The Town of Royton in the County of Greater Manchester

The town of Royton is located within the county of Greater Manchester.

Royton is situated in the North West (England) region of the UK and is governed by Oldham, Rochdale, councils.

The town of Royton is in the Greater Manchester North East region of Greater Manchester within North West (England).

  • Oldham
  • Rochdale
  • Heyside: St Mark
  • Royton: St Anne, Longsight
  • Royton: St Paul
  • Thornham: St James

Where is Royton is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Royton in Greater Manchester

Dentists in Royton

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Royton
Dental Surgery 84 Heyside, Royton Oldham Lancashire OL2 6LS
Middleton Road (dental Surgery) 14 Middleton Road, Royton Oldham Lancashire OL2 5PA
Oasis Dentist 118 Rochdale Road, Royton Oldham Lancashire OL2 6QF
Royton Health & Wellbeing Centre Park Street, Royton Oldham Lancashire OL2 6QW

Opticians in Royton

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Royton
Scrivens Opticians (royton) 3 Market Square, Royton Oldham OL2 5QD
Specsavers (royton) 10 Market Square, Royton Oldham Lancashire OL2 5QD

Chemists in Royton

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Royton
Lloydspharmacy Royton Health & Wellbeing Centre, Park Street, Royton Oldham Lancashire OL2 6QW tel:0161 6283584
Market Square Pharmacy 28 Market Square, Royton Oldham Lancashire OL2 5QD tel:0161 6334223
Well 25 Park Street, Royton Oldham Lancashire OL2 6QN tel:01616 201272
Well 38-40 Market Square, Royton Oldham Lancashire OL2 5QD tel:01616 244104

Doctors in Royton

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Royton
Royton Medical Centre 15 Market Street, Royton Oldham Lancashire OL2 5QA tel:0161 6526336
The Parks Medical Practice Royton Health Wellbeing Centre, Park Street, Royton Oldham Lancashire OL2 6QW tel:0161 3624004
The Royton & Crompton Family Practice Royton Health Wellbeing Centre, Park Street, Royton Oldham Lancashire OL2 6QW tel:0161 3624003
List of Streets in Royton
Ainsdale Crescent
Alandale Drive
Albert Street
Albion Gardens Close
All Saint's Close
Alpine Drive
Angela Avenue
Arlington Close
Arncott Close
Ash Grove
Ashleigh Close
Ashwood Drive
Baldwins Close
Balmoral Avenue
Bamford Street
Beard Street
Beckley Close
Beechwood Drive
Berkeley Drive
Berkeley Street
Berkeley Street
Beswick Street
Birchinlee Avenue
Birkdale Avenue
Bishopdale Close
Blackshaw Lane
Bleasdale Street
Bodmin Close
Booth Hill Lane
Borrowdale Close
Brackenwood Close
Bransdale Avenue
Brantwood Close
Brecon Close
Brendon Hills
Brierwood Close
Briony Close
Briton Street
Broadbent Close
Bromley Avenue
Brook Street
Brookfield Avenue
Brooklands Street
Brotherdale Close
Browfield Way
Brownlow Avenue
Bullcote Green
Bullcote Lane
Bullcote Lane
Burnsall Grove
Butcher Lane
Buttermere Grove
Byron Street
Camberwell Way
Cambrian Drive
Campania Street
Campania Street
Cardigan Street
Carlton Way
Carrbrook Drive
Castlerigg Drive
Castleton Road
Cavendish Way
Cecil Street
Cedar Grove
Cemetery Road
Chapel Lane
Chapel Street
Chapelway Gardens
Charlbury Way
Charles Street
Chaucer Street
Cherry Grove
Chester Place
Chetwyn Avenue
Cheviot Avenue
Chiltern Drive
Church Street
Clarence Street
Cleveland Grove
Clifton Crescent
Cliftonville Road
Cocker Mill Lane
Coin Street
Collier's Court
Colsterdale Close
Coniston Grove
Connington Close
Consort Avenue
Cornish Way
Cotswold Drive
Coverdale Avenue
Croasdale Close
Crocus Drive
Croft Head
Crompton Street
Crompton Street
Cromwell Road
Crossley Street
Croydon Avenue
Cumberland Drive
Daniel Street
Dean Bank Drive
Deepdale Avenue
Delta Close
Denbydale Way
Devonport Crescent
Dogford Road
Dogford Road
Dorchester Drive
Downham Close
Dunkerley Street
Edge Hill Avenue
Edge Hill Road
Edge Lane Street
Eleanor Road
Elizabeth Avenue
Elmstone Drive
Elmwood Drive
Ennerdale Avenue
Eskdale Avenue
Fairway Crescent
Ferndale Avenue
Fir Bank Road
Fir Bank Road
Fir Lane
Fir Street
Fir Street
Firbank Mews
Firswood Drive
Fitton Street
Flake Lane
Glazedale Avenue
Glen Grove
Glen View
Grasmere Road
Grasmere Road
Greencroft Meadow
Gretton Close
Grisedale Avenue
Grosvenor Way
Haggate Crescent
Hall Street
Hamilton Avenue
Hanging Chadder Lane
Harewood Drive
Harry Street
Hartington Court
Hawkshead Drive
Hebron Street
Helston Drive
Hey Hill Close
Heyside Avenue
Higginshaw Lane
Higginshaw Lane
High Barn Road
High Barn Street
High Barn Street
High Street
Higham Close
Higher Turf Park
Highfield Drive
Highgate Drive
Highlands Road
Highthorne Green
Highthorne Green
Hilbre Avenue
Hillside Avenue
Hilltop Drive
Hindle Drive
Holden Fold Lane
Holderness Drive
Holly Bank
Holme Crescent
Houghton Street
Hughley Close
Ingleton Close
John Street
Jones Street
Kenilworth Road
Kensington Avenue
Kensington Avenue
Kershaw Street
Kerwood Drive
Kevin Avenue
King Street
Kingsgate Way
Kingston Drive
Kirkdale Drive
Kirkstone Drive
Kirtlington Close
Lakeland Drive
Langdale Avenue
Larchfield Close
Lea View
Leonard Way
Lewisham Close
Leyburn Avenue
Lily Street
Lime Grove
Lindale Avenue
Linkside Avenue
Liskeard Avenue
Littondale Close
Long Clough
Longdale Close
Lorne Avenue
Loughrigg Avenue
Low Crompton Road
Low Meadows
Lowe Green
Lower Fold Avenue
Lowther Avenue
Luzley Brook Road
Luzley Brook Road
Lynmouth Avenue
Lynton Avenue
Macaulay Street
Malham Close
Malvern Close
Manor Drive
Manor Street
Maplewood Close
Mardale Avenue
Marlborough Road
Marlwood Way
Marsden Close
Martindale Close
Mayfair Drive
Meek Street
Mellalieu Street
Mellor Street
Mendip Close
Middleton Road
Mildred Avenue
Mill Lane
Mill Street
Milne Street
Milton Street
Monarch Close
Mooredge Terrace
Moss Lane
Mossdown Road
Mount Street
Mount Street
Narrowgate Brow
Netherhey Lane
New Coin Street
New Lane
Newark Park Way
Nordek Close
Nordek Drive
Norfolk Way
North Street
Norwood Crescent
Norwood Grove
Oak Avenue
Oaklands Road
Old Edge Lane
Old Edge Lane
Oldham Road
Oldham Road
Oldham Road
Oozewood Road
Ormerod Avenue
Otmoor Way
Otmoor Way
Palace Gardens
Park Lane
Park Lane
Park Street
Pendle Grove
Pennine View
Penryn Avenue
Penthorpe Drive
Perth Street
Pine Grove
Pit Lane
Plumpton Close
Plumpton Road
Plumpton Road
Polperro Close
Queen Street
Queensgate Drive
Radcliffe Street
Radcliffe Street
Rainshaw Street
Ravenstonedale Drive
Regent Crescent
Richmond Avenue
Rochdale Lane
Rochdale Road
Rochdale Road
Roman Road
Roman Road
Rosebay Close
Rothwell Street
Roy Street
Royley Crescent
Rudding Street
Runnymede Court
Rushbury Drive
Rydal Avenue
Salmon Fields
Sandringham Way
Sandy Lane
Savoy Drive
Schofield Street
Schofield Street
Seville Street
Seville Street
Shaw Road
Shaw Road
Shaw Road
Shaw Street
Shepherd Street
Sparrow Street
Spring Garden Street
Spring Vale Way
Springfield Lane
St Anne's Avenue
St James Close
St James Close
St Mark's Avenue
St Mark's Close
St Phillip's Drive
Steeple View
Stokesay Close
Stonesdale Close
Strand Way
Street Bridge Road
Studley Close
Sun View
Sunfield Crescent
Sunfield Drive
Sutcliffe Street
Swaledale Close
Swinford Grove
Tall Trees Close
Tandle Hill Road
Tandlewood Park
The Fairways
The Fold
Thirlmere Grove
Thomas Street
Thorncliffe Avenue
Thorncliffe Avenue
Thorncliffe Park
Thorndale Close
Thornham Court
Thornham Lane
Thornham Lane
Thornham New Road
Thornham Old Road
Thornham Road
Thorp Road
Thorp View
Three Acre Avenue
Turf Close
Turf Lane
Turf Park Road
Turfland Avenue
Turfton Road
Ullswater Avenue
Union Street
Valley New Road
Valley Road
Vaughan Street
Vaughan Street
Verity Close
Verney Road
Water Mill Clough
Water Street
Wendlebury Green
Wensleydale Close
Wesley Street
Westbury Way
Westcott Grove
Westerdale Drive
Westminster Avenue
Westridge Chase
Westridge Chase
Wetherby Drive
Wheatfield Crescent
Whittaker Street
Whittaker Street
Windermere Road
Woodeaton Close
Woodland Park
Yarnton Close