The Town of Harrogate in the County of North Yorkshire

The town of Harrogate is located within the county of North Yorkshire.

Harrogate is situated in the Yorkshire and The Humber region of the UK and is governed by Harrogate, council.

The town of Harrogate is in the North Yorkshire CC region of North Yorkshire within Yorkshire and The Humber.

  • Harrogate
  • Bilton: St John the Evangelist
  • Harrogate: St Luke
  • Harrogate: St Mark
  • Harrogate: St Wilfrid
  • High Harrogate: Christ Church
  • High Harrogate: St Peter
  • Low Harrogate: St Mary
  • Starbeck: St Andrew

Where is Harrogate is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Harrogate in North Yorkshire

Dentists in Harrogate

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Harrogate
2 Hookstone Park Hookstone Chase Harrogate North Yorkshire HG2 7DB
3 North Park Road North Park Road Harrogate HG1 5PD
Dental Surgery 1 South Park Road Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 5QU
Dental Surgery 10 Victoria Avenue Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 1ED
Dental Surgery 12 Ripon Road Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 2JB
Dental Surgery 3 North Park Road Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 5PD
Dental Surgery 85 Kings Road Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 5HP
Dental Surgery 21 Wetherby Road Harrogate North Yorkshire HG2 7RY
Mr Ma Homa Grantley Drive Harrogate North Yorkshire HG3 2XT
Starbeck Dental Surgery 6-8 High Street Harrogate North Yorkshire HG2 7HY
The Dental Practice 14 Mount Parade Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 1BX
The Roberts-harry Dental Clinic East Parade Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 5LB
Wetherby Road (dental Surgery) 14 Wetherby Road Harrogate North Yorkshire HG2 7SA

Opticians in Harrogate

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Harrogate
4630 Harrogate Asda Opticians, Bower Road Harrogate HG1 5DE
Bespoke Eyewear (harrogate) 4 Royal Parade Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 2SZ
Boots Opticians (harrogate) 26-28 Cambridge Street Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 1RX
Catherine Veen Opticians 6 Victoria Avenue Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 1ED
Christopher Nixon Ltd 35 High Street, Starbeck Harrogate North Yorkshire HG2 7LQ
Eyecatchers (harrogate) Ltd 87a Skipton Road Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 4LF
M Procter Opticians (harrogate) 16 Parliament Street Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 2QZ
Martin Hoyle Optometrists 10 York Place Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 1HL
Page And Smith Opticians 4 Royal Parade Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 2SZ
Specsavers (harrogate) 18 Beulah Street Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 1QH
Vision Express (harrogate) 5-5a Prospect Crescent Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 1RH

Chemists in Harrogate

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Harrogate
Asda Pharmacy Asda Superstore, Bower Road Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 5DE tel:01423 524243
Boots Uk Limited 26-28 Cambridge Street Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 1RX tel:01423 566437
Cohens Chemist 52-54 King Edwards Drive Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 4HL tel:01423 503472
Cohens Chemist Mowbray Square Med Ctr, Myrtle Square Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 5AR tel:01423 565025
Day Lewis Pharmacy 85 Leeds Road Harrogate North Yorkshire HG2 8BE tel:01423 871647
Harrogate Pharmacy Unit 2, Haywra Crescent Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 5BG tel:01423 505404
Kings Road Pharmacy 28-30 Kings Road Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 5JP tel:01423 522076
Lloydspharmacy 123 Knaresborough Road Harrogate North Yorkshire HG2 7LY tel:01423 884205
Lloydspharmacy 156 King's Road Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 5HY tel:01423 504594
Lloydspharmacy J Sainsbury Store, Wetherby Road Harrogate North Yorkshire HG2 8QZ tel:01423 888519
Superdrug Unit 1, Nidderdale House, 4-6 Cambridge Road Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 1NS tel:01423 523281
Well Harrogate - Cold Bath Road 111 Cold Bath Road Harrogate North Yorkshire HG2 0NU tel:01423 504484
Well Harrogate - Kingswood Mc 14 Wetherby Road Harrogate North Yorkshire HG2 7SA tel:01423 885658
Your Local Boots Pharmacy Nycs Store, Jennyfield Drive Harrogate North Yorkshire HG3 2XQ tel:01423 508050

Doctors in Harrogate

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Harrogate
Church Avenue Medical Group The Surgery, 54 Church Avenue Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 4HG tel:01423 564168
East Parade Surgery Mowbray Square Medical Centre, Myrtle Square Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 5AR tel:01423 566574
Jennyfield Health Centre Grantley Drive Harrogate North Yorkshire HG3 2XT
Kingswood Surgery 14 Wetherby Road Harrogate North Yorkshire HG2 7SA tel:01423 887733
Park Parade Surgery Mowbray Square Medical Centre, Myrtle Square Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 5AR tel:01423 561773
The Health Centre, Knaresborough Road 80 Knaresborough Road Harrogate North Yorkshire HG2 7LU
The Leeds Road Practice 49-51 Leeds Road Harrogate North Yorkshire HG2 8AY tel:01423 566636
The Moss Practice 28 Kings Road Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 5JP tel:01423 560261
The Spa Surgery Mowbray Square Medical Centre, Myrtle Square Harrogate HG1 5AR tel:01423 503218
List of Streets in Harrogate
1st Avenue
2nd Avenue
3rd Avenue
4th Avenue
5th Avenue
6th Avenue
Ainsty Road
Albany Avenue
Albany Road
Albert Place
Albert Place
Albert Road
Albert Road
Albert Street
Albert Terrace
Alder Road
Alderson Road
Alderson Square
Alexandra Road
Alexandra Road
Allotment Gardens
Almsford Avenue
Almsford Close
Almsford Drive
Almsford End
Almsford Oval
Almsford Place
Almsford Road
Almsford Walk
Anchor Road
Angelica Close
Apley Close
Archie Street
Arncliffe Road
Arthington Avenue
Arthurs Avenue
Arthurs Avenue
Arthurs Close
Arthurs Grove
Ash Road
Ashfield Road
Ashgarth Court
Ashgarth Way
Ashville Close
Ashville Grove
Avenue Close
Avenue Close
Avenue Grove
Avenue Place
Avenue Road
Avenue Street
Avenue Terrace
Avondale Road
Azerley Grove
Bachelor Drive
Bachelor Gardens
Bachelor Road
Bachelor Way
Back Chatsworth Grove
Back Cheltenham Mount
Back Cheltenham Mount
Back Dawson Terrace
Back Dawson Terrace
Back Dragon Parade
Back Dragon Road
Back Elmwood Street
Back Hall Lane
Back Regent Place
Back Royal Parade
Back Royal Parade
Back Tewit Well Road
Back Unity Grove
Back Unity Grove
Back York Place
Baden Street
Baldwin Street
Bar Place
Barberry Close
Barnwell Crescent
Beckwith Avenue
Beckwith Close
Beckwith Crescent
Beckwith Drive
Beckwith Head Road
Beckwith Road
Beckwith Road
Beckwith Walk
Beech Avenue
Beech Close
Beech Grove
Beech Grove
Beech Road
Beech Street
Beechwood Crescent
Beechwood Grove
Belford Place
Belford Road
Belford Square
Belgrave Crescent
Belmont Avenue
Belmont Grove
Belmont Road
Belmont Terrace
Beningbrough Drive
Beulah Street
Bewerley Road
Bewerley Road
Bilton Close
Bilton Drive
Bilton Drive
Bilton Grange Close
Bilton Grove Avenue
Bilton Grove Avenue
Bilton Hall Drive
Bilton Hall Drive
Bilton Lane
Birch Grove
Birchwood Mews
Birk-Crag Court
Birstwith Road
Birstwith Road
Blenheim Court
Blenheim Way
Bluebell Meadow
Bluebell Walk
Bogs Lane
Bogs Lane
Bolton Street
Borage Road
Bower Road
Bower Road
Bower Street
Bowes Park
Bowland Close
Bowland Court
Bramble Close
Bramham Drive
Brinklow Way
Brooke Close
Broughton Way
Brunswick Drive
Brunswick Place
Bryony Road
Bryony Way
Burdock Close
Burke Street
Burley Aveneue
Burley Avenue
Burley Bank Close
Burley Bank Road
Burley Lane
Burnby Close
Burns Way
Burnside Close
Burnside Drive
Burnside Road
Burnside Walk
Butler Road
Butterbur Way
Buttercup Close
By - Ways
Byland Grove
Byland Place
Byland Road
Cambridge Crescent
Cambridge Crescent
Cambridge Place
Cambridge Road
Cambridge Street
Cambridge Terrace
Cambridge Terrace
Campion Grove
Camwal Road
Camwal Road
Camwal Terrace
Camwal Terrace
Cardale Park
Carline Mead
Carlton Road
Castle Hill Close
Castle Hill Drive
Castle Hill Glade
Castle Hill Grove
Cavendish Avenue
Cavendish Court
Cavendish Street
Cawthorn Avenue
Cawthorn Place
Cecil Street
Cedar Grange
Cedar Grove
Century Walk
Chapman Square
Charles Avenue
Chastworth Court
Chatsworth Grove
Chatsworth Grove
Chatsworth Place
Chatsworth Road
Chatsworth Road
Chatsworth Terrace
Chaucer Green
Chelmsford Road
Cheltenham Crescent
Cheltenham Crescent
Cheltenham Mount
Cheltenham Parade
Cheltenham Road
Chestnut Avenue
Chestnut Grove
Christ Church Oval
Christina Street
Chudleigh Road
Church Avenue
Church Avenue
Church Avenue
Church Lane
Church Lane
Clarence Drive
Claro Avenue
Claro Park
Claro Road
Claro Way
Cliffe Road
Clover Way
Coach Road
Coach Road
Coachman's Court
Cold Bath Place
Cold Bath Road
Coleridge Drive
College Road
College Street
Collin's Hill
Coltsfoot Court
Columbine Grove
Comfrey Close
Commercial Street
Coniston Road
Coppice Avenue
Coppice Beck Court
Coppice Close
Coppice Drive
Coppice Drive
Coppice Gate
Coppice Rise
Coppice View
Coppice Way
Coppice Way
Cornel Rise
Cornflower Way
Cornwall Close
Cornwall Road
Coronation Avenue
Coronation Grove
Coronation Road
County Parade
County Square
Crab Lane
Crag Lane
Cranesbill Close
Craven Street
Crescent Gardens
Crescent Road
Crimple Court
Crimple Lane
Cromwell Road
Crossways Crescent
Crossways Drive
Crowberry Drive
Cundall Way
Dalby Avenue
Dale Bank
Daleside Avenue
Daleside Close
Daleside Drive
Daleside Gardens
Daleside Road
Dawson Terrace
Dawson Terrace
De Ferrieres Avenue
De Ferrieres Avenue
Deane Place
Delamere Crescent
Dene Park
Dene Park Close
Derwent Road
Devonshire Lane
Devonshire Mews
Devonshire Place
Devonshire Way
Diamond Grove
Diamond Place
Dixon Road
Dixon Terrace
Dorset Close
Dorset Crescent
Dragon Avenue
Dragon Parade
Dragon Road
Dragon Terrace
Dryden Close
Duchy Avenue
Duchy Grove
Duchy Road
Duncan Close
Duncan Street
Durham Way
East Parade
East Park Road
Eastby Road
Eavestone Grove
Ebenezer Terrace
Ebor Rise
Eleanor Drive
Eleanor Road
Electric Avenue
Electric Avenue
Ellen Grove
Ellis Court
Elm Road
Elmwood Street
Ely Close
Emerald Close
Euclid Avenue
Euclid Avenue
Evelyn Court
Exeter Crescent
Fairfax Avenue
Fairfax Walk
Fairways Avenue
Fairways Close
Fairways Drive
Fewston Crescent
Firs Avenue
Firs Avenue
Firs Close
Firs Crescent
Firs Crescent
Firs Drive
Firs Gate
Firs Gate
Firs Grove
Firs Park
Firs Road
Firs Road
Firs View
First Avenue
Florence Road
Forest Avenue
Forest Close
Forest Crescent
Forest Gardens
Forest Grange Close
Forest Grove
Forest Lane
Forest Lane
Forest Lane Head
Forest Moor Road
Forest Mount
Forest Rise
Forest Way
Fountains Avenue
Fox Court
Foxglove Close
Franklin Mount
Franklin Road
Franklin Road
Franklin Square
Freeman's Way
French Street
Fulwith Avenue
Fulwith Close
Fulwith Drive
Fulwith Gate
Fulwith Grove
Fulwith Mill Lane
Fulwith Road
Garden Mews
Gascoigne Crescent
Gentian Glade
Gladstone Street
Glebe Avenue
Glebe Road
Globe Street
Gordon Avenue
Granby Park
Granby Road
Grange Avenue
Grange Avenue
Grantley Close
Grantley Drive
Grantley Place
Granville Road
Grasmere Crescent
Green Lane
Green Way
Greenfields Avenue
Greenfields Drive
Greenfields Road
Grey Hill Road
Grey Street
Grosvenor Grove
Grosvenor Road
Grosvenor Road
Grove Park Avenue
Grove Park Court
Grove Park Lane
Grove Park Terrace
Grove Park View
Grove Park Walk
Grove Road
Grove Road
Grove Street
Hall Lane
Halstead Road
Hambleton Road
Hamilton Avenue
Hampsthwaite Road
Harcourt Drive
Harcourt Road
Harebell Close
Harewood Road
Hargrove Road
Harlech Way
Harlow Avenue
Harlow Avenue
Harlow Crescent
Harlow Grange Park
Harlow Manor Park
Harlow Moor Drive
Harlow Moor Drive
Harlow Moor Road
Harlow Moor Road
Harlow Oval
Harlow Park Crescent
Harlow Park Drive
Harlow Park Road
Harlow Pines
Harlow Terrace
Harrison Grove
Harrogate Road
Hartley Road
Hartwith Close
Hartwith Drive
Hartwith Drive
Hartwith Way
Hawes Road
Haywra Crescent
Haywra Street
Heath Grove
Heather Way
Hereford Road
Heywood Road
High Street
Highbank Grove
Highgate Park
Hill Rise Avenue
Hill Rise Close
Hill Top Avenue
Hill Top Close
Hill Top Crescent
Hill Top Drive
Hill Top Mount
Hill Top Rise
Hill Top Road
Hill Top Walk
Hillbank Grove
Hillbank Road
Hillbank Road
Hillbank View
Hollins Crescent
Hollins Mews
Hollins Road
Homestead Road
Homestead Road
Hookstone Avenue
Hookstone Chase
Hookstone Close
Hookstone Drive
Hookstone Drive
Hookstone Grange Court
Hookstone Grange Way
Hookstone Oval
Hookstone Park
Hookstone Road
Hookstone Way
Hookstone Wood Road
Hornbeam Crescent
Hornbeam Park Avenue
Hornbeam Park Oval
Hornbeam Park Road
Hornbeam Square East
Hornbeam Square North
Hornbeam Square South
Hornbeam Square West
Howhill Road
Hurstleigh Terrace
Hurstleigh Terrace
Hutton Gate
Hyde Park Road
Innisfree Close
James Street
Jenny Field Drive
Jenny Field Drive
Jesmond Road
Jesmond Road
John Street
Juniper Way
Keats Walk
Kendal Road
Kenilworth Avenue
Kenilworth Avenue
Kennion Court
Kennion Road
Kensington Square
Kent Avenue
Kent Bank
Kent Drive
Kent Rise
Kent Road
Kent Road North
Kielder Oval
King Edward's Drive
King Edward's Drive
King Edward's Drive
King's Road
King's Road
King's Road
King's Road
Kingsley Close
Kingsley Close
Kingsley Drive
Kingsley Park Mews
Kingsley Park Road
Kingsley Road
Kingsley Road
Kingsway Drive
Kirkham Grove
Kirkham Place
Kirkham Road
Kirkstone Road
Knapping Hill
Knapping Hill
Knaresborough Road
Knaresborough Road
Knaresborough Road
Knox Avenue
Knox Chase
Knox Close
Knox Drive
Knox Gardens
Knox Grove
Knox Lane
Knox Road
Knox Way
Laburnum Grove
Lady Lane
Lancaster Park Road
Lancaster Road
Langcliffe Avenue
Langcliffe Avenue East
Larkfield Close
Larkfield Drive
Larkfield Road
Larkfield Way
Larkspur Grove
Lascelles Grove
Lascelles Road
Laurel Gardens
Laverton Gardens
Leadhall Avenue
Leadhall Close
Leadhall Crescent
Leadhall Drive
Leadhall Gardens
Leadhall Grove
Leadhall Lane
Leadhall Lane
Leadhall Road
Leadhall View
Leadhall Way
Leeds Road
Leeds Road
Leyland Crescent
Leyland Road
Lichfield Grove
Lilac Grove
Lime Grove
Lime Street
Lincoln Grove
Lindrick Way
Links Close
Links Way
Little Thorpe Close
Long Crag View
Lynton Gardens
Mafeking Street
Main Avenue
Main Street
Malden Road
Mallinson Close
Mallinson Crescent
Mallinson Gate
Mallinson Grove
Mallinson Oval
Mallinson Way
Manor Drive
Manor Road
Mansfield Court
Maple Close
Margaret Road
Markenfield Road
Market Place
Marlborough Road
Marvell Rise
Masefield Close
Masham Close
Masham Close
Masham Road
Mayfield Grove
Mayfield Grove
Mayfield Place
Mayfield Terrace
Meadow Drive
Meadow Gate
Meadow Rise
Meadow View
Meadow Way
Mill Gate
Millfield Glade
Milton Close
Montpellier Gardens
Montpellier Hill
Montpellier Hill
Montpellier Hill
Montpellier Mews
Montpellier Road
Montpellier Road
Montpellier Square
Montpellier Square
Montpellier Street
Moorland Close
Moorland Road
Moorland View
Morel Grove
Mornington Crescent
Mornington Terrace
Mount Gardens
Mount Parade
Mount Street
Mowbray Square
Myrtle Road
Myrtle Square
Nesfield Close
New Park Row
Newby Crescent
Newland Avenue
Newnham Street
Newnham Terrace
Nightingale Drive
Norfolk Road
North Lodge Avenue
North Park Road
North Park Road
Norwich Drive
Norwood Grove
Norwood Grove
Nunnington Crescent
Nydd Vale Road
Oak Avenue
Oak Beck Road
Oak Beck Road
Oak Beck Way
Oak Drive
Oak Terrace
Oakdale Avenue
Oakdale Glen
Oakdale Manor
Oakdale Place
Oakdale Place
Oakdale Rise
Oaker Bank
Oakridge View
Oatlands Drive
Old Barber
Old Chapel Close
Old Trough Way
Olive Grove
Olive Walk
Olive Way
Omega Street
Orchid Way
Osborne Close
Osborne Gardens
Osborne Road
Osborne Walk
Otley Road
Otley Road
Otley Road
Otley Road
Over Nidd
Oxford Place
Oxford Street
Oxford Street
Oxford Terrace
Pannal Ash Close
Pannal Ash Close
Pannal Ash Crescent
Pannal Ash Drive
Pannal Ash Grove
Pannal Ash Road
Pannal Ash Road
Park Avenue
Park Avenue
Park Avenue South
Park Chase
Park Drive
Park Edge
Park House Green
Park Parade
Park Parade
Park Road
Park View
Parliament Street
Parliament Street
Parliament Terrace
Pavilion Square
Pearl Street
Peckett's Holt
Peckett's Way
Pendragon Way
Penny Pot Gardens
Penny Pot Lane
Penny Pot Lane
Penny Royal Close
Pennywort Grove
Petty Whin Close
Philippa's Drive
Pine Street
Pinewood Drive
Pinewood Gate
Plantation Avenue
Plantation Close
Plantation Road
Plantation Terrace
Plompton Close
Plompton Drive
Plompton Grove
Plompton Walk
Plompton Way
Plumpton Park
Poplar Crescent
Poplar Grove
Poplar Way
Portland Crescent
Powell Street
Primrose Close
Princes Square
Princes Street
Princes Villa Road
Promenade Lane
Prospect Close
Prospect Place
Prospect Road
Providence Terrace
Quarry Lane
Quarry Oval
Queen Ethelburga's Gardens
Queen Ethelburga's Park
Queen Parade
Queen Parade
Queen's Road
Raglan Street
Raglan Street
Railway Road
Railway Road
Rawson Street
Rayleigh Road
Redfearn Mews
Redhill Close
Redhill Road
Regent Avenue
Regent Avenue
Regent Grove
Regent Mount
Regent Parade
Regent Place
Regent Street
Regent Terrace
Rhodes Drive
Richmond Avenue
Richmond Close
Richmond Holt
Richmond Road
Ripley Drive
Ripley Way
Ripon Road
Ripon Road
Ripon Road
Ripon Way
Robert Street
Roberts Crescent
Roberts Crescent
Roberts Crescent
Robinson Drive
Roche Avenue
Roker Road
Roseville Avenue
Roseville Drive
Roseville Road
Roseville Road
Rosewood Crescent
Roslyn Road
Rossett Avenue
Rossett Beck
Rossett Beck Close
Rossett Crescent
Rossett Drive
Rossett Drive
Rossett Gardens
Rossett Garth
Rossett Green Lane
Rossett Green Lane
Rossett Holt Avenue
Rossett Holt Close
Rossett Holt Drive
Rossett Holt Grove
Rossett Holt Grove
Rossett Holt View
Rossett Park Road
Rossett Way
Rothbury Close
Rowan Close
Rowan Lea
Royal Parade
Royal Parade
Rudbeck Crescent
Rudbeck Drive
Rudding Dower
Rudding Lane
Russell Street
Rutland Close
Rutland Drive
Rutland Road
Rydal Road
Rydal Road
Saffron Meadow
Salisbury Drive
Sallow Heath
Saltergate Drive
Sandhill Close
Sandhill Drive
Sandhill Drive
Sandhill Way
Scargill Road
Sedley Close
Shelley Court
Sherwood Drive
Silverfields Road
Skipton Crescent
Skipton Road
Skipton Road
Skipton Road
Skipton Road
Skipton Street
Skipton Street
Slingsby Crescent
Somerset Road
Sorrel Grove
South Beech Avenue
South Drive
South Park Road
South Park Road
Sovereign Park
Spa Lane
Spa Road
Spa Street
Speedwell Glade
Spencer's Holt
Spencer's Way
Spring Grove
Spring Mount
Springfield Avenue
Springfield Mews
Spruisty Road
St Aithan's Walk
St Andrew's Avenue
St Andrew's Crescent
St Andrew's Crescent
St Andrew's Grove
St Andrew's Parade
St Andrew's Place
St Andrew's Road
St Andrew's Street
St Andrew's Walk
St Catherine's Road
St Clement's Road
St George's Avenue
St George's Road
St George's Walk
St Helen's Road
St Hilda's Road
St James' Drive
St John's Crescent
St John's Drive
St John's Grove
St John's Road
St John's Walk
St John's Way
St Leonard's Oval
St Leonard's Road
St Luke's Avenue
St Luke's Close
St Luke's Mount
St Luke's Mount
St Mark's Avenue
St Mary's Avenue
St Mary's Walk
St Nicholas Road
St Patrick's Way
St Peter's Square
St Robert Mews
St Ronan's Close
St Ronan's Road
St Winifred's Avenue
St Winifred's Avenue
St Winifred's Avenue West
St Winifred's Close
St Winifred's Road
Stanhope Drive
Station Avenue
Station Bridge
Station Bridge
Station Parade
Station Parade
Station Square
Station View
Station View
Stokelake Road
Stone Bramble
Stone Rings Close
Stone Rings Grange
Stone Rings Lane
Stone Rings Lane
Stonebeck Avenue
Stonecrop Avenue
Stonecrop Drive
Stonefall Avenue
Stonefall Drive
Stonefall Mews
Stonefall Place
Strawberry Dale
Strawberry Dale Avenue
Strawberry Dale Avenue
Strawberry Dale Square
Strawberry Dale Terrace
Stray Rein
Stray Road
Stray Walk
Studley Road
Sussex Avenue
Sutton Grange Close
Swan Lane
Swan Road
Swarcliffe Road
Swarcliffe Road
Sweet Briar
Swinburne Close
Swinton Court
Sycamore Drive
Sykes Grove
Sykes Grove
Tansy Close
Tansy Road
Teasel Grove
Tennyson Avenue
Tewit Well Avenue
Tewit Well Road
The Avenue
The Avenue
The Drive
The Drive
The Ginnel
The Grove
The Lawns
The Oval
The Parade
Throstle Nest Drive
Timble Grove
Torrs Road
Tower Street
Trafalgar Road
Treesdale Road
Trefoil Drive
Trinity Road
Trinity Road
Trinity Road
Truro Crescent
Truro Road
Tunstall Road
Tyson Place
Union Street
Unity Close
Unity Grove
Unity Grove
Valley Drive
Valley Drive
Valley Mount
Valley Road
Valley Road
Verity Walk
Vernon Road
Vernon Road
Victoria Avenue
Victoria Avenue
Victoria Road
Victoria Terrace
Wainfleet Road
Walnut Grove
Walworth Avenue
Warren Place
Warwick Crescent
Waterloo Street
Waterloo Street
Waverley Crescent
Wayside Avenue
Wayside Close
Wayside Crescent
Wayside Crescent
Wayside Grove
Wayside Walk
Wedderburn Avenue
Wedderburn Close
Wedderburn Drive
Wedderburn Lodge
Wedderburn Road
Wellington Square
Wensley Grove
Wensley Road
Wentworth Close
Wentworth Crescent
West Cliffe Grove
West Cliffe Mews
West Cliffe Mount
West Cliffe Terrace
West End Avenue
West End Avenue
West End Avenue
West Grove Road
West Grove Road
West Lea Avenue
West Park Street
West Park Street
West Street
West Street
Westbourne Avenue
Westmoreland Street
Westmoreland Street
Westville Oval
Wetherby Road
Wetherby Road
Wetherby Road
Weymouth Road
Weymouth Road
Wharfedale Avenue
Wharfedale Crescent
Wharfedale Place
Wheatlands Grove
Wheatlands Road
Wheatlands Road East
Wheatlands Way
Whinney Lane
Whinney Lane
Willaston Crescent
Willaston Road
Willaston Road
Willow Grove
Windsor Road
Winksley Grove
Wood Aven Close
Wood Park Close
Wood View
Woodfield Avenue
Woodfield Close
Woodfield Drive
Woodfield Gardens
Woodfield Grove
Woodfield Place
Woodfield Road
Woodfield Road
Woodfield Square
Woodhall Drive
Woodhall Grove
Woodlands Avenue
Woodlands Close
Woodlands Court
Woodlands Crescent
Woodlands Drive
Woodlands Green
Woodlands Grove
Woodlands Rise
Woodlands Road
Woodlands Walk
Woodruff Close
Woods Court
Wordsworth Crescent
Wreaks Road
Yarrow Drive
Yew Tree Close
Yew Tree Close
Yew Tree Gardens
Yew Tree Lane
Yew Tree Walk
Yewdale Road
York Place
York Place
York Place
York Road
Young's Drive