The Town of Dover in the County of Kent

The town of Dover is located within the county of Kent.

Dover is situated in the South East (England) region of the UK and is governed by Dover, council.

The town of Dover is in the East Kent region of Kent within South East (England).

  • Dover
  • Aycliffe: Church Centre
  • Buckland Valley: St Nicholas
  • Buckland-in-Dover: St Andrew
  • Charlton-in-Dover: St Peter & St Paul
  • Dover: St Martin
  • Dover: St Mary the Virgin
  • River: St Peter & St Paul
  • Temple Ewell: St Peter & St Paul

Where is Dover is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Dover in Kent

Dentists in Dover

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Dover
30-32 Castle Street (dental Practice) 30-32 Castle Street Dover Kent CT16 1PW
Castle Street Dental Practice 51 Castle Street Dover Kent CT16 1PT
Dental Surgery 64 Pencester Road Dover Kent CT16 1BW
Dover Priory Dental Practice 3 Priory Road Dover Kent CT17 9RQ

Opticians in Dover

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Dover
Bailey Opticians 20 High Street Dover Kent CT16 1DR
Biggs Opticians 5-7 High Street Dover Kent CT16 1DP
Kent 2 Domiciliary Specsavers Limited Unit 2, 11-16 Biggin Street Dover Kent CT16 1BD
Specsavers (dover) Unit 2, 11-16 Biggin Street Dover Kent CT16 1BD
Vision Express (dover) 31 Biggin Street Dover Kent CT16 1BU

Chemists in Dover

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Dover
Aa Beggs 32 Pencester Road Dover Kent CT16 1BW tel:01304 205406
Boots The Chemists 19 Biggin Street Dover Kent CT16 1BH tel:01304 206321
Cairns Chemist Vantage Pharmacy, 51 London Road Dover Kent CT17 0SP tel:01304 206968
Grace Chemist 127 Folkestone Road Dover Kent CT17 9SG
Paydens Pharmacy 108 High Street Dover Kent CT16 1EG tel:01304 206460
River Pharmacy 1 Chilton Way, River Dover Kent CT17 0QB tel:01304 820573
White Cliffs Pharmacy 141 Folkestone Road Dover Kent CT17 9SG

Doctors in Dover

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Dover
Buckland Medical Practice Buckland Avenue Dover Kent CT16 2NP tel:01304 206353
High Street Surgery 100-106 High Street Dover Kent CT16 1EQ tel:01304 206463
Pencester Health Dover Health Centre, Maison Dieu Road Dover Kent CT16 1RH tel:01304 865577
Pencester Health Maison Dieu Road Dover CT16 1RH
Pencester Surgery 10 Pencester Road Dover Kent CT16 1BW tel:01304 240553
Peter Street Surgery Peter Street Dover Kent CT16 1EF tel:01304 216890
St James' Surgery 2 Harold Street Dover Kent CT16 1SF tel:01304 225559
White Cliffs Medical Centre 143 Folkestone Road Dover Kent CT17 9SG tel:01304 201705
List of Streets in Dover
Abbey Road
Abbey Road
Abbey Road
Adrian Street
Alamein Close
Albany Place
Albert Road
Alberta Close
Alexandra Place
Alfred Road
Alkham Road
Alkham Road
Alkham Road
Amsa Corner
Anselm Road
Anstee Road
Anzio Crescent
Approach Road
Archcliffe Road
Ash Close
Ashen Tree Lane
Astley Avenue
Astor Avenue
Athol Terrace
Auckland Crescent
Auden Way
Avenue Road
Back Road West
Badgers Rise
Balfour Road
Bartholomew Street
Barton Road
Barwick Road
Bastion Road
Beaconsfield Avenue
Beaconsfield Road
Beaconsfield Road
Beaufoy Road
Beaufoy Terrace
Belgrave Road
Beresford Road
Biggin Street
Birchwood Rise
Blenheim Drive
Branch Street
Bridge Street
Bridge Street
Bridge Street
Brookfield Avenue
Brookfield Place
Brookfield Road
Brunswick Gardens
Buckland Avenue
Buckland Avenue
Bullwark Street
Bunker's Hill
Bunkers Hill Avenue
Bunkers Hill Road
Burgoyne Heights
Byllan Road
Byron Crescent
Cambridge Road
Cambridge Road
Camden Crescent
Canons Gate Road
Carlsden Close
Cassino Square
Castle Avenue
Castle Avenue
Castle Hill Road
Castle Street
Castlemount Road
Centre Road
Chamberlain Road
Channel View Road
Chapel Place
Charlton Avenue
Charlton Green
Charlton Green
Chaucer Crescent
Cherry Tree Avenue
Cherry Tree Avenue
Chestnut Road
Chevalier Road
Chilton Avenue
Chilton Way
Chisnall Road
Christchurch Way
Church Hill
Church Road
Church Street
Churchill Road
Churchill Street
Churchill Street
Citadel Crescent
Citadel Road
Clarence Place
Clarendon Place
Clarendon Road
Clarendon Street
Cleveland Close
Colorado Close
Colton Crescent
Common Lane
Connaught Road
Connaught Road
Constable's Road
Coombe Road
Coombe Road
Coombe Road
Coombe Valley Road
Corunna Place
Courtland Drive
Cow Lane
Cowgate Hill
Cowper Road
Coxhill Crescent
Coxhill Gardens
Crabble Avenue
Crabble Close
Crabble Hill
Crabble Hill
Crabble Lane
Crabble Meadows
Crabble Road
Crafford Street
Curzon Road
Danes Court
De Burgh Hill
De Burgh Street
Deanwood Road
Devonshire Road
Dickson Road
Dieu Stone Lane
Dock Exit Road
Dodd's Lane
Dodd's Lane
Dolphin Passage
Douglas Road
Dour Side
Dour Street
Douro Place
Dove Lea Gardens
Downhill Close
Drop Redoubt Road
Dryden Road
Dundein Drive
Dunedin Drive
Dunkirk Square
Durban Crescent
Durham Close
Durham Hill
East Cliff
East Ramp
East Street
Eastern Arm North
Eastern Service Road
Eaton Road
Eaves Road
Edgar Road
Edred Road
Edwards Road
Effingham Crescent
Effingham Crescent
Effingham Street
Egerton Road
Elizabeth Street
Elm Park Gardens
Elms Hill
Elms Vale Road
Elms Vale Road
Elysium Park Close
Eric Road
Erith Street
Ethelbert Road
Evison Close
Farthingloe Road
Fishmonger's Lane
Florida Close
Flying Horse Lane
Folkestone Road
Folkestone Road
Fort Burgoyne Road
Friars Way
Frith Road
Frith Road
Fulbert Road
George And Dragon Place
George Street
Gibraltar Square
Glen Grove
Glenfield Road
Gloster Ropewalk
Gloster Way
Godwin Road
Godwyne Close
Godwyne Road
Goodfellow Way
Goschen Road
Granville Street
Green Lane
Green Lane
Hamilton Road
Harbour View Road
Hardwicke Road
Harold Street
Harold's Road
Hawkesbury Street
Hawthorn Close
Hazeldown Close
Heathfield Avenue
Heights Terrace
Herbert Street
Heritage Gardens
Hewitt Road
High Meadow
High Street
High Street
High Street
Hillside Road
Hirst Close
Hobart Crescent
Hollow Wood Road
Holmestone Road
Hudson Close
Inward Car Lanes
Johannesburg Road
Jubilee Way
Kearsney Avenue
Kearsney Court
Kimberley Close
King Lear's Way
King Street
Kings Road
Kings Ropewalk
Kingston Close
Kitchener Road
Knight's Road
Knights Templars
Knights Way
Kohima Place
Laburnum Close
Lambton Road
Lancaster Road
Lascelles Road
Laureston Place
Leighton Road
Lewisham Road
Leyburne Road
Limekiln Street
Limes Road
London Road
London Road
London Road
London Road
London Road River
London Road River
London Road River
London Road Temple Ewell
Longfield Road
Lord Warden Square
Lorne Road
Lorne Road
Lower Road
Lower Road
Lower Road East
Lower Road West
Lowther Road
Luckhurst Road
Lucknow Close
Lukes Close
Lyndhurst Road
Macdonald Road
Magdala Road
Maine Close
Maison Dieu Place
Maison Dieu Road
Malmains Road
Malvern Meadow
Malvern Road
Malvern Road
Mangers Lane
Mangers Lane
Mangers Place
Mannering Close
Manor Rise
Manor Road
Maresfield Close
Marine Parade
Marjan Close
Markland Road
Marlborough Road
Marlowe Road
Masons Road
Matthew's Place
Maxton Road
Mayfield Avenue
Mayfield Gardens
Melbourne Avenue
Military Road
Mill Lane
Mill Race
Mill Street
Millais Road
Milton Close
Milton Road
Minerva Avenue
Minnis Lane
Minnis Lane
Monastery Avenue
Monins Road
Monks Way
Montreal Close
Mortimer Road
Mount Road
Namur Place
Napier Road
Natal Road
New Street
Newbury Close
Nightingale Road
Noah's Ark Road
Norman Street
North Camber Way
North Exit Road
North Military Road
North Return Road
North Road
North Street
Northbourne Avenue
Oakvale Close
Odo Road
Old Charlton Road
Old Charlton Road
Old Folkestone Road
Old Park Avenue
Old Park Hill
Old Park Road
Old Park Road
Orchard Drive
Oswald Place
Oswald Road
Ottawa Crescent
Pardoners Way
Parfitt Way
Park Avenue
Park Mews
Park Place
Park Road
Park Road
Park Street
Parsons Way
Paul's Place
Pavilion Meadow
Pencester Road
Peter Street
Peter Street
Peverell Road
Pharos Drive
Pilgrims Way
Pioneer Road
Pioneer Road
Poulton Close
Primrose Place
Primrose Road
Princes Street
Priory Gate Road
Priory Grove
Priory Grove
Priory Hill
Priory Hill
Priory Hill
Priory Road
Priory Road
Priory Station Approach Road
Priory Street
Priory Street
Prospect Place
Queen Elizabeth Road
Queen Street
Queen's Gardens
Queens Avenue
Ramp B
Ramp C
Randolph Road
Reading Road
River Dale
River Drive
River Meadow
River Street
Rokesley Road
Roman Road
Roosevelt Road
Rosewood Heights
Rugby Road
Russell Street
Salisbury Road
Salisbury Road
Samphire Court
Sanctuary Close
Saxon Street
Scotland Common
Selkirk Road
Shakespeare Road
Sheridan Road
Shipmans Way
Shooter's Hill
Snargate Street
South Camber Way
South Exit Road
South Military Road
South Return Road
South Road
Springfield Road
Squires Way
St Alphege Road
St Bartholemews Close
St Davids Avenue
St Georges Crescent
St Giles Close
St Giles Road
St John's Road
St Martin's Close
St Patricks Road
St Radigund's Road
Stanhope Road
Suffolk Gardens
Tangier Close
Target Firs
Taswell Close
Taswell Street
Templar Road
Templar Street
Temple Close
Temple Side
The Abbots
The Avenue
The Fan
The Gateway
The Grove
The Linces
The Paddock
The Ridgeway
The Viaduct
Tower Hamlets Road
Tower Hamlets Street
Tower Hill
Tower Street
Townwall Street
Underdown Road
Union Street
Upper Road
Upper Road
Vale View Road
Valley Road
Vancouver Road
Victoria Crescent
Victoria Park
Victoria Street
Washington Close
Waterloo Crescent
Waterloo Crescent
Weavers Way
Wellesley Road
Wellington Road
West Norman Road
West Street
Westbury Crescent
Westbury Road
Westdean Close
Western Close
Whinless Road
Whitfield Avenue
Whitfield Avenue
Whitfield Hill
Whitfield Hill
Widred Road
Winant Way
Winchelsea Road
Winchelsea Street
Winchelsea Terrace
Wingrove Hill
Winnipeg Close
Wood Street
Wood's Place
Woodland Close
Woodside Close
Woolcomber Street
Worthington Street
Worthington Street
Wycherley Crescent
Wyndham Road
York Street
York Street