon Close
Hamilton Street
Hamilton Street
Hampson Street
Hansom Drive
Hatton Avenue
Hatton Fold
Hazel Road
Hertford Drive
Hesketh Court
Hesketh Street
Hesketh Street
High Bank
High Bank
High Street
Highfield Avenue
Hilary Avenue
Hill Crest
Hill Top
Hillside Avenue
Hillside Court
Hindles Close
Hindsford Street
Hindsford Street
Holland Street
Hope Fold Avenue
Horrocks Street
Howe Bridge Close
Hunt Street
Hurst Close
James Street
Johnson Street
Kay Street
Keats Close
Kent Road
Kent Road
Kent Road
Kings Fold
Kings Park
Kirby Avenue
Knowsley Avenue
Laburnum Avenue
Laburnum Street
Lambeth Street
Lancaster Avenue
Lancaster Avenue
Langley Platt Lane
Lansdowne Road
Larch Grove
Laxey Avenue
Lee Street
Lee Street
Leicester Road
Leigh Road
Leigh Road
Leighton Avenue
Leighton Street
Lilford Street
Lincoln Close
Linden Avenue
Ling Drive
Linstock Way
Liscard Street
Lodge Grove
Lodge Lane
Lodge Road
Lombard Street
Lord Avenue
Lord Grove
Lord Street
Lovers Lane
Lovers' Lane
Low Green
Lowe Avenue
Luton Grove
Lynwood Grove
Makants Close
Malvern Avenue
Maple Avenue
Mardale Close
Market Street
Marlborough Road
Martin Street
Martlew Drive
Marton Drive
Mason Lane
Mather Street
Matlock Close
Mayfair Drive
Mayfield Street
Meadowbank Avenue
Mealhouse Court
Mealhouse Lane
Mill Street
Millbrook Avenue
Milldale Close
Miller's Lane
Miller's Lane
Morley Street
Mornington Road
Mornington Road
Mountmorres Close
Murray Street
Naylor Street
Nelson Street
Newbrook Road
Newbrook Road
Newland Drive
Norfolk Road
North Road
North Road
North Road
Nuttall Street
Oak Tree Close
Oakfield Avenue
Old Hall Mill Lane
Old Hall Mill Lane
Old Manor Park
Oliver Street
Osborne Court
Oxford Road
Paddock Close
Park Bank
Park Street
Parkwood Drive
Peace Street
Peak Avenue
Peel Close
Peelwood Grove
Penrhyn Grove
Pike Avenue
Powys Street
Prescot Avenue
Prestwich Street
Princess Avenue
Printshop Lane
Printshop Lane
Prosser Avenue
Queen's Avenue
Railway Street
Rainbow Drive
Ramsey Close
Regent Street
Reynolds Close
Reynolds Drive
Richmond Street
Rivington Street
Robert Street
Rodney Street
Rosedale Avenue
Rosedale Avenue
Rosemary Lane
Rowland Street
Russell Street
Rutherford Drive
Rutland Avenue
Rutland Road
Salters Court
Samuel Street
Schofield Lane
School Street
Seaforth Avenue
Second Avenue
Second Avenue
Seddon Close
Sedgwick Close
Sefton Avenue
Shakerley Lane
Shakerley Lane
Shakerley Road
Shalemere Court
Shalewood Court
Short Street
Shurdington Road
Shurdington Road
Smallbrook Lane
Smith Street
Smith's Place
Somerset Avenue
Somerset Road
South View
Spa Road
Springfield Road
St Anne's Avenue
St John Street
St Mary's Close
St Michael's Avenue
St Richards Close
Stamford Street
Stanley Street
Stapleford Close
Stone Lea Way
Sumner Street
Sycamore Road
Tarleton Avenue
Tavistock Street
Telford Street
Tellers Close
Tensing Avenue
The Close
The Walk
Thirlmere Road
Thomas Street
Thorn Lea
Tyldesley Old Road
Tyldesley Passage
Tyldesley Road
Tyldesley Road
Tyldesley Road
Umberton Road
Upton Road
Valentines Road
Walkdens Avenue
Walton Street
Wardour Street
Warren Close
Warwick Road
Warwick Road
Water Street
Water Street
Wavertree Avenue
Wellington Road
Wesley Street
West Bank Street
West Street
Westfield Road
Westmorland Road
Weston Street
White Lee Croft
Wigan Road
Wigan Road
Willow Street
Windermere Avenue
Windover Close
Windsor Street
Withington Close
Woodhouse Street
Woodlands Drive
Woodvale Avenue
Worthing Grove
Yewtree Avenue
York Avenue
York Street
York Street