The Town of Ramsbottom in the County of Greater Manchester

The town of Ramsbottom is located within the county of Greater Manchester.

Ramsbottom is situated in the North West (England) region of the UK and is governed by Bury, council.

The town of Ramsbottom is in the Greater Manchester North East region of Greater Manchester within North West (England).

  • Bury
  • Holcombe: The Emmanuel Church Centre
  • Ramsbottom: St Andrew
  • Ramsbottom: St Paul

Where is Ramsbottom is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Ramsbottom in Greater Manchester

Dentists in Ramsbottom

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Ramsbottom
Dental Surgery 64 Bolton Street, Ramsbottom Bury Lancashire BL0 9HX
Dental Surgery 72 Bridge Street, Ramsbottom Bury Lancashire BL0 9AG
Market Place (dental Surgery) 6-8 Market Place Bury Lancashire BL0 9HT

Opticians in Ramsbottom

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Ramsbottom
Leightons Opticians (bury) 7 Holcombe Precinct, Ramsbottom Bury Lancashire BL0 9SH
The Spectacle Studio Ltd - Ramsbottom 45 Bridge Street, Ramsbottom Bury Lancashire BL0 9AD
Yates & Suddell Opticians (ramsbottom) 35 Bridge Street, Ramsbottom Bury Lancashire BL0 9AD

Chemists in Ramsbottom

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Ramsbottom
Cohens Chemist 7 Market Place, Ramsbottom Bury Lancashire BL0 9AJ tel:01706 822206
Gardners Chemist 6 Vernon Road, Greenmount Bury Lancashire BL8 4DD tel:01204 883220
Lloydspharmacy Crawshaws, 6 Bolton Street, Ramsbottom Bury Lancashire BL0 9HX tel:01706 823155
Manor Pharmacy 1 Brandlesholme Road, Greenmount Bury Lancashire BL8 4DS tel:01204 884266

Doctors in Ramsbottom

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Ramsbottom
Garden City Medical Centre 1a Garden City, Ramsbottom Bury Lancashire BL0 9TN tel:01204 884710
Greenmount Medical Centre 9 Brandlesholme Road, Greenmount Bury Lancashire BL8 4DR
Ramsbottom Medical Practice Carr Street, Ramsbottom Bury Lancashire BL0 9DD tel:01706 824413
List of Streets in Ramsbottom
Ada Street
Adelaide Street
Aitken Close
Ajax Street
Albert Street
Alfred Street
Andrew Close
Annie Street
Ash Grove
Ashwood Avenue
Astley Hall Drive
Athol Street
Aviemore Close
Avondale Drive
Back Bridge Street
Back Square Street
Back Stanley Street
Baker Street
Balm Street
Balmoral Close
Barnes Close
Baytree Grove
Beauly Close
Beech Grove
Beechwood Avenue
Belvedere Avenue
Birch Grove
Bloom Street
Bodiam Road
Bolton Road
Bolton Road West
Bolton Street
Box Street
Bramble Place
Bramworth Avenue
Brandlesholme Road
Bridge Street
Bridge Street
Brookhouse Close
Brooklands Road
Brooksbottom Close
Brookside Close
Brookside Crescent
Brown Street
Buchanan Street
Bury New Road
Bury Old Road
Bury Old Road
Butler Street
Buttermere Drive
Byron Road
Byron Road
Caernarvon Close
Caldy Drive
Callender Street
Caltha Street
Cannon Street
Carnforth Drive
Carnoustie Drive
Carr Bank Avenue
Carr Bank Drive
Carr Bank Road
Carr Street
Carrwood Hey
Castle Grove
Cato Street
Cemetery Road
Central Street
Charlotte Street
Cheshire Court
Chester Drive
Cheviot Close
Chiltern Close
Chiltern Road
Chisholme Close
Church Street
Cleveland Close
Coleridge Road
Coniston Close
Conway Close
Conway Crescent
Cotswold Close
Coulthurst Street
Cross Street
Crow Lane
Cunliffe Avenue
Cunliffe Street
Dalton Close
Derby Street
Dora Street
Dorothy Street
Douglas Street
Dover Close
Downfield Close
Dugie Street
Duke Street
Dundee Lane
Dunedin Road
Durham Drive
Earl Road
Earl Street
Eccles Street
Edgar Street
Edgar Street West
Eliza Street
Elm Street
Elsie Street
Engel Close
Est Bank Road
Every Street
Factory Street
Falstone Avenue
Fern Street
Fernview Drive
Fir Street
Flax Street
Frederick Street
Gainsborough Road
Garden City
Garden Street
Garnett Street
Geoffrey Street
George Road
Glen Street
Gleneagles Way
Glenmore Road
Glenmore Road
Grants Lane
Great Eaves Road
Greenacre Close
Greenheys Crescent
Greenmount Close
Greenmount Drive
Greenpark Close
Greenside Drive
Grime Street
Haigh Hall Close
Hail Street
Harborne Walk
Harcles Drive
Harrison Street
Haworth Avenue
Hawthorn Avenue
Hayfield Close
Hazel Avenue
Hazel Hall Lane
Hazel Hall Lane
Hazel Street
Hazelhurst Close
Heapworth Avenue
Heath Avenue
Heatherside Road
Helmsdale Close
Henwick Hall Avenue
Herevale Hall Drive
Higher Summerseat
Hill Rise
Hillside Road
Hillstone Close
Holcombe Lee
Holcombe Lee
Holcombe Old Road
Holcombe Old Road
Holcombe Road
Holcombe Road
Holden Avenue
Holhouse Lane
Holly Mount Lane
Holt Street
Holt Street West
Honeywood Close
Hope Street
Hove Close
Howe Drive
Hunt Fold Drive
Hunters Green
Iris Street
Irwell Street
Isa Street
Jackdaw Road
Joy Street
Jubilee Gardens
Kate Street
Kay Brow
Keats Road
Keats Road
Kendal Road
Kendal Road West
Kendal Road West
Kensington Close
Kenyon Street
Kerenhappuch Street
Kibboth Crew
Killer Street
Kiln Street
Kimble Close
King Street
Kinross Close
Knowl Close
Lancaster Avenue
Lansdowne Close
Larkfield Close
Lawrie Avenue
Lever Street
Liddington Hall Drive
Lilburn Close
Lime Grove
Linden Avenue
Linley Grove
Lodge Street
Longsight Road
Longsight Road
Loynd Street
Lumb Carr Avenue
Lumb Carr Road
Lumb Carr Road
Major Street
Manchester Road
Manchester Road
Manor Street
Mansfield Avenue
Maple Grove
Market Place
Markland Street
Marlborough Close
Mary Street
Maybury Close
Mayfield Close
Mayfield Road
Mill Street
Milton Street
Montrose Avenue
Moray Close
Mosley Avenue
Mount Street
Nabbs Fold
Nabbs Fold
Nabbs Way
Newcombe Road
Newton Drive
North Avenue
Nuttall Close
Nuttall Hall Road
Nuttall Hall Road
Nuttall Lane
Nuttall Road
Oak Avenue
Old Green
Old Ground Street
Palatine Street
Palmerston Close
Paradise Street
Park Avenue
Park Road
Patmos Street
Peel Brow
Peel Mount
Pilkington Street
Pinewood Crescent
Pinners Close
Poplar Grove
Porritt Way
Prince Street
Quarry Street
Queen Street
Railway Street
Ramsbottom Lane
Rawsons Rake
Redisher Close
Redisher Croft
Redisher Lane
Redwing Road
Regent Street
Ringwood Avenue
Ripon Hall Avenue
Rook Street
Roseberry Close
Rostron Road
Rothwell Street
Royston Close
Salmsbury Hall Close
Sandringham Drive
Sandringham Drive
School Street
Shepherd Street
Shepherds Close
Shilton Street
Shipper Bottom Lane
Silver Street
Simms Close
Smith Street
Smithills Hall Close
Smithy Street
South Street
Southfield Road
Spencer Street
Spring Close
Spring Street
Spring Wood Street
Springfield Road
Springwater Avenue
Spruce Street
Square Street
St Andrew's Close
St Austell Drive
St Clair Road
St Clair Road
St Edmund Hall Close
St Paul's Street
Stanedge Close
Stanford Hall Crescent
Stanley Street
Station Road
Stead Street
Stone Close
Strang Street
Strathmore Close
Stretton Road
Stretton Road
Stubbins Lane
Stubbins Lane
Summerdale Drive
Summerseat Lane
Sunnymede Vale
Swan Road
Tag Wood View
Tanners Croft
Tanners Street
Tape Street
Taper Street
The Coppice
The Green
The Paddock
Thelma Street
Thornhill Road
Tor Avenue
Tor Hey Mews
Treetops Avenue
Trinity Green
Troutbeck Drive
Union Street
Uppingham Drive
Vale Coppice
Vernon Road
Vesta Street
Victoria Street
Vine Street
Warwick Close
Well Street West
West Street
Westgate Avenue
White Birk Close
Whitelow Road
Whitelow Road
Whitelow Road
Whittingham Drive
Wildwood Close
Windermere Drive
Windrush Avenue
Windsor Close
Winifred Street
Wood Street
Woodhead Close
Woodhey Road
Woodside Drive
York Drive
Young Street