The Town of Dukinfield in the County of Greater Manchester

The town of Dukinfield is located within the county of Greater Manchester.

Dukinfield is situated in the North West (England) region of the UK and is governed by Tameside, council.

The town of Dukinfield is in the Greater Manchester South East region of Greater Manchester within North West (England).

  • Tameside
  • Dukinfield: St Alban Mission Church
  • Dukinfield: St John the Evangelist
  • Dukinfield: St Luke
  • Dukinfield: St Mark

Where is Dukinfield is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Dukinfield in Greater Manchester

Dentists in Dukinfield

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Dukinfield
Dental Surgery 137 King Street Dukinfield Cheshire SK16 4JZ
Dental Surgery 36 Concord Way Dukinfield Cheshire SK16 4DB
Silverdale Dental Practice 140 King Street Dukinfield Cheshire SK16 4LG

Opticians in Dukinfield

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Dukinfield
Roberts Opticians 125 King Street Dukinfield Cheshire SK16 4JZ
Visioncare Mobile Opticians Ltd 17 Chapel Street Dukinfield Cheshire SK16 4DW

Chemists in Dukinfield

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Dukinfield
Lad Rj Pharmacy 201 Birch Lane Dukinfield Cheshire SK16 5AT tel:01613 304187
Well 104-106 King Street Dukinfield Cheshire SK16 4JZ tel:01613 302198
Your Local Boots Pharmacy 30 Concord Way Dukinfield Cheshire SK16 4DB tel:0161 3303586

Doctors in Dukinfield

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Dukinfield
Dukinfield Medical Practice 20 Concord Way Dukinfield Cheshire SK16 4DB tel:0161 3436382
King Street Medical Centre 96-98 King Street Dukinfield Cheshire SK16 4JZ tel:0161 3301142
The Hollies Surgery 83 Birch Lane Dukinfield Cheshire SK16 4AJ
Town Hall Surgery 112 King Street Dukinfield Cheshire SK16 4LD tel:0161 3302125
List of Streets in Dukinfield
Adamson Street
Adamson Street
Ainley Wood
Albert Avenue
Alma Street
Angel Close
Anne Street
Arley Close
Armadale Road
Armadale Road
Arnold Close
Arran Road
Ash Tree Drive
Ashridge Drive
Ashton Road
Ashton Street
Asquith Avenue
Astley Gardens
Astley Street
Barlow Road
Bass Street
Bates Street
Beech Grove
Belvedere Drive
Benedict Drive
Binns Street
Birch Lane
Birch Lane
Birchall Close
Birtles Close
Booth Close
Booth Street
Bow Street
Boyd's Walk
Bramhall Close
Brice Street
Brierley Street
Broadbent Avenue
Brownlea Avenue
Brownville Grove
Brunswick Street
Buckingham Drive
Buckley Street
Butterley Close
Bylands Fold
Cambridge Street
Canterbury Close
Capesthorne Road
Cathedral Close
Cavendish Street
Cecil Street
Cedar Grove
Chapel Close
Chapel Close
Chapel Street
Chapel Street
Chapel View
Charles Street
Chaucer Rise
Cheetham Hill Road
Cheetham Hill Road
Cheetham Hill Road
Chester Avenue
Chew Vale
Church Street
Clarendon Street
Clayton Street
Cliff Dale
Cloister Close
Combermere Street
Conduit Street
Consort Close
Cooper Street
Coronation Avenue
Crescent Close
Crescent Road
Crescent Road
Cumberland Avenue
Dain Close
Dale Brook Avenue
Danty Street
Denby Road
Dewsnap Close
Dewsnap Close
Dewsnap Lane
Dewsnap Lane
Dovestone Crescent
Dryden Close
Duncan Street
Dunham Road
Durham Close
Eaton Close
Edward Street
Elgin Road
Ellesmere Close
Elm Tree Drive
Empire Road
Everest Close
Exeter Close
Fifth Avenue
Fir Tree Close
Fir Tree Crescent
Fir Tree Lane
Ford Street
Foundry Street
Foundry Street
Fountains Walk
Freeman Road
Freeman Road
Furnace Street
Gaskell Street
Gate Street
Glenmore Grove
Globe Lane
Globe Square
Gloucester Rise
Gorse Hall Close
Gorse Hall Road
Green Booth Close
Greenside Close
Grenville Street
Grove Street
Guildford Road
Hadfield Street
Hall Green Close
Hall Green Road
Hardy Close
Harold Avenue
Hawthorn Drive
Heron Avenue
High Croft Close
High Croft Close
High Street
High Street
Highfield Street
Highfield Street West
Hill Mount
Hill Street
Hitchen Close
Hitchen Drive
Hollins Street
Holly Grove
Hollybank Rise
Hope Street
Hyde Street
Inverness Road
Inverness Road
Jackson Avenue
James Close
James Street
James Street
Jeffreys Drive
Jeffreys Drive
Johnsonbrook Road
Johnsonbrook Road
Jubilee Avenue
Jura Close
Keats Fold
Kentwell Close
Kenyon Avenue
Kenyon Street
King Street
Kingsbridge Drive
Laburnum Avenue
Laburnum Avenue
Lakes Road
Laycock Drive
Lime Close
Lime Gardens
Lime Grove
Lime Street
Lismore Road
Liston Street
Lodge Close
Lodge Green
Lodge Lane
Lord Street
Lord Street
Lyne Edge Crescent
Lyne Edge Road
Macauley Close
Malakoff Street
Malakoff Street
Mallard Close
Maple Avenue
Mary Street
Masefield Close
Maurice Close
Mayfair Close
Meadow Lane
Meadow Lane
Milne Close
Milton Close
Minerva Road
Minster Close
Montrose Avenue
Morar Road
Moravian Close
Moreton Close
Mostyn Street
Mostyn Street
Mountbatten Avenue
Newbold Close
Newton Wood Road
Nicholson Square
Norfield Close
Norwich Close
Oak Tree Drive
Ogden Square
Old Church Mews
Old Hall Street
Old Road
Old Road
Old School Mews
Osprey Close
Outram Road
Oval Drive
Oxford Road
Palmer Street
Park Lane
Park Lane
Park Road
Park Road
Park Road
Parkin Close
Pearson Street
Pearson Street
Peel Street
Pickford Lane
Pine Grove
Pine Road
Pinewood Close
Platt Street
Plough Street
Poplar Road
Price Street
Princess Close
Priory Close
Prospect Road
Quarry Rise
Quarry Rise
Queen Street
Railway Street
Ralphs Lane
Range Road
Ravensfield Way
Redmire Mews
Richmond Close
Richmond Road
Robert Street
Robinson Street
Robinson Street
Rochester Close
Rose Hill
Rosedale Way
Rosewood Close
Rothesay Avenue
Rowan Crescent
Rush Street
Russell Street
Salisbury Drive
Sand Street
Sandpiper Close
Sandringham Drive
Sandy Grove
Sandy Lane
Sandy Lane
Saxon Avenue
School Drive
Set Street
Sheldrake Close
Shelley Rise
Shepley Close
Silver Close
Smith Street
Southfield Close
Southwark Drive
Spencer Street
St John Street
St John's Close
St Mark Street
Stanbury Drive
Stanion Grove
Sunbury Close
Sycamore Close
Tabley Street
Tame Street
Tarbet Road
Tennyson Avenue
Tensing Fold
Tern Close
The Fairways
Thorncliffe Avenue
Tower Street
Town Lane
Trinity Close
Underwood Street
Vicarage Close
Vicarage Drive
Victoria Road
Victoria Street
Warley Grove
Warwick Close
Water Grove Road
Wells Court
Wells Drive
Wells Drive
West Street
Westminster Way
Westmorland Avenue
Wharf Street
Wild Street
Willow Close
Winchester Road
Windermere Road
Windsor Drive
Wood Street
Woodbury Crescent
Wordsworth Close
Wyatt Street
Yew Tree Lane
Yew Tree Lane
Zetland Street