The Town of Radcliffe in the County of Greater Manchester

The town of Radcliffe is located within the county of Greater Manchester.

Radcliffe is situated in the North West (England) region of the UK and is governed by Bury, council.

The town of Radcliffe is in the Greater Manchester North East region of Greater Manchester within North West (England).

  • Bury
  • Radcliffe: St Andrew
  • Radcliffe: St Thomas & St John

Where is Radcliffe is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Radcliffe in Greater Manchester

Dentists in Radcliffe

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Radcliffe
D P Lustman's Dental Surgery Dental Surgery, 265 Bolton Road, Radcliffe Manchester Lancashire M26 3QP
Dental Surgery 3-5 Deansgate, Radcliffe Manchester Greater Manchester M26 2SH
P V Mccrory's Dental Surgery Dental Surgery, 58 Ainsworth Road, Radcliffe Manchester Lancashire M26 4FA
Radcliffe Primary Care Centre 69 Church Street West, Radcliffe Manchester Greater Manchester M26 2SP
Spring Lane Family Dental Practi 27 Spring Lane, Radcliffe Manchester Lancashire M26 2TQ
St Andrews Dental Care 375 Ainsworth Road, Radcliffe Manchester Lancashire M26 4HF

Opticians in Radcliffe

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Radcliffe
Martyn Allen Radcliffe 24 Moss Shaw Way, Radcliffe Manchester Lancashire M26 4NN
Scrivens Opticians (radcliffe) 26 Blackburn Street, Radcliffe Manchester M26 1NQ

Chemists in Radcliffe

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Radcliffe
Asda Pharmacy Asda Store, Pilkington Way, Radcliffe Manchester Greater Manchester M26 3DA tel:01617 242510
Boots The Chemist 11 Blackburn Street, Radcliffe Manchester Lancashire M26 1NN tel:0161 7232221
Jt Smith & Son 8-8a Ainsworth Road, Radcliffe Manchester Lancashire M26 4DJ tel:0161 7232519
Manor Pharmacy Unsworth Street, Radcliffe Manchester Lancashire M26 3RF tel:01617 232128
Radcliffe Pharmacy 47 Church Street West, Radcliffe Manchester Greater Manchester M26 2SP tel:0161 7230005
Radcliffe Pharmacy 62 Cross Lane, Radcliffe Manchester Lancashire M26 2RF tel:0161 7259111
Well Radcliffe Pcc, Church St West, Radcliffe Manchester Greater Manchester M26 2SP tel:01617 248888

Doctors in Radcliffe

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Radcliffe
Monarch Medical Centre 65 Cross Lane, Radcliffe Manchester Lancashire M26 2QZ tel:0161 7230123
Radcliffe Medical Practice 69 Church Street West, Radcliffe Manchester Greater Manchester M26 2SP tel:0161 7242062
Red Bank Group Practice Radcliffe Primary Care Centre, 69 Church Street West, Radcliffe Manchester Lancashire M26 2SP tel:0161 7242042
Rock Radcliffe 69 Church Street West, Radcliffe Manchester Greater Manchester M26 2SP
Spring Lane Surgery 15-17 Spring Lane, Radcliffe Manchester Greater Manchester M26 2TQ
List of Streets in Radcliffe
Abbey Close
Abbey Court
Abden Street
Abden Street
Acre Street
Adelphi Street
Ainsworth Road
Ainsworth Road
Albion Street
Aldwyn Close
Allen Street
Alma Street
Andrew Close
Arley Street
Arran Grove
Arrowhill Road
Ashbourne Grove
Ashcombe Drive
Ashurst Grove
Ashworth Street
Astbury Street
Baillie Street
Bank Street
Bankside Avenue
Bankside Place
Barlow Street
Barnfield Close
Baybutt Street
Bealey Avenue
Bealey Close
Bealey Row
Beech Street
Beechfield Avenue
Belgrave Close
Belgrave Drive
Belgrave Street
Belmont Road
Bennet Street
Bentley Close
Betley Street
Black Moss Close
Blackburn Street
Blackburn Street
Blackburn Street
Blackburn Street
Blenmar Close
Bolton Road
Bolton Street
Borough Avenue
Bowker Street
Bradbury Street
Bridge Close
Bridgefield Street
Bridgemere Close
Bridle Fold
Bright Street
Britannia Close
Broadhurst Street
Brook Street
Brookbottom Road
Brooks Avenue
Brown Street
Brynhall Close
Bull Hill Crescent
Burnsall Avenue
Burnside Close
Bury And Bolton Road
Bury Road
Bury Street
Butterworth Street
Byron Avenue
Caledonia Street
Calf Hey Close
Cams Acre Close
Cams Lane
Cannon Street
Canute Street
Cardigan Street
Carlton Avenue
Carrbrook Terrace
Carrslea Close
Cemetery Road
Chard Street
Charter Avenue
Chatsworth Road
Chatsworth Road
Chaucer Avenue
Chelsea Avenue
Chestnut Fold
Church Green
Church Street
Church Street
Church Street East
Church Street West
Clough Grove
Clough Meadow Road
Clough Street
Clyde Road
Clyde Terrace
Co-Operative Street
Cobden Street
Cock Clod Street
Coleridge Avenue
Colshaw Close East
Colshaw Close South
Coomassie Street
Copper Lane
Coronation Gardens
Coronation Road
Coronation Road
Countess Lane
Coventry Road
Cranbrook Street
Croft Lane
Crofters Brook
Crompton Close
Crompton Place
Cromwell Road
Crook Street
Crosby Road
Cross Lane
Cross Street
Cross Street
Crossfield Drive
Cunliffe Street
Dale Street
Dale Street
Dales Avenue
Daleswood Avenue
Darbyshire Street
Davenport Avenue
Dean Street
Delamere Avenue
Denham Street
Dingle Close
Ducie Street
Duke Street
Dumers Chase
Dumers Close
Dumers Lane
Durham Street
East Street
Eastbrook Avenue
Ebury Street
Ebury Street
Edgemoor Close
Edward Street
Elizabeth Street
Elsworth Close
Eton Hill Road
Eton Way North
Eton Way South
Exeter Avenue
Exeter Avenue
Factory Street
Far Hey Close
Farcroft Avenue
Farringdon Drive
Fir Street
Firwood Crescent
Five Quarters
Five Quarters
Fletcher Street
Forth Place
Forth Road
Foster Street
Foundry Street
Gate Field Close
Gate Lane
George Street
Gingham Park
Glebe Street
Glenvale Close
Glenwood Close
Gorsefield Close
Graves Street
Great Hall Close
Green Street
Green Street
Greenbank Road
Greendale Drive
Gresham Close
Grey Street
Grindrod Street
Grindsbrook Road
Grosvenor Street
Hackney Close
Half Acre
Hall Street
Hallam Street
Halls Close
Halter Close
Hamer Street
Hampson Fold
Hampson Fold
Hampson Street
Hampson Street
Hardman Close
Hardman Street
Hardys Close
Hardys Drive
Harper Fold Close
Harper Fold Road
Hassall Street
Haven Close
Haworth Street
Hawthorn Avenue
Heap Street
Heber Street
Heber Street
Herbert Street
Higher Ainsworth Road
Higher Dean Street
Higher Pit Lane
Hill Street
Hindle Street
Hinds Lane
Holborn Avenue
Holland Court
Holland Street
Hollinhurst Road
Hollybank Street
Homer Street
Honiton Grove
Horrocks Street
Houldsworth Street
Howard Street
Hoyle Street
Hunter Drive
Hutchinson Close
Hutchinson Street
Hutchinson Way
Irwell Street
Jackson Street
James Street
James Street North
Johnson Street
Jones Street
Joseph Street
Jubilee Avenue
Keats Crescent
Kenilworth Close
Kensington Avenue
Kenyon Street
Kibworth Close
Kilburn Road
King Street
Kingmoor Avenue
Kingmoor Avenue
Kingston Road
Knowles Street
Lancaster Street
Landore Close
Larch Avenue
Launceston Road
Lavender Street
Lawndale Close
Leafield Close
Leander Close
Leek Street
Leicester Road
Lever Street
Lichfield Close
Lichfield Road
Limefield Road
Linley Street
Lodge Brow
Lodge Close
Lodge Road
Lomax Street
Lord Street
Lord Street
Lowe Street
Lowton Street
Lund Avenue
Lynmouth Close
Lynton Lea
Mandon Close
Mandon Close
Marks Street
Martingale Close
Masefield Avenue
Mather Street
Mather Street
May Street
Mayfair Avenue
Meadowside Close
Melrose Gardens
Melrose Road
Melton Street
Merebrook Close
Meriden Close
Mill Bank
Mill Street
Miller Street
Milltown Street
Milner Street
Milton Road
Monton Street
Moor Close
Moorgate Road
Morley Road
Morris Street
Morton Street
Mosley Street
Moss Shaw Way
Moss Shaw Way
Mount Pleasant Walk
Mount Sion Road
Mulberry Close
Myrtle Grove
Near Hey Close
New Church Street
New Church Street
New Field Close
New Road
New Street
Newbridge Close
Newlands Avenue
Norman Street
Normandy Crescent
North Street
Oak Street
Oakwood Grove
Olsberg Close
Orkney Close
Outwood Road
Overton Close
Park Avenue
Park Grove
Park Street
Parkside Close
Parsonage Street
Parsonage Street
Pavilion Walk
Penrice Close
Phoenix Way
Phoenix Way
Pilkington Road
Pilkington Road
Pilkington Way
Pilkington Way
Pine Street
Pitt Street
Plymouth Grove
Pollitt Street
Poolfield Close
Potter Street
Princess Street
Quarry Street
Queen Street
Radcliffe New Road
Radcliffe New Road
Radelan Grove
Railway Street
Railway Street
Rayleigh Close
Rectory Close
Rectory Lane
Red Bank Road
Regan Street
Richard Street
Rigby Avenue
Ringley Hey
Ringley Park
Ringley Park View
Ringley Road
Ringley Road
Ringwood Avenue
Ripon Close
River Street
Riverside Close
Riverside Road
Robert Street
Robertson Street
Rock Street
Roman Street
Rossall Avenue
Rupert Street
Rush Acre Close
Ruskin Street
Salisbury Road
Salisbury Road
Sandford Street
Saville Road
Saxon Street
Scarr Avenue
Schofield Street
School Street
Seddon Avenue
Seddon Close
Seddon Street
Sefton Street
Selby Close
Seymour Street
Shakespeare Avenue
Sherbourne Close
Sherwood Avenue
Shetland Way
Shire Gardens
Shirebrook Drive
Siddall Street
Singleton Street
Sion Street
Smyrna Street
Snape Street
South Woodley Gardens
Spencer Street
Spenser Avenue
Spring Lane
Spring Lane
St Andrew's Road
St Andrew's Street
St Andrew's View
St John's Court
St John's Street
Stable Fold
Stainton Close
Stainton Road
Stand Close
Stand Lane
Stand Lane
Stand Rise
Stanley Road
Starling Road
Station Close
Stonehewer Street
Stonemere Drive
Stopes Road
Strangford Street
Street Lane
Sunningdale Avenue
Suthers Street
Sycamore Drive
Taylor Street
Tennyson Avenue
The Crescent
The Meadows
The Meadows
The Shires
The Spinney
Thomas Street
Thornley Street
Thorpe Avenue
Tipton Close
Tithebarn Street
Tiverton Close
Toll Street
Tower Street
Turf Street
Turks Road
Turks Road
Ulundi Street
Unsworth Street
Unsworth Street
Uplands Avenue
Vale Edge
Vicarage Street
Victoria Street
Walker Street
Wallwork Street
Walter Street
Wardle Close
Warth Fold Road
Warwick Road
Water Lane
Water Lane Street
Water Street
Water Street
Waterside Close
Watson Street
Wellington Street
Wentworth Close
West Vale
West View Grove
Westbourne Avenue
Westminster Avenue
Whewell Avenue
Whittaker Street
Wild Street
William Street
Williamson Avenue
Wilson Street
Wilton Gardens
Wilton Lane
Winchester Road
Winston Close
Withins Avenue
Withins Lane
Withins Street
Wolsey Street
Wood Hey Close
Woodgreen Drive
Woodley Avenue
Woodvale Road
Wordsworth Avenue
Wright Street
York Street