The City of Casnewydd / Newport in the County of Gwent

The city of Casnewydd / Newport is located within the county of Gwent.

Casnewydd / Newport is situated in the Wales region of the UK and is governed by Newport, council.

The city of Casnewydd / Newport is in the Monmouthshire and Newport region of East Wales within Wales.

  • Newport

Where is Casnewydd / Newport is located in the UK

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Map of the city of Casnewydd / Newport in Gwent

Dentists in Casnewydd / Newport

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Casnewydd / Newport
Anaesthetic Clinic 197 Chepstow Road Newport Gwent NP19 8GH
Caerleon Road Dental Surgery 94 Caerleon Road Newport Gwent NP19 7BY
Cardiff Road Dental Practice 67 Cardiff Road Newport NP20 2EN
Charles Street Dental Surgery 32a Charles Street Newport Gwent NP20 1JT
Chepstow Road (dental Surgery) 383 Chepstow Road Newport Gwent NP19 8HL
Coach House Dental Surgery 6a Caerphilly Road, Bassaleg Newport Gwent NP10 8LE
Dental Surgery 1 Bettws Shopping Centre, Bettws Newport Gwent NP20 7TN
Dental Surgery 164 Caerleon Road Newport Gwent NP19 7FY
Dental Surgery 168 Caerleon Road Newport Gwent NP19 7FY
Dental Surgery 18 Chepstow Road Newport Gwent NP19 8EA
Dental Surgery 28 Clytha Park Road Newport Gwent NP20 4PA
Dental Surgery 442 Malpas Road Newport Gwent NP20 6WE
Dental Surgery 53-55 Gaer Road Newport Gwent NP20 3GY
Exeter Chambers Dental Surgery 52 Devon Place Newport Gwent NP20 4NU
Llanthewy Road Dental Surgery 2 Llanthewy Road Newport Gwent NP20 4JR
Malpas Road Dental Surgery 48 Malpas Road Newport Gwent NP20 5PB
Newport Smiles Centre 5 North Street Newport Gwent NP20 1JZ
Oasis Dental Care Ltd 197 Chepstow Road Newport Gwent NP19 8GH
Ringland Dental Centre 43-44 Ringland Centre Newport Gwent NP19 9HQ

Opticians in Casnewydd / Newport

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Casnewydd / Newport
Armstrong And North 177 Caerleon Road Newport NP19 7FX
Brian Langley Opticians 142 Caerleon Road Newport Gwent NP19 7FY
F L Wangler Opticians (newport) 282 Chepstow Road Newport Gwent NP19 8NN
Julian Davies Opticians (newport) 29 Commercial Road Newport Gwent NP20 2PB
Liverton Opticians 26 Charles Street Newport Gwent NP20 1JT
Newport Visionplus - Newport Unit 2, Austin Friars Newport Gwent NP20 1DQ
R N Roberts (newport) 220 Stow Hill Newport Gwent NP20 4HA
R W Cole (opticians) Ltd 58-59 Commercial Road Newport Gwent NP20 2PF
Specsavers (spytty Road, Newport) Unit 5/6, Tesco Extra, Newport Retail Park, Spytty Road Newport Gwent NP19 4TX
Tesco Opticians (newport) Harlech Retail Park, Cardiff Road Newport Gwent NP20 3PA
The Optic Shop 27a High Street Newport Gwent NP20 1GH
Vision Express (newport) Unit 11a, Newport Retail Park, Spytty Road Newport Gwent NP19 4QQ
Vision Express At Tesco (newport Gwent Spytty Gwent) Tesco Extra, Spytty Road Newport Gwent NP19 4TX
Vision Express At Tesco (newport Gwent) Harlech Retail Park, Cardiff Road Newport Gwent NP20 3BA
List of Streets in Casnewydd / Newport
Abberley Hall Road
Abbey Road
Aberthaw Avenue
Aberthaw Circle
Aberthaw Close
Aberthaw Court
Aberthaw Drive
Aberthaw Place
Aberthaw Rise
Aberthaw Road
Acacia Avenue
Acacia Square
Adelaide Street
Adeline Street
Agincourt Street
Ailesbury Street
Alanbrooke Avenue
Albany Street
Albert Avenue
Albert Street
Albert Terrace
Albion Close
Alcan Grove
Alder Grove
Alderney Street
Alexandra Road
Alfred Street
Alice Street
Alicia Close
Alicia Crescent
Alicia Way
Allen Close
Allt-Yr-Yn Avenue
Allt-Yr-Yn Avenue
Allt-Yr-Yn Close
Allt-Yr-Yn Court
Allt-Yr-Yn Crescent
Allt-Yr-Yn Heights
Allt-Yr-Yn Road
Allt-Yr-Yn View
Allt-Yr-Yn Way
Alma Street
Almond Drive
Alway Crescent
Amber Close
Amelia Avenue
Amelia Close
Amelia Grove
Amelia Way
Amy Johnson Close
Amy Johnson Close
Anderson Close
Anderson Grove
Anderson Place
Annesley Road
Anson Green
Aragon Street
Archibald Street
Archibald Street
Argosy Way
Argyle Street
Ariel Close
Ariel Reach
Arlington Close
Armstrong Close
Arne Close
Arnold Close
Arthur Bliss Road
Arthur Close
Arthur Street
Arundel Road
Ash Tree View
Ashley Road
Aspen Way
Aston Crescent
Aubrey Hames Close
Aubrey Hames Close
Auckland Road
Augustus John Close
Avalon Drive
Avon Close
Bacon Place
Badgers Wood
Badminton Road
Bailey Street
Bailey Street
Baird Close
Baldwin Close
Baldwin Street
Balfe Road
Balmoral Road
Baneswell Courtyard
Baneswell Road
Baneswell Road
Bank Street
Bantock Close
Bardsy Close
Barnard Street
Barrack Hill
Barthropp Street
Bassaleg Road
Bassaleg Road
Bassaleg Road
Batchelor Road
Bath Street
Beading Close
Beatty Road
Beaufort Place
Beaufort Road
Beaufort Terrace
Beaumaris Close
Bedford Road
Beech Grove
Beecham Street
Beechcroft Road
Beechcroft Road
Beechdale Road
Beechfield Avenue
Beechwood Crescent
Beechwood Road
Beechwood Road
Bell Vue Terrace
Belle Vue Lane
Belle Vue Lane
Belmont Hill
Belvedere Terrace
Ben Jonson Way
Benbow Road
Beresford Road
Berkley Close
Berkley Road
Bessemer Close
Bessemer Drive
Bettws Close
Bettws Hill
Bettws Lane
Bettws Lane
Bettws Lane
Bideford Close
Bideford Road
Billet Close
Bilston Street
Birch Hill
Birch Trees
Birchgrove Close
Birgantine Way
Bishop Street
Bishpool Avenue
Bishpool Gardens
Bishpool Grove
Bishpool Lane
Bishpool Rise
Bishpool View
Bishpool Way
Bishton Street
Blackbird Close
Blackett Avenue
Blacksmiths Way
Blackwater Close
Blaen-Y-Pant Avenue
Blaen-Y-Pant Avenue
Blaen-Y-Pant Crescent
Blaen-Y-Pant Crescent
Blaen-Y-Pant Place
Blake Road
Blanche Close
Blenheim Road
Bleriot Close
Blewitt Street
Bloomery Circle
Bloomfield Close
Bolt Close
Bolt Street
Bolton Road
Bond Street
Boswell Close
Bosworth Drive
Boyle Close
Brain Close
Brangwyn Crescent
Brecon Road
Brickyard Lane
Brickyard Lane
Bridge Street
Bridge Street
Bridling Cresent
Brigantine Close
Brigantine Drive
Brigantine Grove
Brinell Square
Bristol Street
Britten Close
Broaching Close
Broad Quay Road
Broad Street
Broad Street Common
Broadcommon Close
Broadleaf Way
Broadmead Park
Broadwater Road
Broadwood Close
Bronllys Grove
Bronllys Mews
Bronte Grove
Brookfield Close
Brown Close
Browning Close
Brunel Avenue
Brunel Street
Bryn Bevan
Bryn Hedydd
Brynderwen Grove
Brynderwen Road
Brynglas Avenue
Brynglas Close
Brynglas Court
Brynglas Crescent
Brynglas Drive
Brynglas Road
Bryngwyn Road
Brynhyfryd Avenue
Brynhyfryd Road
Buccaneer Close
Buccaneer Grove
Buccaneer Way
Buchan Close
Buchanan Way
Buckingham Crescent
Buckingham Place
Builth Close
Burleigh Road
Burnfort Road
Burns Close
Burton Road
Butterworth Close
Buxton Close
Byrde Close
Byron Road
Cae Brynton Road
Cae Perllan Road
Cae Perllan Road
Caerau Crescent
Caerau Road
Caerleon Road
Caerleon Road
Caerleon Road
Caernarvon Drive
Caerphilly Close
Caerphilly Road
Caldicot Street
Caldy Close
Cambrian Road
Cambrian Road
Cambridge Road
Camelot Place
Camelot Place
Camperdown Road
Campion Close
Canal Street
Canal Terrace
Canberra Crescent
Canon Street
Canterbury Close
Capel Crescent
Cardiff Road
Cardiff Road
Cardiff Road
Cardiff Road
Cardigan Place
Carey Road
Carisbrooke Road
Carlisle Street
Carlton Road
Caroline Street
Cartwright Green
Castell Coch Drive
Castle Park Close
Castle Park Road
Castle Street
Caswell Way
Catalpa Close
Catsash Road
Caxton Place
Cecil Sharp Road
Cedar Road
Cedar Road
Cefn Adda Close
Cefn Adda Court
Cefn Close
Cefn Court
Cefn Drive
Cefn Walk
Celtic Way
Central Avenue
Chadwick Close
Chaffinch Way
Channel View
Chapman Close
Charles Street
Charlotte Drive
Charlotte Green
Charlotte Street
Charnwood Road
Chaucer Road
Chelmer Close
Chelston Place
Chepstow Road
Chepstow Road
Chepstow Road
Cherry Tree Close
Chichester Close
Chiltern Close
Chirk Close
Christchurch Hill
Christchurch Hill
Christchurch Road
Christchurch Road
Christchurch Road
Christchurch Road
Christina Crescent
Church Close
Church Court
Church Crescent
Church Lane
Church Road
Church Road
Church Street
Churchward Drive
Cilgant Barfleur / Barfleur Crescent
Cilgant Cleeve Grange / Cleeve Grang
Cilgant Loftus / Loftus Crescent
Cilgant y Pyllau / Pool Crescent
Clarence Place
Clarence Place
Clarence Street
Clarke Road
Clarke Road
Clayton Street
Clearwater Road
Clearwell Court
Clement Atlee Drive
Clevedon Road
Clevedon Road
Clifton Place
Clifton Road
Clipper Close
Clist Road
Clos Aluminium / Aluminium Close
Clos Arlington Grange / Arlington Gr
Clos Carnegie / Carnegie Close
Clos Carno
Clos Cope / Copper Grove
Clos Ennig
Clos Gwasg / Cold Bay Close
Clos Gwenddwr Grange / Gwenddwr Gran
Clos Honddu
Clos King Pellimore / King Pellimore
Clos Lady Margaret Hall / Lady Marga
Clos Llanvair Grange / Llanvair Gran
Clos Marteg
Clos Saber / Sabre Close
Clos Tamar Valley / Tamar Valley Clo
Clos Y Felin Boeth / Hot Mill Close
Clydach Close
Clyffard Crescent
Clytha Crescent
Clytha Park Road
Clytha Park Road
Clytha Square
Coedlan Syr Briggs / Sir Briggs Aven
Coldra Road
Coldra Wood Drive
Coleridge Road
Collier Street
Collingwood Avenue
Collingwood Close
Collingwood Crescent
Collingwood Road
Collins Close
Colne Street
Colston Avenue
Colston Court
Colston Place
Colts Foot Close
Comfrey Close
Commercial Road
Commercial Road
Commercial Street
Constable Drive
Constables Close
Constance Street
Conway Croft
Conway Grove
Conway Road
Conway Road
Conway Sac
Coolgreany Close
Coolgreany Crescent
Coomassie Street
Corelli Street
Coriander Close
Cormorant Way
Corn Street
Cornbrook Road
Cornwall Road
Cornwall Road
Corporation Road
Corporation Road
Corporation Road
Cot Farm Circle
Cot Farm Close
Cot Hill
Cotman Close
Cotswold Close
Cotswold Way
Coulson Close
Court Crescent
Courtney Street
Courtybella Terrace
Coverack Road
Cowper Close
Cowshed Lane
Crawford Street
Crescent Road
Criccieth Close
Crindau Road
Cromwell Road
Cross Lane
Crouch Close
Crown Street
Croydon Close
Croydon Court
Cumberland Road
Cunningham Road
Curie Close
Curlew Close
Cutter Close
Cwm Cwddy Drive
Cwm Dylan Close
Cwrt Baydon Manor / Baydon Manor Cou
Cwrt Camlas
Cwrt Polar Star / Polar Star Court
Cyril Street
Dale Road
Daniel Place
Darent Close
Darent Road
Darlington Court
Dart Road
Darwin Drive
David Close
Davy Close
Dawson Close
Dean Street
Deer Park Lane
Delius Close
Denbigh Road
Dents Close
Dents Hill
Derby Grove
Derwent Court
Devon Place
Devon Place
Dewsland Park Road
Dewsland Park Road
Dewstow Street
Dibdin Close
Dickens Drive
Diwedd Camlas
Docks Way
Docks Way
Docks Way
Dolphin Street
Don Close
Dorset Close
Dorset Crescent
Dos Road
Dowland Close
Downing Street
Downton Hall Close
Drinkwater Close
Drinkwater Gardens
Drinkwater Rise
Drovers Mews
Duckpool Road
Duckpool Road
Dudley Street
Duffryn Close
Duffryn Drive
Duffryn Way
Dumfries Place
Dunraven Drive
Dunstable Road
Durham Lane
Durham Road
Dyffryn Lane
East Bank Road
East Dock Close
East Dock Road
East Grove Road
East Market Street
East Street
East Usk Road
East Usk Road
East Way Road
Eastmoor Road
Ebbw Close
Ebenezer Drive
Ebenezer Terrace
Edison Ridge
Edney View
Edward German Crescent
Edward Vii Avenue
Edward Vii Avenue
Edward Vii Crescent
Edward Vii Lane
Edwin Street
Eisteddford Walk
Elaine Crescent
Elan Close
Elgar Avenue
Elgar Circle
Elgar Close
Elm Grove
Elysia Street
Emlyn Street
Emlyn Street
Enterprise Way
Enville Close
Enville Close
Enville Road
Eric Coates Close
Eschol Close
Esperanto Way
Essex Street
Estuary Road
Eton Road
Evans Street
Eveswell Park Road
Eveswell Street
Excelsior Close
Exe Road
Exeter Road
Exeter Street
Factory Road
Fairfax Close
Fairfax Road
Fairoak Avenue
Fairoak Avenue
Fairoak Grove
Fairoak Terrace
Fallowfield Drive
Faraday Close
Farmwood Close
Farnaby Close
Farriers Gate
Faulkner Road
Feering Street
Fenner Brockway Close
Fern Rise
Fford Spencer / Spencer Way
Fford Windsor Castle / Windsor Castl
Ffordd Camlas
Ffordd Capel Dewi Hall / Capel Dewi
Ffordd De Haia / De Haia Road
Ffordd Spencer / Spencer Way
Ffordd y Draenog / Hedgehog Road
Fforest Glade
Ffos Y Fran Close
Fields Park Avenue
Fields Park Crescent
Fields Park Gardens
Fields Park Road
Fields Park Road
Fields Road
Fields Road
Fifth Street
Filey Road
Firbank Avenue
Firbank Crescent
First Street
Fisher Close
Fleetwood Close
Fleming Close
Flint Close
Ford Street
Forest Close
Forge Lane
Forge Mews
Forge Road
Forge Road
Fort View
Fosse Close
Fosse Road
Fourth Street
Foxwood Close
Francis Drive
Francis Street
Frank Street
Fred Edwards Close
Frederick Mews
Frederick Street
Freshwater Road
Friars Field
Friars Road
Frobisher Road
Gaer Park Avenue
Gaer Park Drive
Gaer Park Hill
Gaer Park Lane
Gaer Park Parade
Gaer Park Road
Gaer Road
Gaer Street
Gainsborough Drive
Garth Close
Gaskell Street
Gelli Neath Abbey / Neath Abbey Grov
Gelli Pendragon / Pendragon Grove
George Lansbury Drive
George Street
George Street
George Street Bridge
Gerddi'r Cedrwydd / Cedar Gardens
Gibbons Close
Gibbs Road
Glanmor Crescent
Glanmor Park Avenue
Glanwern Avenue
Glanwern Drive
Glanwern Grove
Glanwern Rise
Glasllwch Crescent
Glasllwch Crescent
Glasllwch Crescent
Glasllwch Lane
Glasllwch Lane
Glasllwch View
Glastonbury Close
Glebe Gardens
Glebe Street
Glebe Street
Gloch Wen Close
Gloster Place
Godfrey Road
Godfrey Road
Gold Tops
Gold Tops
Golden Mile View
Goldsmith Close
Goodrich Crescent
Goodrich Grove
Goodrich Lane
Goossens Close
Gordon Street
Gore Street
Goya Close
Grafton Road
Graham Bell Close
Graham Street
Graig Close
Graig Park Avenue
Graig Park Avenue
Graig Park Circle
Graig Park Hill
Graig Park Lane
Graig Park Parade
Graig Park Road
Graig Park Villas
Graig Wood Close
Granville Close
Granville Lane
Granville Street
Green Lane
Greene Close
Greenfield Road
Greenmeadow Avenue
Greenmeadow Road
Greenwich Road
Griffin Street
Grosmont Way
Grove Park Drive
Grovenor Road
Groves Road
Haisbro' Avenue
Haldane Place
Halle Close
Halstead Street
Hamilton Street
Hammond Drive
Hampden Court
Hampden Road
Hampshire Avenue
Hampshire Close
Hampshire Crescent
Handel Close
Handel Court
Handsworth Street
Harding Avenue
Hardy Close
Hargreaves Drive
Harlech Drive
Harlequin Court
Harlequin Drive
Harrogate Road
Harrow Road
Harrow Road
Hartridge Farm Road
Harvey Close
Hathaway Street
Havelock Street
Hawarden Road
Hawke Close
Hawkins Crescent
Hawksworth Grove
Hawse Lane
Hawthorne Avenue
Hawthorne Fosse
Hawthorne Square
Hayling Close
Haynes Court
Hazel Tree Grove
Hazell Drive
Hazlitt Close
Heath Close
Heather Road
Helford Square
Hendre Farm Drive
Hendre Farm Gardens
Henry Morgan Close
Henry Wood Close
Henry Wood Walk
Henson Street
Heol Edmundsbury / Edmundsbury Road
Heol Ffos A Perth / Steeplechase Roa
Heol Hurricane / Hurricane Way
Heol Loftus / Loftus Walk
Heol Pont Y Cwcw
Heol Pont-Y-Cwcw
Heol Senni
Heol Spitfire / Spitfire Road
Heol Y Felin Oer / Cold Mill Road
Heol Y Parc / Park Way
Herbert Road
Herbert Street
Herbert Walk
Hereford Street
Hereford Street
Heron Way
Hertford Place
High Banks
High Cross Close
High Cross Drive
High Cross Lane
High Street
Highcroft Road
Highcross Road
Highfield Gardens
Highfield Lane
Highfield Road
Highfield Road
Hill Street
Hill Street
Hilla Road
Hillside Crescent
Hillview Crescent
Hobart Close
Hogarth Close
Holbein Road
Hollybush Avenue
Hollybush Close
Holst Close
Hood Road
Horrocks Close
Hoskins Street
Hove Avenue
Howard Close
Howe Circle
Hubert Road
Humber Close
Humber Road
Huxley Green
Ifton Place
Ifton Street
Imperial Way
Itchen Close
Itchen Road
Ivor Street
Ivor Street
Ivy Road
Jackson Place
Jamaica Circle
Jamaica Close
Jamaica Gardens
Jamaica Grove
James Street
Jane Austen Close
Jane Close
Japonica Close
Jeans Close
Jeddo Close
Jeddo Street
Jeffrey Street
Jellicoe Close
Jenkins Street
John Bull Close
John Ireland Close
John Street
Jones Street
Jones Street
Joyce Close
Jubilee Way
Junction Road
Kear Court
Keats Close
Keene Avenue
Keene Street
Kelly Road
Kelvedon Street
Kelvin Close
Kenilworth Road
Kensington Gardens
Kensington Grove
Kensington Place
Kestrel Way
Keynsham Avenue
Keynsham Avenue
Kier Hardie Crescent
Kier Hardie Drive
King Lane
King Lane
King Street
King Street
King's Parade
Kings Acre
Kingsmill Terrace
Kingston Road
Kipling Hill
Kirby Lane
Kitty Hawk Drive
Kitty Hawk Drive
Laburnham Bush Lane
Laburnum Avenue
Ladyhill Court
Ladyhill Road
Lake Road
Lakeside Drive
Lamb Close
Lambert Close
Lambert Street
Lambourne Crescent
Lambourne Way
Lancers Way
Landseer Close
Langland Way
Lansdowne Road
Larch Grove
Laurel Crescent
Laurel Drive
Laurel Road
Lavery Close
Lawrence Hill
Lawrence Hill
Lawrence Hill Avenue
Lawrence Hill Avenue
Lea Close
Leach Road
Leach Road
Ledbury Drive
Lee Way
Leeway Court
Leicester Road
Lennard Street
Lewis Close
Libeneth Road
Liberty Grove
Lighthouse Road
Lilburne Drive
Lilleshall Street
Lime Close
Lime Crescent
Lincoln Close
Lindbergh Close
Linden Road
Linden Road
Linley Close
Linton Street
Liscombe Street
Lister Green
Liswerry Park Drive
Liswerry Road
Liswerry Road
Livale Close
Livale Court
Livale Road
Liverpool Street
Livingstone Place
Llandaff Street
Llanover Close
Llanthewy Road
Llanvair Road
Llanwern Road
Llanwern Road
Llanwern Street
Llewellin Street
Llewellyn Grove
Llewellyn Walk
Lloyd Street
Llwyn Deri Close
Llwyn Skye / Skye Grove
Llwynderi Road
Lo N Pentre / Pentre Lane
Locke Street
Lockwood Court
Lodden Close
Lon Loftus / Loftus Lane
London Street
Longditch Lane
Longditch Road
Longmeadow Court
Longtown Grove
Lower Dock Street
Lower Dock Street
Lucas Street
Ludlow Close
Lundy Drive
Lydney Walk
Lyndhurst Avenue
Lyne Road
Lysaght Avenue
Lysaght Avenue
Lysaght Circle
Lysaght Gardens
Lysaght Gardens
Lysaght Way
Lysaght Way
Macaulay Gardens
Maesglas Avenue
Maesglas Close
Maesglas Crescent
Maesglas Grove
Maesglas Road
Magnolia Close
Magor Street
Maindee Parade
Malcolm Sargent Close
Mallard Way
Malmesbury Close
Malpas Road
Malpas Road
Malpas Road
Malvern Close
Malvern Road
Manchester Street
Manley Road
Manor Park
Mansel Street
Marayat Walk
Marconi Close
Margaret Avenue
Marina Court
Mariner Way
Mariner Way
Mariners Court
Marion Street
Market Street
Marlborough Road
Marlborough Road
Marlowe Gardens
Marshfield Street
Masefield Vale
Maugham Close
May Street
Meadow Close
Meadows Road
Meadows Road
Meads Close
Medlock Close
Medlock Crescent
Medway Close
Medway Court
Medway Road
Melbourne Way
Melfort Gardens
Melfort Road
Mellon Street
Mendalgief Road
Mendip Close
Meon Close
Meredith Close
Merlin Crescent
Merriots Place
Methuen Road
Mill Heath
Mill Parade
Mill Street
Milman Street
Milner Street
Milton Road
Mission Court
Mole Close
Monet Crescent
Monmouth Castle Drive
Monmouth Drive
Monnow Way
Mons Close
Montgomery Road
Montreal Close
Moore Crescent
Moorland Avenue
Moorland Gardens
Moorland Park
Morden Road
Morden Road
Morgan Street
Morgan Way
Morgraig Avenue
Morley Close
Morris Street
Morton Way
Mountbatten Close
Mountjoy Place
Mountjoy Road
Mountjoy Street
Moxon Road
Moxon Road
Mulcaster Avenue
Munnings Drive
Myra Hess Close
Myrtle Close
Myrtle Drive
Myrtle Grove
Nant Coch Drive
Nant Coch Drive
Nant Coch Rise
Nanty-Moor Close
Narbeth Close
Nash Drive
Nash Grove
Nash Mead
Nash Mead
Nash Road
Nash Road
Nelson Drive
Neston Road
Neuadda Close
New Pastures
New Quay Road
New Ruperra Street
New Street
Newman Close
Newton Way
Nidd Close
Norfolk Road
North Street
North Street
Northumberland Road
Novelis Road
O'neal Avenue
Oak Street
Oakfield Gardens
Oakfield Road
Oaklands Park Drive
Oaklands Road
Oakley Street
Oaks Close
Obama Grove
Octavius Close
Ogmore Crescent
Old Cardiff Road
Old Castle Close
Old Green Interchange
Old Hall Close
Old Hill
Old Hill Crescent
Oliphant Circle
Oliver Road
Ombersley Road
Orangery Walk
Orb Drive
Orchard Court
Orchard Gardens
Orchard Street
Oriel Road
Oswald Road
Otter Close
Oxford Street
Oxwich Grove
Oxwich Road
Oystermouth Mews
Oystermouth Way
Palm Square
Palmyra Place
Palmyra Place
Pant Glas Court
Pant Road
Parc-Y-Brain Road
Parc-Y-Brain Road
Parfitt Street
Park Avenue
Park Close
Park Crescent
Park Drive
Park Gardens
Park Square
Park View
Park View
Park View Gardens
Parkfield Place
Parklands Close
Parkwood Drive
Parret Close
Parret Road
Parry Drive
Partridge Way
Patti Close
Pear Tree Lane
Pembroke Grove
Pen Y Groes Grove
Pen-Twyn Lane
Pen-Y-Bryn Close
Pencarn Avenue
Pencarn Lane
Pencarn Way
Penkin Close
Penkin Hill
Penllyn Avenue
Pennard Close
Penny Crescent
Pensidan View
Pentre Tai Road
Pentre-Poeth Close
Pentre-Poeth Road
Penylan Close
Penylan Road
Penylan Road
Pepys Grove
Perry Lane
Phillip Street
Picked Lane
Pillmawr Circle
Pillmawr Road
Pilton Vale
Pine Grove
Pinewood Close
Piper Close
Plas Noral / Noral Place
Plas Thomas / Thomas Grange
Playford Crescent
Plover Close
Plym Walk
Pont Faen Road
Poplar Road
Port Road
Portland Street
Portskewett Mews
Portskewett Street
Potter Street
Pottery Road
Pottery Terrace
Pound Hill
Powell's Place
Power Street
Powis Close
Preston Avenue
Price Close
Priestley Close
Prince Street
Prince Street
Probert Place
Prospect Street
Pugsley Street
Pump Street
Pump Street
Purcell Square
Pye Corner
Pye Corner
Quantock Drive
Quebec Close
Queen Street
Queen's Close
Queen's Croft
Queen's Hill
Queen's Hill Crescent
Queen's Way
Queensway Meadows
Quilter Close
Rachel Square
Radnor Road
Railway Street
Rankine Close
Raphael Close
Redbrick Gardens
Redbrook Road
Redbrook Road
Redland Street
Redvers Street
Reene Court
Rees Close
Rembrandt Way
Renoir Road
Renoir Road
Reservoir Close
Reynolds Close
Rhodfa Baldwin / Baldwin Drive
Rhodfa Excalibur / Excalibur Drive
Rhodfa Ingot / Ingot Drive
Rhodfa Inkerman / Inkerman Drive
Rhodfa Loftus / Loftus Avenue
Rhosyn Close
Rhuddlan Close
Rhymney Way
Richmond Road
Ridgeway Avenue
Ridgeway Close
Ridgeway Court
Ridgeway Crescent
Ridgeway Drive
Ridgeway Drive
Ridgeway Gardens
Ridgeway Grove
Ridgeway Hill
Ridgeway Park Road
Ridgeway Rise
Ridgeway View
Ridgeway Villas
Ringland Circle
Ringland Way
Ringland Way
Ringwood Avenue
Ringwood Hill
Ringwood Place
Risca Road
Risca Road
Risca Road
River Reach
Robbin's Lane
Robert Close
Robertson Way
Rochester Road
Rockfield Street
Roding Close
Rodney Road
Romney Close
Ronald Road
Rosamund Close
Rose Street
Rosendale Court
Ross Lane
Ross Street
Rosslyn Road
Rother Close
Rothesay Road
Rowan Way
Royal Oak Drive
Royal Oak Drive
Royal Oak Drive
Royal Oak Hill
Royal Oak Hill
Royston Crescent
Rudry Street
Rugby Road
Ruperra Close
Ruperra Lane
Ruperra Street
Rupert Brooke Drive
Ruskin Rise
Russell Close
Russell Drive
Rutherford Hill
Rutland Place
Salisbury Close
Sandal Wood Court
Sandpiper Way
Sandy Lane
Scarborough Road
Scard Street
Scholars Close
School Lane
School Terrace
Schooner Avenue
Schooner Circle
Schooner Close
Scott Close
Seabreeze Avenue
Seabreeze Cresent
Seabreeze Drive
Second Street
Sedgemoor Court
Serpentine Road
Seven Stiles Avenue
Severn Sisters Close
Shaftesbury Street
Shakespeare Crescent
Shannon Road
Shaw Grove
Shelley Road
Sheridan Close
Shetland Close
Shrewsbury Close
Sickert Close
Sidney Street
Silver Fir Square
Simpson Close
Sir Charles Crescent
Sir Charles Square
Sixth Street
Skinner Lane
Skinner Street
Slade Street
Soho Street
Soho Street
Somerset Road
Somerset Road
Somerton Crescent
Somerton Lane
Somerton Park
Somerton Road
Somerton Road
Somerton Road
Somerton Road
Sorrel Drive
South Lake Drive
South Market Street
Southville Road
Speke Street
Spencer Road
Spooner Close
Spring Gardens
Spring Lane
Spring Street
Springfield Close
Springfield Drive
Springfield Lane
Springfield Road
Spytty Lane
Spytty Lane
Spytty Road
Spytty Road
Spytty Road
Spytty Road
St Andrews Place
St Anne's Close
St Anne's Crescent
St Basil's Crescent
St Basils Stores
St Brides Crescent
St Brides Gardens
St Davids Crescent
St Edward Street
St George's Crescent
St Johns Road
St Julian Street
St Julian's Avenue
St Julian's Road
St Julians Court
St Mark's Crescent
St Mark's Crescent
St Mary Street
St Mary's Court
St Michael Street
St Michaels Mews
St Stephen's Road
St Vincent Court
St Vincent Court
St Vincent Road
St Woolos Place
St Woolos Road
Stafford Road
Stanford Road
Stanley Road
Station Approach
Station Street
Steel Close
Steer Crescent
Stelvio Park Avenue
Stelvio Park Crescent
Stelvio Park Drive
Stelvio Park Gardens
Stelvio Park Grove
Stelvio Park Rise
Stelvio Park View
Stephenson Street
Stephenson Street
Stephenson Street
Sterndale Bennett Road
Stockton Close
Stockton Road
Stow Hill
Stow Hill
Stow Park Avenue
Stow Park Circle
Stow Park Circle
Stow Park Crescent
Stow Park Drive
Stow Park Gardens
Stryd Charger / Charger Street
Stryd y Bont-Faen / Cowbridge Street
Sullivan Circle
Summerhill Avenue
Sunbean Close
Surrey Place
Sussex Close
Sutherland Crescent
Sutton Road
Swallow Way
Swan Crescent
Swan Crescent
Swinburne Close
Sycamore Avenue
Sycamore Drive
Sylvan Close
Tabernacle Drive
Talbot Lane
Tallis Close
Tamar Close
Tantallus Close
Tantallus Crescent
Tantallus Way
Tatton Road
Tees Close
Telford Street
Temple Street
Tenby Close
Tennyson Road
Tetbury Close
Thames Close
The Bryn
The Coldra
The Coldra
The Coppins
The Firs
The Griffin
The Moorings
The Redlands
The Rosegarden
The Spinney
The Turnstiles
Third Street
Thompson Avenue
Thompson Close
Tippett Close
Tom Lewis Way
Tom Mann Close
Tone Close
Tone Road
Toronto Close
Torridge Road
Traston Avenue
Traston Close
Traston Lane
Traston Road
Trawsmawr Lane
Trawsmawr Lane
Treberth Avenue
Treberth Close
Treberth Crescent
Treberth Drive
Treberth Gardens
Treberth Grove
Treberth Rise
Treberth View
Treberth Way
Tredegar House Drive
Tredegar Park View
Tredegar Street
Tregare Street
Tregwilym Close
Tregwilym Road
Tregwilym Walk
Trent Road
Trevithick Close
Trostrey Street
Tudor Crescent
Tudor Road
Tunnel Terrace
Turner Street
Ty-Coch Close
Ty-Du Lane
Tydu View
Tyllwyd Road
Tyne Close
Upper Dock Street
Upper Power Street
Upper Tennyson Road
Upton Road
Upton Road
Usk Street
Usk Way
Usk Way
Vale View
Van Dyke Close
Vancouver Drive
Vaughan Williams Drive
Vermeer Crescent
Veronica Close
Viaduct Close
Viaduct View
Viaduct Way
Vicarage Close
Vicarage Hill
Victoria Avenue
Victoria Avenue
Victoria Court
Victoria Crescent
Victoria Crescent
Victoria Lane
Victoria Place
Victoria Road
Vine Place
Viscount Evan Drive
Vivian Road
Walden Grange Close
Walden Grange Close
Walford Davies Drive
Walford Street
Wallis Street
Walmer Road
Walsall Street
Ward Close
Warlock Close
Warwick Road
Watch House Parade
Waterloo Road
Waterloo Road
Waters Lane
Wavell Drive
Waveney Close
Weare Close
Wednesbury Street
Welland Circle
Welland Crescent
Wellington Road
Wells Close
Welsh Oak Way
Wentworth Close
West Market Street
West Park Road
West Park Road
West Street
West Way Road
Western Avenue
Western Valley Road
Western Valley Road
Westfield Avenue
Westfield Drive
Westfield Gardens
Westfield Rise
Westfield Road
Westfield Way
Westmoor Close
Westray Close
Westville Road
Wharf Lane
Wharf Lane
Wharf Road
Wharf Road
Wheeler Street
Whitby Place
Whitby Place
White Avenue
Whitstone Road
Whittle Drive
Willenhall Street
William Lovett Gardens
William Morris Drive
Willow Close
Wilson Road
Wilson Street
Winchester Close
Windrush Close
Windsor Road
Windsor Terrace
Wingate Street
Wistaria Close
Witham Street
Wolseley Close
Wolseley Street
Woodland Drive
Woodland Park Road
Woodland Park Road
Woodland Road
Woodlands Drive
Woodville Road
Worcester Crescent
Wordsworth Road
Wright Close
Wye Crescent
Wyeverne Road
Wyndham Street
Yeo Close
Yeo Road
Yewberry Close
Yewberry Lane
Yewberry Lane
York Place
York Road