The Town of Shaw in the County of Greater Manchester

The town of Shaw is located within the county of Greater Manchester.

Shaw is situated in the North West (England) region of the UK and is governed by Oldham, council.

The town of Shaw is in the Greater Manchester North East region of Greater Manchester within North West (England).

  • Oldham
  • East Crompton: St James
  • High Crompton: St Mary
  • Shaw: Holy Trinity
  • St Saviour's Mission

Where is Shaw is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Shaw in Greater Manchester

Dentists in Shaw

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Shaw
56 Market Street (dental Surgery) 56 Market Street, Shaw Oldham Lancashire OL2 8NH
Dental Surgery 12 Beal Lane, Shaw Oldham Lancashire OL2 8PB

Opticians in Shaw

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Shaw
Robert Glass Opticians Ltd - Shaw 36 Market Street, Shaw Oldham Lancashire OL2 8NH
Scrivens Opticians (shaw) 63 Market Street, Shaw Oldham OL2 8NP

Chemists in Shaw

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Shaw
Asda Pharmacy Asda Superstore, Greenfield Lane, Shaw Oldham Lancashire OL2 8QP tel:01706 883510
Boots The Chemist 8 Market Street, Shaw Oldham Lancashire OL2 8NH tel:01706 847115
Lifestyle Pharmacy 160 Trent Road, High Crompton, Shaw Oldham Lancashire OL2 7QR tel:01706 841391
Well 4 High Sreet, Shaw Oldham Lancashire OL2 8RQ tel:01706 842973
Wolstenholme & Mcdiarmid Ltd 67 Market Street, Shaw Oldham Lancashire OL2 8NP tel:01706 847108

Doctors in Shaw

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Shaw
Dr. S K Pal 164 Trent Road, High Crompton, Shaw Oldham Lancashire OL2 7QR
Oak Gables Medical Practice Crompton Health Centre, High Street, Shaw Oldham Lancashire OL2 8ST tel:01706 888222
Village Medical Practice Crompton Health Centre, High Street, Shaw Oldham Lancashire OL2 8ST tel:01706 881028
List of Streets in Shaw
Acre Barn
Albert Avenue
Albert Street
Alfred Street
Alison Street
Allen Close
Allenby Street
Alston Avenue
Alwin Road
Annersley Avenue
Arley Drive
Arnside Close
Arthur Street
Ashdown Way
Assheton Road
Astley Close
Avis Street
Avon Road
Balfour Street
Ballard Way
Bank Street
Barnfield Rise
Bartlett Road
Beal Lane
Beck Grove
Bedford Avenue
Belgravia Mews
Bellingham Close
Bertha Street
Betjeman Place
Bickerstaffe Close
Bickerstaffe Close
Bidston Close
Birshaw Close
Blair Close
Blakelock Street
Blueberry Drive
Bourne Road
Bowler Street
Braemore Close
Brandon Crescent
Brellafield Drive
Bridge Street
Britannia Avenue
Brook Avenue
Brunswick Street
Buckingham Park Close
Buckley Street
Buckstones Road
Button Hole
Calder Grove
Calf Hey Road
Cape Gardens
Capesthorne Drive
Castlemere Drive
Cedar Grove
Chamber Road
Chancery Lane
Chandos Street
Chapel Street
Charnwood Close
Chatsworth Close
Cheetham Hill
Cheetham Street
Chelsea Close
Cherry Hall Drive
Chertsey Close
Cheviots Road
Chiltern Close
Christine Street
Church Road
Church Road
Clevlands Close
Cliff Hill Road
Clough Road
Co-Operative Street
Collinge Street
Compton Fold
Copley Street
Cotswold Avenue
Cowie Street
Cowlishaw Lane
Cowlishaw Lane
Cromer Street
Crompton Gate
Crompton Hall
Crompton Street
Crompton Way
Crompton Way
Cross Field Close
Crossley Street
Crown Street
Cumbrian Close
Cunliffe Drive
Cyril Street
Cyril Street
Dale Street
Dalehead Drive
Dawn Street
Delamere Avenue
Denbigh Drive
Derwent Drive
Devon Close
Diggle Street
Dingle Avenue
Dog Hill Lane
Dorset Avenue
Duchess Park Close
Duchess Street
Duckworth Street
Duke Street
Dunwood Avenue
Dunwoods Park Courts
Dunwoods Park Courts
Durban Close
Durden Mews
Eden Way
Edmund Street
Edward Road
Egerton Place
Elizabeth Grove
Essex Close
Farrow Street
Farrow Street East
Farrowdale Avenue
Fenton Street
Fern Common
Fitton Street
Forrester Drive
Fox Hill
Fraser Street
Frederick Avenue
Garret Grove
Gawsworth Close
George Street
Gilderdale Close
Gillemere Grove
Glebe Street
Glenavon Drive
Goldborne Drive
Golden Street
Gordon Street
Grains Road
Grampian Way
Great Meadow
Greaves Street
Greenfield Lane
Greenhill Avenue
Haddon Way
Hampden Road
Hannerton Road
Harden Hills
Harewood Road
Harper Square
Harrow Mews
Harton Close
Hawkshead Road
Hawksmoor Drive
Hawthorn Crescent
Heather Avenue
Helmshore Way
Henthorn Street
Hereford Close
Hertfordshire Park Close
Hesketh Avenue
Heversham Avenue
High Street
High Street
Higher Park
Higher Rise
Highlands Road
Hill Street
Hillside Avenue
Hope Street
Howard Street
Ingleby Close
Ingleby Way
Ivy Close
James Road
Jordan Avenue
Jubilee Street
Kendal Drive
Kenton Road
Kershaw Street
Kershaw Street East
King Albert Street
King Albert Street
Kings Road
Knowl Road
Laburnum Avenue
Lane Meadow
Laneside Avenue
Langden Close
Leach Street
Lees Street
Lees Street
Leonardin Close
Lewis Street
Lilac View Close
Lindale Rise
Linney Lane
Long Rushes
Longfield Park
Longfield Road
Longley Street
Low Crompton Road
Lowerfields Rise
Lyon Street
Malvern Close
Manchester Road
Manor Road
Maple Close
Margaret Street
Mark Lane
Markenfield Drive
Market Street
Marlfield Road
Meadow Rise
Medway Road
Mendips Close
Mill Pond Close
Millbrae Gardens
Millbrook Close
Miller Meadow Close
Milne Street
Milnrow Road
Milnrow Road
Milnrow Road
Moor Street
Moor Street
Moorfield Hamlet
Moorfield Mews
Moorland Street
Moss Grove
Moss Hey Street
Mossgate Road
Mount View Road
Napier Street
Neston Close
Netherhouse Road
New Barn Close
New Barn Street
Newtown Street
Norfolk Close
Northdowns Road
Norwood Close
Oak Street
Old Brook Close
Oldham Road
Orchard Grove
Osborne Street
Oswald Street
Oswald Street
Oxford Street
Park Cottages
Park Parade
Park Street
Parkside Avenue
Pemberton Way
Penmore Close
Pennine Vale
Priestley Way
Princess Road
Princess Road
Provident Street
Queen Street
Railway View
Read Close
Refuge Street
Regent Street
Rishworth Rise
Rivington Drive
Rochdale Road
Rochdale Road
Rockingham Close
Rossendale Close
Rufford Close
Rush Bank
Rush Mount
Rushcroft Road
Rutland Way
Salisbury Street
Salts Street
Salts Street
Samuel Lane
Sandy Bank
Sarah Street
Scarr Lane
Scowcroft Lane
Scowcroft Lane
Seville Street
Shaw Road
Shawcroft Close
Sheard Court
Sherwood Way
Shore Avenue
Siddall Street
Siddall Street
Smallbrook Road
Smallbrook Road
Somerset Avenue
Southdowns Close
Spring Rise
St James Street
St Josephs Close
St Mary's Gate
Staveley Close
Store Street
Sumner Street
Surrey Avenue
Surrey Park Close
Swan Court
Sweetbriar Close
The Avenue
The Brock
The Crescent
The Gabriels
The Grove
The Knoll
The Link
The Pentlands
Thomas Street
Thornham Road
Travis Street
Trent Road
Tudor Street
Twingates Close
Two Acre Drive
Underwood Way
Vale Road
Valley Rise
Vicarage Street
Vicarage Way
Victoria Gardens
Victoria Street
Vine Close
Warwick Close
Waveney Road
Welland Road
Wessex Park Close
Westminster Close
Whitecroft Avenue
Whitehead Street
Whitfield Rise
Whittle Drive
Wild Street
Wood Street
Woodford Avenue
Woodhouse Road
Wren's Nest Avenue