The Town of Sittingbourne in the County of Kent

The town of Sittingbourne is located within the county of Kent.

Sittingbourne is situated in the South East (England) region of the UK and is governed by Swale, council.

The town of Sittingbourne is in the Kent Thames Gateway region of Kent within South East (England).

  • Swale
  • Milton Regis: Holy Trinity
  • Murston: All Saints
  • Sittingbourne: Holy Trinity
  • Sittingbourne: St Mary
  • Sittingbourne: St Michael

Where is Sittingbourne is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Sittingbourne in Kent

Dentists in Sittingbourne

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Sittingbourne
119a High Street Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4AQ
Bespoke Orthodontics 95b High Street, Milton Regis Sittingbourne Kent ME10 2AR
Chopra & Associates Sutton House, 5 London Road Sittingbourne ME10 1NQ
Dental Surgery 13 Park Road Sittingbourne Kent ME10 1DR
Dental Surgery 95b High Street, Milton Regis Sittingbourne Kent ME10 2AR
Hilton Dentistry 27a High Street Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4AW
Milton Regis Dental Clinic 95b High Street, Milton Regis Sittingbourne ME10 2AR
The London Road Dental Practice 20 London Road Sittingbourne Kent ME10 1NA

Opticians in Sittingbourne

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Sittingbourne
Boots (sittingbourne) 99 High Street Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4AJ
Contact Lens Centre 37 The Forum Sittingbourne Kent ME10 3DL
John Frewin Opticians - Sittingbourne 114 High Street Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4PL
John High Opticians - Sittingbourne 73 High Street Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4AW
Snk Eyecare Ltd (sittingbourne) 114 High Street Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4PL
Specsavers (sittingbourne) Unit 7/8, The Forum Sittingbourne Kent ME10 3DL
Vision Express (sittingbourne) 38 High Street Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4PB
W And K Pope Opticians 65 High Street Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4AW

Chemists in Sittingbourne

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Sittingbourne
Asda Pharmacy Trinity Trading Estate, Mill Way Sittingbourne Kent ME10 2PD tel:01795 412110
Austinoma Chemist 51 Todd Crescent, Church Milton Sittingbourne Kent ME10 2TZ tel:01795 437300
Boots The Chemists 122 High Street Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4PL
H 2 H Pharmacy Limited Sovereign House, 1-2 Bingham Road Sittingbourne Kent ME10 3SU tel:01795 593813
Kamsons Pharmacy Quartz Way, Off Jacinth Drive Sittingbourne Kent ME10 5JA tel:01795 438558
Kemsley Pharmacy John Goodhew Medical Centre, Grovehurst Road, Kemsley Sittingbourne Kent ME10 2ST tel:01795 431270
Lloydspharmacy 23 London Road Sittingbourne Kent ME10 1NQ
Lloydspharmacy 80 High Street, Milton Regis Sittingbourne Kent ME10 2AN
Memorial Pharmacy Bell Road Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4XX tel:01795 435177
Superdrug Pharmacy 80 High Street, Milton Regis Sittingbourne Kent ME10 2AN tel:01795 470462
Well Sittingbourne - East Street 85-89 East Street Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4BL

Doctors in Sittingbourne

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Sittingbourne
Dr H Beerstecher Practice Canterbury Road Surgery, 111 Canterbury Road Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4JA tel:01795 423300
Grovehurst Surgery Grovehurst Road, Kemsley Sittingbourne Kent ME10 2ST tel:01795 430444
Lake Medical Centre 55 Todd Crescent, Kemsley Sittingbourne Kent ME10 2TZ tel:01795 424315
London Road Medical Centre 32 London Road Sittingbourne Kent ME10 1ND tel:01795 472100
Memorial Medical Centre Bell Road Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4XX tel:01795 477764
Milton Regis Surgery 95 High Street, Milton Regis Sittingbourne Kent ME10 2AR tel:01795 426640
The Chestnuts Surgery 70 East Street Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4RU tel:01795 470794
The Meads Medical Practice 29 Quartz Way, The Meads Sittingbourne Kent ME10 5AA tel:01795 477266
List of Streets in Sittingbourne
Abbott Drive
Abelyn Avenue
Addington Road
Adelaide Drive
Adisham Green
Agate Court
Albany Road
Alexandra Close
All Saints Road
Amber Rise
Amethyst Drive
Amethyst Drive
Anatase Close
Anselm Close
Archer Court
Argent Way
Arthur Street
Arundel Avenue
Ashington Close
Ashtead Drive
Attlee Way
Auckland Drive
Austin Close
Avent Walk
Avenue Of Remembrance
Avenue Of Remembrance
Aylewyn Green
Balas Drive
Bale Grove
Barge Way
Barkers Court
Barnfields Court
Barrow Grove
Bassett Road
Bayford Road
Beaconsfield Road
Beauvoir Drive
Beechwood Avenue
Bell Road
Belmont Road
Bergamot Close
Berkeley Court
Bingham Road
Bir Lane
Bismuth Drive
Blandford Gardens
Blenheim Road
Bluebell Drive
Bond Road
Bonham Drive
Borden Lane
Bourne Grove
Bradley Drive
Bramble Down Place
Bramblefield Lane
Bramblefield Lane
Brenchley Road
Brewery Road
Brier Road
Brisbane Avenue
Bristol Close
Britannia Close
Broadoak Road
Broom Road
Burkeston Close
Burley Road
Burnham Close
Caldew Grove
Cambridge Road
Canberra Gardens
Canterbury Road
Capel Road
Capel Road
Cardine Close
Carnation Crescent
Carver Drive
Castle Road
Castle Rough Lane
Cavell Way
Cedar Close
Celt Close
Central Avenue
Central Avenue
Chalkwell Road
Chalkwell Road
Challenger Close
Chappell Way
Charlotte Street
Charlotte Street
Chartwell Grove
Chatsworth Drive
Chaucer Road
Chegworth Gardens
Cherry Close
Cherry Fields
Cheyne Close
Chilton Avenue
Church Road
Church Road
Church Street
Church Street
Church Street
Church Street
Cinnabar Drive
Clarendon Close
Clement Close
Clerke Drive
Clifford Crescent
Clifford Crescent
Clive Road
Cobham Avenue
Coldharbour Lane
Coleman Drive
Colfe Way
College Road
Commonwealth Close
Connaught Road
Cooks Lane
Coombe Drive
Copper Beech Close
Cornforth Drive
Cortland Close
Cortland Mews
Court Road
Cowper Road
Cranbrook Drive
Cremers Road
Cricketers Close
Crocus Drive
Croft Avenue
Cromer Road
Cross Lane
Crown Quay Lane
Crown Quay Lane
Crown Road
Cryalls Lane
Cryalls Lane
Danes Mead
Dean Road
Denbigh Close
Dental Close
Derby Close
Diamond Close
Diligent Drive
Dobbie Close
Dolphin Road
Donemowe Drive
Doubleday Drive
Dover Street
Dover Street
Downs Close
Dunedin Close
Dyngley Close
Eadred Way
Eagles Close
East Green
East Hall Lane
East Street
Easton Drive
Eastwood Road
Eclipse Drive
Edward Drive
Edyngham Close
Eleanor Drive
Elm Grove
Emerald Crescent
Epps Road
Esther Court
Eurolink Way
Eveas Drive
Eveas Drive
Fairview Road
Farm Crescent
Feldspar Close
Fire Opal Way
Flanders Close
Flint Close
Forge Road
Fountain Street
Fox Hill
Fox Hill
Frederick Street
Freeman Drive
Frensham Close
Frobisher Close
Fulston Place
Gadby Road
Gainsborough Close
Galena Close
Galley Drive
Gas Road
Gas Road
Gayhurst Drive
Gaze Hill Avenue
Genesta Close
George Street
George Street
Gerrards Drive
Gibbons Road
Gibson Street
Gladstone Drive
Glebe Lane
Glenbrook Grove
Glover Close
Godwin Close
Golden Court
Goodnestone Road
Goodnestone Road
Gordon Close
Gore Court Road
Gore Court Road
Gorse Road
Grafton Road
Grafton Road
Graylings Court
Grayshott Close
Great Easthall Way
Great Easthall Way
Green Porch Close
Greenlees Close
Gregory Close
Grove Park Avenue
Grovehurst Avenue
Grovehurst Road
Hales Road
Hall Close
Hambrook Walk
Hamilton Crescent
Hanover Close
Hargraves Road
Harmony Close
Harold Road
Harold Road
Harrier Drive
Harvey Drive
Hawthorn Road
Heard Way
Heeley Close
Hempstead Lane
Hever Place
High Street
High Street
Highsted Road
Hill Brow
Hilton Drive
Hinde Close
Hobart Gardens
Homewood Avenue
Honesty Close
Howard Avenue
Hugh Price Close
Hurst Lane
Hutchings Close
Hythe Road
Ingleden Close
Invicta Court
Iris Drive
Jacinth Drive
Jade Close
Jessica Mews
Johnson Road
Jubilee Street
Jubilee Street
Kenilworth Court
Kent Avenue
Kestrel Close
Keswick Avenue
Key Street
Kiln Close
King Street
Kings Mill Close
Knightsfield Road
Laburnum Place
Lammas Drive
Lance Close
Langley Road
Lansdown Road
Larkfield Avenue
Laxton Way
Leigh Road
Liege Close
Lime Grove
Limehouse Court
Linden Close
Little Glovers
Lloyd Drive
Lomas Road
Lomas Road
London Road
Lonsdale Drive
Lords Close
Lorimar Court
Lydbrook Close
Lyndhurst Grove
Maidstone Road
Maidstone Road
Manisty Court
Manor Grove
Mantle Close
Manwood Close
Marigold Drive
Marjoram Drive
Marsh Rise
Martin Court
Maylam Gardens
Medway Close
Meeres Court Lane
Menin Road
Merleburgh Drive
Merlin Close
Meteor Close
Micketts Gardens
Middle Way
Middletune Avenue
Milbourne Grove
Mill Way
Mill Way
Millen Road
Miller Close
Milton Road
Minterne Avenue
Monarch Drive
Mons Court
Moonfleet Close
Moonstone Square
Morris Court Close
Mulberry Way
Murston Road
Murston Road
Musgrave Road
Napier Close
Nativity Close
Newbridge Avenue
Newlands Avenue
Newman Drive
North Street
Northwood Drive
Oak Road
Oast Court
Olivine Close
Onyx Drive
Orchard Place
Osprey Court
Panteny Lane
Papyrus Drive
Parchment Drive
Park Avenue
Park Avenue
Park Drive
Park Road
Pastime Close
Pavilion Drive
Peel Drive
Pembury Street
Pembury Street
Penn Close
Peony Crescent
Peregrine Drive
Periwinkle Close
Perth Gardens
Phillippa Court
Pippin Close
Plummer Crescent
Pond Drive
Popjack Road
Portland Avenue
Premier Way
Prentis Close
Prentis Quay
Primrose Avenue
Prince Charles Avenue
Puttney Drive
Quartz Way
Quickstep Close
Quinton Road
Quinton Road
Raite Green
Randle Way
Realgar Court
Reams Way
Recreation Way
Rectory Road
Regency Court
Regis Crescent
Rettendon Drive
Richmond Drive
Riddles Road
Riddles Road
Ridham Avenue
Riverhead Close
Roberts Close
Rock Road
Rolvenden Drive
Roman Square
Romney Court
Roonagh Court
Rosebery Close
Roseleigh Road
Ruby Close
Ruins Barn Road
Ruins Barn Road
Russell Close
Saffron Way
Salisbury Close
Samuel Drive
Sandford Road
Sandstone Drive
Sapphire Close
Satis Avenue
Saxon Shore
School Lane
School Road
Scoones Close
Scraps Hill
Shakespeare Road
Sheppey Way
Shimmin Road
Shortlands Road
Shurland Avenue
Silverdale Grove
Simpson Road
Smeed Close
Somerset Close
Sonora Way
South Avenue
Spinel Close
Springfield Road
Sprotshill Close
St Bartholomews Drive
St John's Avenue
St Laurence Close
St Michael's Road
St Michael's Road
St Michael's Road
St Paul's Street
Stadium Way
Standen Grove
Stanhope Avenue
Staple Close
Staplehurst Road
Staplehurst Road
Station Street
Station Street
Stede Avenue
Step Style
Sterling Road
Styles Close
Sunny Bank
Sunstone Drive
Swale Way
Swale Way
Swale Way
Swan Close
Swanstree Avenue
Sydney Avenue
Symmonds Drive
Symonds Drive
Taillour Close
Tavistock Close
Temple Gardens
Terrace Road
The Burrs
The Butts
The Butts
The Crescent
The Fairway
The Fieldings
The Finches
The Meadows
The Meads Avenue
The Mews
The Roundel
The Square
The Street
The Wall
The Willows
Thomas Road
Todd Crescent
Tonge Road
Topaz Drive
Tourmaline Drive
Tribune Drive
Trinity Road
Trona Court
Trotts Hall Gardens
Tunstall Road
Tunstall Road
Tunstall Road
Turner Close
Ufton Lane
Unity Street
Upper Field Road
Valenciennes Road
Vaughan Drive
Vectis Drive
Velum Drive
Velum Drive
Vicarage Road
Vicarage Road
Victoria Mews
Victoria Road
Vincent Road
Vincent Road
Viners Close
Violet Court
Volante Drive
Wadham Place
Walmer Gardens
Walnut Tree Drive
Walsby Drive
Warren Close
Warwick Crescent
Waterloo Road
Watling Place
Watson's Hill
Watsons Hill
Weald Court
Well Winch Road
Wellington Road
Wentworth Drive
West Green
West Lane
West Lane
West Ridge
West Street
West Street
Westerham Road
Westlands Avenue
Wheatcroft Close
Whimbrel Close
Whitehall Road
Wihtred Road
William Street
Williams Close
Winch Drive
Winch Road
Windermere Grove
Windmill Road
Windsor Drive
Wises Lane
Wises Lane
Woodberry Drive
Woodcourt Close
Woodlands Road
Woodside Gardens
Woodstock Road
Woolett Road
Worcester Drive
Wykeham Road
Wyvern Close
Yeates Drive
Ypres Drive