The Town of Horwich in the County of Greater Manchester

The town of Horwich is located within the county of Greater Manchester.

Horwich is situated in the North West (England) region of the UK and is governed by Bolton, Chorley, councils.

The town of Horwich is covers the following regions.

  • Greater Manchester North West - Greater Manchester - North West (England)
  • Chorley and West Lancashire - Lancashire - North West (England)
  • Bolton
  • Chorley
  • Horwich: Holy Trinity
  • Horwich: St Catherine
  • Horwich: St Elizabeth

Where is Horwich is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Horwich in Greater Manchester

Dentists in Horwich

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Horwich
76 Chorley New Road Lostock Bolton Lancashire BL6 4AL
Horwich Dental Practice 19-21 Winter Hey Lane, Horwich Bolton Lancashire BL6 7AD
Victoria Road (dental Surgery) 37 Victoria Road, Horwich Bolton Lancashire BL6 5ND

Opticians in Horwich

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Horwich
4652 Horwich Asda Stores Ltd, 43-53 The Linkway, Horwich Bolton Lancashire BL6 6JA
Boots Opticians (horwich, Bolton) Unit 2, Middlebrook Retail Park, Horwich Bolton Lancashire BL6 6JA
Horwich Extra Mansell Way, Horwich Bolton Lancashire BL6 6JS
Justin Kellett Opticians (horwich) 22 Winter Hey Lane, Horwich Bolton Lancashire BL6 7AA
Specsavers (middlebrook Retail Pk, Bolton) 35 The Linkway, Middlebrook Retail Park, Horwich Bolton Lancashire BL6 6JA

Chemists in Horwich

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Horwich
Asda Pharmacy Asda S/store,the Linkway, Middlebrook Retail Park, Horwich Bolton Lancashire BL6 6JA tel:01204 699337
Boots The Chemist The Linkway, Horwich Bolton Lancashire BL6 6JA tel:01204 469831
Cohens Direct (head Office) Cohens Group, Lynstock House, Lynstock Way, Lostock Bolton Lancashire BL6 4SA tel:01204 473100
Hootons Pharmacy 119 Lee Lane, Horwich Bolton Lancashire BL6 7AR tel:01204 697390
Kildonan Pharmacy Kildonan House, Ramsbottom Road, Horwich Bolton Lancashire BL6 5NW tel:01204 460011
Rowlands Pharmacy 228 Chorley New Road, Horwich Bolton Lancashire BL6 5NP tel:01204 697221
Tesco Pharmacy Mansell Way, Horwich Bolton Lancashire BL6 6JS tel:01204 517449

Doctors in Horwich

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Horwich
Bolton Community Practice Cic - The Market Surgery Market Surgery, 103 Chorley New Road, Horwich Bolton Lancashire BL6 5QF
Dr Malhotra & Partners Pike View Medical Centre, Albert Street, Horwich Bolton Lancashire BL6 7AS tel:01204 322888
Kildonan House Ramsbottom Road, Horwich Bolton Lancashire BL6 5NW tel:01204 468161
List of Streets in Horwich
Abbott Street
Abernethy Street
Abraham Street
Academy Way
Ainscow Avenue
Ainsworth Avenue
Albert Street
Alexandra Road
Anderton Lane
Ansdell Road
Ardley Road
Arena Approach
Arkwright Street
Arkwright Street
Armstrong Street
Ashburn Close
Ashness Close
Aspinall Close
Aspinall Way
Austin's Lane
Austin's Lane
Avebury Close
Avebury Close
Avonhead Close
Axeholme Court
Back Canada Street
Back Chapel Street
Back Chorley New Road East
Back Chorley New Road East
Back Crown Street
Back Duncan Street
Back Emmett Street
Back George Street
Back Nelson Street
Back Owen's Row
Back Rawlinson Street
Back Wood Street
Back Wright Street
Balmoral Close
Bank Meadow
Barford Grove
Barlow Street
Bateman Street
Beatrice Street
Beaumont Avenue
Beaumont Road
Beech Avenue
Belgrave Crescent
Belmont Road
Belmont Road
Bensey Rise
Berne Avenue
Berne Avenue
Berwyn Close
Blandford Rise
Bleasdale Close
Bolton Road
Bond Close
Bond Close
Bosworth Street
Brady Street
Brazley Avenue
Bridge Street
Bridge Street
Brindley Street
Brownlow Road
Brownlow Road
Brunel Street
Brunswick Avenue
Buckingham Avenue
Burnden Way
Burnden Way
Butterwick Field
Calderburn Close
Cambridge Road
Canada Street
Captain Street
Carlton Grove
Carr Road
Carwood Grove
Castle Crescent
Catherine Street East
Catherine Street West
Cedar Avenue
Chapel Street
Cheviot Close
Chiltern Close
Chorley New Road
Chorley New Road
Chorley New Road
Chorley New Road
Church Street
Church Street
Churchward Square
Claypool Road
Cooke Street
Cooper Street
Corranstone Close
Cotswold Drive
Cranborne Close
Cranfield Road
Craven Street East
Crescent Road
Crompton Road
Crowborough Close
Crown Lane
Crown Lane
Curteis Close
Curteis Close
Curteis Street
Curteis Street
Dale Street West
Darley Street
De Havilland Way
De Havilland Way
Deanhead Lane
Derby Street
Dickinson Street West
Dixey Street
Dixon Street
Douglas Avenue
Douglas Close
Dryfield Lane
Duncan Street
Ealand Chase
Edward Street
Emmett Street
Enterprise Park
Essex Street
Evanstone Close
Evergreen Avenue
Factory Hill
Factory Hill
Fairbairn Street
Fall Birch Road
Fearnhead Avenue
Fernstone Close
Fleet Street
Fox Street
Foxholes Road
Futura Park
George Street
George Street
Gingham Brow
Glabyn Avenue
Glenbeck Close
Gloucester Avenue
Gooch Street
Grace Street
Green Lane
Greenstone Avenue
Greenwood Avenue
Greenwood Lane
Gresley Avenue
Hall Lane
Hall Lane
Hampson Street
Harrier Close
Harrison Street
Hartley Street
Haskoll Street
Hawkshaw Street
Hawksley Street
Hawthorne Avenue
Haxey Walk
Hazel Pear Close
Heather Close
Heaviley Grove
Herbert Street
High Street
Higher Knowles
Higherbrook Close
Highland Road
Hillside Avenue
Hillside Crescent
Hilton Avenue
Hilton Avenue
Holbeck Close
Hollowell Lane
Holmebrook Drive
Hope Street
Hope Street North
Hopwood Avenue
Hughes Avenue
Ingersol Road
Iron Street
James Street
Jones Street
Julia Street
Junction Close
Kensington Drive
Killingworth Mews
King Street
Knowsley Grove
Laburnum Grove
Lambeth Close
Lancaster Avenue
Langstone Close
Lawson Avenue
Lee Lane
Leicester Avenue
Leicester Avenue
Letitia Street
Lever Park Avenue
Lindsay Street
Lodge Bank
Longworth Road
Lord Street
Lostock Lane
Lostock Lane
Lower Makinson Fold
Lowerbrook Close
Lynstock Way
Makinson Avenue
Mallard Drive
Mallard Drive
Malvern Close
Manor Road
Mansell Way
Mansell Way
Maple Avenue
Marklands Road
Marsh Street
Marston Close
Mary Street East
Mary Street West
Mason Street
Mason Street
Meadway Close
Medway Drive
Melbourne Close
Melbourne Grove
Melbourne Grove
Melbury Drive
Mendip Close
Mill Lane
Mill Lane
Moorside Avenue
Mort Street
Moss Lane
Mottram Street
Mottram Street
Mount Pleasant Street
Mount Street
Napier Drive
Nasmyth Street
Nelson Street
New Brunswick Street
Newbeck Close
Northgate Close
Nuttall Avenue
Oak Avenue
Oakfield Close
Offerton Street
Old Greenwood Lane
Old Lord's Crescent
Old Mill Close
Old Rake
Old Will's Lane
Ormston Avenue
Owsten Court
Ox Hey Close
Ox Hey Lane
Oxford Road
Panton Street
Park Lane
Pembroke Close
Pendle Drive
Pengarth Road
Penn Street
Pennine Close
Pennine Road
Peter Martin Street
Pioneer Close
Pioneer Street
Poplar Avenue
Portland Place
Purbeck Drive
Queen Street
Raleigh Close
Ramsbottom Road
Rawlinson Street
Richmond Street
Rivington Close
Rivington Lane
Robinson Street
Rock Street
Rockhaven Avenue
Rotherhead Close
Roynton Road
Salisbury Road
Salisbury Road
Sandringham Road
Scholes Bank
School Street
Sefton Lane
Shaftesbury Avenue
Shaftesbury Close
Shaw Road
Sheep House Lane
Sheephouse Lane
Siemens Street
Silver Birch Close
Silverwell Street
Singleton Avenue
Slater Avenue
Smeaton Street
Snowdon Drive
Spring Gardens
Springburn Close
Springfield Road
Squirrel Lane
St Annes Road
St Brides Close
St John Street
St Leonard's Avenue
Stanier Place
Stanley Grove
Star Lane
Station Approach Road
Stephenson Street
Stocks Park Drive
Stocks Park Drive
Stoneycroft Avenue
Stoneycroft Close
Store Street
Summer Street
Swithemby Street
Tansley Close
Taylor Street
Telford Street
The Crescent
The Evergreens
The Heights
The Linkway
The Parklands
The Strand
Thirlmere Avenue
Thompson Street
Tomlinson Street
Toxhead Close
Travers Street
Tredgold Street
Trevarrick Court
Vale Avenue
Vale Avenue
Vale Coppice
Victoria Road
Victoria Road
Victoria Road
Walsh Street
Watermans Close
Watts Street
Webb Street
Wenlock Close
White Horse Close
Whitworth Street
Wilderswood Avenue
Wilderswood Court
William Street
Wilson Fold Avenue
Wilson Street
Wimborne Close
Windsor Drive
Winter Hey Lane
Winter Hey Lane
Winton Green
Wood Street
Wright Street
Yarrow Grove