The Town of Corby in the County of Northamptonshire

The town of Corby is located within the county of Northamptonshire.

Corby is situated in the East Midlands (England) region of the UK and is governed by Corby, Kettering, councils.

The town of Corby is in the North Northamptonshire region of Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire within East Midlands (England).

  • Corby
  • Kettering
  • Corby: St Columba & the Northern Saint
  • Corby: St John the Baptist
  • Corby: St Peter & St Andrew
  • Corby: The Epiphany
  • Great Oakley & Little Oakley: St Micha

Where is Corby is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Corby in Northamptonshire

Dentists in Corby

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Corby
6 Charter Court (dental Practice) 6 Charter Court, 6 & 7 Butland Road, Oakley Vale Corby Northamptonshire NN18 8QT
Colosseum Dental (corby) 38a High Street Corby Northamptonshire NN17 1UX
Dental Department Nuffield Diagnostic Centre, Cottingham Road Corby Northamptonshire NN17 2UW
Family Dental Health Centre 52 Rockingham Road Corby Northamptonshire NN17 1AE
The Cottingham Road Dental Pract Corby Health Complex, Cottingham Road Corby Northamptonshire NN17 2UR
The Dental Care Centre 11 Elizabeth Street Corby Northamptonshire NN17 1RZ
Welland Vale Road Dental Surgery 103 Welland Vale Road Corby Northamptonshire NN17 2AW

Opticians in Corby

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Corby
4631 Corby Asda Stores Ltd, Phoenix Park Way Corby Northamptonshire NN17 5DT
Boots Opticians (corby) 17 Corporation Street Corby Northamptonshire NN17 1NG
Corby Oakley Rd St. James Road, St. James Industrial Estate Corby Northamptonshire NN18 8AL
D & A (corby) 17 Corporation Street Corby Northamptonshire NN17 1NL
Eye 2 Eye (vision Aid Centre) 2b Spencer Court Corby Northamptonshire NN17 1NU
Greens Opticians (corby) 61 Forest Gate Road Corby Northamptonshire NN17 1TW
Joseph's Opticians 62 High Street, The Old Village Corby Northamptonshire NN17 1UU
Specsavers (corby) 25 New Post Office Square Corby Northamptonshire NN17 1PB
Tesco Opticians (oakley Road) Oakley Road Corby Northamptonshire NN18 8AL
The Joy Of Specs - George Street Unit 2, 86 George Street Corby Northamptonshire NN17 1QE
Vision Express (corby) Unit 8, Willow Place Corby Northamptonshire NN17 1BH

Chemists in Corby

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Corby
Alliance Pharmacy 75 Greenhill Rise Corby Northamptonshire NN18 0LR tel:01536 202301
Asda Stores Ltd In-house Pharmacy, Phoenix Parkway, Lloyds Rd Corby Northamptonshire NN17 1AP tel:01536 203093
Boots 44 Queens Square Corby Northamptonshire NN17 1PD tel:01536 262022
Boots The Lakeside Surgery, Cottingham Road Corby Northamptonshire NN17 2UR tel:01536 267914
Boots The Peel Centre, Phoenix Retail Park Corby Northamptonshire NN17 5DT tel:01536 266226
Healthlines Pharmacy 188 Studfall Avenue Corby Northamptonshire NN17 1LJ tel:01536 202303
Mr Pickford's Express Pharmacy 8 Spencer Court Corby Northamptonshire NN17 1NU tel:01536 264014
Oakley Pharmacy 4 Charter Court, Oakley Vale Corby Northamptonshire NN18 8QT tel:01536 745461
Pytchley Court Pharmacy 3 Pytchley Court Corby Northamptonshire NN17 2QD tel:01536 204824
Tesco Instore Pharmacy Oakley Road Corby Northamptonshire NN18 8AL tel:01536 388647
Thursfield & Co Ltd 63 Corporation Street Corby Northamptonshire NN17 1NQ tel:01536 269355
Well Corby - Forest Gate Road Health Village, Forest Gate Road Corby Northamptonshire NN17 1TR tel:01536 267499
Well Corby - Woodsend Mc Woodsend Medical Centre, School Place, Gainsborough Road Corby Northamptonshire NN18 0QP tel:01536 267692
Well Great Oakley - Great Oakley Mc The Pharmacy, Great Oakley Medical Centre, Barth Close, Great Oakley Corby Northamptonshire NN18 8LU tel:01536 745791

Doctors in Corby

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Corby
Aspiro Healthcare Woodsend Medical Centre, School Place Corby NN18 0QP tel:01536 212412
Dr Khalid & Partners School Place Corby Northamptonshire NN18 0QP tel:01536 212412
Dr Kumar & Partner Studfall Medical Ctr Studfall Medical Centre, Studfall Court Corby Northamptonshire NN17 1QP tel:01536 401372
Dr Sumira 1 Studfall Court Corby Northamptonshire NN17 1LG tel:01536 401371
Forest Gate Medical Centre Forest Gate Road Corby Northamptonshire NN17 1TR
Great Oakley Medical Centre 1 Barth Close, Great Oakley Corby Northamptonshire NN18 8LU tel:01536 460046
Lakeside Healthcare The Lakeside Surgery, Cottingham Road Corby Northamptonshire NN17 2UR tel:01536 204154
List of Streets in Corby
Abington Road
Aintree Road
Albany Gardens
Alberta Close
Alexandra Road
Althorp Place
Annandale Road
Anne Street
Anson Close
Applegarth Close
Arden Close
Argyll Street
Arkwright Road
Arundel Walk
Ashdown Place
Ashley Avenue
Ashurst Crescent
Auden Way
Ayr Close
Babbage Crescent
Babbage Crescent
Baird Road
Balcombe Place
Baltic Close
Bamburg Close
Bampton Court
Bangrave Road
Bangrave Road
Bangrave Road South
Bangrave Road South
Bardsley Road
Barn Close
Barnsley Square
Barnwell Gardens
Barth Close
Barton Square
Baysdale Avenue
Beanfield Avenue
Beardsley Court
Beatty Gardens
Bede Close
Beech Close
Beeston Place
Bell Court
Belvoir Close
Bennett Road
Berneshaw Close
Bessemer Grove
Bestwood Green
Bewick Court
Bideford Square
Bies Close
Bingham Walk
Birch Avenue
Birchington Road
Birling Place
Blackbird Road
Blackmoor Avenue
Blake Road
Blake Road
Blakesley Street
Blandford Court
Bluebell Close
Blyton Court
Boden Close
Bodiam Place
Bognor Road
Bonington Walk
Borrowdale Road
Boston Close
Boughton Close
Boughton Road
Bourne Close
Boyle Road
Brakey Road
Bramber Court
Brandenburg Road
Brangwyn Walk
Branksome Court
Braunton Place
Brayford Avenue
Breck Close
Brecon Close
Breedon Close
Bridge Court
Bridgford Place
Bridgwater Court
Briery Close
Brigg Court
Brighouse Close
Brighton Road
Brisbane Gardens
Brixham Walk
Broadstone Court
Brooke Road
Brookes Grove
Brunel Court
Brunel Road
Brunswick Gardens
Buckfast Square
Bunting Road
Burgess Court
Burghley Close
Burghley Drive
Burghley Drive
Burkitt Road
Burns Drive
Bushey Balk Close
Butland Road
Buttercup Close
Byron Road
Calder Close
Cam Close
Cambrian Lane
Cambridge Avenue
Campbell Road
Cannock Road
Cantle Close
Capell Gardens
Cardigan Place
Carey Drive
Carlisle Close
Carlton Place
Carltonwood Close
Carron Close
Castle Close
Catchland Close
Catchpole Close
Catterick Close
Causeway Road
Causeway Road
Cavendish Courtyard
Caythorpe Square
Cecil Close
Cecil Drive
Chandlers Way
Chapel Lane
Chapman Grove
Charles Street
Charnwood Road
Chatsworth Road
Chaucer Road
Cheltenham Road
Chelveston Drive
Chepstow Road
Chequers Close
Cheriton Road
Chestnut Avenue
Chiltern Road
Chippenham Close
Christie Road
Church Drive
Clarendon Close
Clarke Road
Clarke Road
Clifton Square
Clovelly Court
Clydesdale Road
Clydesdale Road
Cockerell Road
Cockerwood Close
Coldermeadow Avenue
Coldermeadow Avenue
Coleridge Way
Collingwood Avenue
Colne Close
Colyers Avenue
Commercial Road
Connell Court
Conniston Close
Constable Road
Conyger Close
Cooks Road
Coomb Road
Copenhagen Road
Corby Gate
Corby Road
Corby Road
Corfe Close
Cornwall Close
Cotswold Close
Cottesbrooke Road
Cottingham Road
Cottingham Road
Cottingham Road
Counts Farm Road
Courier Road
Cowslip Close
Cransley Gardens
Crawford Grove
Crick Close
Cronin Courtyard
Cronin Road
Crown Court
Croyde Avenue
Crucible Road
Cupar Crescent
Curver Way
Daisy Close
Dale Street
Dale Street
Dalton Road
Dalton Road
Danesholme Road
Daniell Walk
Darley Dale Road
Darley Dale Road
Dart Close
Darwin Road
Davey Road
Davis Court
Deben Road
Deene Close
Delapre Place
Denford Road
Denmark Close
Denne Close
Dewar Close
Diamond Drive
Dobson Walk
Dolver Close
Don Close
Dorking Walk
Dorset Road
Dovedale Road
Drake Close
Drayton Close
Dresden Close
Driffield Grove
Dryden Way
Duckworth Road
Dumble Close
Duncan Road
Dunedin Road
Dunlop Close
Dunnock Road
Durham Close
Eagle Close
Earlstrees Road
Earlstrees Road
East Avenue
East Glebe Close
Eastbourne Avenue
Eismann Way
Elizabeth Street
Ennerdale Road
Epping Road
Eskdale Avenue
Essex Close
Essex Close
Everest Lane
Exmouth Avenue
Eyebrook Court
Falster Close
Faraday Grove
Farmstead Road
Farnborough Close
Farndale Avenue
Featherbed Lane
Fermyn Place
Field Cotts
Fieldfare Close
Fineshade Grove
Flatford Close
Fleming Road
Flensburg Close
Flycatcher Road
Folkestone Drive
Forbes Drive
Forest Gate Road
Forstal Close
Foster Court
Fotheringhay Road
Foxglove Close
Franklin Fields
Frith Close
Fyfe Road
Gainage Close
Gainsborough Road
Gainsborough Road
Garston Road
Gateford Court
Geddington Road
Geddington Road
Genner Road
George Street
Gilchrist Avenue
Glastonbury Road
Glyndebourne Gardens
Godwin Road
Goldsmith Drive
Goodwood Close
Grafton Drive
Granby Close
Grant Drive
Gray's Close
Great Folds Road
Greenhill Rise
Greeve Close
Grendon Avenue
Grenville Close
Gretton Brook Road
Gretton Brook Road
Gretton Brook Road
Gretton Brook Road
Gretton Road
Gretton Road
Grimsby Close
Grimsby Close
Grizedale Close
Gunnell Road
Gunthorpe Place
Hafod Close
Halifax Square
Harden Close
Harpers Close
Harrier Close
Harris Road
Harrogate Court
Hatfield Close
Hawkins Close
Hay Close
Haydock Close
Hazelwood Road
Helmsley Way
Hempland Close
Herford Close
Heritage Way
Heritage Way
Heritage Way
Hidcote Close
Hield Close
High Street
High Street
Highfield Grove
Hillary Close
Hinton Avenue
Hobby Drive
Hogarth Walk
Holbein Walk
Holdenby Drive
Holkham Close
Home Close
Home Farm Close
Honiton Gardens
Hood Court
Hooke Close
Hoppet Close
Horselease Close
Horsham Walk
Hove Street
Howard Avenue
Howe Crescent
Hubble Road
Hudson Close
Hunt Street
Hunters Road
Huntingdon Close
Inham Close
Inwood Close
Iona Road
Irving Grove
Jackdaw Road
James Watt Avenue
Jay Road
Jubilee Avenue
Karlstad Close
Katrine Close
Keating Road
Keats Way
Keld Close
Kelmarsh Road
Kelso Close
Kelvin Grove
Kempton Close
Kent Close
Kesteven Way
Kestral Road
Kingsley Drive
Kingsthorpe Avenue
Kingswood Place
Kipling Road
Kirby Close
Kirby Lane
Knights Close
Lammas Road
Landseer Court
Langdale Grove
Langton Court
Lapford Road
Lapwing Close
Larch Road
Lark Close
Latimer Road
Latimer Road
Lavender Close
Lavery Court
Lawrence Court
Leah Close
Leicester Close
Leighton Road
Lely Court
Leonardo Court
Leven Way
Lewin Road
Lilford Place
Lillington Court
Lime Trees Grove
Lindisfarne Road
Lister Close
Little Colliers Field
Little Meadow
Livingstone Road
Lloyds Road
Lloyds Road
Lodge Green Road
Lomond Close
Long Close
Long Croft Road
Long Croft Road
Lorne Court
Lovap Way
Lower Pastures
Lowry Close
Lowry Close
Lundy Avenue
Lynton Grove
Lyveden Way
Macadam Road
Magpie Close
Maidford Road
Malcolm Court
Malmo Close
Malton Walk
Manitoba Close
Manor Drive
Mantlefield Road
Manton Road
Markham Walk
Masefield Way
Maylan Road
Medina Road
Medlicott Close
Meeting Lane
Melford Close
Mendip Way
Meon Close
Merestone Road
Mill Close
Mill Hill
Millais Road
Milton Road
Minden Close
Minehead Close
Mirfield Close
Mitchell Road
Montrose Street
Moriston Close
Morland Road
Motala Close
Mull Drive
Murdoch Close
Narvik Road
Naseby Road
Nash Close
Nasmith Avenue
Nelson Road
Nene Crescent
Netherfield Grove
Nevis Close
Newark Drive
Newbury Close
Newmarket Close
Newton Grove
Nithsdale Road
Norfolk Close
North Folds Road
Norton Road
Norway Close
Nuthatch Close
Oakley Pond
Oakley Road
Oakley Road
Oakley Road
Occupation Road
Oldenburg Road
Oldland Road
Ollis Close
Olympic Square
Osbourne Close
Oslo Gardens
Osprey Drive
Outfield Close
Oxford Road
Parsons Grove
Pascal Close
Pascal Close
Patrick Road
Pen Green Lane
Pennine Close
Penrhyn Close
Petworth Gardens
Pheonix Parkway
Phoenix Parkway
Phoenix Parkway
Pike Road
Pilot Road
Pingle Close
Plumpton Court
Polegate Court
Poplar Road
Pound Close
Powys Close
Primrose Close
Princewood Road
Priors Haw Road
Pywell Road
Quarry Close
Quebec Close
Railside Lane
Raleigh Close
Rannoch Way
Redgrave Drive
Regal Close
Reigate Walk
Reynolds Road
Ribblesdale Avenue
Richmond Road
Ridding Close
Ringstead Close
Ripon Court
Robin Road
Rochester Road
Rockingham Road
Rockingham Road
Rockingham Road
Rockingham Road
Rockingham Road
Rodney Drive
Roman Road
Romney Road
Rose Close
Rosedale Avenue
Rossetti Road
Rowlett Road
Rowlett Road
Royce Close
Rubens Walk
Rutherford Court
Rutherglen Road
Rutland Close
Ryder Court
Salcombe Road
Sallow Road
Samuel Place
Sandby Road
Sandown Close
Sargent Road
Sarrington Road
Savernake Drive
Saxilby Close
Saxon Way East
Saxon Way East
Saxon Way West
Saxon Way West
Scapa Road
School Place
Scott Road
Seaton Crescent
Sedbergh Road
Selsey Road
Shackleton Close
Shaftesbury Road
Shakespeare Way
Shannon Court
Sharman Drive
Shelley Drive
Shelton Court
Shelton Road
Shepton Court
Sherwood Close
Shetland Way
Shieling Court
Shire Road
Shoreham Court
Shrubfield Grove
Sidmouth Walk
Siskin Close
Skagerrak Close
Skipton Close
Skye Road
Snatchill Close
Somerton Court
Sondes Road
South Folds Road
South Road
Southall Road
Southwick Mews
Sower Leys Road
Sower Leys Road
Spalding Road
Spalding Road
Sparrow Close
Spey Close
Spilsby Close
Spinney Grove
Springfield Grove
Squire Close
St James Road
St James Road
St John's Place
St Kilda Walk
St Luke's Road
St Mark's Road
St Mark's Road
St Peter's Way
Stadtpeine Close
Stamford Road
Stanier Road
Stanion Lane
Stanley Close
Starling Close
Station Road
Stavanger Close
Steel Road
Stephenson Way
Steyning Close
Stirling Close
Stock's Lane
Stockbridge Road
Stockbridge Road
Stockholme Close
Stockwood Drive
Stokes Road
Stonehouse Mews
Stornoway Road
Stour Road
Streather Drive
Stuart Road
Stubbing End
Studfall Avenue
Studfall Court
Sturminster Way
Sulgrave Drive
Surfleet Close
Surrey Close
Sutherland Road
Swale Close
Swanage Court
Sycamore Close
Tanfields Grove
Tanfields Grove
Taunton Avenue
Tavistock Square
Tay Close
Teesdale Road
Telfords Close
Telfords Lane
Tennyson Drive
Tettenhall Close
Teviot Close
The Avenue
The Grove
The Grove
The Jamb
The Lawns
The Nook
The Octagon
Thetford Close
Thirsk Road
Thomas Close
Thompson Close
Thoresby Court
Thorne Court
Thoroughsale Road
Thrush Close
Thwaite Close
Todmorden Close
Toll Gate Place
Torksey Close
Torridon Close
Totnes Close
Tower Hill Road
Trent Road
Trevithick Road
Tromso Close
Tunwell Lane
Turner Road
Tyne Road
Tyson Courtyard
Ullswater Close
Upperfield Grove
Uppingham Road
Uppingham Road
Uppingham Road
Uppingham Road
Uppingham Road
Vancouver Close
Vara Close
Vian Way
Victoria Place
Viking Way
Violet Close
Waltham Close
Walton Close
Wansell Road
Wansford Place
Warminster Close
Warwick Way
Water Meadow Close
Waterside Lane
Watson Close
Waver Close
Waverley Avenue
Welbeck Court
Weldon Road
Weldon Road
Weldon Road
Welford Grove
Welland Vale Road
Wensleydale Park
Wentin Close
West Glebe Road
Westcott Way
Westcott Way
Westfields Road
Weston Walk
Weymouth Close
Wharfedale Road
Wheatley Avenue
White Post Court
Whittle Road
Whitworth Avenue
Wick Close
Wilby Close
Willetts Close
Willow Brook Road
Willow Brook Road
Wimborne Walk
Wincanton Court
Windermere Drive
Windsor Place
Winter Bourne Court
Wood Street
Woodfield Grove
Woodlands Avenue
Woodlands Lane
Woodnewton Way
Wordsworth Avenue
Worthing Road
Wren Close
Wroe Close
Wychewood Close
Yardley Close
Yew Close
York Road