The Town of Rochdale in the County of Greater Manchester

The town of Rochdale is located within the county of Greater Manchester.

Rochdale is situated in the North West (England) region of the UK and is governed by Rochdale, Rossendale, councils.

The town of Rochdale is covers the following regions.

  • Greater Manchester North East - Greater Manchester - North West (England)
  • East Lancashire - Lancashire - North West (England)
  • Rochdale
  • Rossendale
  • Balderstone: St Mary
  • Belfield: St Anne
  • Castleton: St Martin
  • Falinge: St Edmund
  • Hamer: All Saints
  • Healey: Christ Church
  • Kirkholt: St Thomas
  • Newbold: St Peter
  • Norden: St Paul
  • Rochdale: St Chad
  • Rochdale: St George w St Alban
  • Rochdale: St Luke, Deeplish
  • Spotland: St Clement
  • Sudden: St Aidan
  • Wardleworth: St Mary w St James

Where is Rochdale is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Rochdale in Greater Manchester

Dentists in Rochdale

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Rochdale
163 Drake Street Drake Street Rochdale Lancashire OL11 1EF
23 Roch Valley Way (dental Surgery) 23 Roch Valley Way Rochdale Lancashire OL11 4PZ
Bamford Dental Practice Norden Road Rochdale Lancashire OL11 5PT
Croft Shifa Dental Practice Croft Shifa Health Centre, Belfield Road Rochdale Lancashire OL16 2UY
Deeplish Dental Practice Nye Bevan House, Maclure Road Rochdale OL11 1DN
Dental Surgery 386 Edenfield Road Rochdale Lancashire OL12 7NH
Dental Surgery 518 Bury Road Rochdale Lancashire OL11 4DQ
Dental Surgery 152 Drake Street Rochdale Lancashire OL16 1PX
Drake Dental Practice 113 Drake Street Rochdale Lancashire OL16 1PZ
Drake Street Dental Surgery 107 Drake Street Rochdale Lancashire OL16 1PZ
Kirkholt Dental Centre Queens Drive, Kirkholt Rochdale Greater Manchester OL11 2NP
Klm Orthodontics Croft Shifa Health Centre, Belfield Road Rochdale Lancashire OL16 2UP
Kml Orthodontics The Croft Shifa Health Centre, Belfield Road Rochdale Lancashire OL16 2UY
Nye Bevan House Maclure Road Rochdale Lancashire OL11 1DN
Oasis Dental Care Ltd 121 Drake Street Rochdale Lancashire OL16 1PZ
The Strand Dental Practice 2 The Strand Rochdale OL11 2JG
The Strand Dental Surgery 42-46, The Strand Rochdale Lancashire OL11 2JG
Urgent Dental Care Ltd 1 Milnrow Road Rochdale Lancashire OL16 1UG

Opticians in Rochdale

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Rochdale
4601 Rochdale Asda Opticians, The Old Cricket Ground, Dane Street Rochdale OL12 6XT
Boots Opticians (royal Exchange Shopping Centre - Rochdale) 50 Royal Exchange Shopping Centre Rochdale Lancashire OL16 1EA
Boots Opticians (yorkshire Street - Rochdale) 18 Yorkshire Street Rochdale Lancashire OL16 1EN
Clinic 4 Eyes Ltd 28 Tweedale Street Rochdale Lancashire OL11 1HH
Clinic For Eyes (maclure) Nye Bevan House, Maclure Road Rochdale Lancashire OL11 1DN
Clinic For Eyes Ltd 268 Entwisle Road Rochdale Lancashire OL16 2LJ
Complete Community Care (north West) Ltd 89 Park Road Rochdale Lancashire OL12 9BP
Craven & Murray Opticians 675 Edenfield Road, Norden Rochdale Lancashire OL11 5XE
Crescent Optical (rochdale) 103 Drake Street Rochdale Lancashire OL16 1PZ
Crowther-optometrists 33/35 Market Street Rochdale Lancashire OL12 0AJ
Eye Care Optical 149 Yorkshire Street Rochdale Lancashire OL12 0DR
Eye Care Optical 44 Milkstone Road Rochdale Lancashire OL11 1EB
Focus Opticians (rochdale) 4 Milkstone Road Rochdale Lancashire OL11 1ED
John Howard Fisher Opticians - Castleton 778-780 Manchester Road, Castleton Rochdale Lancashire OL11 3AW
Paul Cheetham Optical Ltd 4 Lord Square Rochdale Lancashire OL16 1ED
Specsavers (rochdale) 67 Yorkshire Street Rochdale Lancashire OL16 1BZ
Stephen J Holt Ophthalmic Optician 214-216 Oldham Road Rochdale Lancashire OL11 2ER
The Eye Clinic Rochdale 64 Spotland Road Rochdale Lancashire OL12 6PQ
Vision Express (rochdale) 56 Market Way Rochdale Lancashire OL16 1EA

Chemists in Rochdale

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Rochdale
4court Pharmacy Heybrook Service Station, Halifax Road Rochdale Lancashire OL16 2NT tel:01706 646262
Ace Chemist Direct 245 Entwisle Road Rochdale Lancashire OL16 2LJ tel:01706 309999
Asda Pharmacy Dane Street Rochdale Lancashire OL12 6XT tel:01706 652010
Belfield Pharmacy 134 Belfield Road Rochdale Lancashire OL16 2XN tel:01706 645179
Boots The Chemist 50 Rochdale Exchange Shopping Ctr, Market Way Rochdale Lancashire OL16 1EA tel:01706 653225
Cohens Chemist 11 Stevenson Square Rochdale Lancashire OL12 9SA tel:01706 353366
Cohens Chemist 188 Yorkshire Street Rochdale Lancashire OL16 2DN tel:01706 644907
Cohens Chemist 69 Milkstone Road Rochdale Lancashire OL11 1NT tel:01706 646380
Cohens Chemists Nye Bevan House, Dowling Street Rochdale Lancashire OL11 1HR tel:01706 647134
Croft Shifa Pharmacy Croft Shifa Health Centre, Belfield Road Rochdale Lancashire OL16 2UP tel:01706 653335
Drugmart Pharmacy 72 Spotland Road Rochdale Lancashire OL12 6PQ tel:01706 344170
Lloyds Pharmacy 462 Whitworth Road Rochdale Lancashire OL12 0SN tel:01706 342050
Lloydspharmacy 293 Oldham Road Rochdale Lancashire OL16 5JG tel:01706 644849
Lloydspharmacy 5-7 Halifax Road Rochdale Lancashire OL12 9BD tel:01706 644994
Lloydspharmacy 561a Bury Road Rochdale Lancashire OL11 4DQ tel:01706 644586
Manor Pharmacy 800 Edenfield Road Rochdale Lancashire OL12 7RB tel:01706 353050
Morrisons Pharmacy Morrisons Superstore, 285 Kingsway Rochdale Lancashire OL16 4AT tel:01706 525283
Oldham Road Pharmacy 497 Oldham Road Rochdale Lancashire OL16 4TF tel:01706 645986
Pearl Pharmacy 41 Tweedale Street Rochdale Lancashire OL11 1HH tel:01706 646840 U2-4 Royle Pennine T/est, Lynroyle Way Rochdale Lancashire OL11 3EX tel:01706 854854
Rochdale Pharmacy 79 Yorkshire Street Rochdale Lancashire OL16 1DB tel:01706 860732
Rowlands Pharmacy 78 Spotland Road Rochdale Lancashire OL12 6PQ tel:01706 645317
Strand Pharmacy 15 The Strand Rochdale OL11 2JG tel:01706 649874
Superdrug Rochdale Exchange Shopping Centre, Market Way Rochdale Lancashire OL16 1EA tel:01706 710997
Well 870 Manchester Road, Castleton Rochdale Lancashire OL11 2SP tel:01706 860861
Well 4 Elizabeth Street, Castleton Rochdale Lancashire OL11 3HY tel:01706 632916
Well 309-311 Edenfield Road, Cutgate Shopping Precinct Rochdale Lancashire OL11 5AQ tel:01706 645528
Wellfield Pharmacy Wellfield Surgery, Oldham Road Rochdale Lancashire OL11 1AD tel:01706 508121
Yorkshire Street Pharmacy 200 Yorkshire Street Rochdale Lancashire OL16 2DW tel:01706 559002

Doctors in Rochdale

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Rochdale
7 Day Access Rochdale Infirmary Hub Rochdale Infirmary, Whitehall Street Rochdale Lancashire OL12 0NB tel:01706 261882
Ashworth Street Surgery 85 Spotland Road Rochdale Lancashire OL12 6RT tel:01706 346767
Castleton Health Centre 2 Elizabeth Street, Castleton Rochdale Lancashire OL11 3HY tel:01706 658905
Croft Shifa Health Centre Belfield Road Rochdale Lancashire OL16 2UP tel:01706 261883
Dr A Hamid 2nd Floor Nye Bevan House, Maclure Road Rochdale Lancashire OL11 1DN tel:01706 261888
Dr Gwd Bhima 1st Floor, Bevan House, Maclure Road Rochdale Lancashire OL11 1DN tel:01706 261810
Dr Mb Ghafoor & Partners 1st Floor, Nye Bevan House, Maclure Road Rochdale Lancashire OL11 1DN tel:01706 261999
Edenfield Road Surgery Cutgate Shopping Precinct Rochdale Lancashire OL11 5AQ tel:01706 344125
Healey Surgery Whitworth Road Rochdale Lancashire OL12 0SN tel:01706 868468
Inspire Medical Centre 2nd Flr Croft Shifa Hc, Belfield Road Rochdale Lancashire OL16 2UY tel:01706 860847
Kirkholt Medical Practice Queens Drive, Kirkholt Rochdale Lancashire OL11 2NP tel:01706 261813
Mark Street Surgery 2 Mark Street Rochdale Lancashire OL12 9BE tel:01706 643183
Norden Branch Surgery Norden Old Library, Edenfield Road, Norden Rochdale Lancashire OL11 5XE
Norden Library Branch Norden Old Library, Edenfield Road, Norden Rochdale Lancashire OL11 5XE
The Dale Medical Practice 2nd Floor Nye Bevan House, Maclure Road Rochdale Lancashire OL11 1DN tel:01706 261900
The Dawes Family Practice 83 Spotland Road Rochdale Lancashire OL12 6RX tel:01706 644040
The Kingsway Practice 285a Kingsway Rochdale Lancashire OL16 4AT tel:01706 261866
The Medical Centre (the Strand) The Strand Rochdale Lancashire OL11 2JG
Wellfield Health Centre 116 Oldham Road Rochdale Lancashire OL11 1AD tel:01706 397600
Winter Pressures The Kingsway Practice, 285a Kingsway Rochdale Lancashire OL16 4AT tel:01706 261866
Yorkshire St Surgery 188 Yorkshire Street Rochdale Lancashire OL16 2DN tel:01706 390243
List of Streets in Rochdale
Abbott Street
Aberdeen Gardens
Abingdon Close
Aboukir Street
Acer Close
Acker Street
Acton Street
Ada Street
Adair Street
Aden Street
Adrian Terrace
Ainsworth Street
Ainsworth Street
Aintree Drive
Ajax Street
Albany Street
Albert Royds Street
Albert Royds Street
Albert Royds Street
Albion Road
Albion Street
Albury Drive
Alder Meadow Close
Alder Road
Alderman Foley Drive
Alexander Street
Alice Street
Alicia Drive
All Saints Terrace
Alma Street
Ambrose Street
Amy Street
Ann Street
Ansdell Road
Apple Tree Way
Arbury Avenue
Arbury Avenue
Argyle Street
Armstrong Hurst Close
Arnside Drive
Arthington Street
Arthur Street
Arthur Street
Arundel Avenue
Arundel Street
Ascot Close
Ash Close
Ash Street
Ashbourne Street
Ashbrook Crescent
Ashbrook Hey Lane
Ashbrook Hey Lane
Ashfield Road
Ashia Close
Ashley Close
Ashmount Drive
Ashmount Drive
Ashton Street
Ashworth Road
Ashworth Road
Ashworth Street
Ashworth Street
Aspen Gardens
Athol Street
Atkinson Street
Aubrey Street
Augusta Close
Augusta Street
Avoncliffe Close
Back Bradshaw Street
Back Drake Street
Back Oldham Road
Badger Close
Badger Lane
Bagnall Close
Bagslate Moor Lane
Bagslate Moor Road
Bagslate Moor Road
Baildon Road
Baildon Road
Baillie Street
Baillie Street
Baillie Street East
Baitings Close
Balderstone Road
Balfour Road
Ball Street
Balmoral Avenue
Bamford Mews
Bamford Way
Bangor Street
Bank Street
Bankfield Lane
Bantry Street
Barathea Close
Barclyde Street
Barlow Moor Close
Barlow Street
Baron Street
Basil Street
Bassett Way
Bateman Avenue
Bates Close
Bath Street
Battersby Street
Bay Street
Beadle Avenue
Beal Crescent
Beatrice Street
Beaufort Street
Beaumonds Way
Beech Street
Beechfield Close
Belfield Close
Belfield Lane
Belfield Lane
Belfield Mill Lane
Belfield Mill Lane
Belfield Old Road
Belfield Road
Belgium Street
Belgrave Street
Bell Meadow Drive
Bell Street
Bellshill Crescent
Belmont Way
Belton Avenue
Belvoir Meadows
Belvoir Street
Bench Carr
Bench Carr
Bentinck Street
Bentley Street
Berkeley Drive
Bernard Street
Bernard Street
Bertha Road
Bertie Street
Bertie Street
Berwick Street
Beswicke Royds Street
Betony Close
Bideford Road
Bilberry Street
Bingley Road
Bingley Square
Bingley Terrace
Binns Nook Road
Binns Nook Road
Birch Avenue
Birch Hey Close
Birch Hill Crescent
Birch Mount
Birch Road
Birch View
Birchfield Drive
Birkdale Road
Birley Street
Bishop Street
Bishopsgate Walk
Bittern Close
Blackchapel Drive
Blackpits Road
Blacksmith Lane
Blackstone Avenue
Blackthorn Close
Blair Street
Blake Street
Blanche Street
Blanche Street
Blenheim Street
Blomley Street
Blossom Place
Bluebell Drive
Bolton Road
Bolton Road
Bolton Road
Bond Street
Borrowdale Drive
Bosworth Street
Boundary Street
Boundary Street
Boundary Street
Bow Street
Bower Avenue
Bowker Close
Bowlers Walk
Bowling Green Way
Bowness Avenue
Bracken Lea Fold
Braddocks Close
Bradley Smithy Close
Bradshaw Street
Bramley Road
Brian Street
Briar Close
Briar Street
Brickfield Street
Bridge Street
Bridge Street
Bridgefield Street
Bridgefold Road
Bright Street
Brimrod Lane
Briton Street
Broad Acre
Broad Lane
Broadfield Stile
Broadfield Street
Broadhalgh Avenue
Broadhalgh Road
Broadhalgh Road
Broadlea Grove
Broadoak Road
Broadstone Close
Brocklebank Road
Bronte Close
Brook Hey Close
Brook Lane
Brookland Street
Brooklands Court
Brooklyn Avenue
Brooks End
Brotherod Hall Road
Brownhill View
Bruce Street
Brunswick Street
Buckingham Street
Buckley Brook Street
Buckley Farm Lane
Buckley Lane
Buckley Lane
Buckley Road
Buckley Road
Buckley Street
Buckley View
Buersil Avenue
Buersil Street
Bulwer Street
Bunyan Street
Burchall Field
Burdett Avenue
Burlington Street
Burlington Street
Burnaby Street
Burnaby Street
Burnet Close
Burnside Road
Burnthorpe Close
Burwell Close
Burwell Close
Bury And Rochdale Old Road
Bury And Rochdale Old Road
Bury Road
Bury Road
Bury Road
Buttercup Drive
Buxton Crescent
Cairn Drive
Caithness Road
Calder Street
Caldershaw Lane
Caldershaw Lane
Caldershaw Road
Caldershaw Road
Caldershaw Road
Calf Hey North
Calf Hey North
Calf Hey South
Calliards Road
Calverley Way
Camberley Drive
Camberly Drive
Cambridge Avenue
Campion Way
Canal Street
Canal Street
Canberra Way
Canon Flynn Court
Canon Street
Canon Street
Canterbury Close
Cardigan Street
Cardigan Street
Carfax Fold
Carlisle Street
Carpenters Way
Carrington Close
Casson Gate
Castle Avenue
Castle Hill Crescent
Castlemere Street
Castlemere Street
Castlemere Terrace
Castlemere Terrace
Castleton Hamlett
Castleton Road South
Caton Street
Cavendish Road
Caxton Street
Cayley Street
Cecil Street
Cedar Street
Chadwick Hall Road
Chadwick Lane
Chadwick Lane
Chadwick Street
Chamber House Drive
Chancel Place
Channing Square
Channing Street
Chapel Lane
Charles Whittaker Street
Charlotte Street
Charlton Street
Charnley Fold
Charter Street
Chaseley Road
Chatsworth Street
Chaucer Street
Cheetham Street
Cheltenham Street
Chepstow Close
Cherry Grove
Chester Avenue
Chevron Close
Chichester Street
Christopher Acre
Church Lane
Church Road
Church Stile
Church Street
Church View
Churchill Street
Churchill Street
Cinamon Street
Clapgate Road
Clara Street
Claremont Road
Clarence Street
Clarendon Street
Clarke Street
Clarke's Lane
Clay Lane
Clayfield Drive
Claymere Avenue
Clayton Street
Clegg Hall Road
Clement Royds Street
Clementina Street
Cleveleys Avenue
Cliff Street
Clifford Street
Clovelly Street
Clover Hall Crescent
Clover Street
Coach Lane
Coal Bank Fold
College Bank Way
College Road
College Road
Colley Street
Colne Street
Columbine Close
Columbine Close
Colwyn Street
Connaught Avenue
Connaught Avenue
Constantine Road
Convent Grove
Cook Road
Cook Street
Cook Terrace
Cooper Street
Coopers Walk
Copenhagen Square
Copenhagen Street
Coppingford Close
Coppingford Close
Coppy Bridge Drive
Coptrod Head Close
Corbett Street
Corn Mill Close
Corporation Road
Cotaline Close
Cotton Fold
Count Street
Count Street
Cover Drive
Cowm Top Lane
Cranbourne Road
Crawford Street
Crescent Road
Crimble Lane
Crimble Street
Cripple Gate Lane
Croft Street
Cromer Street
Crompton Avenue
Crompton Avenue
Cronkeyshaw Road
Cronkeyshaw View
Crook Street
Crosby Street
Cross Lees
Cross Lees
Cross Street
Crossfield Place
Crossmeadow Close
Crown Gardens
Crown Street
Crowneast Street
Crowshaw Drive
Crowther Street
Croxton Avenue
Culvert Street
Cumberland Road
Curlew Close
Curzon Close
Curzon Road
Cut Lane
Cutgate Road
Dacre Road
Dacre Road
Daffodil Close
Dale Street
Dalmeny Terrace
Dane Street
Dane Street
Daniel Fold
Darley Road
Darlington Road
Datchett Terrace
Daventry Road
Daventry Road
David Lewis Close
David Street
Davyhulme Street
Davyhulme Street
Deacon Street
Dean Street
Deepdale Avenue
Deeplish Road
Deeplish Street
Delamere Road
Dell Gardens
Dell Road
Dell Road
Dell Road
Dell Side Way
Denehurst Road
Denholme Road
Denmark Street
Denton Street
Denver Road
Derby Street
Derwent Street
Devon Street
Devonshire Road
Dew Meadow Close
Dewhirst Road
Dewhirst Road
Dewhirst Way
Dicken Green
Dicken Green Lane
Digby Road
Diggles Lane
Dirty Leech
Disley Street
Ditton Mead Close
Division Street
Dixon Street
Dobbin Drive
Dobfield Road
Dodd Croft
Dodgson Street
Dorset Street
Dorset Street
Dover Street
Dover Street
Dowling Street
Downley Close
Drake Street
Drake Street
Drake Street
Drake Street
Drew Avenue
Duffins Close
Duffins Close
Duke Street
Dunlin Close
Dunlop Avenue
Dunster Avenue
Durban Street
Durham Street
Durham Street
Durnford Close
Dye House Lane
Dye House Lane
Dyehouse Lane
Eafield Road
Earnshaw Avenue
East Gate Street
East Gate Street
East Street
East Street
Eastbourne Street
Eclipse Close
Eden Street
Edenfield Road
Edenfield Road
Edenfield Street
Edgar Street
Edgemoor Drive
Edinburgh Way
Edinburgh Way
Edmund Street
Edward Street
Edward Street
Elder Street
Elizabeth Street
Ellenrod Drive
Ellenshaw Close
Ellenshaw Close
Ellesmere Street
Elliott Street
Elliott Street
Ellis Fold
Elm Grove
Elm Street
Elmpark Gate
Elmpark Grove
Elmpark Vale
Elmpark View
Elmpark Way
Elmsfield Avenue
Elton Street
Emma Street
Empress Close
Ending Rake
Enfield Close
Ennerdale Road
Entwisle Road
Entwisle Road
Epsom Close
Ernest Terrace
Eskdale Avenue
Essex Street
Eton Close
Eva Street
Evens Close
Everest Street
Exeter Street
Exmouth Street
Fairview Close
Fairview Close
Falcon Close
Falinge Fold
Falinge Mews
Falinge Road
Falinge Road
Falkland Avenue
Fallowfield Drive
Falmouth Street
Faraday Rise
Farewell Close
Farlands Rise
Farm Walk
Farnley Close
Farriers Lane
Faulkner Street
Fearn Dene
Fenton Street
Fenwick Street
Ferguson Gardens
Fern Hill Lane
Fern Street
Fernside Way
Field Street
Fieldhead Avenue
Fieldhead Avenue
Fieldhouse Road
Filey Street
Finsbury Street
Firgrove Avenue
Firgrove Gardens
Fishwick Street
Fitton Street
Flannel Street
Fleece Street
Fleming Close
Fletcher Street
Fletton Close
Floyd Close
Fold Gardens
Folly Walk
Foot Mill Crescent
Foot Wood Crescent
Ford Gardens
Fordoe Lane
Forest View
Forsyth Street
Forsyth Street
Four Lanes Way
Fox Street
Foxglove Court
Foxholes Close
Foxholes Lane
Foxholes Road
Foxholes Road
Frances Street
Franklin Street
Fraser Street
Freehold Street
Freehold Street
Freetrade Street
Freetrade Street
Friars Crescent
Fulmar Gardens
Furbarn Lane
Furbarn Road
Further Field
Further Heights Road
Further Heights Road
Further Pits
Gainsborough Drive
Galbraith Way
Gale Street
Gale Street
Gales Terrace
Gandy Lane
Garden Lane
Garfield Close
Gas Street
Gate Street
Geneva Terrace
George Street
George Street
Gerrard Street
Gibson Street
Gilbrook Way
Ginnell Farm Avenue
Gipsy Lane
Gisburn Road
Gladstone Crescent
Glen Gardens
Glenavon Drive
Glencoe Place
Glenmore Close
Gloucester Avenue
Good Shepherd Close
Goose Lane
Gordon Street
Gorrels Close
Gorrels Way
Gowers Street
Grafton Street
Grandidge Street
Grant Street
Grasmere Street
Great Bent Close
Great Flatt
Great Gates Close
Great Gates Road
Great George Street
Great Howarth
Great Lee
Greave Avenue
Green Bridge Close
Green Meadow
Green Way
Greenbank Road
Greenbank Road
Greenbooth Road
Greenbooth Road
Greencroft Way
Greencroft Way
Greenfield Lane
Greenfield Lane
Greenfield Lane
Greenfield Street
Greengate Close
Greengrove Bank
Greenhill Avenue
Greenlees Street
Greenshank Close
Greenview Drive
Greenwich Close
Greenwood Street
Grimes Street
Grisedale Road
Grosvenor Street
Grouse Street
Grove Street
Guardian Close
Haddon Street
Hailwood Street
Half Acre Drive
Half Acre Lane
Half Acre Mews
Half Acre Road
Halifax Road
Halifax Road
Halifax Road
Hall Gardens
Halliwell Street
Hallows Farm Avenue
Hamer Hall Crescent
Hamer Lane
Hampden Street
Handley Street
Hands Lane
Hanover Street
Hardwicke Street
Hardy Close
Hare Street
Harebell Close
Harewood Avenue
Harewood Close
Harewood Drive
Harewood Road
Harewood Way
Hargate Avenue
Hargreaves Street
Harland Way
Harold Street
Harridge Avenue
Harridge Street
Harriett Street
Harrison Close
Harrow Avenue
Harry Street
Hartley Lane
Hartley Street
Harvard Street
Harvard Street
Harvey Street
Harwin Close
Harwin Close
Haslam Street
Hastings Street
Hawley Green
Hawthorn Road
Haynes Street
Headlands Street
Heald Close
Heald Drive
Healey Avenue
Healey Lane
Healey Lane
Healey Street
Healing Street
Heap Road
Heap Road
Heape Street
Heath Street
Hector Avenue
Heights Avenue
Heights Close
Heights Lane
Heights Lane
Henderson Street
Henley Street
Henley Terrace
Henry Street
Henry Street
Hereford Street
Hesketh Road
Hey Bottom Lane
Hey Street
Heybrook Street
Heywood Road
Hibson Avenue
High Barn Close
High Street
Highcroft Way
Higher Lodge
Higher Wheat Lane
Highfield Road
Highlands Road
Hilary Street
Hill Street
Hill Street
Hill Top Drive
Hillcrest Road
Hillkirk Drive
Hillside Walk
Hillstone Avenue
Hillstone Avenue
Hinton Close
Hogarth Road
Holbeck Avenue
Holborn Square
Holborn Street
Holland Street
Holland Street
Hollin Lane
Hollowbrook Way
Holly Street
Holmes Road
Holmes Street
Holmes Street
Holroyd Street
Holroyd Street
Holstein Avenue
Holstein Avenue
Homestead Gardens
Honeysuckle Way
Honister Way
Hope Street
Houghton Close
Hovingham Street
Howard Place
Howard Street
Howarth Cross Street
Howarth Farm Way
Hudsons Walk
Hugh Street
Hughtrede Street
Hugo Street
Hume Street
Hunter's Lane
Hurst Meadow
Hurst Street
Hurstead Green
Hutchinson Road
Hutchinson Street
Inchfield Close
Industry Road
Industry Street
Industry Street
Ings Avenue
Ings Lane
Ings Lane
Innes Close
Innings Way
Ipswich Street
Isabella Street
Isherwood Street
Ivor Street
Jacob Bright Mews
Jacob Bright Mews
James Butterworth Street
James Street
Jameson Street
Jane Street
Jarvis Street
Jefferson Way
Jepheys Place
Jepheys Street
Jermyn Street
John Ashworth Street
John Elliot Close
John Roberts Close
John Street
John Street
John Street
Jones Street
Jones Way
Joseph Lister Drive
Joseph Street
Jowkin Lane
Joy Street
Judith Street
Julia Street
Junction Alley
Jutland Avenue
Kathan Close
Kathleen Street
Kay Street
Keats Avenue
Keepers Drive
Kellett Street
Kelsall Street
Kemp Avenue
Kemp Avenue
Kendal Avenue
Kenion Road
Kenion Street
Kensington Street
Kent Street
Kent Street
Kentmere Avenue
Kenworthy Street
Kenworthy Terrace
Kenyon Fold
Kenyon Fold
Keswick Street
Kew Road
Kildare Crescent
Kiln Walk
Kilworth Street
King Street
King Street East
King Street South
King's Road
King's Road
Kings Grove
Kingsland Road
Kirklee Road
Kitchen Street
Kitter Street
Knacks Lane
Knoll Street
Knowl Hill Drive
Knowsley Street
Knowsley Street
Laburnum Terrace
Langton Terrace
Lansdowne Street
Lansdowne Street
Lapwing Close
Latin Street
Latin Street
Law Street
Lawton Street
Laycock Street
Leach Close
Leach Street
Leamington Street
Leander Drive
Leaside Close
Leicester Street
Leonard Street
Leopold Street
Letchworth Avenue
Leyton Street
Lichfield Terrace
Lilac Road
Liley Street
Liley Street
Limers Gate
Lincoln Close
Lincoln Leach Court
Lincoln Street
Links View
Linnell Drive
Linnet Hill
Linnet Hill
Lisbon Street
Lisle Street
Little Flatt
Littledale Street
Livsey Street
Livsey Street
Lloyd Street
Lobley Close
Lockhart Street
Lomax Street
Lombard Street
Lomond Terrace
Long Hill
Longfield Road
Longfield Road
Lonsdale Avenue
Lorne Street
Louise Close
Louise Gardens
Louise Street
Low Hill
Low's Place
Lower Beechwood
Lower Green
Lower Jowkin Lane
Lower Knowl Lane
Lower Lane
Lower Roch Road
Lower Sherriff Street
Lower Street
Lower Tweedale Street
Lower Wheat End
Lowerfold Close
Lowerfold Crescent
Lowerfold Drive
Lowerfold Way
Lowther Road
Lucknow Street
Ludgate Road
Lynnwood Drive
Lynroyle Way
Lynton Avenue
Lytham Street
Mabel Street
Macaulay Street
Maclure Road
Maclure Road
Maitland Close
Malcolm Street
Maldon Street
Mallow Croft
Maltings Lane
Malvern Street East
Malvern Street West
Manchester Road
Manchester Road
Manchester Road
Manchet Street
Manley Road
Manley Road
Manor Mill Close
Mansfield Grange
Mansfield Grange
Mansfield Road
Maple Street
March Street
March Street
Marcliffe Drive
Marcroft Place
Margaret Avenue
Margroy Close
Marigold Street
Mark Street
Mark Street
Market Street
Market Street
Marland Avenue
Marland Avenue
Marland Close
Marland Fold
Marland Green
Marland Hill Road
Marland Old Road
Marland Old Road
Marlborough Street
Marne Crescent
Marset Close
Marshall Street
Martha's Terrace
Martin Lane
Martins Field
Martlet Avenue
Mary Street
Mason Street
Matthew Moss Lane
Matthew Moss Lane
Maud Street
Maureen Street
Maureen Street
Mavis Street
Mayfair Gardens
Mayfield Street
Mayflower Gardens
Mcnaught Street
Meadow View
Meadow View
Meadowcroft Lane
Meadowcroft Lane
Meadowhead Lane
Meadowhead Lane
Medley Street
Melbourne Close
Melbourne Road
Mellor Street
Mellor Street
Melrose Street
Melrose Street
Melville Street
Mentmore Road
Mercer Lane
Mere Lane
Mere Street
Mere Street
Mere Street
Merebank Close
Merefield Avenue
Merefield Street
Merinall Close
Merryman Hall
Miall Street
Michael Faraday Avenue
Middle Field
Middle Hill
Midge Hall Drive
Midgley Drive
Midhurst Street
Milford Street
Milk Street
Milkstone Place
Milkstone Road
Milkstone Road
Milkstone Road
Mill Croft Close
Mill Gate
Mill House Close
Mill Nook
Mill View Lane
Millbridge Gardens
Millrace Close
Milne Street
Milnrow Road
Milnrow Road
Milnrow Road
Milnrow Road
Milton Street
Minor Street
Minorca Close
Mitchell Street
Mitchell Street
Mitchell Street
Mizzy Road
Mizzy Road
Molesworth Street
Molesworth Street
Molyneux Street
Monmouth Street
Mons Avenue
Montrose Street
Moor Hill
Moor Park Avenue
Moor View Close
Moore Street
Moorgate Avenue
Moorgate Avenue
Moorland Avenue
Moorland Avenue
Moorland Street
Morley Street
Mornington Road
Moss Avenue
Moss Avenue
Moss Bridge Road
Moss Lane
Moss Street
Moss Terrace
Mount Avenue
Mount Street
Mount Street
Mountain Ash
Mountain Ash Close
Mountside Close
Mowbray Street
Mulberry Close
Muriel Street
Nantwich Avenue
Navigation View
Nelson Street
Neston Road
Netley Avenue
Nevis Street
New Barn Lane
New Barn Lane
New Barn Lane
New Barn Street
New Barn Street
New Broad Lane
New Field Close
New Road
New Street
Newark Road
Newbold Hall Drive
Newbold Hall Drive
Newbold Hall Gardens
Newbold Moss
Newbold Street
Newbold Street
Newchurch Place
Newchurch Street
Newhouse Crescent
Newlands Avenue
Newlands Close
Newman Street
Newton Street
Nicholson Street
Nigher Moss Avenue
Nile Street
Nixon Street
Noble Meadow
Nook Farm Avenue
Noon Sun Street
Norbury Street
Nordale Park
Norden Close
Norden Road
Norden Road
Norden Way
Norfolk Street
Norfolk Street
Norford Way
Norman Road
Norman Road
Norreys Street
North Lane
North Street
Northdene Drive
Norton Road
Norwich Avenue
Norwich Street
Oak Street
Oak Tree Terrace
Oakcliffe Road
Oakcliffe Road
Oakenrod Hill
Oakfield Terrace
Oakhurst Close
Oakhurst Close
Oakhurst Drive
Oakley Way
Oakshaw Drive
Oberlin Street
Ogden Street
Old Brow Lane
Old Clay Drive
Old Delph Road
Old Road
Old Road
Old Road
Oldham Road
Oldham Road
Oldham Road
Oldham Road
Oldmill Street
Olive Street
One Ash Close
Onslow Street
Osborne Street
Oswald Street
Oulder Hill
Oulder Hill Drive
Oulder Hill Drive
Over Town Lane
Overdell Drive
Overdell Drive
Overfield Way
Overt Street
Oxford Avenue
Oxford Place
Oxford Way
Packer Street
Pagan Street
Pagan Street
Palatine Avenue
Palatine Road
Palatine Street
Pallotine Walk
Paperhouse Close
Pargate Chase
Pargate Chase
Park Road
Park Street
Parkfield Street
Parkfield Street
Partington Street
Partridge Close
Passmonds Crescent
Passmonds Crescent
Passmonds Way
Patience Street
Paton Street
Paton Street
Patterdale Close
Pattison Close
Pavilion Close
Pearson Street
Peel Street
Pemberton Street
Penistone Avenue
Penn Street
Penrith Street
Percy Street
Perry Close
Perth Road
Petrel Close
Petrie Street
Philip Street
Phoenix Street
Phyllis Street
Phyllis Street
Pickup Street
Pickup Street
Pike Street
Pilling Street
Pine Street
Pipers Close
Pits Farm Avenue
Pitt Street
Pitt Street
Platting Lane
Pleasant Street
Plover Close
Pomona Street
Poppyfield View
Porritt Close
Pot House Lane
Prescott Street
Preston Street
Pretoria Street
Primrose Street
Primrose Street
Prince Street
Prince Street
Princess Street
Progress Street
Prospect Street
Pullman Street
Quarry Street
Queen Street
Queen Victoria Street
Queens Avenue
Queens Drive
Raglan Street
Railway Approach
Railway Brow
Railway Street
Ralph Street
Ramsay Place
Ramsay Street
Ramsay Terrace
Raneley Grove
Rathbone Street
Raven Street
Ravendale Close
Red Lane
Red Lane
Red Lumb Street
Redcar Street
Redcross Street
Redcross Street
Redcross Street North
Redfearn Wood
Redfern Way
Redwood Close
Reform Street
Regal Fold
Regency Court
Regent Street
Reservoir Street
Retford Avenue
Rhodes Crescent
Rhodes Street
Ribble Street
Richard Street
Richard Street
Richmond Close
Rilldene Walk
Ring Lows Lane
River Street
Riverside Drive
Riviera Court
Rivington Street
Roach Place
Road Lane
Robert Street
Robert Street
Robinson Street
Roch Mills Crescent
Roch Street
Roch Valley Way
Roch Valley Way
Rochbury Close
Rochdale Road East
Rodney Street
Roe Street
Roefield Terrace
Romney Avenue
Ronald Street
Roods Lane
Rookswood Drive
Rooley Moor Road
Rooley Moor Road
Rooley Moor Road
Rooley Street
Rooley Street
Rope Street
Ropefield Way
Rose Avenue
Rosefield Crescent
Rossall Road
Rossmere Avenue
Rothesay Terrace
Rothwell Street
Rouse Street
Rowan Close
Royal Street
Royds Place
Royds Street
Royds Street West
Royds Street West
Royle Barn Road
Royle Road
Rudman Street
Rudyard Grove
Rufford Avenue
Rugby Road
Rugby Road
Rupert Street
Rushlake Gardens
Rushy Hill View
Ruskin Road
Rydings Lane
Rydings Road
Ryeland Close
Sackville Street
Salik Gardens
Salkeld Street
Samson Street
Samuel Ashworth Street
Samuel Ashworth Street
Samuel Street
Sand Hole Lane
Sandbrook Way
Sandbrook Way
Sandfield Road
Sandhole Lane
Sandpiper Close
Sandy Lane
Sandy Lane
Sarah Butterworth Street
Sarah Street
Savoy Street
Sawyer Street
Saxwood Close
Scarfield Drive
Scarr Drive
Schofield Street
Schofield Street
Scholes Street
School Lane
School Lane
School Street
Sedgley Avenue
Sefton Street
Selby Street
Seven Acres Lane
Seymour Grove
Shaddock Avenue
Shaw Street
Shawclough Close
Shawclough Drive
Shawclough Road
Shawclough Road
Shawclough Road
Shawclough Way
Shawclough Way
Shawclough Way
Shawfield Lane
Shawfield Lane
Shearing Avenue
Sheep Gap
Shelfield Close
Shelfield Lane
Shepherd Street
Shepherd Street
Sheriff Street
Sheriff Street
Sherwin Way
Sherwood Street
Silk Street
Silver Street
Sladen Street
Smalley Street
Smallshaw Road
Smith Street
Smithy Fold
Snipe Avenue
Snowdon Street
Somerset Grove
Somerset Grove
South Parade
South Street
South Terrace Court
South View
South View Terrace
Southdown Close
Sparrow Hill
Sparth Bottoms Road
Sparthfield Avenue
Spencer Lane
Spinners Gardens
Spinners Green
Spod Road
Spod Road
Spodden Street
Spokeshave Way
Spotland Road
Spotland Road
Spotland Road
Spotland Road
Spotland Road
Spotland Tops
Spring Bank Lane
Spring Mill Walk
Springfield Lane
Spruce Street
St Aidan's Close
St Alban's Street
St Ann's Road
St Ann's Road
St Chad's Close
St Gabriel's Close
St George's Road
St John's Drive
St Joseph's Drive
St Luke Street
St Martin's Street
St Mary's Close
St Mary's Gate
St Mary's Gate
St Mary's Gate
St Mary's Gate
St Mary's Gate
St Peter's Street
St Wilfred's Drive
Stamford Street
Stanhope Street
Stanley Place
Stanley Place
Stanley Street
Stanley Street
Stanney Road
Stanneybrook Close
Stansfield Drive
Station Road
Stationers Entry
Steps Meadow
Stiups Lane
Stock Close
Stonehill Crescent
Stonehill Drive
Stonehill Road
Stonie Heyes Avenue
Store Street
Store Street
Stott Street
Stott Street
Stratford Avenue
Strawberry Close
Stuart Street
Sudden Street
Sudden Street
Sudley Road
Sudlow Street
Suffolk Street
Suffolk Street
Summer Castle
Summer Street
Summerset Avenue
Sunbank Close
Sunhill Close
Surma Close
Sussex Street
Swallow Bank Drive
Swallow Drive
Sweet Briar Close
Swift Road
Sydney Barnes Close
Syke Lane
Syke Road
Syke Road
Sykes Street
Talbot Street
Talbot Street
Tarnside Close
Tatham Street
Taunton Avenue
Tavistock Road
Taylor Avenue
Taylor Street
Teal Court
Tees Street
Telford Way
Tell Street
Tenby Street
Tennyson Street
Tenterhill Lane
Tern Close
Thames Steet
The Cloisters
The Esplanade
The Esplanade
The Esplanade
The Foothills
The Green
The Harridge
The Pass
The Spinney
The Strand
The Thimbles
The Windrush
The Windrush
The Woods
Thimble Close
Thirlmere Road
Thirlmere Road
Thomas Street
Thomas Watson Hill
Thornbush Way
Thornham New Road
Thornham New Road
Thornham Old Road
Thornlea Drive
Thornton Street
Thrum Fold
Thrum Hall Lane
Thrush Street
Tiflis Street
Tintern Avenue
Tithe Barn Close
Toad Lane
Toad Lane
Todd Street
Tollgate Way
Tomlinson Street
Trafalgar Street
Trafford Street
Traylen Way
Trengrove Street
Trent Street
Trevor Street
Troughbeck Way
Troutbeck Way
Trows Lane
Trub Road
Tudor Hall Street
Tulip Grove
Turf Hill Road
Turf Hill Road
Turner Street
Turnfield Close
Turnhill Road
Turnpike Close
Tweedale Street
Tweedale Street
Tweedale Street
Tyrone Drive
Ullswater Avenue
Ulster Avenue
Union Road
Union Road
Union Road
Union Street
Union Street
Upper George Street
Upper Passmonds Grove
Uttley Street
Uttley Street
Vandyke Street
Ventnor Street
Verdant Way
Verdun Crescent
Vicar's Drive
Vicar's Gate
Vicarage Drive
Vicarage Drive
Vicarage Road North
Vicarage Road South
Vicarage View
Viking Street
Vincent Street
Vine Place
Virginia Street
Vivian Street
Waddington Fold
Waingap Rise
Waithlands Road
Walk Mill Close
Walker Street
Wallhead Road
Wallwork Close
Walpole Street
War Office Road
War Office Road
Wardle Edge
Wardle Gardens
Wardle Road
Warwick Street
Wasdale Street
Wasp Avenue
Water Street
Waterhouse Street
Waterloo Road
Waterman View
Waterside Lane
Watkin Street
Watts Street
Waverley Street
Wayfarer's Way
Wedgewood Close
Weedon Street
Welbeck Road
Welburn Street
Well I' Th' Lane
Well I' Th' Lane
Well Street
Wellbank View
Wellbrow Terrace
Wellfield Place
Wellfield Street
Wellington Street
Wensley Way
Wesley Close
Wesley Street
West Street
Westfield Close
Westminster Street
Weston Avenue
Whalley Gardens
Whalley Road
Wham Bottom Lane
Wheathill Street
Wheelwright Drive
Whitby Street
White Hill Close
Whitefield Avenue
Whitehall Street
Whitehall Street
Whiteside Fold
Whittaker Lane
Whittaker Street
Whitworth Road
Whitworth Road
Whitworth Road
Whitworth Street
Wickentree Holt
Will Hill Close
Willbutts Lane
William Henry Street
William Street
William Street
Willowmead Way
Wilson Street
Wilton Terrace
Wimbledon Drive
Winby Street
Winby Street
Winchester Close
Windham Street
Windmill Street
Windsor Street
Wingate Street
Winifred Street
Winsford Drive
Winston Avenue
Witley Road
Wolstenholme Lane
Wolstenholme Lane
Wood Hey Grove
Wood Street
Wood Street
Woodbine Street
Woodbine Street East
Woodbridge Gardens
Woodcock Close
Woodfield Avenue
Woodgate Avenue
Woodhouse Lane
Woodland Road
Woodland Road
Woodlands Avenue
Woodlands Avenue
Woodlands View
Woodstock Street
Woodtop Avenue
Woolfenden Way
Worcester Street
Wordsworth Way
Worrall Street
Worsley Street
Wray Place
Wren Green
Wren Way
Wrenbury Drive
Wuerdle Close
Wuerdle Farm Way
Wuerdle Place
Wuerdle Street
Wuerdle Street
Wycherley Road
Wykeham Grove
Yarrow Close
Yealand Close
Yew Dale Gardens
York Avenue
York Street
Yorkshire Street
Yorkshire Street
Yorkshire Street
Yorkshire Street