The Town of Sale in the County of Greater Manchester

The town of Sale is located within the county of Greater Manchester.

Sale is situated in the North West (England) region of the UK and is governed by Manchester, Trafford, councils.

The town of Sale is covers the following regions.

  • Greater Manchester South West - Greater Manchester - North West (England)
  • Manchester - Greater Manchester - North West (England)
  • Manchester
  • Trafford
  • Ashton-upon-Mersey: St Mary Magdalene
  • Baguley: St John (Brooklands)
  • Sale: St Anne
  • Sale: St Francis Church Hall
  • Sale: St Paul

Where is Sale is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Sale in Greater Manchester

Dentists in Sale

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Sale
Ash Villa Dental Practice 2 Harboro Way Sale Cheshire M33 6QX
Dental Surgery 11 Claremont Road Sale Cheshire M33 7DZ
Dental Surgery 203 Marsland Road Sale Cheshire M33 3ND
Dental Surgery 331 Washway Road Sale Cheshire M33 4EE
Dental Surgery Northbank, 116 Northenden Road Sale Cheshire M33 3HD
Dental Surgery 332-334 Norris Road Sale Cheshire M33 2UA
Dental Surgery 6 Broad Road Sale Cheshire M33 2AL
Hope Road (dental Practice) 1 Hope Road Sale Cheshire M33 3AB
Lazenby Dental Surgery 23 Washway Road Sale Cheshire M33 7AD
Manor Dental Care 216 Washway Road Sale Cheshire M33 4RA
Sale Dental Care 77 Washway Road Sale Cheshire M33 7TQ
The Cheshire Tongue Tie Clinic 23 Doveston Road Sale M33 6LE
Turret Orthodontist 258 Washway Road Sale Cheshire M33 4RZ
Washway Road (dental Surgery) 266 Washway Road, Cheshire Sale Greater Manchester M33 4RZ

Opticians in Sale

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Sale
Boots Opticians (sale) 33 School Road Sale Cheshire M33 7YE
Clare Haggerty Opticians (sale Moor) 111 Northenden Road, Sale Moor Sale Cheshire M33 3HF
David Arnold Opticians 17 Green Lane, Ashton On Mersey Sale Cheshire M33 5PN
Jevons And Siddall (sale) 6 Princes Road Sale Cheshire M33 3FF
Julie Hatchell Opticians (sale) 2 Framingham Road Sale Cheshire M33 3SH
Maloney Opticians 28 School Road Sale Cheshire M33 7XF
Optieye Care 15 Riding Close Sale Cheshire M33 2ZP
Specsavers (sale) 16 Market Walk, Town Square Sale Cheshire M33 7ZZ

Chemists in Sale

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Sale
Boots The Chemist 2 The Mall Sale Cheshire M33 7XZ
Cohens Chemist 121 Firs Way Sale Cheshire M33 4BR tel:0161 9622871
Hollowood Chemist 69 Washway Road Sale Cheshire M33 7SS tel:0161 9628228
John Hugall 143 Northenden Road Sale Cheshire M33 3HF
Lloydspharmacy Sainsbury''s, Curzon Road Sale Cheshire M33 7SA tel:01619 106705
Mai's Pharmacy 10 North Parade Sale Cheshire M33 3JS tel:0161 9732288
Rowland Pharmacy 16 Plymouth Road Sale Cheshire M33 5JD tel:0161 9732843
Rowlands Pharmacy 331 Norris Road Sale M33 2UP tel:0161 9734850
Rowlands Pharmacy 54 Coppice Avenue, Ashton-on-mersey Sale Cheshire M33 4WB tel:01619 733552
Tesco In-store Pharmacy Hereford Street Sale Cheshire M33 7XN tel:0161 9628201
Village Pharmacy 23 Green Lane, Ashton Upon Mersey Sale Cheshire M33 5PN tel:0161 9736024
Well 2 Eastway Sale Cheshire M33 4DX tel:01619 731750

Doctors in Sale

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Sale
Bodmin Road Health Centre Bodmin Road Sale Cheshire M33 5JH tel:0161 9624625
Boundary House Medical Centre 462 Northenden Road Sale Cheshire M33 2RH tel:0161 9729999
Conway Road Medical Practice 80a Conway Road Sale Cheshire M33 2TB tel:0161 9731151
Derbyshire Road South Surgery 12 Derbyshire Road South Sale Cheshire M33 3JP tel:0161 9733499
Firsway Health Centre 121 Firs Way Sale Cheshire M33 4BR tel:0161 9050310
Washway Road Medical Centre 67 Washway Road Sale Cheshire M33 7SS tel:0161 9624354
List of Streets in Sale
Abbey Road
Abbots Close
Abercrombie Court
Abington Road
Ainsdale Drive
Aintree Avenue
Albert Road
Albion Grove
Albion Street
Alcester Road
Alderley Road
Aldworth Grove
Alexandra Road
Alice Street
Alice Street
Allgreave Close
Alma Road
Almond Drive
Alston Avenue
Alvanley Close
Amberley Road
Anfield Road
Apple Tree Walk
Appleton Grove
Arcadia Avenue
Arley Drive
Arnesby Avenue
Arnside Grove
Arran Avenue
Ascot Avenue
Ashbourne Crescent
Ashfield Road
Ashley Drive
Ashstead Road
Ashton Lane
Ashton Lane
Ashton Lane
Ashwood Avenue
Aspenwood Drive
Atkinson Road
Atkinson Road
Avonlea Road
Aylwin Drive
Aysgarth Close
Baguley Lane
Baguley Road
Bamber Avenue
Bankfield Road
Banky Lane
Banky Lane
Barker's Lane
Barleycorn Close
Barnfield Crescent
Barwell Road
Barwick Place
Baxter Road
Beaufort Avenue
Beaufort Road
Bebbington Close
Beccles Road
Bedford Avenue
Beech Grove
Beech Road
Beech Road
Beechwood Drive
Beenham Close
Beeston Road
Belgrave Road
Belgrave Road
Belmont Road
Belmore Road
Benbow Street
Bertram Street
Birch Avenue
Birkdale Drive
Bishops Mews
Blackthorne Drive
Blair Close
Blakemere Avenue
Bodmin Road
Bollin Drive
Booth Road
Boundary Grove
Bowness Drive
Boxgrove Road
Bracken Close
Braddan Avenue
Bradgate Road
Bradley Lane
Braemar Drive
Bramhall Close
Branscombe Drive
Brayton Avenue
Brenton Avenue
Briarlands Avenue
Bridgewater Street
Brighton Grove
Brighton Grove
Brindley Avenue
Britannia Road
Britannia Road
Brixham Drive
Broad Road
Broad Road
Broadoaks Road
Brogden Grove
Brogden Terrace
Bromley Road
Brooklands Crescent
Brooklands Road
Brooklands Station Approach
Brookside Road
Brookwood Avenue
Broomville Avenue
Brownwood Close
Bryndale Grove
Buck Lane
Buckfast Road
Budworth Road
Burford Grove
Buxton Crescent
Byre Close
Caldbeck Avenue
Cambridge Close
Campbell Road
Carlton Road
Carlyn Avenue
Carnegie Close
Carnforth Drive
Carradale Drive
Carrington Lane
Carrington Lane
Catterick Avenue
Cecil Avenue
Cecil Avenue
Cedar Road
Central Avenue
Chapel Lane
Chapel Road
Charleston Close
Charlton Drive
Charnley Close
Charter Close
Charter Close
Chelford Road
Cheltenham Drive
Cheltenham Drive
Chepstow Avenue
Cheriton Avenue
Cherry Lane
Chester Avenue
Chestnut Drive
Chetwynd Close
Chichester Close
Chilcote Avenue
Chiltern Gardens
Chinley Close
Chorley Road
Christchurch Road
Church Lane
Church Road
Church Road East
Church Road West
Churton Avenue
Claremont Road
Clarendon Crescent
Clarendon Road
Clarendon Road
Clifton Road
Clough Avenue
Clover Croft
Colville Grove
Comer Terrace
Coniston Avenue
Conway Road
Conway Road
Coppice Avenue
Copplestone Drive
Corn Hey Road
Cornfield Close
Cotteril Close
Cottonwood Drive
Courts View
Cow Lane
Craddock Road
Cranford Avenue
Cranford Avenue
Cranleigh Drive
Cranleigh Drive
Cranleigh Drive
Cranmere Drive
Cranston Drive
Craven Terrace
Croft Road
Croft Road
Cromer Road
Cross Street
Cross Street
Crossley Road
Crossway Road
Crowton Avenue
Croxton Close
Cumberland Road
Cunliffe Drive
Curzon Road
Daisyhill Close
Dalebrook Road
Dalton Street
Dane Road
Dane Road
Danefield Road
Daresbury Close
Dargle Road
Darley Street
Davenham Road
Dawlish Road
Delamere Avenue
Delaunays Road
Delaunays Road
Denmark Road
Denmark Road
Denstone Avenue
Derby Court
Derby Road
Derbyshire Road
Derbyshire Road South
Derwent Drive
Dixon Close
Dorchester Court
Dorrington Road
Doveston Road
Drayford Close
Drayton Close
Dudley Road
Dulwich Close
Dumber Lane
Dunchurch Road
Dunelm Drive
Dunollie Road
Earlesfield Close
Eaton Road
Eaton Road
Edale Grove
Edlnburgh Close
Edlnburgh Close
Edward Street
Egerton Drive
Elgin Drive
Elliott Drive
Elm Grove
Elton Road
Emsworth Drive
Ennerdale Drive
Ennerdale Drive
Epping Drive
Epsom Avenue
Era Street
Esher Drive
Esher Drive
Evesham Grove
Exmouth Road
Fairlands Road
Fairway Drive
Fairywell Drive
Falmouth Avenue
Farley Road
Farmers Close
Farndon Close
Farrier Close
Ferndale Road
Field Road
Fieldvale Road
Finny Bank Road
Firs Road
Firs Road
Firs Road
Firs Way
Firs Way
Firtree Avenue
Firtree Avenue
Florence Street
Fonthill Grove
Forbes Close
Forest Drive
Fownhope Avenue
Fownhope Road
Framingham Road
Fraser Avenue
Friar's Road
Frinton Close
Frodsham Road
Fulmar Drive
Gatley Road
Gawsworth Road
Gaydon Road
George's Road
Gleave Street
Glebelands Road
Glebelands Road
Glebelands Road
Glen Avenue
Glencoe Drive
Glenthorn Grove
Gloucester Drive
Golf Road
Goodier Street
Goodwood Avenue
Gordon Avenue
Gralam Close
Granary Way
Grange Road
Grasmere Road
Gratrix Lane
Green Lane
Greenbank Road
Greenhill Avenue
Greenoak Drive
Greenway Close
Gresham Way
Greylands Close
Greystoke Avenue
Grosvenor Road
Grosvenor Road
Grosvenor Square
Grove Court
Haddon Grove
Hall Avenue
Hamlet Drive
Hampden Road
Hampson Street
Hampson Street
Handel Mews
Harboro Grove
Harboro Road
Harboro Road
Harboro Road
Harboro Way
Harboro Way
Harcourt Road
Harewood Avenue
Harewood Avenue
Harley Road
Harrow Drive
Harrow Road
Hart Avenue
Hartford Road
Harvest Close
Hawkridge Drive
Hawthorn Lane
Haydock Avenue
Hayfield Street
Hayling Road
Hazel Avenue
Heathfield Close
Helsby Road
Hereford Street
Hesketh Road
Hexham Close
Heywood Grove
Heywood Road
Higifield Avenue
Hillington Road
Hillington Road
Hollins Grove
Holly Bank
Holly Drive
Holly Grove
Holly Grove
Homelands Close
Homelands Road
Hope Road
Hornbeam Close
Howells Avenue
Hoylake Road
Hulme Road
Hunston Road
Hunters Mews
Hurst Avenue
Hyde Grove
Hydrangea Close
Irlam Road
Irlam Road
Jackson Street
James Street
John Street
Join Road
Joynson Street
Juniper Close
Kelsall Street
Kelvin Avenue
Kempton Avenue
Kendal Avenue
Kenilworth Road
Kenilworth Road
Kenmore Road
Kenyon Avenue
Kerscott Road
Kershaw Avenue
Kershaw Avenue
Kilvert Drive
Kilworth Avenue
Kings Road
Kingston Close
Kingston Drive
Kirby Avenue
Kirkby Drive
Knutsford Avenue
Lambert Drive
Landkey Close
Langdale Road
Langley Road
Lansdowne Road
Larchwood Close
Lathom Grove
Lavender Close
Lawson Grove
Legh Road
Leicester Road
Leith Avenue
Leith Road
Lightborne Road
Lincoln Grove
Linden Avenue
Lindisfarne Close
Lindow Street
Lingfield Avenue
Link Road
Linley Road
Linton Road
Lisburn Avenue
Litherland Road
Little Brook Road
Little Ees Lane
Lostock Avenue
Loughborough Close
Lowton Road
Ludford Grove
Lurgan Avenue
Lydgate Road
Lyndhurst Avenue
Lynn Avenue
Lynwood Grove
Lyons Fold
Magnolia Close
Manley Road
Manor Avenue
Manor Avenue
Manor Road
Marford Crescent
Marlborough Road
Marsland Road
Marsland Road
Marsland Road
Marsland Road
Marsland Road
Marthall Drive
Marton Place
Massey Road
Matlock Close
Mayfair Drive
Mayfield Avenue
Meadows Road
Meadway Close
Melrose Avenue
Mere Close
Merlyn Avenue
Mersey Road
Mersey Road
Merton Road
Meshaw Close
Millers Close
Milton Drive
Milton Grove
Monmouth Avenue
Montague Road
Moor Nook
Moorfield Grove
Moorland Avenue
Moorwood Drive
Moreton Avenue
Mornington Road
Moss Lane
Moss Lane
Moss Lane
Moss Way
Mossdale Road
Mottram Road
Mountain Ash Close
Mowbray Avenue
Mulberry Walk
Neston Avenue
New Hall Road
Newbury Avenue
Newby Drive
Newgate Road
Newlyn Drive
Newmarket Close
Noel Drive
Norbury Avenue
Norley Drive
Norman Road
Norris Road
Norris Road
North Parade
Northenden Road
Northenden Road
Northwood Grove
Norton Avenue
Nursery Close
Oak Road
Oak Road
Oaklands Drive
Oaklands Drive
Oaklea Road
Oban Drive
Occlestone Close
Okehampton Crescent
Old Hall Road
Oldfield Grove
Oldfield Road
Ollerton Avenue
Osborne Terrace
Oulton Avenue
Overton Crescent
Oxford Avenue
Paignton Drive
Palace Road
Palm Close
Palmer Street
Park Avenue
Park Avenue
Park Road
Parklands Drive
Parkside Road
Pasturefield Close
Peel Drive
Pembroke Avenue
Pembroke Avenue
Penmere Grove
Penrith Avenue
Penryn Avenue
Peover Avenue
Philip Drive
Pickmere Close
Pimmcroft Way
Pine Grove
Pinewood Court
Plant Close
Plant Close
Plymouth Road
Pollen Close
Poplar Grove
Princes Drive
Princes Road
Priory Close
Priory Road
Pulford Road
Queens Road
Queens Road
Radley Close
Raglan Road
Ravenstone Drive
Reading Drive
Redcroft Road
Redfern Avenue
Repton Close
Richmond Close
Riding Close
Ridley Grove
Rifle Road
Riley Close
Ringway Grove
Ripon Grove
Riverside Gardens
Robert Street
Roebuck Gardens
Roebuck Lane
Romford Road
Rookfield Avenue
Roselands Avenue
Rostherne Road
Rothesay Crescent
Rowan Avenue
Rowan Tree Drive
Royton Avenue
Rudyard Grove
Rugby Drive
Ruskin Drive
Russell Avenue
Rutland Lane
Rydal Avenue
Ryefield Road
Salcombe Close
Sale Heys Road
Sale Road
Sale Station Approach
Sandbach Road
Sandford Road
Sandiway Road
Sandiway Road
Sandown Drive
Sandwell Drive
Sapling Grove
Saxthorpe Close
School Road
School Road
School Road
Sealand Close
Sedburgh Close
Sefton Crescent
Sefton Road
Selsey Avenue
Selworth Avenue
Seymour Grove
Shawbury Grove
Shelton Avenue
Shenton Park Avenue
Sherbrook Close
Sherwood Avenue
Shrewsbury Road
Sibson Road
Sidmouth Road
Silverbirch Close
Simons Close
Skaife Road
Somerset Place
Somerton Avenue
South Grove
Southern Road
Spinney Drive
Springfield Road
St Andrews Close
St Anne's Court
St Anns Street
St Davids Close
St Ives Crescent
St James Drive
St Leonard's Court
St Martins Road
St Mary's Road
St Michaels Court
Stamford Place
Stamford Street
Stanley Mount
Stapleford Close
Stokesay Road
Stokesay Road
Stoneleigh Avenue
Stonyford Road
Stretton Avenue
Sunningdale Avenue
Swaylands Drive
Sycamore Street
Sylvan Avenue
Symons Road
Tabley Road
Talbot Road
Tatton Place
Tatton Road
Taunton Road
Taunton Road
Tavistock Road
Temple Road
The Avenue
The Avenue
The Birches
The Cloisters
The Crofters
The Drive
The Grove
Thelwall Road
Thirsk Avenue
Thorn Grove
Thornham Road
Thorold Grove
Tiverton Avenue
Tiverton Drive
Totnes Road
Trafalgar Road
Trevor Avenue
Trinity Avenue
Trinity Road
Truro Drive
Tulip Close
Turnbury Close
Urban Road
Urban Road
Vale Avenue
Ventnor Avenue
Verdure Avenue
Vernon Grove
Victoria Drive
Victoria Road
Vine Close
Vyner Grove
Walton Road
Walton Road
Warbreck Grove
Wardle Road
Warrener Street
Warrener Street
Warslow Drive
Warwick Drive
Washway Road
Washway Road
Washway Road
Washway Road
Waverley Road
Wellington Close
Wenlock Road
Wentworth Drive
West Grove
Westbourne Grove
Westbury Avenue
Westcourt Road
Westminster Close
Westminster Close
Westmorland Road
Westwood Drive
Whalley Avenue
Wharf Road
Wharf Road
Whitefield Road
Whitehall Road
Wickenby Drive
Wilcott Drive
Wilford Avenue
Wilkinson Street
Willoughby Close
Willow Court
Willow Drive
Wincham Road
Winchester Drive
Windermere Avenue
Windmill Road
Windsor Avenue
Winstanley Road
Winstanley Road
Witley Drive
Wolseley Road
Wood Road
Woodacre Close
Woodall Close
Woodbourne Road
Woodfield Grove
Woodheys Drive
Woodhouse Lane
Woodlands Drive
Woodlands Road
Woodlands Road
Woodville Drive
Woodville Road
Worcester Road
Worthington Road
Wynnstay Road
Wynyard Close
Wythenshawe Road
Yew Tree Drive
York Avenue
York Road
Yulan Drive