The Town of Hinckley in the County of Leicestershire

The town of Hinckley is located within the county of Leicestershire.

Hinckley is situated in the West Midlands (England), East Midlands (England), region of the UK and is governed by Hinckley and Bosworth, Rugby, councils.

The town of Hinckley is covers the following regions.

  • Warwickshire - Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire - West Midlands (England)
  • Leicestershire CC and Rutland - Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire - East Midlands (England)
  • Hinckley and Bosworth
  • Rugby
  • Burbage: St Catherine
  • Hinckley: Holy Trinity
  • Hinckley: St John the Evangelist
  • Hinckley: The Assumption of St Mary

Where is Hinckley is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Hinckley in Leicestershire

Dentists in Hinckley

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Hinckley
Burbage Dental Practice 105-107 Church Street, Burbage Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 2DB
Dental Surgery 34 Station Road Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 1AP
Dental Surgery 8 Clarendon Road Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 0PL
Hinckley Health Centre 29 Hill Street Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 1DS
Holywell House Dental Practice 56 London Road Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 1HL
Jdrm Hinckley 23 Mount Road Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 1AD

Opticians in Hinckley

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Hinckley
Boots Opticians (hinckley) 2 Castle Street Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 1DB
Burton & Wright 36 Station Road Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 1AP
Specsavers (hinckley) 18 Castle Street Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 1DB
T. Deakin 10 Begonia Close, Burbage Hinckley LE10 2SS
Vision Express (hinckley) 14 Castle Street Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 1DB

Chemists in Hinckley

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Hinckley
Asda Pharmacy Barwell Lane Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 1SS tel:01455 610636
Boots Uk Limited 2 Britannia Centre, Stockwell Head Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 1RU
Cohens Chemist Castelmead Medical Centre, Hill Street Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 1DS tel:01455 613100
Hbs Pharmacy Burbage Burbage Surgery, Tilton Road, Burbage Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 2SE tel:01455 615944
Health Centre Pharmacy 27 Hill Street Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 1DS tel:01455 637510
Hollycroft Chemist Clifton Way Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 0XN tel:01455 230825
Lloydspharmacy 6 Tilton Road, Burbage Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 2SE tel:01455 619153
Primary Care Pharmacy Southfield Road Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 1UA tel:01455 637765

Doctors in Hinckley

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Hinckley
Castle Mead Medical Centre Hill Street Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 1DS tel:01455 637659
Hollycroft Medical Centre Clifton Way, Hollycroft Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 0XN
Maples Family Med.pract. 35 Hill Street Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 1DS tel:01455 234576
Station View Health Centre Southfield Road Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 1UA tel:01455 635362
The Burbage Surgery Tilton Road, Burbage Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 2SE tel:01455 634879
The Centre Surgery Hill Street Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 1DS tel:01455 632277
List of Streets in Hinckley
Abbotts Green
Alan Bray Close
Albert Road
Aldin Way
Aldridge Road
Alesworth Drive
Alexander Gardens
Alfreton Close
Alma Road
Amber Way
Ambion Way
Amsterdam Drive
Applebee Road
Applebees Meadow
Arguile Place
Armour Close
Arran Way
Ashburton Close
Ashby Grange
Ashby Road
Ashford Road
Aster Close
Aster Way
Aston Flamville Road
Aston Flamville Road
Aston Lane
Athens Close
Atkins Way
Aulton Crescent
Aulton Way
Azalea Close
Azalea Drive
Bader Close
Baines' Lane
Balfour Close
Balliol Road
Banky Meadow
Baptist Walk
Bardsey Close
Barleston Drive
Barrie Road
Barrie Road
Barwell Lane
Battledown Close
Beams Meadow
Bearsden Crescent
Beattie Close
Beaufort Close
Beaumont Avenue
Bedale Avenue
Bedford Close
Beechwood Avenue
Begonia Close
Begonia Drive
Belfry Close
Benbow Close
Beryl Avenue
Blake Close
Blenheim Close
Bodmin Close
Bonneville Road
Bosworth Close
Bowling Green Road
Bowman Green
Boyslade Road
Boyslade Road East
Bradgate Gardens
Bradgate Road
Bramcote Close
Brame Road
Brandon Road
Brascote Road
Brechin Close
Brenfield Drive
Briar Close
Brick Kiln Street
Bridge Road
Brindley Road
Britannia Road
Broadsword Way
Brockhurst Avenue
Brodick Close
Brodick Road
Brookfield Road
Brookfield Road
Brosdale Drive
Browning Drive
Brunel Road
Brunel Road
Buckingham Close
Bullfurlong Lane
Bunneys Meadow
Burbage Road
Burleigh Road
Bute Close
Butt Lane
Butt Lane Close
Cadeby Close
Caldon Close
Cambourne Road
Campton Close
Canal Way
Canberra Way
Canning Street
Cardinal Drive
Carpenters Close
Castle Court
Castle Street
Castlemaine Drive
Charles Street
Charnwood Close
Charnwood Road
Chatsworth Close
Cherwell Close
Chessher Street
Church Close
Church Street
Church Walk
Clarence Road
Clarendon Road
Clarendon Road
Cleveland Road
Clifton Way
Coldstream Close
Coley Close
College Lane
Colts Close
Coppice Close
Coral Close
Cornwall Way
Cotes Road
Cotman Drive
Council Road
Coventry Road
Coventry Road
Coventry Road
Cowper Road
Crammond Close
Crimson Way
Cromarty Drive
Crosskirk Road
Crossland Row
Crownhill Road
Cumbrae Drive
Dahlia Close
Dale End Close
Darley Road
Dart Close
Darwin Close
Daytona Avenue
De Havilland Way
De Montfort Road
De-La-Bere Crescent
Dean Close
Dean Road
Dean Road West
Denis Road
Derby Road
Deveron Way
Dodwells Road
Dodwells Road
Dorchester Road
Drake Way
Druid Street
Dudley Rise
Dunblane Way
Duport Road
East Close
Eastwoods Road
Edendale Drive
Edward Street
Elizabeth Road
Elizabeth Road
Elm Tree Drive
Embleton Close
Erskine Close
Eskdale Road
Fabius Close
Factory Road
Factory Road
Falconers Green
Falmouth Drive
Far Lash
Faraday Road
Faray Drive
Farm Road
Farriers Way
Featherston Drive
Ferndale Grove
Ferneley Avenue
Ferness Close
Ferness Road
Ferry Pickering Close
Field Close
Flamville Road
Fleming Road
Fletcher Road
Florian Way
Forest Road
Forresters Close
Forresters Road
Forryan Road
Fosse Close
Frederick Avenue
Freeman's Lane
Freswick Close
Frezenberg Close
Friary Close
Frith Way
Frobisher Close
Gainsborough Avenue
Garden Close
Garden Road
George Street
Gladstone Close
Glebe Road
Glen Bank
Glenbarr Close
Glenbarr Drive
Gleneagles Close
Gold Close
Goosehills Road
Gopsall Road
Gosford Drive
Gowrie Close
Granby Close
Granby Road
Grange Drive
Granville Gardens
Granville Road
Greenmoor Road
Greycap Close
Greyhound Croft
Greyhound Croft
Grosvenor Crescent
Grove Park
Grove Road
Gwendoline Avenue
Hadrian Close
Halberd Close
Hall Road
Hamilton Close
Hammonds Way
Hangman's Lane
Hansom Road
Hardy Close
Harrowbrook Road
Harwood Drive
Hawkins Close
Hawley Road
Hawley Road
Hawthorn Crescent
Hays Lane
Helsinki Drive
Henry Street
Herald Way
Herford Way
Higham Way
Highfields Road
Hill Street
Hillside Road
Hinckley Road
Hinckley Road
Hogarth Close
Hogarth Drive
Hollier's Walk
Holly Close
Hollycroft Crescent
Holt Road
Holywell Fields
Hurst Road
Hyacinth Way
Hydes Lane
Ilminster Close
Indigo Drive
Iris Close
Island Close
Jacknell Close
Jacknell Road
Jarvis Close
Jefferies Close
Jellicoe Way
John Nichols Street
John Street
John's Close
Johnson Close
Jon Baker Court
Jovian Drive
Jubilee Square
Jubilee Way
Juno Close
Kenmore Drive
Kent Drive
Kestrel Close
Kilberry Close
Kilby Green
Kilmarie Close
King George's Way
King Richard Road
King Street
Kingston Drive
Kinross Way
Kintyre Close
Kirfield Drive
Knapton Close
Knights Close
Lamford Close
Lancaster Road
Lancaster Road
Lance Close
Landseer Drive
Laneside Drive
Langdale Road
Langham Close
Lawton Close
Laxford Close
Leicester Road
Leven Close
Leysmill Close
Library Close
Lilac Close
Linden Road
Linwood Close
Lismore Drive
Livia Close
Lobelia Close
Lochmore Close
Lochmore Drive
Lochmore Way
Lodge Close
Logix Road
Logix Road
Lomond Close
London Road
London Road
Long Meadow Drive
Lossiemouth Road
Love Lane
Lovetts Close
Lower Bond Street
Lower Bond Street
Lucas Road
Lundy Close
Lupin Close
Lutterworth Road
Lutterworth Road
Lychgate Close
Lychgate Lane
Lyndhurst Close
Lyneham Close
Lysander Close
Magee Close
Mallard Drive
Manor Close
Manor Street
Manor Way
Mansion Street
Maple Close
Maple Drive
Maple Drive
Marchant Road
Marcian Close
Marigold Drive
Market Place
Market Place
Marlborough Close
Maroon Drive
Marywell Close
Mason Court
Meadow Drive
Melrose Close
Merevale Avenue
Merevale Close
Merrifield Gardens
Merry Hurst Place
Middlefield Close
Middlefield Court
Middlefield Lane
Middlefield Lane
Middlefield Place
Milfoil Close
Mill Hill Road
Mill View
Millais Road
Millers Green
Milton Close
Mistral Close
Moray Close
Morland Drive
Mount Road
Mulberry Way
Munnings Drive
Navy Close
Nelson Drive
Netherley Road
Netherley Road
Netherly Court
New Buildings
New Road
New Street
Newquay Close
Newstead Avenue
Newton Road
Norfolk Close
Normandy Way
Normandy Way
Normandy Way
North Close
Northfield Road
Norwood Close
Nuffield Road
Nursery Gardens
Nutt's Lane
Nutt's Lane
Oak Close
Oban Road
Odstone Drive
Olive Close
Olympic Way
Omaha Drive
Orchard Close
Orchard Street
Orkney Close
Osbaston Close
Outlands Drive
Outlands Drive
Overlord Drive
Paddock Way
Palmer Road
Paris Close
Park Road
Parson's Lane
Pennant Road
Pentland Close
Penzance Close
Pickering Place
Pike Close
Pilgrims Gate
Pinfold Close
Plum Crescent
Portland Drive
Preston Road
Priesthills Road
Primrose Drive
Princess Road
Priory Walk
Pughe's Close
Pyeharps Road
Queen Victoria Court
Queen's Road
Radmore Road
Raleigh Close
Ramsey Close
Rannoch Close
Ratcliffe Road
Reeves Road
Regent Street
Reynolds Close
Ribblesdale Avenue
Richmond Gate
Richmond Road
Riddon Drive
Robinson Way
Rocket Drive
Rodney Close
Rogue's Lane
Rogue's Lane
Rogue's Lane
Rogue's Lane
Romney Close
Rosemary Way
Rosewood Close
Roston Drive
Royal Court
Ruby Close
Rufford Close
Rufford Close
Rugby Road
Rugby Road
Rutland Avenue
Rydal Close
Saddlers Close
Salem Road
Salisbury Road
Sandford Close
Sandy Crescent
Sansome Drive
Sapcote Road
Saville Close
School Close
Seaforth Drive
Seaton Close
Severn Avenue
Shackleton Drive
Shakespeare Drive
Sharpless Road
Sheepy Close
Shelley Gardens
Sherborne Road
Short Way
Sisley Way
Sketchley Close
Sketchley Hall Gardens
Sketchley Lane
Sketchley Lane
Sketchley Manor Lane
Sketchley Meadows
Sketchley Old Village
Sketchley Old Village
Sketchley Road
Slate Drive
Smithy Lane
Soar Way
Southfield Road
Spa Close
Spa Lane
Spencer Street
Spinney Road
Springfield Park
Springfield Road
Squires Green
St Catherine's
St Francis Close
St George's Avenue
St James's Close
St Johns
St Louis Close
St Martin's
St Mary's Road
Stanley Road
Station Road
Station Road
Stephenson Road
Stirling Avenue
Stockholm Close
Stockwell Head
Stoke Road
Stoke Road
Stoneygate Drive
Strathmore Road
Stretton Close
Stretton Croft
Strutt Road
Sunloch Close
Sunnydale Crescent
Sunnydale Road
Sunnyhill Gardens
Sunnyhill South
Surrey Close
Sutton Close
Swains Green
Swinburne Road
Sword Drive
Sword Drive
Sycamore Close
Tame Way
Teal Drive
Teign Bank Close
Teign Bank Road
Tennyson Road
The Beeches
The Borough
The Borough
The Coppice
The Fairway
The Grove
The Horsefair
The Lawns
The Lychgate
The Meadows
The Meadway
The Outwoods
The Ridgeway
The Rills
The Stables
Thirlmere Road
Thornfield Way
Thornycroft Road
Three Pots Road
Thruxton Close
Tilton Road
Towers Drive
Trafford Road
Trent Road
Trevor Road
Trinity Court
Trinity Lane
Trinity Lane
Trinity Vicarage Road
Triumph Road
Troon Way
Truro Close
Tudor Road
Turner Drive
Tweedside Close
Twycross Road
Upper Bond Street
Utah Close
Valiant Close
Venture Court
Victoria Road
Victoria Street
Vilia Close
Walcote Close
Walney Close
Warwick Gardens
Waterfield Way
Waterloo Road
Watling Close
Watling Drive
Watling Street
Watling Street
Waveney Close
Welbeck Avenue
Welbeck Avenue
Well Lane
Wellington Close
Welwyn Road
Wendover Drive
Wensum Close
Wentworth Close
West Close
West Hyde
Westfield Road
Westminster Drive
Weston Close
Westray Drive
Wheatfield Way
Whittle Road
Whitworth Avenue
William Iliffe Street
Willow Close
Willowbank Road
Winchester Drive
Windrush Drive
Windsor Court
Windsor Street
Woburn Close
Wolvey Road
Wolvey Road
Wood Street
Wood Street Close
Woodfield Road
Woodgate Road
Woodland Avenue
Woodland Road
Woodstock Close
Workhouse Lane
Workhouse Lane
Wykin Road
Wyvern Close
Yeoman Close
York Road
Zealand Close