The Town of Coatbridge in the County of Lanarkshire

The town of Coatbridge is located within the county of Lanarkshire.

Coatbridge is situated in the Scotland region of the UK and is governed by North Lanarkshire, council.

The town of Coatbridge is in the North Lanarkshire region of West Central Scotland within Scotland.

  • North Lanarkshire

Where is Coatbridge is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Coatbridge in Lanarkshire

List of Streets in Coatbridge
Academy Street
Achray Place
Addiewell Place
Afton Gardens
Agnew Avenue
Agnew Avenue
Ailsa Place
Ailsa Road
Ailsa Road
Aitkenhead Avenue
Albany Street
Albert Street
Alberta Avenue
Albion Street
Alder Grove
Alexander Street
Allan Street
Almond Place
Alston Avenue
Annerley Place
Appin Way
Argyll Gardens
Arnott Drive
Atholl Place
Auldhame Street
Avon Place
Baird Street
Balfron Drive
Balfron Place
Ballochmyle Wynd
Balmoral Crescent
Balvenie Street
Bank Street
Bankhead Avenue
Bankhead Place
Barleycorn Path
Barra Avenue
Barra Place
Barrbridge Road
Barrowfield Street
Beauly Place
Beechwood Drive
Bellvue Way
Belmont Street
Benson Street
Berwick Place
Berwick Street
Bessemer Drive
Bishopburn Drive
Blackness Street
Blaiklands Crescent
Blair Road
Blair Road
Blairhill Place
Blairhill Street
Blairpark Avenue
Blane Street
Bothwell Place
Bowling Street
Braehead Avenue
Brambling Road
Brandon Way
Broom Place
Broughton Place
Brown Street
Brownshill Avenue
Brownshill Avenue
Bruce Street
Buchanan Street
Burleigh Place
Burleigh Street
Burnbank Street
Burnside Road
Burnside View
Burnside Walk
Bute Street
Cadzow Crescent
Cairncross Place
Cairnhill Crescent
Caldeen Road
Caldeen Road
Calder Avenue
Calder Street
Calderview Avenue
Caledonian Gate
Cameron Street
Carfin Street
Carmyle Gardens
Carnbroe Road
Carnbroe Road
Carnbroe Road
Carradale Street
Carrick Drive
Carrick Place
Carron Place
Castings Avenue
Cecil Street
Centenary Gardens
Centre Park Court
Chassels Street
Chatton Walk
Chisholm Street
Church Lane
Church Street
Church View
Clachan Way
Clanrye Drive
Claremount View
Clifton Place
Clunie Place
Clyde Street
Coatbank Street
Coatbank Street
Coatbank Way
Coathill Street
Coats Street
Cockburn Place
Coll Drive
Colonsay Crescent
Colt Avenue
Colt Place
Colt Terrace
Coltswood Road
Copsewood Crescent
Cornhill Drive
Cornhill Drive
Corsewall Street
Corsewall Street
Coulter Avenue
Craig Street
Craigend Drive
Craigie Place
Craigmore Place
Crammond Avenue
Crichton Street
Crinan Crescent
Cromlet Drive
Crosshill Street
Crown Street
Croy Road
Culross Place
Culzean Avenue
Cumberland Place
Cumbrae Crescent
Cumbrae Place
Cuparhead Avenue
Daldowie Street
Dalrymple Drive
Dalveen Quadrant
Davaar Drive
David Street
Davidson Street
Deanbank Road
Deanston Grove
Deanstone Place
Deanstone Walk
Dee Street
Deedes Street
Deedes Street
Derwent Drive
Deveron Street
Dixon Street
Dochart Drive
Doune Park Way
Doune Terrace
Dover Street
Drummore Avenue
Drumpark Street
Drumpellier Avenue
Drumpellier Crescent
Dryburgh Place
Dudley Drive
Dunavon Place
Dunbar Avenue
Dunbeth Avenue
Dunbeth Road
Dunblane Place
Dundonald Crescent
Dundyvan Road
Dundyvan Road
Dundyvan Way
Dunkeld Place
Dunlin Way
Dunnachie Drive
Dunnock Place
Dunottar Avenue
Dunottar Place
Dunrobin Place
Duns Path
Dunure Place
Dunure Street
Dunvegan Avenue
Dyke Street
Earlston Crescent
Easdale Path
East George Street
East Stewart Place
East Stewart Street
Easterwood Place
Easton Place
Edzell Street
Eglinton Street
Elgin Place
Ellis Street
Ellisland gardens
Ellismuir Street
Elm Street
Espieside Crescent
Exchange Place
Exeter Street
Falkland Place
Faulds Street
Finch Grove
Finlaystone Street
Flloyd Street
Forge Drive
Forgehill Crescent
Forrestburn Road
Frederick Street
Fullarton Place
Fullarton Street
Fyneburn Gardens
Gallery Grove
Gartcloss Road
Gartcolt Place
Gartgill Road
Gartsherrie Road
Gartsherrie Road
Garturk Street
Gartverrie Gardens
Gifford Place
Gilchrist Street
Gilmour Place
Glebe Avenue
Glen Luss Place
Glenafton Grove
Glencairn Drive
Glendale Grove
Glenspean Place
Golfview Drive
Golfview Place
Grannoch Place
Greenside Street
Greenwood Crescent
Gullane Drive
Haddington Way
Hagmill Crescent
Hagmill Road
Hamilton Crescent
Hawick Drive
Hawthorn Drive
Heatherbell Road
Heathery Lea Avenue
Helve Place
Henderson Street
Heritage View
Heritage Way
Hermitage Crescent
Herriot Street
High Burnside Avenue
Highcross Avenue
Higherness Way
Hillcrest Avenue
Hillfoot Drive
Hillside Crescent
Hollandhurst Road
Hornock Road
Horslet Street
Hospital Street
Howes Street
Hozier Street
Huntly Drive
Hutchison Place
Inchburn Drive
Inveresk Place
Iona Place
Iona Walk
Ironstone Road
Irvine Crescent
Islay Way
Ivy Grove
Jackson Street
James Dempsey Court
James Dempsey Gardens
Jedburgh Place
John Smith Gardens
Katrine Place
Kelso Quadrant
Kelvin Street
Kenmore Way
Kenmuir Street
Kestrel Court
Kildonan Street
Kilgarth Street
Kilmore Grove
Kilmore Grove
King Street
Kintyre Crescent
Kintyre Drive
Kipland Walk
Kirk Street
Kirkshaws Avenue
Kirkshaws Avenue
Kirkshaws Place
Kirkshaws Road
Kirkshaws Road
Kirkton Crescent
Kirkton Place
Kirkwood Place
Kirkwood Street
Kirkwood Street
Kyle Place
Laburnum Grove
Laird Street
Langloan Crescent
Langloan Place
Langloan Street
Lauder Gardens
Lauriestone Place
Lavelle Drive
Laxford Place
Lee's Court
Lefroy Street
Lennox Avenue
Leven Road
Lincoln Court
Linton Place
Lismore Drive
Lloyds Street
Loanhead Street
Loch Awe Place
Loch Brora Crescent
Locher Place
Locher Walk
Lochgarry Way
Lochgreen Place
Lochrin Street
Lochview Road
Locks Street
Locks Street
Locks Street
Lomond Court
Lomond Court
Lomond Place
Lomond Road
Lorne Place
Lugar Street
Luggieburn Walk
Main Street
Mandrel Drive
Mannoch Place
Manor Drive
Manse Avenue
Manse Street
Margaret Street
Martin Street
Mauchline Drive
Mauldslie Street
Maybole Place
Mayburn Place
Mayfield Place
Meadow Street
Meadow Walk
Melrose Place
Merkland Road
Merrystone Street
Merrystown Drive
Miller Street
Mitchell Street
Moffat Place
Monkton Crescent
Montgomery Avenue
Morar Crescent
Morven Street
Mossneuk Street
Mosspark Road
Mount Vernon Avenue
Muir Street
Muirdyke Road
Muiryhall Street
Muiryhall Street East
Neidpath Avenue
Neidpath Place
Nelson Avenue
Netherhouse Avenue
Newlands Street
North Bute Street
North Caldeen Road
Northburn Road
Oak Place
Oakwood Drive
Ochiltree Crescent
Old Monkland Road
Old Monkland Road
Old School Court
Old Stable Row
Orchard Grove
Oxford Street
Paddock Street
Paddock Street
Palacecraig Street
Park Street
Parkview Drive
Parkway Place
Partick Street
Pavilion Way
Peebles Path
Peel Place
Portland Street
Portree Avenue
Pritchel Way
Quarry Street
Ramsay Place
Rannoch Avenue
Redwing Crescent
Redwood Grove
Reid Street
Renfrew Street
Rhinds Street
Riddell Street
Robert Gilson Gardens
Rose Gardens
Roseburn Place
Rosehall Avenue
Ross Street
Rothesay Crescent
Rothesay Place
Rowan Place
Rowanwood Crescent
Roxburgh Drive
Russell Colt Street
Rye Path
Ryefield Avenue
Sandpiper Crescent
Scarhill Street
School Street
Scotstoun Way
Seamill Way
Selby Place
Selby Street
Selkirk Way
Sharp Avenue
Shawhead Avenue
Shepford Place
Shiel Place
Sikeside Place
Sikeside Street
Sinclair Drive
Siskin Way
Smith Quadrant
Souter Gardens
Souterhouse Path
Souterhouse Road
South Caldeen Road
South Circular Road
Southfield Crescent
Spey Drive
Springhill Avenue
Springhill Place
St Andrews Drive
St Boswells Drive
St Denis Way
St Francis Place
St James Court
St James Way
St John Street
St Leonards Walk
St Martins Gate
St Monicas Way
Stewart Street
Stirling Street
Stobcross Street
Strathmore Walk
Summerlee Street
Sunnyside Road
Sunnyside Road
Swinton Crescent
Talbot Crescent
Tantallon Drive
Tarbert Way
Tay Street
Tennent Street
Tern Way
Teviot Street
Thistlebank Gardens
Thistledown Grove
Thornhill Way
Thornkip Place
Thornton Street
Thorntree Drive
Tiree Place
Torriden Place
Torriden Street
Torrisdale Place
Torrisdale Street
Townhead Road
Trent Street
Turnberry Crescent
Turner Street
Tweed Street
Tyne Place
Wallace Street
Wards Crescent
Waterside Way
Waverley Street
Weir Street
Wellington Place
West Canal Street
West George Street
Whifflet Street
Whifflet Street
Whittington Street
William Street
Willow Crescent
Wilson Street
Wilton Street
Windsor Street
Wood Street
Woodhall Avenue
Woodhall Place
Woodlands Drive
Woodlands Place
Woodside Gardens
Woodside Street
Woodside Street
Wye Crescent