The Town of Glastonbury in the County of Somerset

The town of Glastonbury is located within the county of Somerset.

Glastonbury is situated in the South West (England) region of the UK and is governed by Mendip, council.

The town of Glastonbury is in the Somerset region of Dorset and Somerset within South West (England).

  • Mendip
  • Glastonbury: St Benedict
  • Glastonbury: St John Baptist

Where is Glastonbury is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Glastonbury in Somerset

Dentists in Glastonbury

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Glastonbury
Glastonbury Dac Wells Road Glastonbury Somerset BA6 9DD
James Main Dental Partnership 3 Lambrook Street Glastonbury Somerset BA6 8BY tel:01458 831883

Opticians in Glastonbury

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Glastonbury
Robert Frith Optometrists Ltd (glastonbury) 74 High Street Glastonbury Somerset BA6 9DZ

Chemists in Glastonbury

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Glastonbury
Knights Glastonbury Pharmacy Glastonbury Surgery, Feversham Lane Glastonbury Somerset BA6 9LP tel:01458 834986
Your Local Boots Pharmacy 39 High Street Glastonbury Somerset BA6 9DS tel:01458 831211

Doctors in Glastonbury

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Glastonbury
Glastonbury Health Centre Glastonbury Health & Dental Clinic, 1 Wells Road Glastonbury Somerset BA6 9DD tel:01458 834100
Glastonbury Surgery Feversham Lane Glastonbury Somerset BA6 9LP tel:01458 833666
List of Streets in Glastonbury
Abbey Meads
Abbots Court
Actis Road
Antler Close
Ashwell Lane
Austin Road
Avalon Estate
Back River Drove
Back River Drove
Baily Close
Barn Green
Basketfield Lane
Bath Close
Beckery New Road
Beckery Road
Bella View Gardens
Benedict Street
Bere Lane
Bilbury Lane
Black Pit Drove
Boundary Way
Bove Town
Bowyers Close
Bretenoux Road
Breynton Road
Brindham Lane
Buck Close
Bulwarks Lane
Bushy Coombe Gardens
Butleigh Old Road
Butleigh Road
Butt Close
Carmine Close
Chalice Hill Close
Chalice Park
Chalice Way
Chase Close
Chasey's Drove
Chilkwell Street
Chinnock Road
Church Lane
Circus Field Road
Common Moor Drove
Compton Close
Coppin Close
Cottle Close
Coursing Batch
Cox's Close
Coxley Close
Coxwithy Lane
Crab Tree Drove
Dod Lane
Drum Avenue
Dunkerton Close
Dunstan Road
Dyehouse Lane
Fairfield Gardens
Fawn Close
Ferryman Road
Feversham Lane
Fisher's Hill
Folliott Road
Fourways Park
Garvins Road
George Street
Gipsy Lane
Godney Close
Godney Drove
Godney Road
Godney Road
Great Withy Drove
Green's Drove
Gunwyn Close
Hamlyn Road
Hartlake Close
Helyar Close
Heritage Court
Hexton Road
High Street
Higher Actis
Hill Head
Hill Head Close
Holman Close
Hood Close
Hulk Moor Drove
Jacobs Close
Jocelin Road
Kennard Close
King Street
Lambrook Street
Lambrook Street
Launder Close
Leg Of Mutton Road
Long Drove
Lower Actis
Lowerside Lane
Lowerside Road
Lypyatt Lane
Magdalene Close
Magdalene Street
Maiden Croft Lane
Manor Close
Manor House Road
Mapstone Close
Market Place
Mayfield Close
Meadow View
Meare Road
Merrick Road
Middle Drove
Middle Drove
Monington Road
Monmouth Close
Morland Road
Newman Close
Norbins Road
Norlet Court
Northload Bridge
Northload Street
Old Market Court
Old Wells Road
Oriel Drive
Palmers Road
Paradise Lane
Paradise Road
Park Farm Road
Pendragon Park
Pike Close
Polden View
Porch Close
Porchestall Drove
Porchestall Drove
Pound Close
Ranger Road
Read Mead
Rebels Way
Ridgeway Gardens
Rock's Drove
Rock's Drove
Rowley Road
Sandpits Road
Sedgemoor Way
Selwood Road
Sharpham Road
Silver Street
South Fields
St Benedict's Close
St Brides Close
St Davids Close
St Dunstans Close
St Edmund's Road
St Edmunds's Road
St Gilda's Way
St John's Square
Stag Way
Street Drove
Street Road
Street Road
Street Road
The Archers Way
The Causeway
The Close
The Mound
The Roman Way
Thomas Way
Three Hill View
Tor View Avenue
Turstin Road
Tythe Street
Underwood Road
Upper Crannel Drove
Victoria Buildings
Victoria Buildings
Walton Close
Wellhouse Lane
Wells Road
Wells Road
Wells Road
Whiting Road
Wick Hollow
Windmill Hill Road
Wirral Park Road
Wollens Close
Wyrral Close