The Settlement of Cambuslang in the County of Lanarkshire

The Settlement of Cambuslang is located within the county of Lanarkshire.

Cambuslang is situated in the Scotland region of the UK and is governed by Glasgow City, South Lanarkshire, councils.

The Settlement of Cambuslang is in the South Lanarkshire region of Southern Scotland within Scotland.

  • Glasgow City
  • South Lanarkshire

Where is Cambuslang is located in the UK

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Map of the Settlement of Cambuslang in Lanarkshire

List of Streets in Cambuslang
Acacia Way
Albany Terrace
Alder Gate
Allison Drive
Andrew Sillars Avenue
Annick Street
Ardoch Grove
Ardoch Grove
Arkle Terrace
Arnhem Street
Arnott Way
Aron Terrace
Arrol Wynd
Arthur Walk
Ash Wynd
Aspen Place
Auld Kirk Road
Azalea Gardens
Bale Avenue
Bale Court
Balmoral Drive
Balta Crescent
Balvenie Drive
Bank Street
Barn Court
Barn Drive
Barn Lane
Barony Grove
Bay Willow Court
Beaton Walk
Beech Avenue
Beech Avenue
Beech Crescent
Belmont Road
Birch Close
Birch Drive
Birch Grove
Birch Place
Borgie Crescent
Bothwell Street
Bowling Green Grove
Braeside Place
Bramble Wynd
Bramble Wynd
Branchock Avenue
Branchock Avenue
Brandon Gardens
Bressay Grove
Bridge Street
Broomfield Avenue
Brown Place
Brownside Avenue
Brownside Mews
Bruce Avenue
Buchan Terrace
Buchanan Drive
Buchanan Drive
Burn Place
Burn Terrace
Burncleuch Avenue
Busheyhill Street
Buttercup Crescent
Cadoc Street
Cadzow Drive
Cairns Avenue
Cairns Avenue
Cairns Road
Cairnswell Avenue
Cairnswell Place
Calder Drive
Campsie View
Castle Chimmins Avenue
Castle Chimmins Road
Cathkin Avenue
Cedar Court
Central Avenue
Central Court
Central Grove
Chatelherault Avenue
Cherrytree Drive
Chestnut Way
Christie Place
Church View
Claude Avenue
Claudius Crescent
Clifton Terrace
Clover Crescent
Clyde Place
Clydeford Road
Clydemill Place
Colebrooke Street
Collie Wynd
Colville Close
Cornfield Court
County Avenue
Craigallian Avenue
Craigallian Avenue
Croft Crescent
Croft Gardens
Croft Road
Croft Road
Croft Walk
Cypress Way
Daisy Drive
Dale Avenue
Dalziel Crescent
Dalziel Gait
Dalziel Grove
Dalziel Path
Dalziel Way
Dean Park Drive
Deans Avenue
Dechmont Avenue
Dechmont Place
Douglas Drive
Douglas Gate
Dulnain Street
Dunlop Street
Durum Lane
East Greenlees Avenue
East Greenlees Crescent
East Greenlees Drive
East Greenlees Gardens
East Greenlees Grove
East Greenlees Road
Eastfield Avenue
Eastwood View
Elder Crescent
Elder Drive
Elm Drive
Elm Way
Ewe Avenue
Fallow Grove
Fawn Gardens
Fernbank Avenue
Findlay Terrace
Fir Court
Fir Place
Foxglove Grove
Freeneuk Lane
Freeneuk Wynd
Furrow Court
Furrow Crescent
Gartmore Terrace
Gateside Avenue
Gilbertfield Road
Glasgow Road
Glebe Place
Glen Street
Glen Street
Glencairn Gardens
Glenpark Gardens
Glenpark Terrace
Graham Avenue
Grayline Avenue
Greenlees Gardens
Greenlees Park
Greenlees Road
Greenlees Road
Greenlees Way
Greenwood Avenue
Grenadier Park
Grenville Drive
Hallside Avenue
Hallside Boulevard
Hallside Court
Hallside Crescent
Hallside Drive
Hallside Road
Hamilton Crescent
Hamilton Crescent
Hamilton Drive
Hamilton Road
Hamilton Road
Harvester Avenue
Harvester Avenue
Hawthorn Avenue
Hawthorn Gardens
Hawthorn Way
Hawthorn Way
Hay Crescent
Hay Crescent
Henderson Avenue
Hilton Terrace
Hollybank Place
Holmhill Avenue
Holmhills Drive
Holmhills Gardens
Holmhills Grove
Holmhills Place
Holmhills Road
Holmhills Terrace
Honeybee Avenue
Honeydew Drive
Honeysuckle Crescent
Honeysuckle Drive
Hoover Drive
Howieshill Avenue
Howieshill Road
Howieshill Road
Hugh Murray Grove
Hunterfield Drive
Huntly Drive
Hutchinson Place
Iona Place
Ivybank Avenue
Janebank Avenue
Jenkins Court
Johnson Drive
Jura Terrace
Katrine Place
Keir's Walk
Kincaid Gardens
King's Avenue
King's Crescent
Kinloch Avenue
Kirkburn Avenue
Kirkhill Avenue
Kirkhill Gardens
Kirkhill Grove
Kirkhill Terrace
Kirkton Road
Laburnum Avenue
Langcroft Avenue
Langcroft Drive
Langcroft Park
Langlea Avenue
Langlea Court
Langlea Drive
Langlea Gardens
Langlea Grove
Langlea Road
Langlea Way
Larch Close
Larch Court
Larch Place
Laurel Court
Laurel Gait
Laurel Lane
Laurel Wynd
Leighton Court
Letterickhills Crescent
Library Gardens
Lightburn Road
Lightburn Road
Lilac Wynd
Lilybank Avenue
Livingston Lane
Lochinver Grove
Lockhart Avenue
Lockhart Drive
Lorne Terrace
Loudon Grove
Mac Callum Drive
Macarthur Wynd
Macdougal Drive
Macfarlane Crescent
Macgregor Court
Mackintosh Court
Macleod Way
Magnolia Drive
Magnolia Terrace
Main Street
Main Street
Mansefield Avenue
Mansion Court
Mansion Street
Maple Crescent
Martyn Grove
Maxton Terrace
MCGahey Drive
Mcintyre Terrace
Mciver Street
Mckenzie Gate
Meadow Drive
Medlar Court
Medwin Street
Meek Place
Mill Grove
Mill Road
Mill Walk
Milton Avenue
Mitchell Avenue
Monkcastle Drive
Montgomery Street
Morriston Park Drive
Morriston Street
Morven Road
Mousa Park
Mulberry Wynd
Murdoch Avenue
Myrtle Walk
New Road
Newgrove Gardens
Newpark Crescent
Newton Avenue
Newton Brae
Newton Brae
Newton Farm Road
Newton Farm Road
Newton Station Road
Newton Station Road
North Avenue
North Avenue
Northbank Avenue
Northbank Street
Oak Drive
Oak Drive
Oak Wynd
Old Mill Road
Overton Road
Overton Street
Pine Avenue
Plantation Grove
Plough Court
Plough Drive
Poplar Way
Poppy Gardens
Priestley Way
Prospect Avenue
Quarry Avenue
Quarry Place
Queen's Avenue
Queens Avenue
Red Deer Road
Red Deer Road
Red Deer Walk
Redlawood Place
Redlawood Road
Redlawood Road
Redpath Drive
Redwood Crescent
Redwood Way
Richmond Drive
Riverside Place
Robert Templeton Drive
Roe Court
Roe Drive
Rona Terrace
Rosebank Drive
Rowan Court
Salvia Street
Scalloway Lane
Scalloway Road
School Avenue
School Avenue
School Lane
Shepherds Way
Silverbanks Court
Silverbanks Gait
Silverbanks Road
Sir Thomas Lipton Way
Somervell Street
Spangler Crescent
Spruce Drive
Spruce Way
Staffa Road
Stewarton Drive
Strathclyde Gardens
Sycamore Way
Tabernacle Lane
Tabernacle Street
Tanzieknowe Avenue
Tanzieknowe Drive
Tanzieknowe Place
Tanzieknowe Road
Thistledown Drive
Thomson Grove
Tiree Way
Trinity Drive
Unst Lane
Vaila Lane
Vicarland Place
Vicarland Road
Vicars Walk
Village Road
Wallace Wynd
Walnut Gate
Waterside Gardens
Welfare Avenue
Wellshot Drive
Wellside Drive
Wellside Drive
West Coats Road
West Coats Road
West Farm Gait
Westburn Avenue
Westburn Drive
Westburn Farm Road
Westburn Road
Westburn Road
Westburn Road
Westfarm Avenue
Westfarm Court
Westfarm Crescent
Westfarm Drive
Westfarm Grove
Westfarm Lane
Westfarm Wynd
Wheatsheaf Drive
Wheatsheaf Wynd
Whinfield Avenue
Whitefield Avenue
Whitlawburn Avenue
Whitlawburn Road
Whitlawburn Terrace
Whyte Avenue
Wiston Street
Woodland Crescent
Yementry Court
Yew Crescent