The Town of Bacup in the County of Lancashire

The town of Bacup is located within the county of Lancashire.

Bacup is situated in the North West (England) region of the UK and is governed by Rossendale, council.

The town of Bacup is in the East Lancashire region of Lancashire within North West (England).

  • Rossendale
  • Bacup: Christ Church
  • Tunstead: Holy Trinity

Where is Bacup is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Bacup in Lancashire

Dentists in Bacup

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Bacup
Bacup Primary Health Trust Irwell Medical Centre, Irwell Mill, Rochdale Road Bacup Lancashire OL13 9NR
Dental Surgery 384-386 Newchurch Road Bacup Lancashire OL13 0LD

Opticians in Bacup

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Bacup
Spectacle Factory Shop (rossendale) Unit A1, Toll Bar Business Park, Newchurch Road Bacup Lancashire OL13 0NA

Chemists in Bacup

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Bacup
Boots Uk Ltd 15 St. James Square Bacup Lancashire OL13 9NH tel:01706 873542
Cohens Chemist 278 Newchurch Road, Stacksteads Bacup Lancashire OL13 0UJ tel:01706 873155
Lloydspharmacy Irwell Medical Centre, Irwell Mill, Rochdale Road Bacup Lancashire OL13 9NR tel:01706 876201
Lloydspharmacy 3 Irwell Street Bacup Lancashire OL13 0AD tel:01706 873522

Doctors in Bacup

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Bacup
Irwell Medical Practice Irwell Medical Centre, Irwell Mill, Rochdale Road Bacup Lancashire OL13 9NR tel:01706 253422
List of Streets in Bacup
Acorn Street
Acre Avenue
Acre Mill Road
Acre View
Albert Terrace
Albion Street
Alder Street
Allan Street
Alma Street
Anderson Close
Anderson Drive
Anderson Drive
Angus Street
Anvil Street
Arthur Street
Ash Street
Ashworth Street
Ashworth Street
Ashworth Street
Atherton Way
Austin Street
Back Hope Street
Back Rushton Street
Baldwin Street
Bank House Lane
Bank Street
Bankfield Street
Bankfield Street
Bankside Close
Bankside Lane
Bath Street
Beaumont Close
Beaver Terrace
Beech Close
Beech Street
Bentley Street
Birch Street
Blackthorn Crescent
Blackthorn Lane
Blackthorn Lane
Blackwood Road
Bold Street
Booth Road
Booth Street
Boston Road
Bowlers Wood
Brambling Drive
Branch Street
Brandwood Park
Brandwood Road
Brearley Street
Brearley Street
Britannia Avenue
Brookes Street
Brown Street
Brunswick Terrace
Burnley Road
Callow Close
Carlton Street
Castletown Drive
Central View
Change Close
Chapel Street
Christ Church Street
Church Gardens
Church Street
Churchtown Crescent
Clough Road
Clough Street
Clover Street
Co-Operation Street
Coal Pit Lane
Cobden Street
Cockerell Drive
Commerce Street
Commercial Street
Coniston Way
Cooper Street
Cotman Close
Cotton Mill Court
Cowtoot Lane
Crabtree Avenue
Crimea Street
Croft Street
Crooked Shore
Cross Street
Crown Meadows
Cutler Crescent
Cutler Lane
Daisy Bank
Dale Street
David Street
Deansgreave Road
Dog Pits Lane
Douglas Road
Earnshaw Road
Earnshaw Row
East View
Edge Lane
Elm Street
Ernest Street
Fair View Crescent
Farholme Lane
Farm Avenue
Farrington Road
Fern Street
Fernhill Avenue
Fernhill Close
Fernhill Close
Fernhill Crescent
Fernhill Drive
Fernhill Drive
Fernhill Park
Fernhill Way
Fernhill Way
Fieldfare Way
Flag Street
Forge Street
Four Lane Ends Road
Foxdale Close
Fullers Terrace
Futures Park
Gladstone Crescent
Gladstone Street
Glen Crescent
Glen Street
Glenborough Avenue
Goldcrest Avenue
Goose Hill Street
Gordon Street
Grafton Villas
Grasmere Terrace
Greave Clough Close
Greave Clough Drive
Greave Road
Green Bank
Green Hill Road
Greens Lane
Greens Lane
Greensnook Lane
Greensnook Terrace
Grove Street
Hall Street
Hall Street
Hammerton Green
Hammerton Street
Hammond Avenue
Hammond Avenue
Hannah Street
Harcourt Street
Harcourt Street
Harrison Street
Hawfinch Close
Haworth Drive
Hawthorn Road
Hazel Grove
Heath Hill Drive
Heathbourne Road
Heathfield Avenue
Heathfield Road
Height Barn Lane
Height Barn Lane
Hemp Street
Henrietta Street
Henrietta Street
Herbert Street
Heys Street
Higher Cross Row
Hill Crest
Hindle Street
Hindle Street
Hoghton Avenue
Holme Street
Holmes Drive
Holmes Lane
Hope Street
Hoyle Street
Huttock End Lane
Huttock End Lane
Industrial Street
Inkerman Street
Irwell Terrace
James Street
Kenyon Street
King Street
Lane End Lane
Lane End Road
Lane Head Lane
Lee Road
Lee Street
Lee Street
Lee's Street
Lilac Terrace
Lodge Lane
Lodge Lane
Lord Avenue
Lord Street
Lord Street
Luke Street
Lumb Scar
Maden Close
Maden Road
Maitland Street
Mark Street
Market Street
Market Street
Market Street
Meadow Way
Meadows Avenue
Mersey Street
Miles Avenue
Mill Lane
Mill Stream Close
Mill Street
Moorlands Terrace
Moorside Crescent
Myrtle Bank Road
Nelson Street
New Line
New Line
Newchurch Old Road
Newchurch Road
Newchurch Road
Oaken Close
Oakenclough Road
Old Kiln
Old Lane
Old Meadows Road
Old School Mews
Olive Street
Oliver Street
Onchan Drive
Osborne Terrace
Osborne Terrace
Park Road
Peel Drive
Pendle Avenue
Pendle Close
Pennine Road
Pickup Street
Plane Street
Plantation Street
Prince Street
Princess Street
Queen Street
Queen's Terrace
Railway Street
Rakehead Lane
Ramsey Avenue
Reed Street
Regent Street
Repton Close
Ribble Street
Riley Street
River Street
Rochdale Road
Rockcliffe Avenue
Rockcliffe Drive
Rockcliffe Drive
Rockcliffe Road
Rockliffe Lane
Rockliffe Road
Rockliffe Road
Ronaldsway Close
Rook Hill Road
Rooley View
Rose Bank Street
Rose Hill Street
Rose Street
Rosendale Close
Rosendale Crescent
Royds Road
Royds Road
Rushton Street
Russell Street
Sandby Close
Sandfield Road
Sarah Street
School Street
Shepherd Street
Short Street
Siding Street
Siskin Avenue
South Street
Sow Clough Road
Spring Gardens
Springfield Avenue
Springhill Avenue
Springhill Villas
St James Street
St John's Court
Stack Lane
Stanley Mount
Star Bank
Station Court
Stonechat Close
Stuart Avenue
Stubbylee Lane
Sutcliffe Street
The Courtyard
The Drive
The Ferns
The Sidings
Thistle Street
Thorn Bank
Thorn Crescent
Thorn Drive
Thorn Gardens
Thorn Street
Todmorden Old Road
Todmorden Road
Tong Lane
Tower Street
Tower Street
Tunstead Crescent
Tunstead Lane
Tunstead Road
Tunstead Road
Underbank Close
Union Street
Union Street
Union Street
Unsworth Street
Vale Street
Varley Close
Venture Street
Verax Street
Walnut Street
Walton Close
Warcock Lane
Warren Drive
Waterbarn Lane
Wesley Place
Wesley Place
Western Court
Western Road
William Street
Windermere Road
Woodland Avenue
Woodland Terrace
Woodland View
Woodlark Close
Yorkshire Street
Zion Street