The Town of Ramsgate in the County of Kent

The town of Ramsgate is located within the county of Kent.

Ramsgate is situated in the South East (England) region of the UK and is governed by Thanet, council.

The town of Ramsgate is in the East Kent region of Kent within South East (England).

  • Thanet
  • Newington: St Christopher
  • Ramsgate: Christ Church
  • Ramsgate: Holy Trinity
  • Ramsgate: St George
  • Ramsgate: St Luke
  • Ramsgate: St Mark
  • St Laurence-in-Thanet: St Laurence

Where is Ramsgate is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Ramsgate in Kent

Dentists in Ramsgate

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Ramsgate
Dental Surgery 246 Hereson Road Ramsgate Kent CT11 7ET
Dental Surgery 73 Hereson Road Ramsgate Kent CT11 7DS

Opticians in Ramsgate

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Ramsgate
Boots Opticians (ramsgate) 47 High Street Ramsgate Kent CT11 9AG
J F Davies Opticians 39 Effingham Street Ramsgate Kent CT11 9AT
R & J Moore Ltd (ramsgate - 32 Queens St) 35 Queen Street Ramsgate Kent CT11 9DZ
R & J Moore Ltd (ramsgate) 35-37 Queen Street Ramsgate Kent CT11 9DZ
Specsavers (ramsgate) 37 High Street Ramsgate Kent CT11 9AG

Chemists in Ramsgate

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Ramsgate
Asda Pharmacy 56 Chatham Street Ramsgate Kent CT11 9TT
Boots The Chemists 7-13 High Street Ramsgate Kent CT11 9AB tel:01843 591864
Courts Pharmacy 3-5 King Street Ramsgate Kent CT11 8NN tel:01843 580351
Courts Pharmacy Dashwood Medical Centre, 156-162 Grange Road Ramsgate Kent CT11 9PR tel:01843 592920
Newington Pharmacy 47 Newington Road Ramsgate Kent CT12 6EW tel:01843 587353
Paydens Ltd The Montefiore Medical Centre, Dumpton Park Drive Ramsgate Kent CT11 8AD tel:01843 591282
Summerhill Pharmacy 243 Margate Road Ramsgate Kent CT12 6SU tel:01843 598854
Tesco Pharmacy Manston Road Ramsgate Kent CT12 6NT tel:01843 347447

Doctors in Ramsgate

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Ramsgate
Dashwood Medical Centre 158-160 Grange Road Ramsgate Kent CT11 9PR tel:0300 0427007
East Cliff Medical Practice The Montefiore Medical Centre, Dumpton Park Drive Ramsgate Kent CT11 8AD tel:01843 855800
Newington Road Surgery 100 Newington Road Ramsgate Kent CT12 6EW tel:01843 595951
Summerhill Surgery 243 Margate Road Ramsgate Kent CT12 6SU tel:01843 591758
The Grange Practice The Montefiore Medical Centre, Dumpton Park Drive Ramsgate Kent CT11 8AD tel:01843 572740
List of Streets in Ramsgate
Abbey Grove
Abbot's Hill
Addington Place
Addington Street
Adelaide Gardens
Albert Road
Albert Street
Albion Hill
Albion Mews
Albion Place
Albion Road
Alexandra Road
Allenby Road
Alliance Road
Alma Place
Alma Road
Alpha Road
Anns Road
Antolin Way
Antolin Way
Archway Road
Argyll Drive
Arklow Square
Artillery Road
Ashburnham Road
Ashburnham Road
Ashley Close
Auckland Avenue
Augusta Place
Augusta Road
Avebury Avenue
Avenue Road
Ayton Road
Balmoral Place
Bathurst Close
Beaufort Avenue
Beechcroft Gardens
Belgrave Close
Bellevue Avenue
Bellevue Road
Belmont Road
Belmont Road
Belmont Street
Bengal Road
Beresford Road
Beverley Way
Bloomsbury Road
Bold Close
Bolton Street
Borrowdale Avenue
Boundary Road
Boundary Road
Bradley Road
Brandon Road
Brecon Square
Brights Place
Brindle Grove
Brisbane Drive
Broad Street
Brockenhurst Road
Brunswick Street
Bursill Crescent
Bush Avenue
Buxton Road
Calverden Road
Camden Road
Camden Square
Cannon Road
Cannonbury Road
Canterbury Road East
Canterbury Road East
Carlton Avenue
Cavendish Street
Cecilia Road
Central Road
Chalk Hill
Chalk Hill
Chapel Place
Chapel Place Lane
Chapel Road
Charing Close
Charles Road
Charlton Close
Chatham Place
Chatham Street
Chatham Street
Cheriton Avenue
Cherry Tree Gardens
Chichester Road
Chilton Lane
Church Hill
Church Hill
Church Road
Church Road
Claremont Gardens
Clarence Road
Clarendon Gardens
Cleaver Lane
Clements Road
Cliff Street
Clifton Lawn
Clifton Road
Cliftonville Avenue
Codrington Road
Coleman Crescent
Coleman's Yard
College Road
Colombo Square
Coniston Avenue
Convent Walk
Conyngham Close
Coppock Close
Cornwall Avenue
Coronation Road
Cottage Road
Courtstairs Mews
Coxes Avenue
Coxes Lane
Cranbourne Close
Crescent Road
Cumberland Road
Curlinge Court
D'este Road
Dane Crescent
Dane Park Road
Dane Road
Denbigh Road
Denmark Road
Derwent Avenue
Donnahay Road
Doric Court
Dorothy Drive
Downs Road
Drybeck Avenue
Dumpton Lane
Dumpton Park Drive
Dumpton Park Road
Duncan Road
Dundonald Road
Dunedin Road
Durlock Avenue
Eagle Hill
Eagle Hill
Edith Road
Effingham Street
Eldon Grove
Elgar Place
Elizabeth Kemp Court
Elizabeth Road
Ellen Avenue
Ellington Place
Ellington Place
Ellington Road
Elms Avenue
Elmstone Road
Elmstone Road
Eskdale Avenue
Ethelbert Road
Fairfield Road
Fairlawn Road
Fairlight Avenue
Finsbury Road
Fir Tree Close
Fitzroy Avenue
Flora Road
Florence Road
Fortuna Court
Frances Gardens
George Street
Gilbert Road
Goodwin Road
Gordon Road
Grange Road
Granville Avenue
Granville Marina
Grasmere Avenue
Greenfield Road
Greensole Lane
Grosvenor Road
Grove Road
Grummock Avenue
Grundy's Hill
Guildford Lawn
Gwyn Road
Haine Road
Haine Road
Hallcroft Court
Hamilton Close
Harbour Parade
Harbour Street
Hardres Road
Hardres Street
Hardres Street
Hardres Street
Harrison Road
Hatfield Road
Hawes Avenue
Heathwood Drive
Helmdon Close
Helvellyn Avenue
Herbert Road
Hereson Road
Hereson Road
Hertford Place
Hertford Street
Hibernia Street
High Street
High Street St Lawrence
Highfield Close
Highfield Road
Hillbrow Road
Hillcrest Gardens
Hobart Road
Holbrook Drive
Hollicondane Road
Holly Road
Homeleigh Road
Homestead Village
Honeysuckle Road
Honeysuckle Road
Hopes Lane
Hurst Grove
Irchester Street
Ivy Lane
James Street
Keith Avenue
Kendal Close
Kent Terrace
Kentmere Avenue
Kevin Drive
Kimberley Road
King Charles Avenue
King Edward Road
King Street
Kings Avenue
Kings Road
Kingston Close
Kirkstone Avenue
La Belle Alliance Square
Lagos Avenue
Lancaster Close
Langdale Avenue
Lauriston Close
Leigh Road
Leigh Road
Leonards Avenue
Leopold Road
Leopold Street
Leopold Street
Lillian Road
Liverpool Lawn
London Road
London Road
Lorina Road
Lorne Road
Lyndhurst Road
Madeira Walk
Mallory Close
Manston Road
Manston Road
Marden Avenue
Margate Road
Margate Road
Marina Esplanade
Marina Road
Mark Avenue
Marlborough Road
Marlowe Way
Marrose Avenue
Martin's Close
Mayforth Gardens
Mays Road
Mays Road
Meeting Street
Melbourne Avenue
Memel Place
Mentmore Road
Meridian Close
Michael Avenue
Military Road
Military Road
Mill Cottages
Millfield Road
Minster Road
Monkton Place
Montague Road
Montefiore Avenue
Montefiore Avenue
Montefiore Cottages
Montefiore Cottages
Moss End Mews
Muir Road
Muir Road
Napleton Road
Nelson Crescent
Nethercourt Farm Road
Nethercourt Gardens
Nethercourt Hill
New Cross Road
New Cross Road
New Haine Road
Newcastle Hill
Newington Road
Newington Road
Newlands Road
Nixon Avenue
Norman Road
North Avenue
Northwood Road
Nursery Close
Nursery Close
Oakdene Road
Observatory Way
Old Dairy Close
Old School Row
Orchard Close
Orchard End
Ozengell Place
Paragon Street
Park Road
Park Road
Pegwell Avenue
Pegwell Close
Pegwell Road
Penshurst Road
Percy Road
Picton Road
Pikes Close
Pinewood Close
Piper Gardens
Plains Of Waterloo
Poplar Road
Prestedge Avenue
Price's Avenue
Prince's Street
Princes Avenue
Princes Road
Princess Margaret Avenue
Priory Courtyard
Priory Road
Prospect Terrace
Pullman Close
Pysons Road
Quantock Gardens
Queen Bertha Road
Queen Street
Queen's Road
Queens Avenue
Queens Gate Road
Quetta Road
Ramsgate Road
Rawdon Road
Richmond Road
Ringold Avenue
Riversdale Road
Rockstone Way
Rodney Street
Roman Road
Romilly Gardens
Rose Hill
Rosebery Avenue
Rossland Road
Royal Esplanade
Royal Esplanade
Royal Harbour Approach
Royal Harbour Approach
Royal Parade
Royal Parade
Royal Road
Rydal Avenue
Saddlers Mews
Salisbury Avenue
Sandwich Road
Sandwood Road
Saxon Road
School Lane
Seafield Road
Senlac Close
Shaftsbury Street
Shah Place
Sharps Place
Sherwood Gardens
Shirley Avenue
Silverdale Road
Sion Hill
Smugglers Close
South Eastern Road
South Eastern Road
Southwood Gardens
Southwood Heights
Southwood Road
Southwood Road
Spencer Square
Spencer Street
Spratling Lane
Springfield Close
St Andrews Road
St Augustine's Park
St Augustine's Road
St Benedict's Lawn
St Christophers Mews
St Davids Road
St Georges Road
St James Avenue
St John's Crescent
St Johns Avenue
St Johns Avenue
St Lawrence Avenue
St Lawrence Chase
St Luke's Avenue
St Luke's Road
St Lukes Avenue
St Michael's Alley
St Mildred's Avenue
St Mildred's Road
St Mildred's Road
St Patricks Road
Staffordshire Street
Stancomb Avenue
Stanley Place
Stanley Road
Station Approach Road
Station Approach Road
Station Mews
Stephens Close
Stirling Way
Stonar Close
Sundew Grove
Surrey Close
Sussex Street
Sycamore Grange
Sydney Road
Syndale Place
Tavistock Road
Telham Avenue
Thanet Road
The Centre
The Cloisters
The Cuttings
The Grange
The Retreat
Thirlmere Avenue
Thorn Gardens
Townley Street
Trinity Place
Truro Road
Turner Street
Turner Street
Union Road
Union Street
Unity Place
Upper Dumpton Park Road
Vale Place
Vale Road
Vale Square
Vereth Road
Viaduct Close
Victoria Parade
Victoria Road
Vincent Close
Vine Close
Violet Avenue
Wallwood Road
Warre Avenue
Warten Road
Warten Road
Warwick Drive
Watchester Avenue
Watchester Avenue
Waterloo Place
Weigall Place
Wellesley Court
Wellington Crescent
Wentworth Drive
West Cliff Arcade
West Cliff Arcade
West Cliff Road
West Dumpton Lane
Western Undercliff
Weyburn Drive
Wheatley Road
Whinfell Avenue
Whitehall Road
Wickham Avenue
Wilfred Road
Wilfred Road
Wilfred Road
Willson's Road
Wilton Road
Wilton Road
Wimborne Place
Windermere Avenue
Windmill Avenue
Windmill Walk
Winifred Avenue
Winstanley Crescent
Winterstoke Crescent
Winterstoke Way
Woodford Avenue
Woodford Avenue
Woodville Road
York Street
York Street