The Town of Heywood in the County of Greater Manchester

The town of Heywood is located within the county of Greater Manchester.

Heywood is situated in the North West (England) region of the UK and is governed by Bury, Rochdale, councils.

The town of Heywood is in the Greater Manchester North East region of Greater Manchester within North West (England).

  • Bury
  • Rochdale
  • Heywood: All Souls
  • Heywood: St James
  • Heywood: St Luke
  • Heywood: St Margaret
  • Hopwood: St John
  • St George (Heap Bridge)

Where is Heywood is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Heywood in Greater Manchester

Dentists in Heywood

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Heywood
Dental Surgery 27 York Street Heywood Lancashire OL10 4NN
Dental Surgery 6 Manchester Street Heywood Lancashire OL10 1DL
Fletcher Fosbrook Dental Surgery First Floor, 42 Market Street Heywood Lancashire OL10 4LY
Fletchers Dental Surgeons 42 Market Street Heywood Lancashire OL10 4LY
Heywood Dental Practice 6 Manchester Street Heywood Greater Manchester OL10 1DL
J A Gibb 66-68 Church Street Heywood Lancashire OL10 1LJ
Manchester Road (dental Surgery) 181 Manchester Road Heywood Lancashire OL10 2PP
The Phoenix Centre Phoenix Centre, Church Street Heywood Lancashire OL10 1LR

Opticians in Heywood

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Heywood
D G Opticians (heywood) 7 Hornby Street Heywood Lancashire OL10 1AA
John Howard Fisher Opticians - Heywood 2 Market Place Heywood Lancashire OL10 4NL
R N Shaw Ltd 39 Market Street Heywood Lancashire OL10 1HX
The Eye Centre Heywood 58 Market Street Heywood Lancashire OL10 4LY

Chemists in Heywood

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Heywood
Boots The Chemist 17-21 Market Street Heywood Lancashire OL10 1HX tel:01706 360929
Cohens Chemist Longford Street Medical Centre, Longford Street Heywood Lancashire OL10 4NH tel:01706 369988
Cohens Chemist 36/38 Market Place Heywood Lancashire OL10 4NL tel:01706 360034
Internet Pharmacy 120 Bury New Road Heywood Lancashire OL10 4RG tel:01706 627003
Internet Pharmacy 50 Manchester Road, Hopwood Heywood Lancashire OL10 2AH tel:01706 623929
Lloydspharmacy 7-8 Argyle Parade, Darn Hill Heywood Lancashire OL10 3RY tel:01706 360787
Medi Home Pharmacy Unit G12, Independence House, Adelaide Street Heywood Lancashire OL10 4HF tel:01706 558080

Doctors in Heywood

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Heywood
7 Day Access Phoenix Hub Phoenix Centre, Church Street Heywood Lancashire OL10 1LR tel:0161 7638292
Birtle View Medical Practice George Street Heywood Lancashire OL10 4PW tel:01706 261823
Heady Hill Surgery 114 Bury New Road Heywood Lancashire OL10 4RG tel:01706 622600
Heywood Health Argyle Street Medical Centre, 141 Argyle Street Heywood Lancashire OL10 3SD tel:01706 366135
Hopwood Medical Centre 1-6 Walton Street, Hopwood Heywood Lancashire OL10 2BS tel:01706 369886
Longford Street Medical Centre Longford Street Heywood Lancashire OL10 4NH tel:01706 621417
York House Surgery 19 York Street Heywood Lancashire OL10 4NN
List of Streets in Heywood
Abbey Crescent
Adam Street
Adelaide Street
Adelaide Street East
Agincourt Street
Albert Street
Albert Street
Alexandra Street
Angus Avenue
Ann Street
Aragon Drive
Argyle Crescent
Argyle Street
Arnold Avenue
Ash Street
Ashford Street
Ashworth Road
Ashworth Street
Aspinall Street
Atholl Drive
Avon Road
Ayr Grove
Back High Street
Back High Street
Back Manchester Street
Back Manchester Street
Bader Drive
Baker Street
Ballater Close
Balmoral Drive
Bamford Road
Banff Grove
Bank Top
Bank Top Street
Banks Croft
Barker Street
Barley Hall Street
Barley Hall Street
Barlow Street
Barnfield Street
Bay Street
Bedford Street
Benfield Street
Benmore Close
Berwick Close
Bethel Street
Betley Street
Biggin Gardens
Birch Street
Birchfield Avenue
Birkdale Close
Birnam Grove
Blenheim Close
Botany Close
Bow Lane
Bowling Green Street
Bracken Close
Bradshaw Street
Braemar Grove
Brayshaw Close
Bridge Street
Bridge Street
Bridge Street
Brierley Street
Brierley Street
Britannia Street
Broadfield Street
Brook Gardens
Brown Street
Brunswick Street
Buckley Street
Burns Street
Burnside Close
Bury And Rochdale Old Road
Bury And Rochdale Old Road
Bury New Road
Bury New Road
Bury New Road
Bury Old Road
Bury Old Road
Bury Old Road
Bury Street
Bury Street
Buttermere Avenue
Buxton Street
Byng Street
Callaghan Walk
Canal Street
Carruthers Close
Cartridge Street
Cartridge Street
Caxton Street
Cedar Avenue
Chadwick Lane
Chapel Street
Chapel Street
Charles Street
Chatburn Gardens
Chelmer Grove
Cherwell Avenue
Chestnut Gardens
Church Street
Church Street
Churchill Close
Clarke Street
Clay Bank Street
Clemshaw Close
Cleves Court
Clifton Close
Clitheroe Close
Clough Lane
Cobden Street
Collinge Street
Collinge Street
Collop Drive
Coniston Grove
Connell Way
Conway Close
Coomassie Street
Coomassie Street
Coronation Avenue
Corry Street
Coverdale Close
Cowburn Street
Cranmer Court
Crimble Lane
Crimble Lane
Cromwell Street
Cross Street
Crown Road
Cumberland Avenue
Daniel Street
Dawson Street
Dawson Street
Denton Street
Derby Street
Derwent Avenue
Devonshire Close
Dewhurst Street
Dickens Street
Dilworth Close
Dorchester Grove
Dorset Close
Downham Road
Duke Street
Duke Street
Dumbarton Drive
Dumfries Hollow
Dumfries Hollow
Dunbar Grove
Dunblane Grove
Dundee Close
Dunoon Close
Dunrobin Close
Earl Street
East Church Way
Eden Close
Edgworth Close
Egerton Street
Egerton Street
Elizabeth Street
Elizabeth Street
Elm Street
Emmott Close
Essex Avenue
Essex Avenue
Excelsior Gardens
Farm Street
Farnworth Street
Father Ryan Drive
Fir Street
Fisher Drive
Fletcher Close
Fold Street
Foley Gardens
Foundry Street
Fox Street
Frank Fold
Furness Avenue
Fustian Avenue
Gale Street
Galloway Close
Garden Row
Garden Street
Garden Street
Gas Street
Gaskill Street
George Street
George Street
Glamis Avenue
Glazebrook Close
Glencoe Close
Glendale Close
Gleneagles Avenue
Gloucester Avenue
Goldbrook Close
Goldcraft Close
Gooden Street
Gordon Way
Gorsey Hill Street
Gort Way
Gorton Street
Gorton Street
Grasmere Avenue
Grassington Drive
Green Lane
Green Lane
Greenfield Court
Greenmount Drive
Greenock Drive
Gregge Street
Gristlehurst Lane
Grosvenor Street
Grove Street
Grundy Street
Hall Street
Hamilton Way
Hampden Street
Hardfield Street
Hardman Street
Harefield Drive
Hareshill Road
Harold Lees Road
Harris Close
Hartford Avenue
Hartford Close
Hartland Street
Hartley Street
Hartley Street
Heady Hill Close
Heady Hill Road
Healey Avenue
Heap Brow
Heap Street
Hendon Grove
Heys Lane
Heywood Hall Road
High Street
High Street
Higher Lomax Lane
Highfield Avenue
Hilda Street
Hill Street
Hill Top Road
Hillcrest Avenue
Hillcrest Crescent
Hind Hill Street
Hind Hill Street
Holland Street
Hollin Lane
Hollin Lane
Holly Oak Gardens
Honiton Close
Hope Street
Hopwood Avenue
Hornby Street
Hornchurch Court
Ingoe Close
Isherwood Street
Jackman Avenue
James Street
John Street
Jura Grove
Kay Brow
Kay Brow
Kay Street
Kendal Close
Kenley Drive
Kenyon Street
Kershaw Street
Kilmarnock Grove
King Street
King Street
Kinross Avenue
Kirkstall Avenue
Knowl Hill View
Knutshaw Grove
Lanark Close
Lance Corporal Stephen Shaw M.C. Way
Lane End
Langholme Way
Langton Street
Laverton Close
Leigh Street
Leigh Street
Lenten Grove
Lever Street
Lewis Drive
Lewis Street
Ley Drive
Lime Grove
Links Road
Livsey Lane
Lloyd Street
Lochawe Close
Lochinver Grove
Lock Close
Longford Street
Longridge Drive
Lord Street
Lorne Way
Lorraine Close
Lostock Close
Lune Grove
Lyn Grove
Lynham Drive
Lytham Drive
Magdala Street
Manchester Road
Manchester Street
Manchester Street
Manchester Street
Margaret Street
Market Place
Market Place
Market Street
Market Street
Marlborough Street
Mary Street
Mason Street
May Street
Meadow Close
Mellor Brow
Melrose Avenue
Melton Close
Melton Street
Mercer Road
Merrick Street
Middleton Road
Millbank Street
Miller Street
Millers Brook Close
Mills Street
Mine Street
Mission Street
Mitton Close
Moor Street
Moss Hall Road
Moss Hall Road
Moss Street
Moss Street
Mossbank Grove
Mossland Close
Mount Street
Muirfield Close
Muriel Street
Mutual Street
Nellie Street
Nelson Street
New York Street
Newbury Grove
Newhouse Road
Norfolk Avenue
North Light Way
North Street
Oak Street
Oaken Bank Road
Oakleigh Close
Ogden Close
Oldbury Close
Olive Street
Omrod Road
Orchard Street
Ormerod Street
Osborne Street
Park Street
Park Terrace
Parth Street
Partington Street
Pasture Close
Peel Lane
Peel Street
Penhurst Crescent
Penn Street
Phoenix Close
Pilsworth Road
Pilsworth Road
Pilsworth Road
Pine Street
Pitt Street
Playfair Close
Pleasant Street
Prince Street
Princess Close
Promenade Street
Prospect Place
Prospect Street
Pym Street
Quay Street
Queen Street
Queen's Park Road
Railway Street
Railway Street
Regent Street
Ribblesdale Close
River Street
Rivershill Drive
Roach Street
Robert Street
Roch Avenue
Rochdale Lane
Rochdale Road
Rochdale Road
Rochdale Road East
Rochdale Road East
Rock Street
Roeacre Street
Rose Hill Street
Rose Hill Street
Royal Avenue
Russell Street
Rutland Street
Rydal Grove
Rye Street
Ryecroft Avenue
Sabden Close
Salisbury Avenue
Salthill Avenue
Schofield Street
Schofield Street
School Street
Sefton Street
Severn Road
Sexton Street
Seymour Street
Seymour Street
Shadwell Street East
Shadwell Street West
Shaftesbury Drive
Shannon Close
Sherbourne Drive
Short Street
Shuttle Drive
Siddall Street
Simpson Hill Close
Skye Close
Slawson Way
Smethurst Street
Smethurst Street
Smith Street
Smithies Street
Smyrna Street
Snowden Street
South Avenue
Spinningfield Way
Springfield Street
St Andrew's Drive
St Anne's Gardens
St James Street
St James Street
St James's Terrace
Stamford Street
Stanbury Close
Stanley Street
Starkey Street
Summersgill Close
Summit Street
Summit Street
Sundew Close
Sunningdale Drive
Sussex Avenue
Sutherland Road
Sycamore Avenue
Tangmere Avenue
Taylor Street
Taylor Street
The Medway
The Woodlands
Thorn Close
Thornbank Close
Tintern Avenue
Tintern Place
Todd Street
Tonge Street
Torrington Street
Tower Street
Tower Street
Townrow Street
Trent Avenue
Trippear Way
Turton Close
Twin Street
Ullswater Grove
Undsworth Court
Unity Close
Unity Crescent
Unity Street
Vale Street
Victor Street
Victoria Street
Victory Way
Vigo Street
Walker Street
Walton Street
Waterfold Lane
Weaver Close
Well Street
Welland Avenue
Wentworth Avenue
Wesley Street
West Church Street
West Malling Close
West Starkey Street
West Street
Whalley Road
Whalley Road
Wham Bar Drive
Wham Street
Wham Street
Whipp Street
Whitby Avenue
White House Close
Whittlebrook Grove
Wicken Bank
Wild Street
Wild Street
William Greenwood Close
Willow Street
Wilson Avenue
Wilton Grove
Wilton Grove
Wilton Grove
Wilton Street
Wilton Street
Winchester Avenue
Windsor Avenue
Wings Grove
Witham Close
Withington Street
Wolsey Street
Wolsey Street
Woodland Road
Woodland Street
Woodstock Close
Worthington Avenue
Yarwood Close
Yew Street
York Street
York Street