The Town of Bury in the County of Greater Manchester

The town of Bury is located within the county of Greater Manchester.

Bury is situated in the North West (England) region of the UK and is governed by Bury, Rochdale, councils.

The town of Bury is in the Greater Manchester North East region of Greater Manchester within North West (England).

  • Bury
  • Rochdale
  • Brandlesholme: St Francis House Church
  • Bury: St John w St Mark
  • Bury: St Mary Virgin
  • Bury: St Paul
  • Bury: St Peter
  • Elton: All Saints
  • Elton: St Stephen
  • Pimhole: St Thomas
  • Tottington: St Anne
  • Unsworth: St George
  • Walmersley: Christ Church
  • Walshaw: Christ Church
  • Woolfold: St James

Where is Bury is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Bury in Greater Manchester

Dentists in Bury

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Bury
1 -5 Parsonage Street 1 Parsonage Street Bury Lancashire BL9 6BG
Bury Dental Practice 434 Manchester Road Bury BL9 9NS
Cohens Dental Surgery 434 Manchester Road Bury Lancashire BL9 9NS
Dental Department Moorgate Primary Care Centre, 22 Derby Way Bury Lancashire BL9 0NJ
Dental Surgery 10 Tenterden Street Bury Lancashire BL9 0EG
Dental Surgery 112 Walmersley Road Bury Lancashire BL9 6DX
Dental Surgery 2 St. Marys Place Bury Lancashire BL9 0DZ
Dental Surgery 311 Walmersley Road Bury Lancashire BL9 5EZ
Dental Surgery 37 Knowsley Street Bury Lancashire BL9 0ST
Dental Surgery 400 Brandlesholme Road Bury Lancashire BL8 1HP
Dental Surgery 5 Back Chapel Street, Tottington Bury Lancashire BL8 4AH
Eye And Dental Clinic 110 Ainsworth Road Bury BL8 2RS
Mile Lane Dental Practice 80 Mile Lane Bury Lancashire BL8 2JR
Parr Lane (dental Surgery) 57 Parr Lane Bury Lancashire BL9 8JR

Opticians in Bury

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Bury
4155 Pilsworth, Bury Asda Stores Ltd, Pilsworth Industrial Estate, Pilsworth Road Bury Lancashire BL9 8RS
Boots Opticians (union Arcade - Bury) Unit 7, Union Arcade Bury Lancashire BL9 0QF
Eyecare In The Home Ltd 22 Thurston Close Bury Lancashire BL9 8NW
John Howard Fisher Opticians - Tottington 21 Market Street, Tottington Bury Lancashire BL8 4AA
Rose & Tarrant Opticians 14 Crompton Street Bury Lancashire BL9 0AD
Specsavers (bury) Unit 35, The Haymarket, Millgate Shopping Centre Bury Lancashire BL9 0BX
Specscart (union Street) 10 Union Street Bury BL9 0NY
Stotts Opticians 113 Parr Lane, Unsworth Bury Lancashire BL9 8JN
Vision Express (bury) 19 Central Street, The Rock Bury Lancashire BL9 0JN
Yates & Suddell Opticians (bury) 15-19 Minden Parade Bury Lancashire BL9 0QG

Chemists in Bury

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Bury
Asda Pharmacy Asda Superstore, Pilsworth Road, Pilsworth Bury Lancashire BL9 8RS tel:01613 512510
Asda Pharmacy Spring Street Bury Lancashire BL9 0RN
Boots The Chemist 32-36 The Mall Bury Lancashire BL9 0QQ tel:0161 7645264
Boots The Chemist Unit 1, Woodfields Retail Park, Peel Way Bury Lancashire BL9 5BY tel:0161 7642854
Bury Healthcare Pharmacy 46 Walmersley Road Bury Lancashire BL9 6DP tel:01612 221024
Cohens Chemist 12-14 Market Street, Tottington Bury Lancashire BL8 4AD tel:01204 882928
Cohens Chemist 135 Croft Lane Bury Lancashire BL9 8QA tel:01617 662161
Cohens Chemist Townside Primary Care Ctr, 2 Knowsley Place Bury Lancashire BL9 0SN
Fishpool Pharmacy 14 Parkhills Road Bury Lancashire BL9 9AX tel:01617 643535
Futurecare Pharmacy 14a Whitelegge Street Bury BL8 1SW tel:01617 974242
Huntley Mount Pharmacy Huntley Mount Road Bury Lancashire BL9 6JA
Iq Pharmacy 14 Princess Parade Bury Lancashire BL9 0QL tel:01617 641489
Lloydspharmacy 22 Derby Way Bury Lancashire BL9 0NJ tel:0161 7644573
Manor Pharmacy 367 Brandlesholme Road Bury Lancashire BL8 1HS tel:0161 7644249
Medical Specialists Pharmacy Westminster House, 49 Knowsley Street Bury Lancashire BL9 0ST tel:0161 7629108
Mile Lane Pharmacy 66 Mile Lane Bury Lancashire BL8 2JR tel:0161 7645054
Pimhole Pharmacy 189 Rochdale Road Bury Lancashire BL9 7BB tel:01617 611011
Postbox Pharmacy 235 Market Street Bury BL9 9AA tel:01612 800010
Rowlands Pharmacy 59 Parr Lane, Unsworth Bury Lancashire BL9 8JR tel:0161 7663595
Strachan's Chemist 166 Walmersley Road Bury Lancashire BL9 6LL tel:0161 7051829
Tesco In-store Pharmacy Peel Way Bury Lancashire BL9 5BY tel:01617 970192
Yourmeds2u 1 Green Street Bury Lancashire BL8 1TF tel:01617 102871

Doctors in Bury

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Bury
Blackford House Medical Centre 137 Croft Lane, Hollins Bury Lancashire BL9 8QA tel:0161 7666622
Huntley Mount Medical Centre Huntley Mount Road Bury Lancashire BL9 6JA tel:0161 7616677
Knowsley Medical Centre 9-11 Knowsley Street Bury Lancashire BL9 0ST tel:0161 7641217
Mile Lane Health Centre 80 Mile Lane Bury Lancashire BL8 2JR tel:0161 7647804
Minden Family Practices - Dr Saxena Minden Family Practices, Moorgate Primary Care Centre, 22 Derby Way Bury Lancashire BL9 0NJ tel:0161 4478283
Peel Gps Townside Pcc, Knowsley Place, Knowsley Street Bury Lancashire BL9 0SN tel:0161 7621515
Ribblesdale Medical Practice Townside Pcc - Knowsley Pl, Knowsley Street Bury Lancashire BL9 0SN tel:0161 7621650
Rock Healthcare Limited 22 Derby Way Bury Lancashire BL9 0NJ tel:0161 4479820
Tower Family Healthcare 16 Market Street, Tottington Bury Lancashire BL8 4AD tel:01204 885106
Townside Surgery Townside Primary Care Centre, Knowsley Place Bury Lancashire BL9 0SN tel:0161 7621600
Unsworth Medical Centre Parr Lane, Unsworth Bury Lancashire BL9 8JR tel:0161 7664092
Walmersley Road Medical Practice 110 Walmersley Road Bury Lancashire BL9 6DX tel:0161 7646100
Woodbank Surgery 2 Hunstanton Drive Bury Lancashire BL8 1EG tel:0161 7051630
List of Streets in Bury
Abbey Drive
Acres Street
Adlington Close
Affetside Drive
Ainsdale Avenue
Ainsworth Road
Ajax Drive
Albany Drive
Albemarle Place
Albert Street
Albion Street
Alcester Close
Alder Avenue
Alder Close
Alexander Drive
Alfred Street
Alfred Street
Alkrington Close
Allen Street
Allendale Drive
Almond Avenue
Alnwick Drive
Alston Street
Altham Close
Alton Close
Alum Crescent
Anderton Close
Andrew Street
Anfield Close
Angouleme Way
Annecy Close
Apollo Avenue
Appleby Close
Arbour Close
Arden Close
Argyle Street
Arley Avenue
Arley Avenue
Arthur Street
Arundel Close
Ascot Meadows
Ash Grove
Ash Street
Ashford Close
Ashington Drive
Ashwood Drive
Ashworth Street
Ashworth Street
Astbury Close
Atherstone Close
Athlone Avenue
Atlas Fold
Audlum Court
Austen Avenue
Avallon Close
Aviation Road
Avon Drive
Avondale Avenue
Back Ainsworth Road North
Back Ainsworth Road South
Back Albert Street
Back Albion Place
Back Andrew Street
Back Andrew Street North
Back Argyle Street
Back Ash Street
Back Ashworth Street
Back Belbeck Street
Back Bell Lane
Back Bell Lane
Back Benson Street
Back Birch Street
Back Bolton Road North
Back Bolton Road South
Back Bolton Street South
Back Bond Street West
Back Brierley Street
Back Brierley Street South
Back Broad Street
Back Brook Street North
Back Byrom Street
Back Byrom Street South
Back Canning Street
Back Cateaton Street
Back Cateaton Street
Back Cedar Street
Back Cedar Street North
Back Chesham Road
Back Chesham Road North
Back Chesham Road South
Back Chester Street
Back Clifton Street
Back Cornall Street
Back Cottam Street
Back Crostons Road
Back Deal Street
Back Delamere Street North
Back Denton Street
Back Devon Street North
Back Devon Street South
Back East Street
Back Eldon Street
Back Elm Street
Back Fenton Street
Back Fir Street
Back Fletcher Street
Back Foundry Street
Back Frank Street
Back Garston Street
Back Gigg Lane
Back Glenboro Avenue
Back Goodlad Street
Back Halstead Street
Back Hamilton Street
Back Hanson Street
Back Harvey Street
Back Haslam Street
Back Hayward Street
Back Heywood Street East
Back Heywood Street West
Back Heywood Street West
Back Hilton Street
Back Holly Street
Back Holly Street South
Back Horbury Street
Back Hornby Street
Back Hornby Street East
Back Hornby Street West
Back Horne Street North
Back Horne Street South
Back Hulme Street
Back Huntley Mount Road
Back Hurst Street
Back Ingham Street
Back Knight Street
Back Knowsley Street
Back Lathom Street
Back Laurel Street
Back Linton Avenue
Back Lonsdale Street
Back Lord Street
Back Malvern Avenue
Back Manchester Old Road
Back Manchester Road
Back Manor Street
Back Market Street
Back Market Street West
Back Mason Street
Back Mason Street
Back Mayor Street
Back Merton Street
Back Millet Street
Back Milner Avenue
Back Monmouth Avenue
Back Moorgate West
Back Mostyn Avenue
Back Myrtle Street
Back Myrtle Street South
Back Nelson Street North
Back Nelson Street South
Back New George Street
Back Newbold Street
Back Olive Bank
Back Oram Street
Back Ormrod Street
Back Oxford Street
Back Parkhills Road North
Back Parkhills Road South
Back Parsonage Street
Back Peers Street
Back Percy Street
Back Phoenix Street
Back Pine Street
Back Porter Street
Back Proctor Street
Back Rake Street
Back Raven Street
Back Raymond Avenue
Back Regent Street
Back Richard Burch Street
Back Rochdale Old Road North
Back Rochdale Old Road South
Back Rochdale Road
Back Rochdale Road South
Back Rochdale Road South
Back Rose Bank
Back Royal Avenue
Back Salford Street
Back Sankey Street
Back Scholes Street
Back Shaw-Street
Back Shepherd Street
Back South Cross Street East
Back Spring Street East
Back Spring Street West
Back St Anne's Street
Back St Mary's Place
Back Stephen Street
Back Teak Street
Back Tenterden Street
Back Tenterdon Street
Back Tinline Street
Back Tottington Road
Back Tottington Road North
Back Tottington Road South
Back Vernon Street
Back Walmersley Road East
Back Walmersley Road West
Back Walmersley Road West
Back Walshaw Road North
Back Walshaw Road South
Back Wash Lane
Back Wash Lane South
Back Wellington Road South
Back Wells Street
Back Whittle Street
Back Wood Street
Back Wood Street
Backparsons Lane
Badger Street
Badger Street
Baguley Drive
Balcombe Close
Balcombe Close
Balmoral Close
Bambury Street
Bambury Street
Bamford Close
Bank Hall
Bank Street
Bank Street
Bankfield Mews
Bankhouse Road
Barcroft Street
Barker Street
Barlow Close
Barlow Fold
Barlow Fold Close
Barnbrook Street
Barnside Close
Baron Street
Barrett Court
Bass Lane
Battersby Street
Bealey Drive
Beaver Drive
Beckenham Close
Bedford Terrace
Beech Grove Close
Beech Street
Beechfield Drive
Beechwood Court
Belbeck Street
Belbeck Street South
Bell Lane
Bell Lane
Belle Vue Terrace
Bellingham Close
Belmont Drive
Benson Street
Bent Fold Drive
Bentley Hall Road
Bentley Lane
Bentley Meadow
Berkshire Court
Beryl Avenue
Bevis Green
Bexley Drive
Bibby Street
Bidston Close
Birch Avenue
Birch Street
Birch-Lea Close
Birkdale Drive
Birks Drive
Birley Street
Birtle Road
Birtle Road
Bispham Close
Blackford Avenue
Blackley Close
Blackrod Drive
Blandford Close
Bleackley Street
Bleasdale Close
Blenheim Close
Bloomfield Drive
Blundell Close
Bold Street
Bold Street
Bolton Road
Bolton Road
Bolton Street
Bolton Street
Bond Street
Booth Close
Booth Hall Drive
Booth Street
Booth Way
Borden Way
Borrowdale Drive
Boulden Drive
Bournville Drive
Bourton Close
Bowes Close
Bowes Close
Bowland Close
Bowlee Close
Bradley Drive
Bradshaw Road
Braemar Drive
Braewood Close
Bramall Close
Bramley Drive
Brammay Drive
Brandle Avenue
Brandlesholme Close
Brandlesholme Road
Brandlesholme Road
Brandon Close
Brecon Drive
Brick Street
Bridge Hall Drive
Bridge Hall Fold
Bridge Hall Lane
Bridge Road
Bridge Street
Bridgefield Drive
Bridges Avenue
Brierfield Drive
Brierley Street
Bright Street
Brighton Street
Britain Street
Broad Oak Lane
Broad Oak Terrace
Broad Street
Broadbent Drive
Brocklehurst Avenue
Bronte Avenue
Brook Lane
Brook Street
Brookdene Road
Brookfield Road
Brookhouse Mill Lane
Brookshaw Street
Brookthorpe Meadows
Brookthorpe Road
Brookwater Close
Broom Street
Brownhills Close
Brunswick Street
Buckhurst Road
Buckingham Drive
Buckley Street
Buller Mews
Buller Street
Bullfinch Drive
Burgundy Drive
Burndale Drive
Burnley Road
Burns Avenue
Burrs Close
Burrs Lea Close
Burrswood Avenue
Burrswood Drive
Burton Avenue
Bury And Bolton Road
Bury And Rochdale Old Road
Bury Old Road
Bury Road
Bury Road
Bury Road
Buxton Street
Byrom Street
Calder Close
Calder Crescent
Calderwood Close
Camberley Close
Cameron Street
Camp Street
Campbell Close
Candlestick Park
Cann Street
Cann Street
Canning Street
Canon Street
Canterbury Drive
Cardigan Drive
Carlton Street
Cartmel Close
Castle Hey Close
Castle Hill Road
Castle Hill Road
Castle Road
Castlebrook Close
Castlecroft Road
Cateaton Street
Cateaton Street
Catherine Street
Caton Close
Cecil Street
Cedar Fold
Cedar Street
Cedar Street
Cemetery Lane
Central Avenue
Central Drive
Chadderton Drive
Chadwick Street
Chaffinch Drive
Chamberhall Street
Chantlers Avenue
Chapel Close
Chapel Gardens
Chapel Street
Charles Street
Chatsworth Close
Chatton Close
Chelsea Street
Cherry Avenue
Cherry Close
Cherry Tree Lane
Chesham Crescent
Chesham Fold Road
Chesham Road
Chester Street
Chestnut Avenue
Chestnut Avenue
Chestnut Drive
Cheviot Close
Chiltern Drive
Chirmside Street
Chislehurst Close
Chorley Close
Church Croft
Church Meadow
Church Street
Church Street
Clare Close
Clarence Close
Clarendon Street
Clarkes Croft
Claughton Road
Claybank Drive
Clayton Close
Cleadon Drive South
Clerke Street
Cleveleys Avenue
Clifton Street
Clitheroe Drive
Cobden Street
Cockey Moor Road
Colinwood Close
Collen Crescent
Collinge Street
Collins Street
Colville Drive
Coniston Drive
Connaught Street
Conway Drive
Cook Street
Cook Street
Cooper Street
Coppice Street
Copse Drive
Cork Street
Cornall Street
Cornfield Close
Cornwall Drive
Cotswold Crescent
Cottam Street
Craig Avenue
Cranham Close
Craven Street
Croft Drive
Croft Lane
Croft Street
Cromer Road
Crompton Street
Cross Street
Crossfield Street
Croston Close Road
Crostons Road
Crostons Road
Cuckoo Lane
Cumberland Close
Cunningham Drive
Cunningham Drive
Dale Street
Dalton Street
Danesmoor Drive
Darlington Close
David Street
Dawson Street
Deacons Crescent
Deal Street
Deal Street
Deardens Street
Deeply Vale Lane
Delamere Street
Dempsey Drive
Denton Street
Derby Way
Derby Way
Dereham Close
Derwent Drive
Devon Street
Doctors Lane
Dorning Street
Dorset Drive
Douglas Avenue
Dove Drive
Dow Fold
Dow Lane
Dow Lane
Duckworth Street
Dumers Lane
Dunster Road
Dunsters Avenue
Duxbury Drive
Eagley Drive
Eagley View
East Drive
East Street
Eastham Avenue
Eastwood Close
Eccleston Close
Edgeworth Drive
Edward Street
Edwin Street
Elbut Lane
Elder Close
Eldon Street
Elland Close
Ellis Street
Elm Street
Elson Street
Elterwater Close
Elton Brook Close
Elton Fold Chase
Elton Vale Road
Enfield Close
Ennerdale Drive
Epworth Close
Eskdale Close
Essex Drive
Ettington Close
Euxton Close
Every Street
Ewood Drive
Fairfield Drive
Fairlands Road
Fairway Road
Fairy Street
Falcon Close
Falmer Close
Falshaw Drive
Farm Close
Fell Street
Felton Close
Fenton Street
Fern Street
Fernhill Street
Fieldhead Avenue
Fifth Avenue
Finchley Close
Fir Street
First Avenue
Fletcher Fold Road
Fletcher Street
Fold Street
Foulds Avenue
Foundry Street
Foundry Street
Fountain Street
Fountain Street
Fountain Street North
Fourth Avenue
Fox Street
Foxfield Close
Foxglove Drive
Frank Street
Freckleton Drive
Freestone Close
Fulwood Close
Galgate Close
Garden Street
Garsdale Close
Garside Hey Road
Garstang Drive
Garston Street
Gawthorpe Close
Geoffrey Street
George Street
George Street
Gigg Lane
Gisburn Drive
Gladstone Street
Glenboro Avenue
Glendale Avenue
Glenmore Street
Goldfinch Drive
Goodison Close
Goodlad Street
Gordon Street
Gorse Bank
Gort Close
Gosforth Close
Goshen Lane
Grafton Street
Granby Street
Grange Road
Grantham Drive
Grasmere Drive
Grassington Court
Green Brook Close
Green Street
Green Street
Greenbrook Street
Greenfield Close
Greengate Close
Greenhalgh Moss Lane
Greenhill Road
Greenside Chase
Greenway Close
Greymont Road
Greywood Avenue
Griffe Lane
Griffin Close
Gristlehurst Lane
Gristlehurst Lane
Grosvenor Street
Grove Street
Grove Street
Grundy Close
Guiseley Close
Gutter End
Hackford Close
Hacking Street
Hacking Street
Haddon Close
Haig Road
Hailsham Close
Hall Street
Hall Street
Halsall Close
Halstead Street
Halstead Walk
Halvard Avenue
Halvard Court
Hambleton Close
Hamilton Close
Hamilton Street
Hamilton Street
Hampshire Close
Hampson Mill Lane
Hampton Grove
Hampton Grove
Handley Street
Hanson Street
Hardman Street
Hare Drive
Harrington Close
Harris Drive
Harrow Close
Hart Drive
Harvard Road
Harvey Street
Harvey Street
Harwood Crescent
Harwood Crescent
Harwood Drive
Harwood Road
Harwood Road
Haslam Brow
Haslam Hey Close
Haslam Street
Hathaway Road
Hawes Close
Hawes Close
Haweswater Crescent
Hawk Close
Haworth Close
Haworth Street
Hawthorn Avenue
Hawthorn Crescent
Hayling Close
Haymarket Street
Hayward Street
Hazel Avenue
Hazel Avenue
Hazel-Dene Close
Hazelwood Drive
Heapy Close
Heathfield Road
Heaton Close
Heaton Court
Heaton Drive
Heaton Fold
Hebburn Drive
Hendon Drive
Henley Close
Hereford Drive
Heswall Drive
Hewart Drive
Heys Street
Heywood Street
Heywood Street
High Bank Road
High Bank Road
High Street
Higher Row
Highfield Lane
Hilda Avenue
Hillsborough Drive
Hillside Crescent
Hilltop Drive
Hillyard Street
Hilton Road
Hilton Street
Hinds Lane
Holbeach Close
Holcombe Avenue
Holden Avenue
Hollins Brook Close
Hollins Brook Way
Hollins Brow
Hollins Brow
Hollins Close
Hollins Lane
Hollins Mews
Holly Street
Holly Street
Holme Avenue
Holthouse Road
Hopwood Close
Horbury Drive
Horley Close
Hornby Street
Horncastle Close
Horne Street
Hornsea Close
Horridge Street
Horsham Close
Houghton Street
How Lea Drive
Hudcar Lane
Hughendon Court
Hughes Close
Hulbert Street
Hulme Street
Humber Drive
Hunstanton Drive
Hunters Hill
Huntley Mount Road
Huntley Street
Hurst Green Close
Hurst Green Close
Hurst Street
Ingham Place
Ingham Street
Ingleton Mews
Inglewhite Close
Inglewood Close
Inglewood Close
Inman Street
Irwell Street
Ivy Road
Jackson Close
James Street
Jericho Road
Jesmond Drive
John Street
Jubilee Way
Kay Street
Keighley Close
Keld Close
Kelwood Avenue
Kendal Drive
Kenmor Avenue
Kennedy Drive
Kensington Drive
Kent Drive
Kenyon Crescent
Kenyon Street
Kenyon Way
Kershaw Street
Kestrel Drive
Keswick Drive
Killon Street
Kilner Close
Kingfisher Drive
Kingsbury Close
Kingsdale Close
Kingsley Street
Kingston Close
Kirkburn View
Kirkby Close
Kirklees Street
Kirklees Street
Kirkman Street
Kitchener Street
Knight Street
Knowl View
Knowsley Street
Laburnum Avenue
Laburnum Drive
Lake Side
Lakeland Crescent
Lancaster Drive
Langdale Drive
Larch Street
Laurel Street
Laurel Street
Lavenham Close
Lawrence Street
Layfield Close
Lea Mount Drive
Leamington Avenue
Leeds Close
Leigh Close
Leigh Lane
Leigh Lane
Lepp Crescent
Leslie Avenue
Leyland Street
Leyton Drive
Lichfield Drive
Lilac Avenue
Lima Street
Lime Grove
Lime Grove
Lime Street
Limefield Brow
Limefield Road
Limefield Road
Lincoln Drive
Lindale Avenue
Linden Crescent
Lindow Close
Lingfield Close
Linksway Drive
Linnet Drive
Linton Avenue
Little 66
Littlewood Avenue
Lodge Side
Logwood Avenue
Lomax Street
Lomax Street
Lomond Drive
Long Lane
Longridge Drive
Longton Street
Lonsdale Street
Lord Street
Lord Street
Lostock Drive
Louis Avenue
Lower Bank Street
Lower Woodhill Road
Lower Woodhill Road
Lowercroft Road
Lowercroft Road
Lowes Road
Lucas Street
Lulworth Close
Lumn Street
Luton Street
Lyndon Close
Lyons Drive
Mafeking Avenue
Magdalene Road
Malvern Avenue
Manchester Old Road
Manchester Road
Manchester Road
Manchester Road
Manor Street
Maple Avenue
Maple Grove
March Drive
Margaret Street
Market Parade
Market Place
Market Street
Market Street
Market Street
Market Street
Marquis Avenue
Marsden Street
Martin Street
Mason Street
Mason Street
Massey Street
Mather Road
Maudsley Street
Maxwell Street
Mayor Street
Meadow Way
Meadowbrook Close
Mellor Drive
Melrose Avenue
Melton Drive
Mendip Crescent
Mersey Drive
Merton Street
Middlesex Drive
Middleton Drive
Middleton Drive
Milbourne Road
Mile Lane
Mill Lane
Mill Road
Mill Street
Mill Yard
Millett Street
Millom Drive
Millwood Court
Milner Avenue
Minden Close
Minden Parade
Mitchell Street
Mitton Close
Mizpah Grove
Monmouth Avenue
Monsall Close
Montgomery Drive
Moor Street
Moorside Road
Moorside View
Moreton Drive
Morley Street
Mosley Avenue
Moss Street
Mossfield Close
Mossfield Close
Mostyn Avenue
Mount Pleasant
Mount Zion Road
Mountbatten Close
Moyse Avenue
Murray Road
Myrtle Gardens
Myrtle Street North
Myrtle Street South
Nelson Street
Neston Road
New Bridge Gardens
New George Street
New Hall Road
New Street
New Vernon Street
Newbold Street
Newby Close
Newham Drive
Newhaven Close
Newhaven Close
Newington Drive
Newport Street
Newton Street
Newton Street
Nithe Walk
Norman Street
North Avenue
North Back Rock
Northfield Road
Northfield Road
Northleach Close
Norwich Drive
Nuttall Square
Nuttall Street
Oakham Close
Oakwell Drive
Oakwood Close
Old Doctors Street
Old Lane
Old Towns Close
Olivant Street
Olive Bank
Olive Street
Openshaw Fold Road
Openshaw Street
Oram Street
Orchid Drive
Ormond Street
Ormrod Street
Ormskirk Close
Orpington Drive
Orrell Street
Orwell Close
Osborne Close
Oswestry Close
Otter Drive
Otterbury Close
Owlerbarrow Road
Owlerbarrow Road
Oxford Street
Padiham Close
Palace Street
Palatine Drive
Palatine Drive
Park Road
Park Road
Parker Street
Parker Street
Parkhills Close
Parkhills Road
Parkhills Road
Parkinson Street
Parks Yard
Parkstone Close
Parliament Place
Parliament Street
Parr Fold
Parr Lane
Parson's Lane
Parsonage Close
Parsonage Street
Parsonage Street
Patterdale Drive
Patton Close
Pear Avenue
Pearson Street
Peel View
Peel Way
Peel Way
Peers Street
Pembroke Drive
Pendle Close
Pennine Close
Pennington Street
Percy Street
Peter Street
Peter Street
Phoenix Street
Pickering Close
Pilkington Drive
Pilling Street
Pilot Street
Pilsworth Road
Pilsworth Way
Pimhole Road
Pine Street
Pine Street North
Pine Street South
Plantation Grove
Pleasant Street
Pleasington Drive
Plover Drive
Plumpton Drive
Pole Lane
Poplar Avenue
Porritt Street
Porter Street
Portinscale Close
Portinscale Close
Portland Street
Potter Street
Powell Street
Poynton Street
Preesall Close
Prenton Way
Prescot Close
Price Street
Primrose Bank
Primrose Court
Primrose Drive
Proctor Street
Prospect Court
Prospect Place
Pulborough Close
Purbeck Drive
Purdon Street
Purdon Street
Quakers Field
Queen Street
Queen Street
Radcliffe Road
Rake Street
Ramsey Grove
Ramsgreave Close
Randale Drive
Raven Street
Raymond Avenue
Raymond Avenue
Read Close
Rectory Lane
Redford Street
Redmere Drive
Redvales Road
Regent Street
Renshaw Drive
Retford Close
Revers Street
Rhine Close
Rhiwlas Drive
Rhode Street
Rhodes Drive
Ribble Drive
Ribbleton Close
Ribchester Drive
Richard Burch Street
Richmond Close
Richmond Street
Riders Gate
Ripon Avenue
Riverbank Drive
Rivington Drive
Roach Bank Road
Roach Street
Robert Street
Rochdale Old Road
Rochdale Old Road
Rochdale Road
Rochdale Road
Rollesby Close
Rose Grove
Rosewood Avenue
Rothbury Close
Rough Hill Lane
Rowan Drive
Rowans Street
Royal Avenue
Royal Avenue
Royds Close
Royds Street
Royds Street
Royds Street
Rudgwick Drive
Rudgwick Drive
Rufford Drive
Rushmere Drive
Russell Street
Russell Street
Ruth Street
Rutland Drive
Rydal Close
Ryecroft Avenue
Sabden Close
Sales's Lane
Salford Street
Salthouse Close
Samuel Street
Sanderson Street
Sandhurst Close
Sandown Road
Sandy Close
Sandybrook Close
Sankey Street
Sawyer Street
Saxon Close
Scholes Street
School Brow
School Lane
School Lane
School Street
Scobell Street
Scotland Lane
Scott Avenue
Scout View
Seaham Drive
Second Avenue
Seddons Avenue
Seedfield Road
Sefton Drive
Sefton Street
Settle Close
Severn Close
Shakespeare Avenue
Sharples Drive
Shaw Street
Shaw Street
Sheep Gate Drive
Shepherd Street
Shepherd Street
Sheringham Drive
Sherwood Close
Shipston Close
Shorrocks Street
Shortlands Avenue
Silver Street
Silverdale Close
Simister Drive
Simonbury Close
Sixth Avenue
Skegness Close
Skipton Close
Slaidburn Drive
Sleaford Close
Smethurst Hall Road
Smith Street
Solness Street
Somerset Drive
South Back Road
South Back Rock
South Bank Road
South Close
South Cross Street
South Cross Street
South Royd Street
Southfield Avenue
Southgate Road
Sowerby Close
Spen Fold
Spencer Street
Spinney Drive
Spring Close
Spring Street
Spring Street
Spring Street
Spring Vale Drive
Spring Vale Street
Springside Road
Springside Road
Springside View
Spruce Avenue
Spruce Crescent
St Annes Meadow
St Annes Meadow
St Georges Road
St James' Avenue
St Mark's Square
St Mary's Place
St Michaels Close
St Paul's Street
St Paul's Street
St Peter's Road
St Thomas Court
Stafford Street
Stainforth Close
Standring Avenue
Stapleford Grove
Starbeck Close
Starling Road
Statter Street
Stephen Street
Stephen Street South
Stewart Street
Stock Street
Stockton Drive
Stokesay Close
Stratford Avenue
Sudren Street
Sultan Street
Summit Close
Sunningdale Close
Sunny Avenue
Sunny Bank Road
Sunny Bower Street
Sunnywood Close
Sunnywood Drive
Sunnywood Lane
Surrey Drive
Sussex Drive
Sutton Close
Swallow Drive
Swanage Close
Swinton Crescent
Swinton Crescent
Sycamore Drive
Sycamore Road
Sykes Avenue
Talbot Grove
Tamworth Drive
Tanpits Road
Tarleton Close
Tarn Drive
Taylor Street
Teak Street
Tedder Close
Tennyson Avenue
Tenterden Street
Tenters Street
Thames Close
The Avenue
The Croft
The Drive
The Drive
The Hags
The Rock
The Rock
The Woodlands
The Wylde
Thetford Close
Thirlmere Drive
Thirsk Close
Thompson Drive
Thorn View
Thornfield Road
Thornham Close
Threshfield Close
Throstle Grove
Thrush Drive
Thurston Close
Tile Street
Tinline Street
Tithebarn Street
Todd Street
Tonbridge Close
Toon Crescent
Topham Street
Topping Fold Road
Topping Street
Topping Street
Tottington Road
Touch Road
Town Fields Close
Townside Row
Trawden Drive
Trent Drive
Trimingham Drive
Trinity Street
Truro Close
Tunstall Close
Turton Close
Turton Road
Turton Road
Ullswater Drive
Vale Avenue
Valley Avenue
Valley Close
Valley Court
Valley Mill Lane
Valley View
Ventnor Avenue
Vernon Street
Vicarage Close
Victor Avenue
Victoria Court
Victoria Street
Victoria Street
Victoria Street
Villiers Street
Waddington Close
Wadebridge Drive
Walker Street
Walmersley Old Road
Walmersley Road
Walmersley Road
Walmersley Road
Walmsley Street
Walnut Avenue
Walshaw Brook Close
Walshaw Lane
Walshaw Road
Walshaw Road
Walshe Street
Walton Drive
Warlingham Close
Warren Street
Warth Road
Warton Close
Warwick Close
Wash Fold
Wash Lane
Wash Lane
Washington Court
Wastdale Avenue
Waterfield Close
Waterloo Court
Waterloo Street
Watkins Place
Watling Street
Wavell Drive
Weaver Drive
Webb Street
Wellbank Street
Wellfield Close
Wellington Road
Wellington Road
Wellington Street
Wells Street
Wensleydale Close
Wentworth Avenue
Wesley Street
Wesley Street
West Close
West Drive
Westbury Close
Westcombe Drive
Westerham Close
Westgate Avenue
Westminster Street
Westmoreland Close
Weythorne Drive
Whalley Drive
Wheatfield Close
Wheelton Close
Whelan Avenue
Whelan Close
Whitburn Drive
Whitby Close
White Carr Lane
White Street
Whitecroft Drive
Whitecroft Drive
Whitefield Road
Whitehead Crescent
Whitelegge Street
Whitewell Close
Whittle Street
Wike Street
Wilfred Drive
Willingdon Close
Willow Close
Willow Drive
Willow Street
Willow Street
Wilpshire Close
Wilson Street
Wilton Drive
Wiltshire Close
Winchester Close
Windermere Drive
Windsor Drive
Wingate Avenue
Winifred Avenue
Winmarleigh Close
Withnell Drive
Woburn Drive
Wolseley Street
Wolstenholme Avenue
Wood Grove
Wood Road Lane
Wood Street
Wood Street
Woodbank Drive
Wooded Close
Woodgate Avenue
Woodgate Hill Road
Woodgate Hill Road
Woodhall Close
Woodhill Close
Woodhill Fold
Woodhill Road
Woodhill Street
Woodhill Vale
Woodlands Grove
Woodleigh Court
Woodley Street
Woodman Drive
Woodroyd Drive
Woodstock Drive
Woodstock Drive
Woodward Close
Worcester Close
Worcester Street
Wordsworth Avenue
Worsley Street
Wragby Close
Wren Drive
Wrigglesworth Close
Wroxham Close
Wye Walk
Yarwood Street
Yew Street
York Street
York Street