The Town of Darwen in the County of Lancashire

The town of Darwen is located within the county of Lancashire.

Darwen is situated in the North West (England) region of the UK and is governed by Blackburn with Darwen, council.

The town of Darwen is in the Blackburn with Darwen region of Lancashire within North West (England).

  • Blackburn with Darwen
  • Darwen: St Barnabas
  • Darwen: St Cuthbert
  • Darwen: St Peter
  • Over Darwen: St James

Where is Darwen is located in the UK

Reader Comments for Darwen

Jeff Whalley,Garfield st and Cemetary Rd Commented on Thu, Nov 28, 2019 at 1:46pm
1942 and still going

Darwen WAS an independent working class Northern cotton town.Self contained ,schools ,shops industry parks,and wonderful people,educated in life ,integrity and decency.
Playing out on a sunny evening,parents sat on the garden wall,all chatting,that was real .community.

Integrating with Blackburn,was in reality loosing that independent pride,and a slippery slope beckoned.

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Map of the town of Darwen in Lancashire

Dentists in Darwen

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Darwen
Blue Sky Dental Care 93 Blackburn Road Darwen Lancashire BB3 1ET
Darwen Health Centre James Street West Darwen Lancashire BB3 1PY
Darwenside Dental Practice Union Street Darwen Lancashire BB3 0DA
Dental Surgery 20 Railway Road Darwen Lancashire BB3 2RG
Dental Surgery 330 - 334 Blackburn Road Darwen Lancashire BB3 0AA

Opticians in Darwen

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Darwen
Barrow Optical Unit 317, India Mill Business Centre Darwen Lancashire BB3 1AE
Eyeful Tower 153 Duckworth Street Darwen Lancashire BB3 1AT
Keith Johnson Opticians (darwen) 153 Duckworth Street Darwen Lancashire BB3 1AT
Peter Worden Opticians (darwen) 34 Market Street Darwen Lancashire BB3 1PS
Susan Hilton Opticians - Bridge Street 45 Bridge Street Darwen Lancashire BB3 2AA

Chemists in Darwen

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Darwen
Boots Uk Limited Market Street Darwen Lancashire BB3 1AZ tel:01254 703120
Cohens Chemist James Street West Darwen Lancashire BB3 1PY tel:01254 772106
Everest Pharmacy 21 Cemetery Road Darwen Lancashire BB3 2LZ tel:01254 777230
Geloo Brothers Ltd 13 Union Street Darwen Lancashire BB3 0DA tel:01254 705849
Lloydspharmacy 11 Church Street Darwen Lancashire BB3 2RE tel:01254 702435
Market Street Pharmacy 29-31 Market Street Darwen Lancashire BB3 1PS tel:01254 873977

Doctors in Darwen

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Darwen
Darwen Healthcare James Street West Darwen Lancashire BB3 1PY tel:01254 226691
Darwen Healthlink Darwen Health Centre, James Street West Darwen Lancashire BB3 1PY tel:01254 226600
Dr A Alam's Branch Practice 42 Railway Road Darwen Lancashire BB3 3EH tel:01254 772290
Hollins Grove Surgery 153 Blackburn Road Darwen Lancashire BB3 1ET tel:01254 701961
Spring-fenisco Healthlink Springfield Surgery, 102 Bolton Road Darwen Lancashire BB3 1BZ tel:01254 282870
List of Streets in Darwen
Abbey Crescent
Abbey Place
Ainsdale Drive
Albert Street
Alexandra Road
Alexandra View
Alfred Street
Alice Street
Allerton Close
Almond Street
Alpha Street
Ambleside Drive
Anchor Avenue
Anchor Grove
Anchor Road
Anyon Street
Arch Street
Argyle Street
Arlington Road
Ash Grove
Ashleigh Street
Ashton Lane
Ashton Road
Ashwood Avenue
Ashworth Terrace
Astbury Chase
Astley Heights
Astley Street
Atlas Road
Atlas Road
Auckland Street
Avallon Way
Avondale Close
Avondale Mews
Avondale Road
Avonwood Close
Aysgarth Drive
Back Duckworth Street
Back Duckworth Street
Balle Street
Balmoral Road
Bank Bottom
Bank Street
Barley Bank Street
Baron Street
Beaumont Way
Bedford Mews
Bedford Street
Beech Avenue
Beech Grove
Begonia Street
Belgrave Road
Belgrave Road
Bentley Street
Birch Hall Avenue
Bisham Close
Blackburn Road
Blackburn Road
Blackpool Street
Bog Height Road
Bolton Road
Bolton Road
Bolton Road
Bond Street
Borough Road
Borough Road
Bosley Close
Bowling Green Close
Braeside Lane
Brandwood Street
Bridge View Gardens
Bright Street
Brighton Terrace
Britten Street
Broughton Street
Brussells Road
Buff Street
Burns Walk
Burton Close
Bury Fold Lane
Bury Street
Calder Avenue
Cambridge Street
Carley Street
Carr Road
Causeway Street
Cavendish Street
Cemetery Road
Chancel Place
Chancel Way
Chanters Way
Chapel Street
Chapels Brow
Chapter Road
Charles Street
Chestnut Grove
Church Bank Street
Church Bank Street
Church Street
Church Street
Church Terrace
Clarence Street
Clement Street
Clifton Street
Clifton Street
Cloister Drive
Clough Street
Clover Terrace
Cobden Street
Cochran Street
Cocker Street
Colville Road
Commercial Road
Coniston Drive
Corden Avenue
Cornfield Street
Cotton Hall Street
Coulthurst Gardens
Cranberry Close
Cranberry Fold Court
Cranberry Lane
Cranfield View
Crewdson Street
Croft Street
Crosby Close
Cross Barn Grove
Cross Street
Crown Street
Cumberland Close
Cyprus Street
Daisyfield Street
Davenham Road
Dean Street
Dean Street
Derby Close
Devon Street
Dewhurst Close
Dewhurst Street
Dobson Street
Dorset Avenue
Douglas Grove
Dove Lane
Duckshaw Road
Duckworth Street
Duddon Avenue
Durham Road
Duxbury Street
Earcroft Way
Earnsdale Avenue
Earnsdale Close
Earnsdale Road
East Park Avenue
Edensor Terrace
Edison Street
Edmund Street
Edward Street
Ellen Street
Ellenshaw Close
Ellenshaw Street
Ellerbeck Road
Ellesmere Road
Elliott Avenue
Ellison Fold Lane
Ellison Fold Terrace
Ellison Street
Elm Grove
Elswick Street
Entwistle Street
Epworth Street
Equity Street
Essex Street
Evelyn Road
Everton Street
Exchange Street
Exchange Street
Falcon Avenue
Finch Street
Fitzgerald Drive
Foundry Street
Fountain Street
Frances Street
Frederick Street
Frederick Street
Gadfield Street
Garnett Street
Garstang Street
George Street
George Street
Gifford Way
Gillibrand Street
Global Way
Goose House Lane
Gordon Street
Grafton Court
Granville Road
Green Street
Green Street East
Green Street East
Greenfield Street
Greenway Street
Grime Street
Grimshaw Street
Hacking Street
Haldane Road
Halley Road
Hamer Street
Hampden Avenue
Hannah Street
Hardman Way
Hardman Way
Hartington Road
Harwood Street
Hawkshaw Avenue
Hawkshaw Avenue
Hawthorn Avenue
Hazel Avenue
Hazel Avenue
Hector Road
Hesketh Close
Hesse Street
Heyfold Gardens
Heys Lane
High Bank Cescent
High Street
Higher Church Street
Higher London Terrace
Higher Perry Street
Higher South Street
Highfield Mews
Highfield Road
Highfield Road
Highfield Street
Hill Houses
Hillside Gardens
Hilton Road
Hilton Street
Hindle Street
Hodder Grove
Hodgson Street
Holden Fold
Holden Fold
Holker Street
Hollins Grove Street
Hollins Grove Street
Hollins Road
Holly Tree Close
Holme Street
Holme Street
Hope Street
Huntington Drive
Hutchinson Court
Hyndburn Drive
India Street
Industry Street
Industry Street
Inverness Road
Ivinson Road
Ivinson Road
Ivy Terrace
Jacks Key Drive
James Street
James Street West
James Street West
Jepson Street
John Street
Joseph Street
Jubilee Close
Jubilee Street
Junction Street
Kay Street
Kelvin Street
Kestrel Drive
Key View
Kirkdale Close
Knott Street
Knott Street
Knott Street
Knowle Lane
Knowlesly Meadows
Knowlesly Road
Laneshaw Close
Lark Street
Laurel Avenue
Leven Grove
Lightbown Street
Lilac Grove
Lily Street
Limes Avenue
Linden Crescent
Lisbon Drive
Lloyd Street
London Terrace
Lord Street
Lorne Street
Lower Barn Street
Lower Eccleshill Road
Lyndhurst Road
Lynwood Avenue
Lynwood Close
Manor Road
Marabou Drive
Maria Street
Market Street
Marsh House Lane
Marsh Terrace
Marsham Grove
Martin Drive
Meadow Street
Meadow Vale
Melbourne Street
Melita Street
Melrose Street
Melville Avenue
Melville Gardens
Melville Street
Mersey Avenue
Mill Gap Street
Milner Road
Milton Close
Minster Crescent
Monton Road
Moor Close
Moor Lane
Moorland Avenue
Moorthorpe Close
Moss Fold Road
Mostyn Street
Nancy Street
Naples Road
Nave Close
Nelson Street
Newton Street
Newton Street
Nicholas Street
Noble Street
Norfolk Street
Norris Street
Northcote Street
Northumberland Close
Oak Grove
Oakwood Close
Oldfield Avenue
Olive Lane
Olive Lane
Orchard Park
Osborne Terrace
Owen Street
Owlet Hall Road
Oxford Street
Oxford Street
Park Road
Parliament Street
Parliament Street
Peabody Street
Peabody Street
Percival Street
Peregrine Drive
Perry Street
Philip Street
Pickup Fold Road
Pine Street
Pitville Street
Pole Lane
Pole Lane
Police Street
Portland Street
Pot House Lane
Powell Street
Preston Street
Primrose Street
Prince Lee Meadows
Prince Street
Printshop Lane
Priory Drive
Priory Drive
Priory Grange
Priory Place
Progress Street
Progress Street
Prospect Avenue
Prospect Gardens
Punstock Road
Quaker Lane
Queen Street
Queen's Road
Radfield Avenue
Radfield Road
Radford Bank Gardens
Radford Gardens
Radford Street
Railway Road
Railway Road
Ratcliffe Street
Ratcliffe Street
Rawlinson Street
Rectory Close
Redearth Road
Redearth Road
Redvers Road
Reservoir Street
Reservoir Street
Ribble Avenue
Richmond Park
Richmond Park
Richmond Terrace
Richmond Terrace
Robert Street
Robin Bank Road
Rose Hill Street
Rose Street
Ross Street
Rudyard Drive
Rydal Avenue
Salisbury Road
Sandhill Street
Sandon Street
Sandringham Road
Sandy Lane
Sarah Street
Sawley Close
Schofield Street
Scholes Street
School Street
Sefton Close
Shaftesbury Avenue
Shelley Grove
Shepherd Street
Shorrock Street
Snape Street
Snape Street
Sniddle Hill Lane
Somerset Avenue
Sough Road
South Street
South Street
Spire Close
Spring Gardens
Spring Gardens
Spring Meadows
Spring Vale Garden Village
Spring Vale Road
Springfield Street
Springthorpe Street
St Aidan's Avenue
St Alban's Road
St Barnabas Street
St Bedes Park
St Cuthberts Close
St James' Crescent
St James' Crescent
St John's Avenue
St John's Street
St Peter's Close
Stafford Street
Stanhope Street
Stanley Drive
Stansfield Street
Starkie Street
Sudell Close
Sudell Road
Sudell Road
Sudellside Street
Sunnyhill Close
Sunnyhurst Close
Sunnyhurst Lane
Sunnymere Drive
Surrey Avenue
Swan Street
Sycamore Grove
Sycamore Grove
Sydney Street
Taylor Street
Templeton Close
The Circus
The Circus
The Green
The Meadows
The Sidings
Thirlmere Drive
Thompson Street
Thorncliffe Drive
Tockholes Road
Tockholes Road
Tower Road
Tower View
Tudor Close
Tudor Close
Tunnel Street
Turn Lane
Turn Lane
Turncroft Road
Two Gates Drive
Tythebarn Street
Union Street
Union Street
Vale Street
Varley Street
Vernon Street
Veronica Street
Vicarage Drive
Victoria Street
Victoria Street
View Road
Walmsley Street
Walter Street
Warwick Avenue
Waterfield Avenue
Watery Lane
Weavers Mews
Wellington Fold
Westcote Street
Westhall Gardens
Westland Avenue
Westminster Close
Westminster Road
Westmorland Close
Westwell Street
Whalley Crescent
Whitehall Road
William Street
William Street
Willow Bank
Willow Bank Lane
Willow Street
Windermere Drive
Windsor Road
Winterton Road
Winterton Road
Wood Street
Wood Street Livesey Fold
Woodbank Avenue
Woodlands Grove
Woodville Terrace
Wraith Street
Wraith Street
Wyre Crescent