The Town of Bicester in the County of Oxfordshire

The town of Bicester is located within the county of Oxfordshire.

Bicester is situated in the South East (England) region of the UK and is governed by Cherwell, council.

The town of Bicester is in the Oxfordshire region of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire within South East (England).

  • Cherwell
  • Bicester: St Edburg
  • Emmanuel Church Bicester Conventional

Where is Bicester is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Bicester in Oxfordshire

Dentists in Bicester

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Bicester
Bicester Health Centre Coker Close Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 6AT
Causeway Dental Practice 23 Causeway Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 6AN
Damira Bicester Dental Practice Unit 4, Westbury Court, Wesley Lane Bicester OX26 6JU
Dental Department Po Box 50 Bicester Oxfordshire OX25 1WD
Dental Surgery 16 Market Square Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 6AD
Dental Surgery 43-47 Sheep Street Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 6JJ
Dental Surgery 98 Sheep Street Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 6LP
Oxfordshire Priority Dental Service, Astral House, Granville Way Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 4JT
Portman Healthcare Limited Unit 4b, Pioneer Square, Bure Place Bicester OX26 6FA
Portman Smile Clinic Orthodontist Manorsfield Road Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 6EH

Opticians in Bicester

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Bicester
Boots Opticians (bicester) 6 Crown Walk Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 6HY
Dove & Conway Opticians (bicester) 100 Sheep Street Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 6LP
Robert Stanley Opticians (bicester) Unit Ey4, Pioneer Square, Bure Place Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 6FA
Scrivens Opticians (bicester) 21 Sheep Street Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 6JF
Specsavers (bicester) 25 Sheep Street Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 6JF
Vision Express (bicester) 47 Sheep Street Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 6JJ

Chemists in Bicester

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Bicester
Ahmeys Pharmacy 2 Market Square Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 6AA tel:01869 240460
Bicester Pharmacy 134 Buckingham Crescent Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 4HB tel:01869 321549
Boots The Chemist 33-35 Sheep Street Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 6JJ tel:01869 252030
Co-op Pharmacy 5 Barberry Place Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 3HA tel:01869 324965
Jardines Pharmacy 2 Nightingale Place, Langford Village, Neighbourhood Centre Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 6XX tel:01869 323008
Lloydspharmacy Coker Close Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 6AE tel:01869 240972
Lloydspharmacy Sainsbury's Store, Pioneer Square, Bure Place Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 6FA tel:01869 246500
Superdrug Chemists 39 Sheep Street Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 6JJ tel:01869 248822

Doctors in Bicester

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Bicester
Alchester Medical Group Langford Medical Practice, 9 Nightingale Place Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 6XX tel:01869 248585
Bicester Health Centre The Health Centre, Coker Close Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 6AT tel:01869 249333
Montgomery House Surgery Piggy Lane Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 6HT tel:01869 249222
Victoria House Surgery 119 Buckingham Road Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 3EU
List of Streets in Bicester
Acacia Walk
Acorn Close
Aldergate Road
Almond Road
Andover Close
Anniversary Avenue
Anson Way
Arkwright Road
Ascot Way
Ashby Road
Ashdene Road
Aspen Close
Avocet Way
Avon Crescent
Avonbury Business Park
Bainton Close
Baker Close
Balliol Road
Banbury Road
Banbury Road
Barberry Place
Bardwell Terrace
Barnfield Close
Barry Avenue
Bartsia Road
Bassett Avenue
Battle Close
Beaufort Close
Beckdale Close
Bell Lane
Benson Close
Bernwood Road
Bessemer Close
Betony Way
Beverley Gardens
Bisley Close
Blake Road
Blencowe Close
Blenheim Drive
Bluebell Close
Blythe Place
Boston Road
Bourne Close
Brashfield Road
Bristol Road
Brook Road
Browning Drive
Bryony Road
Buchan Road
Buckingham Corner
Buckingham Crescent
Buckingham Road
Buckingham Road
Buckingham Road
Buckingham Road
Bucknell Road
Bucknell Road
Bucknell Road
Bunyan Road
Burdock Close
Burns Crescent
Butterbur Gardens
Byron Way
Campbell Close
Campion Place
Castle Close
Catterick Road
Cedar Drive
Cemetery Road
Chaffinch Road
Chalvey Close
Chalvey Road
Chapel Street
Charbridge Lane
Charbridge Lane
Charbridge Lane
Charbridge Way
Charbridge Way
Charlotte Avenue
Chaucer Close
Cherwell Close
Chestnut End
Chichester Close
Chiltern Approach
Church Lane
Church Street
Churchill Road
Circular Road
Circular Road
Clover Mead
Coach House Mews
Coker Close
Coleridge Close
Colne Close
Coltsfoot Leyes
Conifer Drive
Coopers Green
Corncrake Way
Cosford Gardens
Cowper Close
Cranesbill Drive
Crockwell Close
Crumps Butts
Cuckoo Close
Curtiss Close
Cypress Gardens
Danes Road
Darnell Walk
Davis Gardens
Defiant Close
Derwent Road
Dickens Close
Dittander Close
Dove Green
Draymans' Croft
Dryden Avenue
Dumas Close
Dunnock Close
Duxford Close
East Street
Eden Way
Elderfield Road
Elm Close
Evenlode Close
Ewart Close
Fair Close
Fairford Way
Fairhaven Road
Falcon Mead
Fane Close
Field Street
Field Street
Fieldfare Close
Finchley Lane
Fleming Close
Fluellen Place
Fontwell Road
Forsythia Close
Fox Lane
Foxglove Close
Fulmar Court
Galingale Close
Gavray Drive
Gavray Drive
Gaydon Walk
Gentian Close
George Street
Germander Way
Glen Way
Goldcrest Way
Goldfinch Close
Goldsmith Close
Goodwood Close
Graham Road
Granville Way
Gravenhill Road North
Grebe Road
Green Close
Greenwood Drive
Griffiths Gardens
Halifax Road
Hamilton Close
Hampden Close
Hanover Gardens
Harebell Way
Harmon Close
Harrier Way
Hart Place
Haydock Road
Hazel Grove
Heather Road
Hemingway Drive
Hendon Place
Herald Way
Hereford Close
Heron Drive
Hertford Close
Hexham Road
Holm Way
Honeysuckle Close
Hornbeam Road
Howes Lane
Howes Lane
Hudson Street
Hunt Close
Huntingdon Road
Huxley Close
Isis Avenue
Japonica Close
Jarvis' Lane
Jasmine Place
Jay Close
Jubilee Way
Juniper Gardens
Keats Close
Keble Road
Kempton Close
Kennedy Road
Kennet Close
Kestrel Way
King's End
King's End
Kingfisher Way
Kings Avenue
Kings Avenue
Kingsclere Road
Kingsley Road
Kipling Close
Lakeview Drive
Lambourne Crescent
Lancaster Close
Langford Gardens
Lapwing Close
Larch Close
Larkspur Square
Launton Road
Launton Road
Launton Road
Lawrence Way
Leach Road
Lerwick Croft
Lily Close
Lime Crescent
Lincoln Close
Linden Road
Lodge Close
London Road
Longfellow Close
Lucerne Avenue
Lyneham Road
Lysander Close
Macaulay Close
Mackenzie Close
Magdalen Close
Mallards Way
Manorsfield Road
Manston Close
Manzel Road
Maple Road
Margaret Close
Marigold Walk
Market End Way
Market Square
Martin Close
Masefield Close
Maud Close
Medina Gardens
Melville Close
Meredith Close
Merganser Drive
Merlin Way
Middleton Stoney Road
Middleton Stoney Road
Middleton Stoney Road
Milton Close
Montgomery Road
Moor Pond Close
Mulberry Drive
Mullein Road
Murdock Road
Neunkirchen Way
New Street
Newton Close
North Street
Nuffield Close
Nuthatch Way
Oak Close
Old Place Yard
Old School Close
Orchard Lane
Orchard Square
Orchard Way
Orchid Close
Orpine Close
Osborne Close
Osprey Close
Overstrand Close
Oxford Road
Oxlip Leyes
Partridge Chase
Paynes End
Peregrine Way
Perth Road
Piggy Lane
Pine Close
Pingle Drive
Pioneer Road
Pipits Croft
Plumpton Road
Pontefract Road
Price Close
Primrose Drive
Priory Close
Priory Court
Priory Lane
Priory Road
Purslane Drive
Queens Avenue
Queens Avenue
Queens Court
Rau Court
Ray Road
Raymond Road
Redmoor Court
Redwing Close
Reedmace Road
Restharrow Mead
Ripon Close
Robins Way
Rochford Gardens
Roman Way
Rowan Road
Ruck Keene Close
Saffron Close
Sallow Close
Sanderling Close
Sandown Road
Sandpiper Close
Scampton Close
Scott Close
Seelscheid Way
Severn Close
Shackleton Close
Shakespeare Drive
Shannon Road
Shaw Close
Shearwater Drive
Sheen Close
Sheep Street
Shelley Close
Siskin Road
Skimmingdish Lane
Skimmingdish Lane
Skimmingdish Lane
Somerville Drive
Sorrel Mead
Speedwell Croft
Spencer Close
Spitfire Close
Springfield Road
Spruce Drive
St Annes Close
St Edburg's Close
St Edith's Way
St Hilda's Close
St Hugh's Close
St John's Street
St Mary's Close
St Peter's Crescent
Stable Road
Station Approach
Sterling Close
Stevenson Close
Stoneburge Crescent
Stonecrop Leyes
Sunderland Drive
Swallow Close
Swift Close
Sycamore Gardens
Talisman Road
Tamar Crescent
Tamarisk Gardens
Tangmere Close
Taylor Close
Telford Road
Thames Avenue
The Approach
The Bramblings
The Buntings
The Crescent
The Magnolias
The Oval
The Parade
Thompson Drive
Tinkers Lane
Titchener Close
Trefoil Drive
Trenchard Lane
Trent Crescent
Truemper Grove
Tubb Close
Turnberry Close
Turnpike Road
Turnstone Green
Tweed Crescent
Vervain Close
Victoria Court
Victoria Road
Villiers Road
Wadham Close
Walnut Close
Walpole Close
Wansbeck Drive
Warwick Court
Waveney Close
Wear Road
Wedgwood Road
Welland Croft
Wellington Close
Wensum Crescent
Wesley Close
Wessex Way
West Street
Westacott Road
Westholme Court
Wetherby Road
Whimbrel Close
Whitelands Farm
Whitelands Way
Whitley Crescent
Willow Drive
Wilson Way
Windle Gardens
Windmill Avenue
Windrush Close
Withington Road
Woodcote Road
Woodfield Road
Woodpecker Close
Woodruff Close
Wordsworth Close
Wren Way
Wretchwick Way
Wye Close
Yew Close
York Close