The Town of Farnborough in the County of Hampshire

The town of Farnborough is located within the county of Hampshire.

Farnborough is situated in the South East (England) region of the UK and is governed by Guildford, Hart, Rushmoor, Surrey Heath, councils.

The town of Farnborough is covers the following regions.

  • West Surrey - Surrey, East and West Sussex - South East (England)
  • North Hampshire - Hampshire and Isle of Wight - South East (England)
  • Guildford
  • Hart
  • Rushmoor
  • Surrey Heath
  • Cove: St Christopher
  • Cove: St John The Baptist
  • Farnborough: St Mark
  • North Farnborough: Church of the GoodS
  • North Farnborough: St Peter
  • South Hawley: All Saints
  • Southwood: Estate Church

Where is Farnborough is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Farnborough in Hampshire

Dentists in Farnborough

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Farnborough
Adp 3 Salisbury Road Farnborough Hampshire GU14 7AN
Aldershot Dental Centre The Dental Centre, Evelyn Woods Road Aldershot Hampshire GU11 2LS
Broadhurst Dental Surgery 86 Alexandra Road Farnborough Hampshire GU14 6DD
Centre Of Restorative Dentistry Dental Centre Evelyn Woods Road Aldershot Hampshire GU11 2LS
Dental Surgery 1 Southampton Street Farnborough Hampshire GU14 6AU
Dental Surgery Southwood Village Centre, Links Way Farnborough Hampshire GU14 0NA
Fernhill Road (dental Surgery) 99 Fernhill Road Farnborough Hampshire GU14 9DS
Rodericks Ltd 74 Queensmead Farnborough Hampshire GU14 7SB

Opticians in Farnborough

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Farnborough
4942 Farnborough Asda Stores Ltd, Westmead Farnborough Hampshire GU14 7LT
Boots Opticians (farnborough) 87-91 Queensmead Farnborough Hampshire GU14 7RZ
Brian Craig Eyecare Ltd 20 Victoria Road Farnborough Hampshire GU14 7NY
Chapel Opticians (farnborough) 102-104 Chapel Lane Farnborough Hampshire GU14 9BL
Costco Wholesale Uk Ltd - Templar Avenue Costco, 2 Templer Avenue Farnborough Hampshire GU14 6FE
Fantaseyes Opticians 71 Queensmead Farnborough Hampshire GU14 7RL
Specsavers (farnborough) Unit 11a, Princes Mead Centre Farnborough Hampshire GU14 6YA

Chemists in Farnborough

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Farnborough
Boots Unit D, Blackwater Retail Park Farnborough Hampshire GU14 8BL tel:01252 543629
Boots The Chemist 28-29 Princes Mead Farnborough Hampshire GU14 6YA
Boots The Chemist 87 Lynchford Road Farnborough Hampshire GU14 6ET
Bridge Road Pharmacy 6 Bridge Road, Cove Farnborough Hampshire GU14 0HS tel:01252 542807
Chapel Lane Pharmacy Chapel Lane Farnborough Hampshire GU14 9BL tel:01276 33819
Day Lewis Pharmacy 15 Churchill Crescent, Hawley Estate Farnborough Hampshire GU14 8EL tel:01252 621621
Day Lewis Pharmacy 40 Giffard Drive Farnborough Hampshire GU14 8PX tel:01252 543326
In Store Pharmacy Westmead Farnborough Hampshire GU14 7LT tel:01252 513131
Lloydspharmacy 248 Farnborough Road Farnborough Hampshire GU14 7JW tel:01252 540777
Lloydspharmacy 6 Queensmead Farnborough Hampshire GU14 7GL
Morrisons Pharmacy Links Way, Summit Avenue, Southwood Village Centre Farnborough Hampshire GU14 0NA tel:01252 377270
North Camp Pharmacy 41 Camp Road Farnborough Hampshire GU14 6EN tel:01252 543226
Pharmacy Bond G1 Governors House, 101 Alexandra Road Farnborough Hampshire GU14 6BN tel:01252 918833

Doctors in Farnborough

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Farnborough
Alexander House Surgery 2 Salisbury Road Farnborough Hampshire GU14 7AW tel:01252 541155
Giffard Drive Surgery 68 Giffard Drive Farnborough Hampshire GU14 8QB tel:01252 541282
Jenner House Surgery 159 Cove Road Farnborough Hampshire GU14 0HQ tel:01252 548141
Mayfield Medical Centre Croyde Close Farnborough Hampshire GU14 8UE tel:01252 541884
North Camp Surgery 2 Queens Road Farnborough Hampshire GU14 6DH tel:01252 517734
Southwood Practice Southwood Village Centre, Links Way Farnborough Hampshire GU14 0NA tel:01252 371715
Southwood Practice Southwood Village Centre, Links Way Farnborough GU14 0NA
Voyager Family Health 208 Farnborough Road Farnborough GU14 7JN tel:01252 545078
List of Streets in Farnborough
Abbey Way
Adlington Place
Aerospace Boulevard
Aircraft Esplanade
Alanbrooke Road
Albert Road
Aldershot Road
Aldrin Place
Aldwick Close
Alexandra Road
Alison Close
All Saints Crescent
Almond Close
Alpine Close
Amber Gardens
Ambleside Close
Anchor Meadow
Andrewartha Road
Andrews Road
Anglesey Avenue
Anne Armstrong Close
Apollo Rise
Appledore Mews
Armstrong Mall
Armstrong Way
Arrow Road
Arrow Road
Artillery Road
Ash Tree Close
Ashbury Drive
Ashdown Avenue
Ashdown Avenue
Ashley Road
Austen Road
Avenue Road
Avenue Road
Avon Close
Baird Road
Ballantyne Road
Bank Road
Barge Close
Barnes Close
Barracuda Road
Bartons Way
Bayford Close
Baywood Close
Beacon Road
Beech Road
Bell Close
Belmont Close
Belstone Mews
Belvedere Road
Berkshire Copse Road
Berkshire Copse Road
Beta Road
Beverley Crescent
Bideford Close
Birchett Road
Birchett Road
Blackstone Close
Blackthorn Crescent
Blaise Close
Blenheim Court
Blenheim Park
Blenheim Park
Blenheim Park
Blenheim Road
Blunden Road
Bofors Road
Boundary Road
Brabon Road
Bracklesham Close
Brake Road
Bramshot Road
Brecon Close
Brendon Road
Brewers Close
Briars Close
Bridge Road
Brook Gardens
Brook Gardens
Brookhouse Road
Brookwood Road
Broomhill Road
Brownsover Road
Bruntile Close
Buccaneer Way
Buckland Close
Buller Court
Burns Close
Burnsall Close
Busk Crescent
Buttermere Close
Cabrol Road
Cadogan Road
Cairngorm Place
Cambrian Road
Cambridge Road East
Cambridge Road West
Cameron Road
Camp Farm Road
Camp Road
Canal Close
Canterbury Gardens
Canterbury Road
Canterbury Walk
Carlyon Close
Carmarthen Close
Caswell Close
Cavan's Road
Cedar Road
Centre Terrace Road
Centrifuge Way
Chalfont Drive
Chamomile Gardens
Chancerygate Way
Chapel Lane
Chapel Lane
Chapel Lane
Chapel Lane
Chapel Street
Charlecote Close
Chartwell Gardens
Chartwell Gardens
Chatfield Close
Chatsworth Road
Chaucer Road
Chavasse Way
Cherry Tree Close
Cherrywood Road
Chestnut Road
Chestnut Tree Grove
Cheviot Close
Cheyne Way
Chiltern Avenue
Chiltern Close
Chingford Avenue
Church Avenue
Church Circle
Church Lane
Church Road East
Church Road West
Churchill Close
Churchill Crescent
Clandon Court
Claydon Gardens
Clayton Road
Clevedon Court
Clockhouse Road
Closeworth Road
Clouston Road
Clubhouse Road
Cody Road
Cold Harbour Lane
Coleford Bridge Road
Coleville Road
Collier Close
Columbus Drive
Comet Road
Comfrey Close
Commer Track
Commer Track
Commer Track
Concorde Road
Coniston Close
Constant Road
Conway Drive
Coombe Way
Corfe Way
Coriander Close
Cornelia Close
Cotswold Close
Cottage Gardens
Cottesmore Place
Cove Road
Covey Close
Coxwell Avenue
Cranleigh Court
Cranwell Road
Credon Close
Crerar Close
Cripley Road
Cromwell Way
Cross Road
Cross Street
Croyde Close
Cumbria Court
Cunnington Road
Curly Bridge Close
Cutts Road
Cypress Hill Court
Dairy Gate Road
Dart Road
De Havilland Road
Delville Close
Dene Road
Dennis Track
Dennis Track
Dennis Track
Derry Road
Derwent Close
Devon Road
Devon Road
Devon Road
Dingley Way
Doreen Close
Dorset Mews
Douai Close
Douglas Place
Downs Close
Dryden Road
Dukes Park
Dump Road
Dunstall Park
Duxford Way
Eelmoor Plain Road
Eelmoor Road
Eelmoor Road
Eelmoor Road
Elles Close
Elles Road
Elles Road
Elles Road
Elm Grove Road
Elmsleigh Road
Empress Avenue
Etps Road
Evelyn Woods Road
Fairfax Mews
Fairfax Road
Faraday Road
Farnborough Gate
Farnborough Road
Farnborough Road
Farnborough Road
Farnborough Road
Farnborough Road
Farnborough Road
Farnborough Road
Farnborough Road
Farnborough Street
Fellows Road
Fennel Close
Fern Place
Ferndown Gardens
Fernhill Close
Fernhill Lane
Fernhill Road
Fernhill Road
Fernhill Walk
Field Road
Field Road
Field Road
Fintry Place
Firgrove Parade
Firs Close
Fishermen's Close
Fleet Road
Fleet Road
Fleet Road
Fleet Road
Fleet Road
Fleet Road
Fleming Close
Foden Track
Forge Lane
Forth Close
Fowler Avenue
Fowler Avenue
Fowler Road
Fowler's Road
Fox Heath
Frome Close
Gables Close
Gaffney Close
Gainsborough Close
Garden Close
Giffard Drive
Gladiator Way
Glebe Road
Gleneagles Drive
Glenwood Court
Gloster Close
Goddards Close
Goodden Crescent
Goodwood Place
Gordon Road
Gort Close
Government House Road
Government Road
Grace Bennett Close
Grange Road
Grantham Drive
Grasmere Road
Gravel Road
Greatfield Close
Greatfield Road
Greens School Lane
Greens School Lane
Grenadiers Way
Griffon Close
Guildford Road East
Guildford Road West
Guillemont Fields
Guy Track
Guy Track
Guy Track
Hall Road
Hamilton Gardens
Hanover Gardens
Harbour Close
Harmes Way
Hart Close
Harvey Road
Haskins Drive
Haskins Gardens
Hatfield Gardens
Hawley Court
Hawley Lane
Hawley Lane
Hawley Lane
Hawthorn Court
Hazel Avenue
Heather Gardens
Heathlands Close
Helen Court
Henley Close
Herbs End
Hercules Way
Hermitage Close
High Street
High View Close
High View Road
Highfield Close
Highfield Path
Highfield Road
Highgate Lane
Hilder Gardens
Hillsborough Court
Hindell Close
Hinstock Close
Holly Close
Holly Road
Hollybush Lane
Holmbrook Close
Holmbrook Gardens
Holt Close
Holywell Close
Home Farm Close
Homelea Close
Honington Mews
Horn Road
Hornbeam Close
Hornchurch Square
Houseman Road
Howard Drive
Hunter Road
Hurst Road
Invincible Road
Irvine Drive
Ively Road
Ively Road
Jubilee Close
Jubilee Hall Road
Juniper Road
Jupiter Close
Keith Lucas Road
Kempton Court
Kendal Close
Kenilworth Road
Kenley Place
Kennels Lane
Kennet Close
Kensington Place
Kestrel Road
Kiln Place
King George Close
Kingfisher Close
Kingsley Road
Kitchener Road
Knightwood Close
Ladywood Avenue
Laffan Track
Laffan's Road
Lakeside Gardens
Lakeside Road
Lancaster Road
Lancaster Way
Langdale Close
Larch Way
Laurel Close
Leopold Avenue
Ley Road
Leyland Track
Lille Barracks
Lille Barracks
Lime Tree Walk
Limes Road
Lincoln Road
Lines Road
Lines Road
Lines Road
Lines Road
Link Road
Link Road
Links Way
Linstead Road
Lion Road
Liskeard Drive
Lock Road
Lockwood Close
Loddon Road
Long Beech Drive
Longfield Close
Longleat Square
Lower Terrace Road
Lulworth Close
Lye Copse Avenue
Lynchford Lane
Lynchford Lane
Lynchford Road
Lynchford Road
Lynchford Road
Lynchford Road
Lyndsey Close
Lynn Way
Lysander Way
Magazine Road
Maitland Road
Mallard Place
Malvern Road
Manor Road
Manor Road
Maple Avenue
Maple Leaf Close
Mariners Drive
Marjoram Close
Marlborough View
Marrowbrook Close
Marrowbrook Lane
Marrowbrook Lane
Marshall Close
Marston Drive
Maskell Way
Mason Road
Mayfield Road
Mayfield Road
Mc Naughton Close
Meadow Gate Avenue
Meadow Road
Medway Drive
Melrose Avenue
Mendip Road
Meon Close
Merlin Road
Merlin Way
Meteor Way
Meteor Way
Meudon Avenue
Middleton Gardens
Minley Close
Minley Road
Minster Close
Mole Close
Monks Close
Mons Close
Montacute Close
Montgomery Road
Moor Road
Moorside Close
Morland's Road
Morris Road
Morris Road
Morval Close
Moselle Close
Mosquito Way
Mulberry Way
Murray Road
Murrays Road
Napier Close
Napoleon Avenue
Nash Close
Netley Street
Nevada Close
Neville Duke Road
New Dawn Close
Newfield Avenue
Newton Road
Nightingale Close
Norris Hill Road
Norris Hill Road
North Close
North Farm Close
North Farm Road
North Gate Road
North Gate Road
North Road
Northcote Road
Northcote Road
Northolt Close
Nutmeg Court
O'connor Road
O'gorman Avenue
O'gorman Avenue
Oak Road
Oaken Copse Crescent
Oakfield Place
Old Ively Road
Old Rectory Gardens
Oldwood Chase
Orchard Close
Orchard Road
Orwell Close
Osborne Road
Oxford Road
Palmerston Close
Parish Road
Park Road
Park Road
Park Road
Pavilion Road
Peabody Road
Peabody Road
Peach Tree Close
Pegasus Road
Pembroke Mews
Pennine Way
Penns Wood
Pentland Place
Perring Avenue
Perring Road
Perring Road
Pierrefondes Avenue
Pinehurst Avenue
Pinehurst Road
Pinewood Crescent
Pinewood Park
Pipers Patch
Pirbright Road
Pitt Way
Polden Close
Pond Road
Pond Road
Poplars Close
Prentice Close
Primrose Gardens
Prince Charles Crescent
Prince Regent Place
Prince's Avenue
Priors Close
Priory Street
Prospect Avenue
Prospect Road
Prospect Road
Prospect Road
Puckridge Gate Road
Purmerend Close
Pyestock Crescent
Queen Victoria Court
Queen's Avenue
Queen's Gate Road
Queens Gate Road
Queens Road
Radar Road
Rae Road
Rae Road
Ramillies Close
Randell Close
Randolph Drive
Range Road
Range Road
Rapallo Close
Ratcliffe Road
Rawlinson Road
Reading Road
Recreation Close
Rectory Road
Rectory Road
Redvers Buller Road
Reed Close
Reservoir Road
Revelstoke Avenue
Rhine Banks
Ribble Place
Richmond Close
Rifle Way
Rimbault Close
Ringwood Road
Ripon Road
Rivers Close
Riverside Close
Robin Hood Close
Rodmel Court
Romayne Close
Romney Road
Romney Road
Rose Gardens
Rosemary Close
Rother Road
Rowans Close
Rowhill Close
Rushmoor Road
Ruth Close
Rydal Close
Rye Close
Salesian View
Salisbury Road
Saltram Road
Sand Hill
Sand Hill Court
Sandy Lane
Sarah Way
Saunton Gardens
Sbac Track
Scholars Walk
Scott's Court
Seafire Way
Seafire Way
Seafire Way
Seafire Way
Severn Road
Shakespeare Gardens
Sheffield Close
Shelley Rise
Shepherds Walk
Sherborne Road
Sherwin Crescent
Ship Alley
Ship Lane
Shoe Lane
Shoe Lane
Shoe Lane
Sidestrand Road
Sidlaws Road
Silver Birch Way
Sine Close
Slim Close
Solartron Road
Somerset Road
Sorrel Close
South Street
Southampton Street
Southern Way
Southwood Crescent
Southwood Lane
Southwood Road
Spitfire Way
Squirrel Lane
St Christopher's Road
St Christophers Place
St David's Close
St Dominic Close
St John's Road
St Marks Close
St Michael's Road
Stake Lane
Stanley Drive
Station Road
Stirling Close
Stirling Way
Stirling Way
Stirling Way
Stourhead Close
Stratton Walk
Stuart Close
Stubbs Moor Road
Sullivan Close
Summit Avenue
Sunderland Place
Sunnybank Road
Swale Road
Sycamore Road
Sycamore Road
Sylvan Glade
Syon Place
Talgarth Drive
Tarn Close
Tarragon Close
Tavistock Gardens
Tay Close
Taylor Road
Tees Close
Templer Avenue
Templer Avenue
Test House Gate Road
Thames Close
The Birches
The Chase
The Copse
The Covert
The Crescent
The Fairway
The Findings
The Garth
The Grove
The Howf
The Lawns
The Pathfinders
The Potteries
The Rockery
The Shrubbery
The Sycamores
The Topiary
The Wrekin
Theatre Road
Thirlmere Close
Thomas Road
Thyme Court
Tile Barn Close
Top Terrace Road
Totland Close
Tournai Close
Tower Hill
Transport Road
Tredenham Close
Tregolls Drive
Trent Close
Trunk Road
Tunnel Road
Tunnel Road
Tweed Close
Tweedsmuir Close
Twelve Acre Crescent
Tyne Close
Tyte Track
Ullswater Avenue
Union Street
Union Street
Upper Terrace Road
Upton Close
Valiant Way
Valiant Way
Vampire Way
Varney Close
Vesey Close
Vickers Close
Victor Way
Victoria Gardens
Victoria Road
Victoria Road
Victoria Track
Vine Close
Virginia Gardens
Wade Close
Wakefords Close
Wallis Square
Wapati Way
Warren Track
Warwick Road
Water Lane
Watts Road
Waverley Road
Wayman Road
Weir Avenue
Weir Close
Welbeck Close
Wellesley Road
Wellington Way
Wellington Way
Wellington Way
Wellington Way
Wessex Road
West Heath Road
West Heath Road
West Road
Wetherby Gardens
Whetstone Road
Whitby Close
Whitebeam Gardens
Whitehouse Close
Whites Road
Whittle Crescent
Willow Crescent
Wilson Road
Wilton Court
Winchester Street
Windermere Close
Windsor Close
Windsor Road
Wisley Gardens
Woburn Avenue
Wood Lane
Woodcot Gardens
Woodland Crescent
Woodlands Close
Woodlands Road
Woodlands Walk
Woodlands Walk
Woodlands Walk
Woodlands Walk
Woodside Road
Woodvale Road
Worcester Close
Wren Way
Wymering Court
Yeomans Close
Yeovil Close
Yeovil Road
Yetminster Road
Yew Tree Close
York Road