The Town of Taunton in the County of Somerset

The town of Taunton is located within the county of Somerset.

Taunton is situated in the South West (England) region of the UK and is governed by Taunton Deane, council.

The town of Taunton is in the Somerset region of Dorset and Somerset within South West (England).

  • Taunton Deane
  • Bishops Hull: St Peter & St Paul
  • Galmington: St Michael
  • Taunton: All Saints
  • Taunton: Holy Trinity
  • Taunton: St Andrew
  • Taunton: St James
  • Taunton: St John the Evangelist
  • Taunton: St Mary Magdalene
  • Taunton: St Peter, Lyngford
  • Wilton: St George

Where is Taunton is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Taunton in Somerset

Dentists in Taunton

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Taunton
Blackbrook Dental Practice Lisieux Way Taunton Somerset TA1 2LB
Bridge Street Dental Centre 47 Bridge Street Taunton Somerset TA1 1TP
Canon Street Dental Centre 4 Canon Street Taunton Somerset TA1 1SN
Community Dental Centre Cheddon Road Taunton Somerset TA2 7PH
Confident Orthodontics 23 Bridge Street Taunton TA1 1TQ
Linden House Dental Practice 63 Staplegrove Road Taunton Somerset TA1 1DG
Orthoworld Taunton 23 The Crescent Taunton Somerset TA1 4EB
Parkfield Surgeries 13 Parkfield Road Taunton Somerset TA1 4RL
Taunton Dac 48 Parkfield Drive Taunton Somerset TA1 5BU
Taunton Dental Access Centre Park Gate House, East Reach Taunton Somerset TA1 3ES
Yarde House Dental Surgeons Yarde House, 1 Staplegrove Road Taunton Somerset TA1 1DB

Opticians in Taunton

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Taunton
4961 Taunton Asda Stores Ltd, Creechbarrow Road Taunton Somerset TA1 2AN
Boots Opticians (high Street - Taunton) 64-65 High Street Taunton Somerset TA1 3PT
Boots Opticians (north Street - Taunton) 5 North Street Taunton Somerset TA1 1LH
Earlam And Christopher - Taunton 51 Bridge Street Taunton Somerset TA1 1TW
Optical Express [taunton] 34 North Street Taunton Somerset TA1 1LT
Specsavers (taunton) 20 East Street Taunton Somerset TA1 3LP
Vision Express (taunton) 3-4 Fore Street Taunton Somerset TA1 1HX
Watson & Smith Opticians - Taunton 17 Fore Street Taunton Somerset TA1 1HX

Chemists in Taunton

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Taunton
Asda Pharmacy Creechbarrow Road Taunton Somerset TA1 2AN tel:01823 252701
Boots Uk Limited 64-65 High Street Taunton Somerset TA1 3PT tel:01823 276061
Joots Pharmacy Blackbrook Medical Centre, Lisieux Way Taunton Somerset TA1 2LB tel:01823 324280
Lloydspharmacy Sainsburys Supermarkets Ltd, Hankridge Farm Taunton Somerset TA1 2LR tel:01823 442764
Morrisons Pharmacy Dellars Wharf, Priory Bridge Road Taunton Somerset TA1 1DX tel:01823 351914
Staplegrove Pharmacy Unit 1 Livingstone Way, Staplegrove Taunton Somerset TA2 6BD tel:01823 274049
Superdrug Stores 1-10 Paul Street Taunton Somerset TA1 3PF tel:01823 322894
Well Galmington - Pitts Close 2 The Comeytrowe Centre, Pitts Close, Galmington Taunton Somerset TA1 4TN tel:01823 256056
Well Taunton - Priorswood Place 5 Priorswood Place, Priorswood Estate, Eastwick Road Taunton Somerset TA2 7JW tel:01823 331564
Your Local Boots Pharmacy Crown Medical Centre, Crown Industrial Estate, Venture Way Taunton Somerset TA2 8QY tel:01823 337888
Your Local Boots Pharmacy French Weir Avenue Taunton Somerset TA1 1NW tel:01823 284009
Your Local Boots Pharmacy St. James Medical Centre, Coal Orchard Taunton Somerset TA1 1JP tel:01275 462386
Your Local Boots Pharmacy Upper Holway Road Taunton Somerset TA1 2QA tel:01823 284529

Doctors in Taunton

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Taunton
College Way Surgery Comeytrowe Centre Taunton Somerset TA1 4TY tel:01823 259333
Crown Medical Centre Crown Industrial Estate, Venture Way Taunton Somerset TA2 8QY tel:01823 282151
French Weir Health Centre French Weir Avenue Taunton Somerset TA1 1NW tel:01823 331381
Kings College Sanatorium South Road Taunton Somerset TA1 3LA
Lyngford Park Fletcher Close Taunton Somerset TA2 8SQ tel:01823 333355
St James Medical Centre Coal Orchard Taunton Somerset TA1 1JP tel:01823 285400
Taunton Vale Healthcare The Blackbrook Surgery, Lisieux Way Taunton Somerset TA1 2LB tel:01823 259444
Victoria Gate Surgery East Reach Taunton Somerset TA1 3EX
Warwick House Medical Practice Holway Green, Upper Holway Road Taunton Somerset TA1 2QA tel:01823 282147
List of Streets in Taunton
Abbey Close
Adcombe Road
Addison Grove
Admiralty Way
Albemarle Road
Alder Close
Alfred Street
Allington Close
Alma Street
Alston Close
Amber Mead
Amor Place
Angela Close
Arnold Close
Arun Grove
Ash Crescent
Ashbourne Crescent
Ashford Road
Ashill Close
Ashleigh Gardens
Ashley Road
Asquith Street
Avill Crescent
Avon Close
Aylands Road
Bacon Drive
Badgers Close
Bagborough Road
Bakers Close
Baldwin Road
Barbers Mead
Barlinch Close
Barr Lane
Barrington Close
Barrow Drive
Bartlett Close
Barton Close
Batts Park
Beadon Road
Beaufort Road
Beech Close
Belgrave Place
Belmont Drive
Belmont Road
Belvedere Road
Berwick Close
Beverley Close
Bilberry Grove
Billet Street
Bindon Road
Birch Grove
Bircham Road
Bishop Fox Drive
Bishop's Hull Hill
Bishop's Hull Road
Black Horse Lane
Blackbrook Park Avenue
Blackbrook Road
Blackbrook Way
Blackdown Road
Blackmoor Road
Blackthorn Gardens
Blagdon Crescent
Blake Street
Blenheim Road
Bloomfield Close
Bluebell Close
Bodmin Road
Bossington Drive
Bourne Grove
Bovet Close
Bowfell Close
Bowmont Grove
Bowood Road
Bradford Close
Bramble Park
Bramley Road
Briant Close
Bridge Street
Bridgwater Road
Brindle Close
Broadlands Rise
Broadlands Road
Broadlands Road
Broadlands Way
Brooke Road
Broughton Close
Bruford Close
Buces Road
Buckland Road
Buckland Road
Burch's Close
Burgess Close
Burns Road
Burton Place
Burton Place
Byron Road
Calder Crescent
Calvados Road
Calway Road
Cambridge Terrace
Campion Drive
Canal Road
Cann Street
Canon Street
Cashford Gate
Castle Green
Castle Street
Castle Street
Castle Way
Castlefield Lane
Castlefield Lane
Castlemans Road
Cats Lane
Celandine Mead
Chaffinch Close
Chantry Close
Chapman Court
Charles Crescent
Charter Walk
Cheddon Mews
Cheddon Road
Cheddon Road
Chelmer Close
Chelwood Drive
Cherry Grove
Cherry Tree Lane
Chestnut Drive
Chestnut Drive
Chilliswood Crescent
Chilliswood Lane
Chip Lane
Chritchard Parkway
Chritchard Parkway
Chritchard Parkway
Church Square
Church Street
Churchill Way
Claremont Drive
Claremont Drive
Claremont Lane
Claremont Lane
Claremont Lane
Clarence Street
Cleeve Road
Cleveland Street
Clifford Avenue
Clifford Crescent
Clover Mead
Coal Orchard
Coleridge Crescent
Colin Avenue
Colin Road
College Road
College View
College Way
Colman Road
Comeytrowe Lane
Comeytrowe Lane
Comeytrowe Orchard
Comeytrowe Rise
Comeytrowe Road
Comeytrowe Road
Comeytrowe Road
Comeytrowe Road
Comeytrowe Road
Compass Hill
Compass Rise
Compton Close
Cook Way
Copper Beeches
Corkscrew Lane
Cornishway East
Cornishway North
Cornishway South
Cornishway West
Corporation Street
Cory Road
Cotlake Close
Cotlake Rise
Court Hill
Craig Lea
Cranes Close
Cranmer Road
Creechbarrow Road
Creechberry Orchard
Crescent Way
Cresswell Avenue
Cromwell Road
Crowcombe Road
Culmhead Close
Cunningham Court
Cutliff Close
Cyril Street
Cyril Street West
Dare Close
Darwin Close
Daws Mead
Deane Drive
Deane Gate Avenue
Deller's Wharf
Denmark Terrace
Denning Close
Derwent Grove
Dipford Orchard
Dorchester Road
Dover Road
Dowell Close
Dowsland Way
Drake Close
Draycott Avenue
Duke Street
Dunkleys Way
Dunster Close
Durham Place
Durston Way
Durston Way
East Reach
East Street
East Street
Eastbourne Gate
Eastbourne Road
Eastbourne Road
Eastbourne Terrace
Eastleigh Road
Eastwick Avenue
Eastwick Road
Eastwick Road
Eaton Crescent
Elm Grove
Elms Close
Enmore Road
Essex Drive
Ethpark Grove
Fairfield Road
Fairwater Close
Falcon Court
Farm View
Farrant Close
Ferndale Drive
Ferndown Close
Feversham Way
Fields End
Firepool View
Fivash Close
Fletcher Close
Fons George
Fons George Close
Fons George Road
Footlands Close
Fore Street
Foundry Road
Fouracres Close
Fowler Street
Franklin Close
Fremantle Road
French Weir Avenue
French Weir Close
Frethey Road
Frethey Road
Frobisher Way
Frys Mews
Fullands Avenue
Fullands Road
Fulwood Close
Galmington Close
Galmington Drive
Galmington Drive
Galmington Lane
Galmington Road
Galmington Road
Gatehouse Court
Gaunton Close
Geoffrey Farrant Walk
George Street
Georges Mews
Gill Crescent
Gipsy Lane
Gipsy Lane
Gladstone Street
Gladstone Street
Glasses Mead
Glen Drive
Glenthorne Road
Glenwood Gardens
Gloucester Street
Goodlands Lane
Gordon Road
Gordon's Close
Grafton Close
Grange Drive
Grange Gardens
Grays Road
Great Mead
Grebe Road
Greenbrook Terrace
Greenway Avenue
Greenway Avenue
Greenway Crescent
Greenway Road
Greenway Road
Grove Drive
Grove Gate
Grove Terrace
Grove Terrace
Gwyther Mead
Gyffarde Street
Haines Hill
Haines Hill
Haines Park
Haines Park
Hale Way
Hamilton Court
Hamilton Road
Hamilton Road
Hamlyn Close
Hammet Street
Hamwood Lane
Hankridge Way
Harcourt Street
Harnell Close
Harp Chase
Hartley Way
Hartrow Close
Hawthorn Road
Haydon Close
Haydon Lane
Haydon Lane
Haydon Road
Haydon Road
Haywood Road
Hazel Close
Heather Close
Heavitree Way
Henderson Close
Henley Grove
Henley Road
Herbert Street
Hereford Drive
Heron Drive
Heron Gate
Hewett Close
Higher Palmerston Road
Highfield Close
Highfield Crescent
Hilary Road
Hill Head Close
Hillside Grove
Hinton Drive
Holford Road
Holly Close
Holway Avenue
Holway Deane
Holway Green
Holway Hill
Holway Road
Holway Road
Hooper's Close
Hope Corner Close
Hope Corner Lane
Hornbeam Close
Horner Road
Horner Road
Horts Road
Hoveland Crescent
Hoveland Drive
Hoveland Lane
Hudson Way
Hugo Street
Huish Close
Humber Grove
Hurdle Way
Hylton Close
Ilminster Road
Inner Circle
Inner Gullands
Irvine Close
Irwell Green
Jeffreys' Way
Jubilee Street
Juniper Road
Keats Road
Kennet Grove
Kenwyn Close
Kilkenny Avenue
Killams Avenue
Killams Avenue
Killams Avenue
Killams Close
Killams Crescent
Killams Drive
Killams Green
Killams Lane
Kilmorie Close
Kilve Close
Kilve Crescent
Kinglake Drive
Kings Close
Kingsley Close
Kingston Close
Kingston Road
Kingston Road
Kirke Grove
Laburnum Street
Ladymead Road
Lambrook Close
Lambrook Road
Lambrook Way
Langham Drive
Langham Gardens
Lansdowne Road
Larch Close
Larkspur Close
Laurel Close
Lavender Grove
Laxton Close
Laxton Road
Leadon Grove
Leigh Road
Leslie Avenue
Lewis Road
Leycroft Grove
Leycroft Road
Lilac Close
Lime Crescent
Linden Grove
Linnet Close
Lipe Hill Lane
Lipe Hill Lane
Lipe Hill Lane
Lisieux Way
Livingstone Way
Lloyd Close
Lodge Close
Longacre Close
Longmead Close
Longmead Way
Longrun Lane
Lower Holway Close
Lower Middle Street
Ludlow Avenue
Luttrell Close
Luxhay Close
Lyngford Crescent
Lyngford Lane
Lyngford Lane
Lyngford Place
Lyngford Road
Lyngford Square
Lynor Close
Magdalene Street
Mallory Close
Malvern Terrace
Manor Close
Manor Drive
Manor Orchard
Manor Orchard
Manor Road
Manor Road
Mansfield Road
Maple Close
Marden Grove
Marston Close
Mary Street
Massingham Park
Matthews Road
Maxwell Street
Meadowside Close
Medway Close
Middle Street
Midford Road
Mill Rise
Milton Close
Milton Road
Minster Close
Mitre Court
Monks Close
Monmouth Road
Moorland Close
Moorland Place
Moorland Road
Morgans Rise
Mount Nebo
Mount Street
Mountfields Avenue
Mountfields Park
Mountfields Road
Mountway Close
Mountway Lane
Mountway Road
Mulberry Close
Musgrove Road
Nash Green
Nerrols Drive
New Road
Newbarn Park Road
Newton Road
Noble Street
Normandy Drive
North Street
Northfield Avenue
Northfield Court
Northfield Road
Northleigh Road
Northtown Lane
Norwich Close
Obridge Close
Obridge Lane
Obridge Road
Obridge Viaduct
Obridge Viaduct
Obridge Viaduct
Orchard Drive
Orchard Green
Orchard Rise
Orchard Rise
Orchard Way
Orchid Close
Osborne Grove
Osborne Rise
Osborne Way
Outer Circle
Outer Gullands
Oxford Place
Palmerston Road
Park Street
Parkfield Crescent
Parkfield Drive
Parkfield Road
Parkfield Road
Parmin Close
Parmin Way
Parrett Mead
Patrum Close
Paul Street
Paul Street
Peile Drive
Pembroke Close
Peter Street
Pickeridge Close
Pikes Crescent
Pikes Crescent
Pine Close
Pinney Close
Pitcher's Hill
Pitts Close
Plais Street
Pollards Way
Pope Close
Poplar Road
Porlock Drive
Portland Street
Portman Street
Poundisford Close
Princes Street
Princess Road
Priorswood Road
Priorswood Road
Priory Avenue
Priory Bridge Road
Priory Court
Priory Park
Priory Way
Priory Way
Private Road
Pyrland Avenue
Pyrland Fields
Pyrland Place
Quantock Road
Quartly Drive
Queen Street
Queens Drive
Radlet Close
Railway Street
Railway Street
Ramshorn Close
Ramshorn Green
Ramshorn Place
Raps Close
Raps Green
Raymond Street
Redlake Drive
Rhodes Close
Richmond Green
Richmond Park
Richmond Road
Robin Close
Rochester Road
Roland Close
Roman Road
Roseberry Terrace
Rosebery Street
Roughmoor Close
Roughmoor Crescent
Rowan Drive
Rowbarton Close
Ruskin Close
Russett Road
Ryburn Close
Rydon Lane
Saffron Close
Salisbury Street
Salisbury Street
Samuels Court
Scafell Close
Scott Close
Selworthy Road
Selworthy Road
Semington Close
Severn Drive
Shakespeare Avenue
Sheldon Court
Shelley Grove
Shepherd's Hay
Sherford Road
Shoreditch Road
Showell Park
Shutewater Close
Shutewater Hill
Shutewater Orchard
Silk Mills Lane
Silk Mills Lane
Silk Mills Road
Silver Street
Six Acres Close
Slapes Close
Snedden Grove
Somerset Avenue
Somerset Place
Somerset Place
South Road
South Street
Southampton Row
Southfield Close
Southleigh Road
Southwood Grove
Speke Close
Spencer Avenue
St Albans Place
St Andrew's Road
St Andrews View
St Andrews View
St Augustine Street
St David's Close
St David's Gardens
St George's Avenue
St Georges Square
St Georges Way
St James Street
St John's Road
St Josephs Field
St Margarets Court
St Michael's Crescent
St Patrick's Road
St Patricks Close
St Peter's Close
Standfast Place
Stanley Close
Stanway Close
Staplegrove Road
Staplegrove Road
Statham Close
Statham Grove
Station Road
Station Road
Stephen Street
Stephen Way
Stoke Lane
Stoke Road
Stone Close
Stoney Furlong
Stowey Road
Suffolk Crescent
Sumerleaze Crescent
Summerleaze Crescent
Sundew Close
Sutherland Close
Sycamore Close
Tamar Avenue
Tancred Street
Tancred Street
Tangier Way
Tangier Way
Tatham Court
Tauntfield Close
Thames Drive
The Avenue
The Bridge
The Crescent
The Drive
The Fairways
The Mount
The Oaks
The Paddock
The Paddock
The Shaulders
The Spinney
The Square
The Triangle
Theaks Mews
Thomas Street
Torridge Mead
Tower Lane
Tower Street
Treborough Close
Trendle Road
Trent Meadow
Trevett Road
Trevor Smith Place
Trinity Road
Trinity Street
Triscombe Road
Trull Road
Trull Road
Trull Road
Tudor Park
Turner Road
Turner Road
Tyne Park
Upcot Crescent
Upcott Road
Upcott Road
Upper High Street
Upper High Street
Upper Holway Road
Upper Wood Street
Valley Road
Venture Way
Vera Street
Victoria Gate
Victoria Gate
Victoria Street
Victory Road
Viney Street
Vivary Road
Walnut Close
Wambrook Close
Wansbeck Green
Warres Road
Warwick Gardens
Warwick Road
Waterfield Close
Waterfield Drive
Waverney Close
Weacombe Road
Weirfield Green
Wellesley Street
Wellington New Road
Wellington Road
Wellington Road
Wellsprings Road
Wesley Close
Wessex Road
West Field Close
Westerkirk Gate
Westgate Street
Westleigh Road
Wheatleigh Close
Wheatley Crescent
Whirligig Lane
White Willow Gardens
Whitmore Road
Wilfred Road
William Street
Willow Close
Wilton Close
Wilton Grove
Wilton Orchard
Wilton Street
Wilton Street
Wiltshire Close
Wimborne Close
Winchester Street
Winckworth Way
Winckworth Way
Windsor Close
Winslade Close
Winston Close
Witham Close
Wood Street
Woodland Road
Woodrush Close
Woodstock Road
Wordsworth Drive
Wordsworth Drive
Wren Close
Wyndham Road
Wyvern Road
Yarde Place
York Road