The Town of Urmston in the County of Greater Manchester

The town of Urmston is located within the county of Greater Manchester.

Urmston is situated in the North West (England) region of the UK and is governed by Trafford, council.

The town of Urmston is in the Greater Manchester South West region of Greater Manchester within North West (England).

  • Trafford
  • Davyhulme: Christ Church
  • Davyhulme: St Mary Virgin
  • Flixton: St John
  • Humphrey Park: Branch church
  • Urmston: St Clement

Where is Urmston is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Urmston in Greater Manchester

Dentists in Urmston

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Urmston
Dental Surgery 13 Stretford Road, Urmston Manchester Lancashire M41 9JY
Dental Surgery 132c Flixton Road, Urmston Manchester Lancashire M41 5BG
Dental Surgery 5-7 Lostock Road, Urmston Manchester Lancashire M41 0SU
Dental Surgery 55 Flixton Road, Urmston Manchester M41 5AN
Flixton Road (dental Surgery) 55-57 Flixton Road Manchester Greater Manchester M41 5AN
Revive Dental Care - Circle Ooh 10 Davyhulme Circle, Urmston Manchester Greater Manchester M41 0SS

Opticians in Urmston

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Urmston
Liverpool 2 Domiciliary Specsavers Limited 3 Denstone Avenue, Urmston Manchester Greater Manchester M41 7AN
Rabin Opticians 138 Flixton Road, Urmston Manchester Greater Manchester M41 5BG
Stotts Opticians 8 Crofts Bank Road, Urmston Manchester Greater Manchester M41 0TS
Thomas Carter Opticians 4 Station Road, Urmston Manchester Greater Manchester M41 9JN
Travers Mobile Opticians 473 Moorside Road, Urmston Manchester Lancashire M41 8TW
Urmston Specsavers Limited 3 Crofts Bank Road, Urmston Manchester M41 0TZ

Chemists in Urmston

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Urmston
Boots The Chemist 179 Canterbury Road, Urmston, Davyhulme Manchester Greater Manchester M41 0SE tel:0161 7483016
Boots The Chemists Eden Square Shopping Centre, Golden Way, Urmston Manchester Lancashire M41 0NA tel:0161 7482317
Conran Late Night Pharmacy 175 Moorside Road, Urmston Manchester Lancashire M41 5SJ tel:0161 7550389
Lloydspharmacy Sainsburys, Unit 24, Eden Square Shopping Ctr, Urmston Manchester Greater Manchester M41 0NA tel:01617 476952
Malcolm's Pharmacy 28 Flixton Road, Urmston Manchester Lancashire M41 5AA tel:0161 7472277
Reeds Chemist 182 Church Road, Urmston Manchester Greater Manchester M41 9FD tel:0161 7482438
Urmston Pharmacy 287b Stretford Road, Urmston Manchester Greater Manchester M41 9NU tel:01618 643733
Well 475 Moorside Road, Flixton, Urmston Manchester Greater Manchester M41 8TW tel:01617 485472
Well Unit 2, Woodsend Circle, Flixton Manchester Greater Manchester M41 8GY tel:01617 481926
Well 2 Station Bridge, Station Road, Urmston Manchester Greater Manchester M41 9SB tel:01617 482090

Doctors in Urmston

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Urmston
Flixton Road Medical Centre 132 Flixton Road, Urmston Manchester Greater Manchester M41 5BG tel:0161 7482021
Gloucester House Medical Centre 17 Station Road, Urmston Manchester Greater Manchester M41 9JS tel:0161 7487115
Primrose Surgery 59 Old Crofts Bank, Urmston Manchester Greater Manchester M41 7AB tel:0161 7472424
Trafford Health Centre Trafford Gh. Moorside Road, Urmston Manchester Lancashire M41 5SL tel:0161 7474975
Urmston Group Practice 6 Woodsend Crescent Road, Urmston Manchester Greater Manchester M41 8AA tel:0161 7559870
List of Streets in Urmston
Abbey Close
Abbotsfield Close
Abingdon Road
Acrefield Avenue
Addison Road
Albany Court
Albert Avenue
Alderley Road
Aldermere Crescent
Alexandra Court
Allen Road
Alton Avenue
Alton Avenue
Ambleside Road
Amersham Close
Anchorage Road
Andrews Avenue
Archer Place
Arran Gardens
Arundel Avenue
Ascot Drive
Ashbourne Avenue
Ashfield Road
Ashworth Avenue
Atkinson Road
Auburn Drive
Avondale Crescent
Aylesbury Avenue
Balfour Road
Ballater Avenue
Balmain Road
Balmain Road
Balmoral Avenue
Balmoral Road
Balmoral Road
Barn Close
Barra Drive
Barton Avenue
Barton Road
Barton Road
Barton Road
Bedford Road
Beech Avenue
Beechfield Avenue
Beechwood Avenue
Belgrave Avenue
Benbecula Way
Bent Lanes
Bent Lanes
Bents Avenue
Berwick Avenue
Beverley Avenue
Bexley Close
Bingley Drive
Bishop Road
Blair Avenue
Blair Avenue
Blakeswell Close
Blinco Road
Booth Drive
Bosdin Road East
Bosdin Road West
Bowers Avenue
Bowers Avenue
Bowfell Road
Braddon Avenue
Bradfield Road
Bransford Road
Brecon Avenue
Brentwood Avenue
Briar Close
Bridgenorth Avenue
Brighton Avenue
Brighton Grove
Broad Lea
Broadoaks Road
Broadway Close
Bromley Avenue
Brook Road
Brookfield Avenue
Brooklyn Avenue
Bude Avenue
Burford Avenue
Burnham Drive
Caister Close
Calderbank Avenue
Calver Close
Cambridge Road
Canterbury Road
Canterbury Road
Carisbrook Avenue
Carlton Crescent
Carlton Road
Carrington Lane
Carrington Road
Carrsvale Avenue
Cavendish Road
Cecil Drive
Cedar Drive
Central Drive
Chadwick Road
Chalfont Avenue
Chapel Grove
Charleston Square
Chassen Avenue
Chassen Road
Chassen Road
Chassen Road
Chatsworth Close
Chelsea Road
Cheriton Road
Cheriton Road
Chesham Avenue
Chester Avenue
Chetwynd Avenue
Chiltern Avenue
Chislehurst Avenue
Church Road
Church Road
Ciss Lane
Clarendon Road
Clevedon Avenue
Clifton Road
Coberley Avenue
Coll Drive
Compton Close
Coniston Road
Conway Road
Corfe Close
Cornhill Avenue
Cornhill Road
Cornhill Road
Cotswold Avenue
Craig Avenue
Cranford Gardens
Cranford Road
Crofts Bank Road
Crofts Bank Road
Cross Knowle View
Cross Street
Cumberland Road
Dalton Gardens
Dalveen Avenue
Daresbury Avenue
Dartford Road
Davyhulme Circle
Davyhulme Road
Davyhulme Road
De Brook Close
Delamere Road
Delbooth Avenue
Dennington Drive
Denstone Avenue
Denstone Road
Denstone Road
Derby Road
Derwent Road
Devon Road
Devonshire Close
Dorchester Avenue
Dorclyn Avenue
Dover Park
Dunster Drive
Durham Avenue
Durnford Avenue
Easedale Close
Eastwood Avenue
Edale Avenue
Eddisbury Avenue
Edgeley Road
Ellaston Drive
Elm Grove
Eltham Drive
Entwisle Avenue
Entwisle Avenue
Esk Close
Estonfield Drive
Exeter Road
Fairburn Close
Fairholme Avenue
Falcon Avenue
Falmouth Avenue
Fern Avenue
Filey Avenue
Filey Avenue
Finghall Road
Firwood Avenue
Fishermore Road
Flixton Road
Flixton Road
Flixton Road
Forest Court
Foxdenton Drive
Franklyn Avenue
Furness Road
George Street
Gilpin Road
Gladstone Road
Glebe Road
Gleneagles Road
Gleneagles Road
Glenhaven Avenue
Gloucester Road
Goldswcrthy Road
Goldswcrthy Road
Goldsworthy Road
Grange Avenue
Grange Crescent
Grange Road
Grangethorpe Road
Granville Road
Gredle Close
Greenfield Avenue
Grosvenor Road
Guildford Road
Guildford Road
Hall Farm Avenue
Hampstead Avenue
Hampton Road
Handel Avenue
Harcourt Avenue
Harcourt Close
Harris Avenue
Hartford Road
Hartington Close
Hartland Avenue
Haslemere Road
Hastings Drive
Hatro Court
Haworth Drive
Hawthorn Avenue
Hayeswater Road
Hayeswater Road
Hayeswater Road
Hazel Grove
Heath Avenue
Hereford Grove
Heston Drive
Highbury Avenue
Higher Road
Highfield Drive
Highgate Avenue
Hillam Close
Hilrose Avenue
Hilton Avenue
Hodnett Avenue
Holly Avenue
Holly House Drive
Holly House Drive
Hoy Drive
Humphrey Crescent
Humphrey Lane
Humphrey Park
Hurstbrook Drive
Ilkley Drive
Ilkley Drive
Iona Way
Irlam Road
Irlam Road
Jack Lane
Jackson Court
Jewell Close
Jura Drive
Kendal Avenue
Kenilworth Road
Keswick Avenue
Kew Drive
Kingsnorth Road
Kingston Drive
Kingston Drive
Kingsway Park
Kingsway Park
Kirkstall Road
Knowsley Avenue
Laburnum Road
Lambourn Road
Lancaster Avenue
Langley Close
Lansdowne Road
Lansdowne Road North
Lawrence Road
Laxfield Drive
Leamington Road
Ledbury Avenue
Legwood Court
Lesley Road
Lewis Avenue
Leyburn Avenue
Lichfield Road
Lime Avenue
Lime Tree Close
Lindale Avenue
Lingmell Close
Link Avenue
Links Rise
Lismore Way
Liverpool Road
Lodge Avenue
Longfield Avenue
Longfield Drive
Longworth Close
Lonsdale Avenue
Loretto Road
Lorne Grove
Lostock Avenue
Lostock Road
Lostock Road
Lowood Avenue
Lowther Gardens
Lulworth Avenue
Lydney Road
Lyndhurst Avenue
Lynmouth Avenue
Lynton Avenue
Lytham Road
Lytham Road
Malvern Avenue
Manor Avenue
Mansfield Road
Marbury Close
Mardale Avenue
Marlborough Road
Marlborough Road
Marshbrook Road
Marshbrook Road
Matlock Avenue
Mayfair Avenue
Meade Close
Meadow Road
Melton Avenue
Merwell Road
Millford Avenue
Minehead Avenue
Minehead Avenue
Minster Drive
Minster Drive
Mirfield Drive
Monksdale Avenue
Moor Lane
Moorlands Avenue
Moorlands Avenue
Moorside Road
Moorside Road
Moorside Road
Morris Grove
Moss Croft Close
Moss Park Road
Moss Vale Road
Moss Vale Road
Mount Drive
Neary Way
Newbury Drive
Newcroft Crescent
Newcroft Drive
Newcroft Road
Newstead Road
Newton Road
Norfolk Gardens
Norreys Avenue
North Grove
Northside Avenue
Norton Avenue
Norwich Road
Nursery Road
Oak Grove
Old Crofts Bank
Old Crofts Bank
Orkney Drive
Orme Close
Overdale Crescent
Padbury Close
Pangbourne Avenue
Park Avenue
Park Road North
Park Road South
Parkfield Avenue
Parsonage Road
Patterdale Avenue
Peers Close
Penny Bridge Lane
Plough Close
Poplar Grove
Porlock Road
Porlock Road
Powis Road
Prestwood Close
Primrose Avenue
Princess Road
Pullman Drive
Queen's Road
Railway Road
Railway Road
Rathan Road
Reade Avenue
Redbourne Drive
Redcar Avenue
Redcar Avenue
Redesmere Park
Reigate Road
Repton Avenue
Richmond Avenue
Ripley Crescent
Rivers Lane
Riverside Drive
Rochester Road
Rock Road
Roedean Gardens
Roedean Gardens
Romley Road
Roseneath Road
Roslyn Avenue
Ross Grove
Rossett Drive
Rossett Drive
Rothay Close
Rothiemay Road
Rothiemay Road
Rowan Avenue
Rowland Avenue
Royal Avenue
Royston Road
Rydal Avenue
Ryeburn Walk
Salisbury Road
Sandgate Drive
Sandgate Drive
Sandown Gardens
Sandsend Road
Scafell Close
Scholfield Avenue
Seabrook Crescent
Selby Drive
Selby Drive
Sevenoaks Avenue
Shaftesbury Gardens
Shanklyn Avenue
Shawe Hall Avenue
Shawe Hall Crescent
Shawe Road
Sherbourne Road
Shetland Way
Shipley View
Sidmouth Avenue
Skelwith Close
Skipton Drive
Skye Road
Snowden Avenue
Southbourne Avenue
Spennithorne Road
St Clements Fold
Stamford Road
Stanley Grove
Station Road
Station Road
Stephen Street
Stile Close
Stott Drive
Stretford Road
Stroma Gardens
Summer Avenue
Sumner Way
Sumner Way
Sunningdale Road
Sylvan Avenue
Tanhouse Road
Tanhouse Road
Taunton Avenue
Teesdale Avenue
Tewkesbury Avenue
The Avenue
The Crescent
The Fold
The Grove
The Nook
The Village
Thirlmere Road
Thorley Drive
Thorne Avenue
Thornton Avenue
Thurlestone Drive
Tilby Close
Tintern Avenue
Tiverton Road
Torbay Road
Town Gate Drive
Trafford Avenue
Trevor Road
Turner Drive
Ullswater Road
Ullswater Road
Uplands Road
Urmston Lane
Urmston Park
Vale Avenue
Valley Road
Valley Road South
Vicarage Road
Victoria Road
Wallingford Road
Walmsley Grove
Warbreck Drive
Warwick Drive
Wasdale Avenue
Welbeck Avenue
Wellacre Avenue
Welwyn Close
Wendover Road
Wenworth Avenue
Westbourne Park
Westbourne Road
Western Road
Western Road
Westminster Road
Westmorland Road
Weston Avenue
Westover Road
Westwood Avenue
Whalley Avenue
Whitegate Park
Whitelake Avenue
Whitelake View
Wibbersley Park
William Close
Willow Avenue
Wimborne Avenue
Winchester Road
Windermere Road
Windsor Avenue
Woodbridge Road
Woodhouse Road
Woodhouse Road
Woodlands Avenue
Woodsend Crescent Road
Woodsend Crescent Road
Woodsend Road
Woodsend Road
Woodsend Road South
Wroxham Avenue
Wycliffe Road
Wycombe Close
Wyndcliff Drive
Wythburn Avenue
Yew Tree Drive
York Avenue