The Town of Thornaby-on-Tees in the County of North Yorkshire

The town of Thornaby-on-Tees is located within the county of North Yorkshire.

Thornaby-on-Tees is situated in the North East (England) region of the UK and is governed by Stockton-on-Tees, council.

The town of Thornaby-on-Tees is in the Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees region of Tees Valley and Durham within North East (England).

  • Stockton-on-Tees
  • North Thornaby: St Luke
  • North Thornaby: St Paul
  • South Thornaby: St Mark
  • South Thornaby: St Peter ad Vincula

Where is Thornaby-on-Tees is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Thornaby-on-Tees in North Yorkshire

Dentists in Thornaby-on-Tees

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Thornaby-on-Tees
Dental Clinic Thornaby Medical Centre, Trenchard Avenue Stockton-on-tees County Durham TS17 0EE
Lanehouse Road Dental Surgery 77 Lanehouse Road, Thornaby Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS17 8AF
Thornaby Dental Centre Lansing House, 31 Allensway, Thornaby Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS17 9HA

Opticians in Thornaby-on-Tees

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Thornaby-on-Tees
4993 Thornaby Asda Stores Ltd, Allensway, Thornaby Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS17 9EN
Mellis Eyecare - Thornaby Thornaby Medical Centre, Trenchard Avenue, Thornaby Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS17 0EE
Morton T D Opticians - Thornaby 6 St Peters House, Thornaby Town Centre, Thornaby Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS17 9FF

Chemists in Thornaby-on-Tees

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Thornaby-on-Tees
Asda Pharmacy Allensway, Thornaby Stockton On Tees Cleveland TS17 9EN tel:01642 768410
Boots Uk Limited Thornaby Health Centre, Trenchard Avenue, Thornaby Stockton On Tees Cleveland TS17 0EE tel:01642 763803
Pharmacy Express 113 Lanehouse Road, Thornaby-on-tees Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS17 8AB tel:01642 676842
Your Local Boots Pharmacy 12 Wrightson House, Thornaby Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS17 9EP tel:01642 769600

Doctors in Thornaby-on-Tees

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Thornaby-on-Tees
Elm Tree Surgery 22b Westbury Street, Thornaby Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS17 6PG tel:01642 616663
Thornaby & Barwick Medical Group Thornaby Health Centre, Trenchard Avenue, Thornaby Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS17 0EE tel:01642 762921
Woodbridge Practice The Health Centre, Trenchard Avenue, Thornaby Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS17 0EE tel:01642 762636
List of Streets in Thornaby-on-Tees
Acklam Road
Acklam Road
Acklam Road
Acklam Road
Acorn Close
Allison Avenue
Anchorage Mews
Anderson Road
Archer Street
Arran Close
Ashdown Close
Aston Drive
Atlantic Crescent
Avon Close
Axton Close
Ayton Road
Bader Avenue
Balmoral Avenue
Bamford Road
Bardsey Square
Barker Road
Barkston Avenue
Barnard Close
Barton Close
Bassleton Lane
Baysdale Road
Beaufort Close
Beechwood Road
Belvedere Road
Blackbush Walk
Blencathra Close
Bracknell Road
Bramcote Way
Brechin Drive
Briar Road
Bridge Road
Bridge Street
Brighton Close
Brisbane Crescent
Brough Close
Burniston Drive
Bute Close
Cambridge Road
Camelon Street
Carlton Drive
Caspian Close
Cayton Drive
Cedar Grove
Chadderton Drive
Chancery Rise
Chapel Street
Charles Street
Charrington Avenue
Chelmsford Street
Chelmsford Street
Cheltenham Avenue
Cheltenham Avenue
Chesterton Avenue
Church Close
Clarendon Road
Cobden Street
Cobden Street
Columbia Drive
Coral Grove
Cornfield Road
Council Of Europe Boulevard
Cranwell Grove
Cranworth Green
Cranworth Street
Cranworth Street
Crawley Road
Cromore Close
Cromwell Terrace
Cumbernauld Road
Cunningham Drive
Cuthbert Close
Dacre Close
Danby Grove
Darbyshire Close
Dawley Close
Derby Close
Derwent Road
Diamond Road
Dishforth Close
Easby Grove
Easdale Court
East Drive
Easter Park
Easton Street
Eldon Street
Elgin Road
Elizabeth Street
Elkington Close
Ellerburne Street
Elm Grove
Eltham Crescent
Epping Close
Eric Avenue
Falkirk Street
Fawcett Road
Field Close
Fir Grove
Firbeck Walk
Fleck Way
Fordy Grove
Franklin Court
Frobisher Road
Fudan Way
Fullerton Way
Fullerton Way
Gable Court
Garden Close
George Street
Georgiana Close
Gilmour Street
Gilmour Street
Gilpin Road
Glasgow Street
Grange Road
Green Lane
Grenville Road
Guisborough Road
Hailsham Avenue
Halifax Road
Halifax Road
Hampden Way
Harewood Road
Harewood Road
Harlow Crescent
Harrier Close
Harris Court
Hartington Close
Harvard Avenue
Hastings Close
Havelock Street
Havilland Road
Hawthorn Avenue
Helston Court
Hemel Close
Hempstead Close
Henley Grove
Henrietta Close
Heslop Street
Holbeck Walk
Holmes Close
Holyrood Close
Hough Crescent
Humber Road
Humber Road
Hurn Walk
Hutton Close
Ian Street
Imperial Avenue
Imperial Avenue
Ingleby Way
Islay Court
Jay Avenue
Kilbride Close
Kimble Drive
King Street
Kinloss Close
Kintyre Drive
Knighton Court
Laburnum Avenue
Lancaster Way
Lanehouse Road
Lanehouse Road
Langley Avenue
Langley Avenue
Lansdowne Road
Laurel Avenue
Lawrence Road
Leahope Court
Ledbury Drive
Leven Grove
Lilac Avenue
Lincoln Place
Linden Grove
Lindisfarne Avenue
Lingdale Road
Lismore Gardens
Littleboy Drive
Liverton Crescent
Lockton Crescent
Longbeck Way
Lord Avenue
Low Lane
Lunebeck Walk
Maddocks Close
Magister Road
Malcolm Grove
Maltby Place
Mandale Road
Manning Close
Mansfield Avenue
Maple Avenue
Martinet Road
Martinet Road
Marykirk Road
Massey Road
Master Road
Master Road
Mead Crescent
Middlesbrough Road
Middlesbrough Road
Middleton Avenue
Millbank Lane
Millbank Lane
Millbank Lane
Millfield Close
Mitchell Avenue
Murton Close
Myrtle Grove
New Street
Newby Grove
Newmarket Avenue
Newton Drive
Northallerton Road
Northumberland Road
Orchard Road
Orkney Way
Orkney Way
Oxford Road
Oxford Road
Pacific Drive
Park Avenue
Park Road
Park Terrace
Pearson Way
Peel Street
Perry Avenue
Pickering Road
Picton Crescent
Pottery Street
Pottery Wharf
Princes Square
Princess Street
Princeton Drive
Queens Avenue
Radcliffe Crescent
Railway Terrace
Rainton Drive
Raisdale Close
Redcar Road
Redcar Road
Reed Street
Reed Street
Rhoose Gate
Richardson Road
Richmond Place
Robert Street
Robson Avenue
Rona Gardens
Roseberry View
Rudston Close
Ryton Close
Sadler Forster Way
Salisbury Street
Sandown Way
Sandringham Road
Sapley Close
Scampton Close
Scarborough Street
Sealand Close
Selwood Close
Shackleton Close
Shepherd Close
Shepton Close
Sherwood Road
Sherwood Road
Shetland Avenue
Sinnington Road
Sir Douglas Park
Skafell Green
Skelton Road
Sorbonne Close
Spring Close
St Luke's Avenue
St Margarets Grove
St Mark's Court
St Paul's Road
Stafford Close
Staindale Road
Stainsby Gate
Stainsby Street
Stanford Close
Stanley Close
Stannage Grove
Stanstead Way
Starbeck Walk
Station Street
Stephenson Street
Stephenson Street
Stevenage Close
Stirling Way
Stockton Road
Stockwell Avenue
Stranton Street
Stranton Street
Studley Road
Summerfield Grove
Sun Gardens
Sun Street
Swale Avenue
Sycamore Avenue
Taransay View
Tedder Avenue
Tedder Avenue
Teesdale Terrace
Teesside Park Drive
Ternbeck Way
Thames Avenue
The Avenue
The Crescent
The Drive
The Fleet
The Green
The Green
The Woodlands
Thornaby Place
Thornaby Road
Thornaby Road
Thornaby Road
Thornaby Road
Thornaby Road
Thorntree Road
Tipton Close
Topcliffe Road
Trenchard Avenue
Trenchard Avenue
Trent Avenue
Trinity Mews
Tweed Avenue
University Boulevard
Upper Green Lane
Vale Drive
Valiant Way
Victor Way
Victoria Road
Vulcan Way
Walker Street
Walkley Avenue
Walnut Close
Watson Grove
Watton Road
Weddell Court
Wensleydale Gardens
Westbury Street
Westbury Street
Westbury Street
Westdale Road
Westpoint Road
Wheeldale Crescent
White House Road
Whitley Road
William Crossthwaite Avenue
Willow Close
Wilson Street
Wilson Street
Windsor Oval
Windsor Road
Winston Churchill Close
Wolsingham Drive
Woodford Walk
Wychwood Close
Yale Crescent
Yeadon Grove