The Town of Farnworth in the County of Greater Manchester

The town of Farnworth is located within the county of Greater Manchester.

Farnworth is situated in the North West (England) region of the UK and is governed by Bolton, council.

The town of Farnworth is in the Greater Manchester North West region of Greater Manchester within North West (England).

  • Bolton
  • Farnworth: St John the Evangelist
  • New Bury: St Catherine
  • Newbury: St George

Where is Farnworth is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Farnworth in Greater Manchester

Dentists in Farnworth

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Farnworth
Brackley House Brackley Street, Farnworth Bolton Lancashire BL4 9ES
Brackley Street Brackley House, Farnworth Bolton BL4 9ES
Dental Surgery 20 Bolton Road, Farnworth Bolton Lancashire BL4 7JW
Highfield Dental Practice 38-40 Highfield Road, Farnworth Bolton Lancashire BL4 0AD

Opticians in Farnworth

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Farnworth
Revolution Eye Care Opticians 26 Higher Market Street, Farnworth Bolton Lancashire BL4 9AJ
Spurretts Optometrists 21 Brackley Street, Farnworth Bolton Lancashire BL4 9DS
Vision Homecall 2 Winifred Road, Farnworth Bolton Lancashire BL4 0HH

Chemists in Farnworth

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Farnworth
Asda Pharmacy Asda Stores, Brackley Street, Farnworth Bolton Lancashire BL4 9DT tel:01204 709809
Manor Pharmacy 28-30 Egerton Street, Farnworth Bolton Lancashire BL4 7LE tel:01204 572005
Market Pharmacy 34 Brackley Street, Farnworth Bolton Lancashire BL4 9DR tel:01204 571124
Rowlands Pharmacy 241 Highfield Road, Farnworth Bolton Lancashire BL4 0NX tel:01204 573375
Rowlands Pharmacy Piggott Street, Farnworth Bolton Lancashire BL4 9QJ tel:01204 791972
Tesco Instore Pharmacy Long Causeway, Farnworth Bolton Lancashire BL4 9LS tel:01204 684847
Well Farnworth Health Centre, Frederick Street, Farnworth Bolton Lancashire BL4 9AL tel:01204 793488

Doctors in Farnworth

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Farnworth
Farnworth Family Practice Frederick Street, Farnworth Bolton Lancashire BL4 9AH tel:01204 463100
Fig Tree Medical Practice Frederick Street, Farnworth Bolton Lancashire BL4 9AH tel:01204 795170
Silvert The Surgery, 235 Highfield Road, Farnworth Bolton Lancashire BL4 0NX tel:01204 573445
Stonehill Medical Centre Piggott Street, Farnworth Bolton Lancashire BL4 9QZ tel:01204 573445
List of Streets in Farnworth
Albert Grove
Albert Road
Albert Road
Albert Street
Alexandra Street
Alfred Street
All Saints
Almond Street
Anchor Lane
Anchor Lane
Arthur Street
Ashworth Street
Aster Avenue
Avondale Road
Back Corson Street
Back Darley Street
Back Fylde Street
Back Fylde Street
Back Ivanhoe Street
Back Loxham Street
Back Manchester Road
Back Marion Street
Back Marion Street South
Back Young Street
Balmoral Road
Bank Street
Bankfield Road
Barncroft Road
Barnes Close
Barnes Drive
Barnes Street
Barnes Street
Barton Road
Barton Street
Barwell Square
Beatrice Street
Beech Avenue
Begonia Avenue
Bentinck Street
Bentley Court
Bentley Street
Bingley Walk
Birch Mews
Black Horse Street
Blindsill Road
Blofield Court
Bloomfield Road
Bolton Road
Bolton Road
Brackley Street
Brackleys Street
Bradford Road
Bradford Street
Bradford Street
Bradshaw Street
Bredbury Drive
Bredbury Drive
Brentwood Drive
Brian Road
Briarfield Road
Bridge Street
Bridge Street
Bridgeman Street
Bridgewater Street
Bridgewater Street
Brindley Close
Brindley Close
Broad Oak Road
Broadgreen Gardens
Brook Street
Brookhouse Avenue
Brookland Avenue
Brookside Avenue
Buckley Lane
Buckley Square
Buller Street
Buttermere Road
Byron Walk
Caldbeck Drive
Cambridge Close
Campbell Court
Campbell Street
Carlton Street
Carnation Road
Carr Drive
Carter Street
Castle Mews
Castle Street
Cawdor Avenue
Cawdor Court
Cawdor Street
Cedar Grove
Central Avenue
Century Lodge
Chapel Street
Charles Street
Cherry Tree Avenue
Church Street
Church Walk
Churchill Drive
Clarence Street
Clarke Street
Clegg's Lane
Clelland Street
Clifton Street
Colchester Drive
Coniston Avenue
Conway Street
Cooke Street
Cooke Street
Corn Mill Drive
Corson Street
Coucill Square
Crescent Avenue
Crompton Street
Crompton Street
Cross Street
Crummock Road
Daffodil Road
Daisy Avenue
Dale Street
Darley Avenue
Darley Grove
Darley Street
Darley Street
Dean Close
Derwent Road
Derwent Road
Devoke Grove
Devon Street
Dixon Green Drive
Dobhill Street
Doe Hey Grove
Doodson Square
Dorset Avenue
Dorset Close
Dover Street
Drake Avenue
Duckshaw Lane
Duckshaw Lane
Dyson Close
Eastchurch Close
Edale Road
Edith Street
Edward Street
Egerton Street
Ellesmere Street
Elliott Street
Elm Grove
Elm Street
Elmwood Grove
Elsie Street
Elterwater Road
Elton Avenue
Elton Avenue
Emlyn Street
Ennerdale Grove
Entwisle Street
Eskdale Grove
Evesham Drive
Exeter Avenue
Fairfield Road
Fern Street
Finlay Street
Fir Road
Firwood Avenue
Fletcher Street
Francis Street
Frederick Street
Frederick Street
Fylde Street
Fylde Street
Fylde Street East
Fylde Street East
Garden Street
Gas Street
George Street
George Street
Georgiana Street
Gladstone Place
Gladstone Road
Gladys Street
Glass Street
Glenbrook Gardens
Glenfield Square
Glenmore Avenue
Glenmore Avenue
Glynne Street
Glynne Street
Glynwood Park
Gorton Street
Gower Street
Grange Road
Grant Street
Grantchester Place
Granville Street
Grasmere Avenue
Green Street
Greenfold Avenue
Greenhill Avenue
Greenland Road
Grove Street
Grundy Road
Hall Lane
Hall Street
Hall Street
Hardie Avenue
Hardman Street
Harper Green Road
Harper Green Road
Harper Street
Harrowby Fold
Harrowby Lane
Harrowby Lane
Harrowby Street
Harrowby Street
Harrowby Street
Hawes Avenue
Hawthorne Avenue
Hazel Grove
Heaton Avenue
High Stile Street
Higher Market Street
Higher Market Street
Highfield Drive
Highfield Drive
Highfield Road
Highfield Road
Hilary Grove
Hillside Avenue
Holly Grove
Howarth Street
Hugo Street
Iris Avenue
Ivanhoe Court
Ivanhoe Street
Jackson Street
John Street
Joseph Street
Kentmere Grove
Kildare Street
Kilsby Close
King Street
King Street
Kingfisher Drive
Kingsland Road
Kinlay Road
Kitchener Way
Kluge Lane
Kylemore Place
Laburnum Road
Lancaster Avenue
Langdale Street
Lark Hill
Lark Hill
Lark Street
Lavender Road
Lavender Road
Leach Street
Lee Grove
Leinster Street
Leyton Close
Liberty Court
Lichfield Close
Lightwood Close
Lily Avenue
Lime Street
Limefield Avenue
Lingfield Close
Lobelia Avenue
Lomax Street
Long Causeway
Lorne Street
Lower Rawson Street
Lower Street
Loweswater Road
Loxham Street
Loxham Street
Lucas Road
Lucas Road
Lupin Avenue
Macdonald Avenue
Malvern Close
Manchester Road
Manor Street
Maple Road
Marion Street
Market Street
Market Street
Market Street
Marlborough Gardens
Marsh Lane
Mary Street
Masefield Drive
Mather Street
Mather Street
Matlock Close
Mayfield Avenue
Meadow Walk
Meads Grove
Medlock Close
Merrion Street
Miles Street
Mill Street
Milton Crescent
Minerva Road
Moorfield Chase
Moorside Avenue
Mort Street
Moss Street
Mossfield Road
Mount Pleasant Road
Nelson Street
Newport Street
Norfolk Drive
Norris Street
North Avenue
Oakfield Grove
Old Hall Street
Openshaw Place
Orchid Avenue
Ormrod Street
Osbourne Close
Oxford Close
Paisley Park
Pansy Road
Park Street
Park View
Parkfield Avenue
Parks Nook
Parr Close
Partington Court
Pear Tree Drive
Peel Street
Peel Street
Penn Street
Penydarren View
Percy Street
Phethean Street
Philips Avenue
Phoenix Street
Piggott Street
Plodder Lane
Plymouth Drive
Presto Street
Presto Street
Prestwood Road
Price Street
Primrose Avenue
Princess Grove
Prospect Avenue
Prospect Place
Queen Street
Railway Street
Ramsay Avenue
Rawson Avenue
Rawson Street
Redbrook Close
Redgate Way
Reed Close
Regent Walk
Rowena Street
Russell Street
Russell Street
Rutland Grove
Rydal Grove
Sandpiper Close
Sandridge Close
Seathwaite Road
Shillingford Road
Silverdale Road
Smith's Road
Spindle Croft
Spring Street
Springfield Road
St Catherines Drive
St Germain Street
St Germain Street
St Gregorys Close
St James Street
St Peter's Terrace
St Peter's Way
St Peter's Way
Stanley Road
Starcliffe Street
Starling Drive
Stevenson Close
Stewart Avenue
Stockton Street
Stone Hill Road
Stratford Close
Sutherland Grove
Sutherland Street
Taunton Drive
Tennyson Road
Ternhill Court
Thirlmere Grove
Thomas Street
Thorne Street
Thornton Close
Thynne Street
Tig Fold Road
Topp Street
Trafford Grove
Trafford Street
Trentham Avenue
Trentham Close
Tudor Avenue
Tulip Avenue
Ullswater Drive
Valdene Close
Valdene Drive
Verbena Avenue
Vernon Street
Victoria Court
Victoria Street
Violet Avenue
Water's Edge
Watson Road
Watson Road
Weavers Green
Wellington Street
Wentworth Avenue
Wesley Street
West Avenue
West Street
Westend Street
Westland Avenue
Westminster Avenue
Westminster Street
Westwood Close
Whins Avenue
Whitley Street
Whitley Street
Whoolden Street
Wildman Lane
Wildman Lane
Wilson Street
Windermere Road
Winifred Road
Winslade Mews
Woodfield Grove
Wordsworth Avenue
Worsley Road
Worsley Road North
Wren Close
York Street
Young Street