The Town of Horndean in the County of Hampshire

The town of Horndean is located within the county of Hampshire.

Horndean is situated in the South East (England) region of the UK and is governed by East Hampshire, Havant, councils.

The town of Horndean is covers the following regions.

  • Central Hampshire - Hampshire and Isle of Wight - South East (England)
  • South Hampshire - Hampshire and Isle of Wight - South East (England)
  • East Hampshire
  • Havant

Where is Horndean is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Horndean in Hampshire

Opticians in Horndean

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Horndean
South Coast Opticians Unit 25, Highcroft Industrial Estate, Enterprise Road Waterlooville Hampshire PO8 0BT
Yogi Eyecare (clanfield) 39 Drift Road, Clanfield Waterlooville PO8 0JS

Chemists in Horndean

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Horndean
Everetts Pharmacy 4 London Road, Horndean Waterlooville Hampshire PO8 0BZ tel:02392 592166
Morrisons Pharmacy Dell Piece West, Lakesmere Road, Horndean Waterlooville Hampshire PO8 9FB tel:02392 571997
Rowlands Pharmacy 3a Green Lane, Clanfield Waterlooville Hampshire PO8 0JU tel:02392 597645

Doctors in Horndean

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Horndean
The Clanfield Practice 2 White Dirt Lane, Clanfield Waterlooville Hampshire PO8 0QL tel:023 92593285
List of Streets in Horndean
Acacia Gardens
Acorn Drive
Acorn Gardens
Acre Lane
Albretia Avenue
Aldridge Close
Almond Close
Alten Road
Amberley Road
Anmore Drive
Anmore Lane
Anmore Lane
Anmore Lane
Anvil Close
Appleton Close
Arle Close
Arun Close
Ash Close
Ash Copse
Ashington Close
Ashley Close
Aspen Way
Avocet Way
Barley Rise
Barn Fold
Barney Evans Crescent
Barrel Mews
Barrel Mews
Barton Cross
Beckless Avenue
Beech Close
Beech Road
Beech Way
Belmont Close
Benbow Close
Bentley Close
Bevan Road
Bevan Road
Bilberry Avenue
Birch Close
Birdlip Close
Black Berry Close
Blackbird Close
Blenheim Road
Bourne Close
Bowers Close
Bowes-Lyon Court
Bracken Heath
Brewster Close
Briar Close
Briarfield Gardens
Bridefield Close
Bridefield Crescent
Bridget Close
Bridle Path
Broadway Lane
Brooks Walk
Buckland Close
Bulls Copse Lane
Bunting Gardens
Castle Mews
Catherine Gardens
Catherington Lane
Catkin Grove
Causeway Farm
Cedar Crescent
Celandine Avenue
Chaffinch Green
Chalk Hill Road
Chalk Ridge
Chalton Lane
Chantry Road
Chaplains Avenue
Chaplains Close
Chatburn Avenue
Cheriton Close
Cherry Tree Avenue
Cherry Tree Avenue
Cherry Tree Avenue
Chervil Close
Chesterton Gardens
Chestnut Avenue
Church Path
Churchill Court
Claire Gardens
Clinton Road
Coldhill Lane
Coleridge Gardens
Columbine Way
Comfrey Close
Coombs Close
Coopers Rise
Cornbrook Grove
Cotwell Avenue
Crestland Close
Cricket Drive
Crisspyn Close
Crombie Close
Cross Lane
Crossbill Close
Crouch Lane
Cunningham Road
Curlew Gardens
Cypress Crescent
Day Lane
Deep Dale
Deep Dell
Delft Gardens
Dell Piece East
Dell Piece East
Dell Piece West
Dell Piece West
Derwent Close
Ditch Acre Grove
Dorrita Avenue
Dorset Close
Dove Close
Down Farm Place
Down Road
Downham Close
Downwood Way
Draycote Road
Dresden Drive
Drift Road
Dudleston Heath Drive
Duncton Road
Durlands Court
Durlands Road
Durley Avenue
Eagle Avenue
Eagle Avenue
Edgefield Grove
Edwards Close
Eglantine Close
Eglantine Walk
Elaine Gardens
Elderberry Close
Elderberry Way
Elmeswelle Road
Endal Way
Ennerdale Close
Enterprise Road
Eperston Road
Erica Close
Erica Way
Eskdale Close
Everglades Avenue
Fairbourne Close
Fairmead Walk
Fairy Crossway
Falcon Road
Farmers Way
Farmhouse Way
Farriers Way
Fieldfare Close
Firs Avenue
First Avenue
Firtree Gardens
Five Heads Road
Five Heads Road
Flag Walk
Forest Avenue
Forest Close
Foxglove Way
Foxtail Road
Francis Road
Frogmore Lane
Fulmer Walk
Furze Way
Galaxie Road
Gladys Avenue
Gleneagles Drive
Glenmore Gardens
Glenwood Gardens
Godwin Crescent
Goldcrest Close
Goodwood Close
Goring Avenue
Granada Close
Granada Close
Grassmere Way
Grebe Close
Green Lane
Greenfield Crescent
Greenfield Rise
Gypsy Lane
Hambledon Road
Harcourt Close
Harehurst Walk
Harrier Close
Harrowgate Lane
Hart Plain Avenue
Hart Plain Avenue
Harting Close
Hartwood Gardens
Havant Road
Hawkewood Avenue
Hawthorn Road
Hazel Road
Hazleton Way
Hazleton Way
Heath Close
Hemlock Road
Hemsley Walk
Henwood Grove
Herriott Close
Heyshott Gardens
Highcroft Lane
Hilltop Gardens
Hitherwood Close
Hobby Close
Hogs Lodge Lane
Holdenhurst Close
Holly Bank Close
Holman Close
Homer Close
Huntsman Close
Huntsman Close
Hurst Green Close
Idsworth Close
Idsworth Road
Ivydene Gardens
Jackdaw Close
Jackdaw Close
Jacobs Close
James Copse Road
Jasmine Way
Jay Close
Jodrell Close
Juniper Road
Keats Close
Kendal Close
Kestrel Close
Keydell Avenue
Keydell Close
Kilderkin Drive
King's Road
Kingfisher Close
Kings Mede
Kingscote Road
Kingsdown Road
Kite Close
Lakesmere Road
Lapwing Close
Larchfield Way
Latchmore Forest Grove
Latchmore Gardens
Laurel Road
Lavant Close
Lavant Close
Lavant Close
Lawnswood Close
Lawrence Avenue
Lensyd Gardens
Letcombe Place
Lincoln Rise
Linda Grove
Linden Way
Linnet Close
Lith Avenue
Lith Lane
London Road
London Road
London Road
London Road
Longwood Avenue
Lovage Way
Lovedean Lane
Lovedean Lane
Lowton Gardens
Loxwood Road
Lychgate Drive
Lyne Place
Lynwood Avenue
Lynwood Avenue
Lynwood Avenue
Madocks Way
Magnolia Way
Magpie Walk
Malthouse Way
Maple Crescent
Mapletree Avenue
Marjoram Crescent
Markwells Walk
Masefield Crescent
Maynard Place
Maytree Gardens
Maytree Road
Meadow Rise
Meadowcroft Close
Meon Close
Merchistoun Road
Merlin Close
Milbeck Close
Milton Parade
Milton Road
Milton Road
Milton Road
Moor Park
Morley Crescent
Mundays Row
Murray Road
Napier Road
Nelson Crescent
New Road
New Road
Newbolt Close
Nightjar Close
North Road
Northfield Close
Nursery Gardens
Nursery Gardens
Oak Close
Oak Road
Oaklands Grove
Oakleaf Way
Oakmont Drive
Oaks Coppice
Oasthouse Drive
Old Barn Gardens
Old Brewery Way
Old Brewery Way
Old Mill Lane
Orchard Grove
Padnell Avenue
Padnell Road
Padnell Road
Park Lane
Park Lane
Park Lane
Park Lane
Park Lane
Parklands Avenue
Partridge Gardens
Passingham Walk
Peacock Gardens
Pentere Road
Peper Harow
Petersfield Lane
Pine Tree Gardens
Pine Tree Walk
Pinehurst Close
Portsmouth Road
Portsmouth Road
Portsmouth Road
Primrose Gardens
Princess Gardens
Prochurch Road
Prochurch Road
Puffin Walk
Pump Lane
Pyle Close
Pyrford Close
Pyrford Close
Quail Way
Queens Crescent
Ramblers Way
Redshank Road
Redwing Road
Renown Gardens
Ridge Close
Rimington Road
Robin Gardens
Rodney Way
Romsey Road
Rookes Close
Rose Hill
Rosemary Way
Rosewood Gardens
Rowan Avenue
Rowlands Castle Road
Ruskin Way
Sandlewood Close
Sandpiper Close
Sandy Field Crescent
Saxon Close
Shakespeare Gardens
Shelley Gardens
Sheppard Close
Shire Close
Silverdale Drive
Silvester Road
Silvester Road
Silvester Road
Singleton Gardens
South Road
Southdown Road
Southdown View
Sparrow Close
Sparrow Close
Spencer Gardens
Spinney Close
Spring Vale
St Andrew Close
St Ann's Road
St David's Road
St Giles Way
St Hilda Avenue
St Hubert Road
St James Close
St Michaels Way
St Vincent Crescent
Stagshorn Road
Stephen Close
Stonechat Road
Storrington Road
Summerhill Road
Sunderton Lane
Sunnymead Drive
Sunnymead Drive
Sunnymead Drive
Sutton Close
Sutton Road
Swift Close
Swinburn Gardens
Swinburn Gardens
Sycamore Close
Sycamore Close
Tagdell Lane
Tagdell Lane
Tarbery Crescent
Tarn Rise
Teal Close
Teglease Gardens
The Coppice
The Curve
The Grange
The Spinney
The Vale
The Yews
Thresher Close
Thrush Walk
Tilford Road
Tillington Gardens
Treetops Drive
Valley Park Drive
Verbena Crescent
Victory Avenue
Viking Way
Wagtail Road
Walburton Way
Walden Gardens
Warbler Close
Wasdale Close
Waterloo Close
Wedgewood Way
Welchwood Close
Well Copse Close
Wellington Close
Wentworth Drive
Wesermarsch Road
Wessex Road
Westbrooke Close
Wheatsheaf Drive
White Beam Rise
Whitebeam Close
Whiteland Way
Willow Tree Avenue
Wilton Drive
Windmill Close
Winkfield Row
Winscombe Avenue
Winscombe Avenue
Winscombe Avenue
Witley Road
Wode Close
Woodbury Grove
Woodcroft Gardens
Woodcroft Lane
Woodcutters Drive
Woodcutters Drive
Woodland View
Woodstock Avenue
Wyndham Close
Yew Tree Avenue
Yoells Crescent
Yoells Lane