The Settlement of Wigston in the County of Leicestershire

The Settlement of Wigston is located within the county of Leicestershire.

Wigston is situated in the East Midlands (England) region of the UK and is governed by Leicester, Oadby and Wigston, councils.

The Settlement of Wigston is covers the following regions.

  • Leicestershire CC and Rutland - Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire - East Midlands (England)
  • Leicester - Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire - East Midlands (England)
  • Leicester
  • Oadby and Wigston
  • South Wigston: St Thomas the Apostle
  • Wigston Magna: All Saints
  • Wigston Magna: St Wistan

Where is Wigston is located in the UK

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Map of the Settlement of Wigston in Leicestershire

Dentists in Wigston

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Wigston
Dental Surgery 101 Leicester Road Wigston Leicestershire LE18 1NS
Dental Surgery 45 Long Street Wigston Leicestershire LE18 2AJ
Wigston Dental Care 287 Leicester Road Wigston Leicestershire LE18 1JW

Opticians in Wigston

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Wigston
Henry Smith & Hamylton Ltd - Wigston 1 Bell Street Wigston Leicestershire LE18 1AD
Optivision Opticians Ltd (wigston) 21 Leicester Road Wigston Leicestershire LE18 1NR
Peter Jackson Associates 1 Aylestone Lane Wigston Leicestershire LE18 1AB
Specsavers (wigston) 36 Bell Street Wigston Leicestershire LE18 1AD

Chemists in Wigston

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Wigston
Boots Uk Limited 27 Bell Street Wigston Leicestershire LE18 1AD tel:0116 2886359
Jhoots Pharmacy 117 Blaby Road, South Wigston Wigston Leicestershire LE18 4PB tel:0116 2787223
Little Hill Pharmacy Ltd Unit 4, Launceston Road Wigston Leicestershire LE18 2GL tel:0116 2813120
Lloydspharmacy 90 Shackerdale Road Leicester Leicestershire LE2 6HS tel:0116 2884568
Well South Wigston - Blaby Road 64 Blaby Road Wigston Leicestershire LE18 4SD tel:01162 785160
Well Wigston - Two Steeples Mc Abington Close Wigston Leicestershire LE18 2EW tel:01162 883846
Wigston Pharmacy 36 Leicester Road Wigston Leicestershire LE18 1DR tel:0116 2883203

Doctors in Wigston

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Wigston
Bushloe Surgery Two Steeples Med Centre, Abington Close Wigston Leicestershire LE18 2EW tel:0116 3440233
South Wigston Health Ctr. 80 Blaby Road, South Wigston Wigston Leicestershire LE18 4SE tel:0116 2782028
Wigston Central Surgery Two Steeples Medical Centre, 10 Abington Close Wigston Leicestershire LE18 2EW tel:0116 2882566
List of Streets in Wigston
Abington Close
Acorn Way
Aisne Road
Albion Street
Alderstone Close
Alfreton Road
Alport Way
Ambler Close
Amesbury Road
Anglesey Road
Arnold Avenue
Ashbourne Road
Ashdown Road
Ashton Close
Ashurst Close
Askrigg Way
Asquith Boulevard
Asquith Way
Attenborough Close
Avondale Road
Aylestone Lane
Aylestone Lane
Aylestone Lane
Baddely Drive
Bainbridge Road
Bakewell Road
Baldwin Avenue
Baldwin Road
Baldwin Road
Bampton Close
Barford Close
Barge Close
Barn Close
Barnby Avenue
Barnstaple Close
Barton Close
Bassett Street
Bedford Road
Bell Street
Belper Close
Bennett Way
Best Close
Bideford Close
Bilsdale Road
Birchtree Road
Blaby Road
Blaby Road
Blackwell Close
Blakesley Road
Blenheim Close
Blunt's Lane
Bodenham Close
Bodmin Avenue
Boulter Crescent
Bradgate Drive
Brailsford Road
Brailsford Road
Bramcote Road
Bransdale Road
Brecon Close
Breedon Avenue
Bridport Close
Brighton Avenue
Brighton Avenue
Brighton Close
Brighton Close
Brington Close
Britford Avenue
Brixham Drive
Brixham Drive
Broad Meadow
Bronze Barrow Close
Broughton Field
Buckfast Close
Bude Road
Bull Head Street
Bull Head Street
Bull Head Street
Burgess Street
Burleigh Avenue
Burneston Way
Burnham Close
Bush Lock Close
Bushloe End
Butt Close
Byfield Drive
Caldecott Close
Calverton Avenue
Camborne Close
Canal Street
Canvey Close
Cardigan Drive
Carey Close
Carlton Drive
Castleton Road
Cawsand Road
Cedar Avenue
Central Avenue
Chartwell Drive
Chartwell Point
Chatsworth Avenue
Cheddar Road
Chellaston Road
Cherry Street
Cheshire Drive
Church Nook
Church Nook
Clarkes Road
Cleveland Road
Cleveland Road
Clifford Street
Clifton Drive
Clipstone Close
Clipstone Gardens
Collaton Road
Cooks Lane
Cornwall Road
Coronation Avenue
Cottage Road
Cottesbrooke Close
Countesthorpe Road
Countesthorpe Road
Coverdale Road
Craythorne Way
Creaton Court
Creaton Road
Crediton Close
Crete Avenue
Croft Drive
Cromford Avenue
Cross Street
Crowan Drive
Culworth Drive
Cumberland Road
Curzon Avenue
Cutting Close
Dale Avenue
Darley Avenue
Davenport Road
Denacre Avenue
Denmead Avenue
Devonshire Avenue
Dingley Link
Dorchester Close
Dorset Avenue
Double Rail Close
Duffield Avenue
Dukes Close
Dulverton Close
Dunton Street
Durham Drive
Durnford Road
Eastmere Road
Eastway Road
Ecobs Way
Elizabeth Court
Elizabeth Crescent
Ellison Close
Elwin Avenue
Emberton Close
Ervins Lock
Essex Road
Estoril Avenue
Exeter Road
Exmoor Close
Fairfield Street
Falmouth Drive
Farleigh Avenue
Finson Close
Fir Tree Close
Florence Avenue
Forryans Close
Foston Gate
Foxton Lock Close
Frederick Street
Freshwater Close
Garden Street
Gas Lane
Gayhurst Close
Georgeham Close
Gibson Close
Gladstone Street
Glaisdale Road
Glamorgan Avenue
Glebe Close
Glen Gate
Glenborne Road
Glenborne Road
Gloucester Crescent
Godwin Avenue
Grafton Drive
Grange Road
Grangeway Road
Granville Crescent
Granville Road
Grasmere Road
Grassington Drive
Grendon Close
Grittar Close
Grittar Close
Guilford Drive
Guthlaxton Way
Halcroft Rise
Halter Slade
Hampton Close
Hansen Court
Harcourt Road
Harrington Road
Harrison Close
Harrogate Way
Hayes Road
Hazelwood Road
Healey Street
Heards Close
Heatherley Grove
Heathfield Road
Heddington Close
Heddington Way
Helston Close
Herrick Way
Highfield Crescent
Highfield Drive
Highgate Drive
Hillcrest Road
Hillside Avenue
Hindoostan Avenue
Holmden Avenue
Holmden Avenue
Homestead Drive
Homestead Drive
Honiton Close
Horndean Avenue
Horsewell Lane
Horwood Close
Hoskins Close
Ingleby Road
Ingrams Way
Irlam Street
Isabella Court
Ivanhoe Road
Jasmine Court
Jordan Avenue
Junction Road
Keel Close
Kelmarsh Avenue
Kelmarsh Avenue
Kenilworth Road
Kenneth Gamble Court
Kensington Drive
Kent Crescent
Kenton Avenue
Kevern Close
Kew Drive
Kew Drive
Kilby Drive
Kings Drive
Kingston Avenue
Kirkdale Road
Ladysmith Road
Lamport Close
Langton Road
Lansdowne Grove
Launceston Road
Laverstock Road
Laxton Close
Leicester Road
Leicester Road
Leopold Street
Lime Kilns
Lincoln Drive
Linford Close
Little Dale
Lock Gate Close
Lock Keeper Close
Long Meadow
Long Street
Long Street
Longford Close
Lowick Drive
Lulworth Close
Lynmouth Drive
Lyon Close
Mablowe Field
Magna Road
Maidwell Close
Manor Street
Mapleton Road
Margaret Crescent
Maromme Square
Marstown Avenue
Matlock Avenue
Mayfield Drive
Meadow Way
Mere Road
Middleton Close
Mill Close
Milton Close
Milverton Close
Milverton Drive
Moat Street
Moat Street
Moores Close
Mowsley End
Mowsley End
Namur Road
Narrow Boat Close
Naseby Close
Netton Close
New Forest Close
Newbury Close
Newgate End
Newstead Avenue
Newton Lane
Nidderdale Road
Norfolk Road
North Street
Northfield Avenue
Northumberland Road
Oadby Road
Oadby Road
Oakwood Avenue
Orange Street
Orchards Drive
Orson Drive
Orson Drive
Owston Drive
Oxford Drive
Paddock Street
Paddock Street
Park Road
Parkstone Close
Parlour Close
Parvian Road
Parvian Road
Pembroke Avenue
Penney Close
Penryn Drive
Pensilva Close
Pentridge Close
Penzance Avenue
Pitton Close
Pochins Bridge Road
Pochins Close
Portloc Drive
Pullman Road
Purbeck Close
Queens Drive
Radnor Road
Railway Street
Ramsbury Road
Ramsdean Avenue
Ravensthorpe Road
Redruth Avenue
Regent Close
Repton Road
Reynolds Chase
Reynolds Chase
Ringwood Close
Roehampton Drive
Roehampton Drive
Rolleston Road
Rolleston Road
Roman Hill
Rosedale Road
Ruskington Drive
Rutland Avenue
Saffron Road
Salcombe Close
Saltash Close
Sandown Road
Sandy Rise
Saxondale Road
Seaton Road
Shackerdale Road
Shackerdale Road
Shardlow Road
Shearsby Close
Shenley Road
Sherborne Avenue
Sherford Close
Shipton Close
Simons Close
Snowdens End
South Avenue
Spa Lane
Spa Lane
Spring Lane
St Ives Road
St Thomas Road
St Wolstan's Close
Stafford Drive
Stanhope Road
Station Road
Station Street
Staveley Close
Steeple Close
Stonesby Avenue
Suffolk Close
Sussex Road
Sywell Drive
Tansley Avenue
Taunton Close
Taylor's Bridge Road
Tendring Drive
The Crescent
The Oval
The Tofts
The Woodlands
Thirlmere Road
Thornby Gardens
Thorpe Drive
Tigers Close
Tigers Road
Timber Street
Torrington Close
Towpath Link
Tremaine Drive
Truro Drive
Turville Close
Two Steeples Square
Tyringham Road
Tythorn Drive
Upton Drive
Victoria Street
Viking Road
Wakes Road
Wards Closes
Warmsley Avenue
Warwick Road
Waterloo Crescent
Waverley Road
Weir Close
Weldon Road
Welford Road
Welford Road
Well Spring Hill
Wellhouse Close
Wensleydale Road
West Avenue
Westerby Close
Westerdale Road
Westfield Avenue
Westmorland Avenue
Weymouth Close
Whitegates Field
Whitehead Crescent
Wicken Rise
Wigston Road
Willow Park Drive
Willow Place
Wilsford Close
Wilson Road
Wiltshire Road
Wimborne Close
Windermere Road
Windlass Drive
Winslow Drive
Wistow Road
Woburn Close
Woodford Close
Woodville Gardens
Worcester Drive
Wye Dean Drive
Yardley Drive
Yarwell Drive