The Town of Weston-Super-Mare in the County of Somerset

The town of Weston-Super-Mare is located within the county of Somerset.

Weston-Super-Mare is situated in the South West (England) region of the UK and is governed by North Somerset, council.

The town of Weston-Super-Mare is in the Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire region of Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Bath/Bristol area within South West (England).

  • North Somerset
  • Bournville: St Andrew
  • Locking Castle
  • Mead Vale: Chapel
  • Milton: St Peter
  • Uphill: St Barnabas Mission Church
  • Uphill: St Nicholas
  • Weston-super-Mare: All Saints
  • Weston-super-Mare: Christ Church
  • Weston-super-Mare: Emmanuel
  • Weston-super-Mare: St John the Baptist
  • Weston-super-Mare: St Paul
  • Worle: St Mark's Church Centre
  • Worle: St Martin

Where is Weston-Super-Mare is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Weston-Super-Mare in Somerset

Dentists in Weston-Super-Mare

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Weston-Super-Mare
Beaconsfield Dental Surgeries 12 Beaconsfield Road Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 1YE
Boulevard Dental Practice 43 Boulevard Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 1PG
Dental Department Weston General Hospital, Grange Road Weston-super-mare North Somerset BS23 4TQ
Dental Surgery 131 High Street, Worle Weston-super-mare Avon BS22 6HQ
Dental Surgery 51a Oxford Street Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 1TN
Ground Floor Dental Surgery 14 Dowland, Dartmouth Close, Worle Weston-super-mare Avon BS22 6LJ
Houston, Taneja And Pangotra Partnership The Dental Surgery, 164-166 Milton Road Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 2YG
John Cantwell Dental Practice 125 Milton Road Weston-super-mare BS23 2UY
Millbrook House 141 Milton Road Weston Super Mare Avon BS22 8AA

Opticians in Weston-Super-Mare

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Weston-Super-Mare
Boots Opticians (weston-super-mare) 37 High Street Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 1HD
Bowen Opticians 135 High Street, Worle Weston-super-mare Avon BS22 6HQ
Bowens Opticians 21 St. Andrews Parade Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 3SS
Carpenters Optometrists 184a High Street, Worle Weston-super-mare Avon BS22 6JD
Conway Opticians - Weston Super Mare 13 Boulevard Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 1NR
Newman Opticians (armstrong & North - Weston) 55c Oxford Street Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 1TR
Optika Opticians (weston-super-mare) 81 High Street Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 1HE
Scrivens Opticians (weston) 51 High Street Weston-super-mare BS23 1HD
Specsavers (weston-super-mare) 75 High Street Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 1HE
Thinking Opticians (avon) 40 Meadow Street Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 1QH
Vision Express (weston-super-mare) 77 High Street Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 1HE

Chemists in Weston-Super-Mare

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Weston-Super-Mare
Alliance Pharmacy Bournville Pharmacy, 16-17 St. Andrews Parade Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 3SS tel:01934 628882
Asda Phillips Road Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 3UZ tel:01934 410710
Boots The Chemists Summer Lane Weston-super-mare Avon BS24 7AY
Boots Uk Limited Monkton Avenue, Oldmixon Weston-super-mare Avon BS24 9DA tel:01934 813720
Boots Uk Ltd Boots The Chemists Ltd, 52-56 High Street Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 1JA tel:01934 629068
Day Lewis Pharmacy 168 Locking Road Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 3HQ tel:01934 622043
Graham Road Pharmacy 22 Graham Road Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 1YA tel:01934 410029
Instore Pharmacy Station Road Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 1XG
Jays Pharmacy 5 Waterloo Street Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 1LA tel:01934 629002
Lloydspharmacy 146 High Street, Worle Weston-super-mare Avon BS22 6HG tel:01934 514392
Lloydspharmacy 3 North Worle Shopping Centre, Queensway, Worle Weston-super-mare Avon BS22 6BT tel:01934 510233
Lloydspharmacy 37 Whitecross Road Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 1EN
Lloydspharmacy Unit 5 Castlemead Shop Ctr, Townshend Road, Worle Weston-super-mare Avon BS22 7GF tel:01934 520891
Milton Pharmacy 260 Milton Road Weston-super-mare Avon BS22 8EN tel:01934 413100
Moorland Road Pharmacy 53 Moorland Road Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 4HP tel:01934 629669
Morrisons Pharmacy Summerlane, Locking Castle, Worle Weston-super-mare Avon BS24 7AY tel:01934 521135
Tudor Lodge Pharmacy Tudor Lodge Surgery, 3 Nithsdale Road Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 4JP tel:01934 615111
Well Weston Super Mare - Milton Road 205 Milton Road Weston-super-mare Avon BS22 8EF

Doctors in Weston-Super-Mare

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Weston-Super-Mare
Charter House (graham Road Surgery) Charter House, Station Road Weston-super-mare BS23 1XY
Clarence Park Surgery 13 Clarence Road East Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 4BP tel:01934 415080
Graham Road Surgery 22 Graham Road Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 1YA tel:01934 628111
Horizon Health Centre 68 Lonsdale Avenue Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 3SJ tel:0345 3503973
Longton Grove Surgery 168 Locking Road Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 3HQ tel:01934 628118
New Court Surgery 168 Locking Road Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 3HQ tel:01934 624242
Riverbank Medical Centre Walford Avenue Weston-super-mare Avon BS22 7YZ
St Georges Surgery 135 Pastures Avenue, St. Georges Weston-super-mare Avon BS22 7SB
Stafford Medical Group Locking Castle Medical Centre, Highlands Lane Weston-super-mare Avon BS24 7DX tel:01934 524260
Stafford Place Surgery 4 Stafford Place Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 2QZ
The Cedars Surgery 87 New Bristol Road, Worle Weston-super-mare Avon BS22 6AJ tel:01934 515878
The Milton Surgery 232-234 Milton Road Weston-super-mare Avon BS22 8AG tel:01934 249554
Tudor Lodge Surgery 3 Nithsdale Road Weston-super-mare Avon BS23 4JP tel:01934 622665
Worle Medical Practice 125 High Street, Worle Weston-super-mare Avon BS22 6HB tel:01934 516789
List of Streets in Weston-Super-Mare
Abbey Gardens
Abbot's Close
Acacia Avenue
Accommodation Road
Achilles Path
Aconite Close
Addicott Road
Addiscombe Road
Aiscome Way
Aisecome Way
Albert Avenue
Albert Quadrant
Albert Quadrant
Albert Road
Alexandra Parade
Alfred Street
All Saints' Road
Allans Way
Alma Street
Almond Close
Amberey Road
Ankatel Close
Annandale Avenue
Anson Road
Appletree Court
Appletree Mews
Appsley Close
Arden Close
Argyle Avenue
Arnor Close
Artemesia Avenue
Arundell Road
Ash Close
Ash Grove
Ashbury Drive
Ashbury Drive
Ashcombe Gardens
Ashcombe Park Road
Ashcombe Park Road
Ashcombe Road
Ashcombe Road
Ashdene Road
Ashford Drive
Ashleigh Close
Ashleigh Road
Aspen Park Road
Aspen Park Road
Atlantic Road
Atlantic Road South
Auckland Close
Austen Drive
Autumn Mews
Avon Close
Axe Close
Aycote Close
Azalea Road
Back Street
Badgers Way
Baildon Crescent
Baildon Road
Bailey Close
Baker Street
Baker Street
Baker Street
Balmoral Way
Barley Cross
Barry Close
Bathurst Road
Bay Tree View
Baytree Road
Baytree View
Beach End Road
Beach Road
Beach Road
Beaconsfield Road
Beaufighter Road
Beaufort Road
Beaumont Close
Becket Drive
Becket Road
Bedford Road
Beechmount Close
Beechmount Drive
Belgrave Road
Belvedere Crescent
Bentley Road
Berkeley Crescent
Bideford Road
Bilbie Road
Birchwood Avenue
Birkett Road
Birnbeck Road
Bittern Close
Blackberry Drive
Blackthorn Gardens
Blackthorn Terrace
Blagdon Close
Blake End
Bleadon Hill
Bleadon Hill
Blenheim Close
Bluebell Road
Blueberry Way
Blythe Gardens
Bodley Way
Boreal Way
Borgie Place
Botham Close
Boundary Close
Boundary Road
Bournville Road
Bourton Lane
Bourton Lane
Bramblewood Road
Bramshill Drive
Brangwyn Square
Bransby Way
Brean Down Avenue
Brecon View
Bree Close
Brendon Avenue
Brent Close
Bridge Road
Bridgwater Court
Bridgwater Road
Brighton Road
Brimbleworth Lane
Bristol Road
Bristol Road
Bristol Road Lower
Bristol Road-Lower
Broadoak Road
Brockley Close
Brockley Crescent
Brompton Road
Bronte Close
Brookland Road
Brookland Road
Brownlow Road
Brue Close
Brunel Close
Buckingham Road
Buckland Green
Bunting Court
Burlington Street
Burnham Close
Burnham Drive
Burrington Avenue
Burrington Close
Buttercup Crescent
Buttermere Road
Byron Road
Cabot Way
Caister Close
Calluna Close
Camberley Walk
Cambridge Place
Camden Terrace
Camp Road
Camp Road North
Campion Close
Canberra Road
Canterbury Close
Capell Close
Carberry View
Cardigan Crescent
Careys Way
Carlton Street
Carre Gardens
Castle Road
Castle View
Caulfield Road
Caveners Court
Cecil Road
Cedar Avenue
Chalfont Road
Challow Drive
Channel Heights
Chantry Drive
Charlock Road
Charlton Avenue
Charlton Road
Charter Road
Chaucer Road
Chelswood Avenue
Chelswood Gardens
Cherrywood Rise
Cherrywood Road
Chesham Road North
Chesham Road South
Chesham Road South
Chestnut Avenue
Chichester Way
Christian Close
Church Road
Church Road
Churchill Road
Churchward Road
Claremont Crescent
Clarence Grove Road
Clarence Road East
Clarence Road North
Clarence Road South
Clarendon Road
Clarkson Avenue
Clevedon Road
Clevedon Road
Cliff Road
Clifton Road
Clovelly Road
Clover Court
Clover Road
Coalbridge Close
Cobham Parade
Cody Walk
Coker Road
Coleridge Road
Collet Close
Collingwood Close
Collum Lane
Colombo Crescent
Commercial Way
Compton Drive
Condor Close
Coniston Crescent
Connaught Place
Constable Drive
Coombe Road
Copley Gardens
Copperfield Drive
Copse Close
Coralberry Drive
Cormorant Close
Cornwallis Avenue
Coronation Road
Corondale Road
Cotman Walk
Coulson Drive
Court Close
Court Place
Cranbourne Chase
Cranbourne Chase
Cranford Close
Cresswell Close
Cromer Road
Cross Street
Cubitt Close
Curlew Gardens
Curlew Gardens
Cygnet Crescent
Daley Close
Dame Court Close
Damson Road
Dartmouth Close
Deacons Close
Dean Close
Delapre Road
Denning Court
Derwent Road
Devonshire Road
Diamond Batch
Dickenson Road
Dolecroft Lane
Dormeads View
Douglas Road
Dovetail Drive
Downs Close
Downside Road
Drove Road
Drove Road
Drysdale Close
Dumfries Place
Dunedin Way
Dungravon Road
Dunkery Road
Dunster Crescent
Eagle Close
Earlham Grove
Eastcombe Gardens
Eastcombe Road
Eastfield Gardens
Eastfield Park
Ebdon Lane
Ebdon Lane
Ebdon Road
Ebdon Road
Ebdon Road
Edgecombe Avenue
Edinburgh Place
Eliot Close
Ellenborough Crescent
Ellenborough Park North
Ellenborough Park Road
Ellenborough Park South
Ellesmere Road
Ellis Park
Elmham Way
Elmhyrst Road
Elmsleigh Road
Elton Road
Emlyn Close
Ennerdale Close
Esgar Rise
Eskdale Close
Ewart Road
Exeter Road
Exford Close
Eyers Road
Fairfield Close
Fairway Close
Falcon Crescent
Farm Close
Farm Road
Farndale Road
Faversham Drive
Fernlea Road
Filers Way
Finch Close
Finmere Gardens
Flamingo Crescent
Florence Grove
Flowerdown Bridge
Flowerdown Bridge
Flowerdown Bridge
Folly Lane
Forest Drive
Forest Drive
Fowey Road
Francis Fox Road
Fraser Close
Frenchay Road
Friar Avenue
Frobisher Close
Fullens Close
Fulmar Road
Fulmar Road
Furland Road
Furze Close
Furze Road
Gainsborough Drive
Gannet Road
Garden Close
Garner Court
Garsdale Road
Gazelle Road
George Street
George Street
Gerard Road
Gerard Road
Gerard Road
Gilberyn Drive
Gill Mews
Gillmore Close
Gillmore Road
Gimblet Road
Glastonbury Way
Glebe Road
Glencroft Way
Gleneagles Close
Glider Avenue
Gloucester Street
Goddard Drive
Gooch Way
Goosey Lane
Gordon Road
Grace Road
Gradwell Close
Graham Road
Grange Close
Grange Road
Grasmere Drive
Greenfield Place
Greengage Close
Greenhill Close
Greenland Road
Greenwood Road
Griffen Road
Griffin Close
Grove Drive
Grove Lane
Grove Park Road
Grove Road
Grove Road
Grove Road
Hafner Green
Ham Wood Close
Hambledon Road
Hamilton Road
Hampden Road
Hampden Road
Hanover Close
Hans Price Close
Hapsburg Close
Harvest Way
Harvey Close
Harwood Green
Hatfield Road
Hatfield Road
Haversham Close
Hawke Road
Hawksworth Drive
Hawthorn Coombe
Hawthorn Gardens
Hawthorn Heights
Hawthorn Hill
Hawthorn Lane
Hawthorn Park
Haywood Close
Haywood Gardens
Hazeldene Road
Herluin Way
Herluin Way
Heron Close
Hestercombe Close
Hidcote Mews
High Street
High Street
High Street
Highbury Road
Highfield Road
Highland Close
Highlands Lane
Hildesheim Bridge
Hildesheim Bridge
Hildesheim Close
Hill Road
Hill Road
Hill Road
Hill Road
Hill Road East
Hill View Road
Hillcroft Close
Hillside Gardens
Hinckley Close
Hobart Road
Hobbiton Road
Hodders Lane
Hogarth Mews
Holland Street
Holland Street
Hollow Lane
Hollow Lane
Holly Close
Holms Road
Holts Way
Honeysuckle Place
Hopkins Street
Hosegood Drive
Howitt Way
Hughenden Road
Hughenden Road
Hurst Road
Hutton Moor Lane
Hutton Moor Lane
Hutton Moor Road
Ingleton Drive
Ivy Lane
Jasmine Close
Jasmine Way
Jellicoe Court
Jesmond Road
Jocelin Drive
Jubilee Path
Jubilee Road
Jubilee Way
Juniper Place
Kelston Road
Kempe Way
Kenn Close
Kensington Road
Kent Way
Kestrel Drive
Kew Road
Kewstoke Road
Kielder Drive
King's Lane
Kingfisher Road
Kingsley Road
Kipling Road
Knight Close
Knightstone Causeway
Knightstone Road
Knightstone Road
Knyfton Close
Laburnum Court
Laburnum Road
Ladye Wake
Landemann Circus
Landseer Close
Langford Road
Langport Road
Lansdown Gardens
Lanthony Close
Lapwing Gardens
Larchgrove Crescent
Lark Road
Laurel Drive
Lavender Close
Law's Drive
Lawrence Close
Lawrence Mews
Lawrence Road
Lawrence Road
Leewood Road
Leighton Crescent
Lester Drive
Lewisham Grove
Lilac Way
Lime Close
Lincoln Lane
Linden Avenue
Links Road
Linnet Close
Lisle Road
Little George Street
Little Orchard
Llewellyn Way
Lockes Paddock
Locking Head Drove
Locking Moor Road
Locking Moor Road
Locking Road
Locking Road
Locking Road
Locking Road
Locksbrook Road
Lodge Drive
Lombardy Close
Longdown Drive
Longridge Way
Longton Grove Road
Longton Grove Road
Lonsdale Avenue
Lower Church Road
Lower Church Road
Loxton Road
Lyddon Road
Lyefield Road
Lyefield Road
Lynch Close
Lyndhurst Road
Lynmouth Close
Lynx Crescent
Lyons Court
Lypstone Close
Macfarlane Chase
Madam Lane
Madeira Road
Magdalen Way
Magellan Close
Magnolia Avenue
Magnolia Close
Magpie Close
Maidstone Grove
Malvern Road
Manilla Crescent
Manilla Place
Manor Farm Crescent
Manor Road
Manor Valley
Mansfield Avenue
Mansfield Avenue
Mansfield Close
Maple Close
Marchfields Way
Marconi Close
Marindrin Drive
Marine Parade
Marine Parade
Mariner's Close
Market Avenue
Market Lane
Market Lane
Marlborough Drive
Martindale Court
Martindale Road
Martins Grove
Mayfield Avenue
Mead Vale
Mead Vale
Meadow Croft
Meadow Place
Meadow Street
Mendip Avenue
Mendip Edge
Mendip Road
Merlin Close
Merton Drive
Methwyn Close
Midhaven Rise
Milburn Road
Milbury Gardens
Milestone Court
Miller Close
Millers Rise
Millstone Close
Milton Avenue
Milton Brow
Milton Green
Milton Hill
Milton Hill
Milton Park Road
Milton Rise
Milton Road
Milton Road
Milton Road
Monks Hill
Monkton Avenue
Montacute Circus
Montpelier East
Moor Lane
Moor Lane
Moor Lane
Moor Lane
Moorland Road
Moseley Grove
Mountbatten Close
Mulberry Close
Myrtleberry Mead
Naunton Way
Nelson Court
Neva Road
New Bristol Road
New Bristol Road
New Church Road
Newbourne Road
Newland Road
Newton Road
Newton's Road
Nightingale Close
Nimbus Road
Nin Court
Nithsdale Road
Norfolk Road
North Hills Close
North Street
Northleigh Avenue
Notgrove Close
Nutwell Road
Nutwell Square
Oak Court
Oakdale Gardens
Oakford Avenue
Oaktree Place
Old Bristol Road
Old Church Road
Old Mill Way
Old Mixon Road
Old Post Office Lane
Oldmixon Crescent
Oldmixon Road
Orchard Close
Orchard Place
Orchard Street
Osborne Avenue
Osborne Road
Osmond Road
Osprey Gardens
Ottawa Road
Oxford Place
Oxford Street
Palmer Row
Palmer Street
Paragon Road
Park Place
Parkhurst Road
Parklands Avenue
Parsons Green
Partridge Close
Pastures Avenue
Paynes Way
Pearse Close
Pelican Close
Pembroke Road
Penarth Drive
Pendlesham Gardens
Pennine Gardens
Penrice Close
Peregrine Close
Phillips Road
Pilgrims Way
Pimm's Lane
Pimms Lane
Pine Close
Pine Hill
Piper Cross
Pitman Road
Pleshey Close
Plover Close
Plumtree Road
Polden Road
Polestar Way
Pollard Road
Poppy Close
Porlock Close
Portishead Road
Pottery Close
Powis Close
Preanes Green
Prescot Close
Priests Way
Priory Mews
Priory Road
Priston Close
Proctor Drive
Prospect Place
Puffin Close
Purn Lane
Purn Road
Puttingthorpe Drive
Quantock Road
Quarry Rise
Queen's Road
Raglan Place
Ramsay Close
Ranscombe Avenue
Rapide Way
Raven Close
Rawlins Avenue
Rector's Way
Redwing Drive
Reed Way
Regent Street
Rendcomb Close
Reubens Court
Rhyne Terrace
Richards Close
Richmond Street
Ricketts Lane
Ridgeway Avenue
Ringwood Grove
River Walk
Riverside Close
Robin Close
Rochester Close
Rockingham Grove
Roebuck Close
Rookery Close
Rose Gardens
Rosedale Avenue
Roslyn Avenue
Rossendale Close
Rowan Place
Royal Crescent
Royal Parade
Royal Sands
Rutland Close
Rydal Road
Ryecroft Avenue
Sadbury Close
Salcombe Gardens
Salisbury Road
Salisbury Terrace
Sandcroft Avenue
Sandford Road
Sandpiper Drive
Sandpiper Drive
Sandringham Road
Sandringham Road Road
Savernake Road
Savernake Road
Saville Crescent
Saville Road
Saxby Close
Saxon Court
Saxon Road
Scafell Close
Scott Road
Seabrook Road
Searle Crescent
Sedgemoor Road
Sefton Square
Selbourne Road
Selwood Close
Selworthy Road
Severn Avenue
Severn Avenue
Severn Road
Severn Road
Seymour Close
Shaftesbury Road
Shaftesbury Road
Shelley Road
Sherperds Way
Sherwood Crescent
Shipham Close
Shrewsbury Bow
Shrubbery Avenue
Shrubbery Road
Shrubbery Terrace
Shrubbery Walk
Shrubbery Walk West
Silverberry Road
Simons Close
Singapore Road
Slingsby Gardens
Sloe Close
Snowberry Close
Snowdon Vale
Snowdrop Close
Somerdale Avenue
Somerdale Close
Somerset Avenue
Somerset Avenue
Somerset Avenue
Somerset Avenue
Sophia Gardens
South Parade
South Road
South Terrace
Southend Road
Southfield Close
Southmead Road
Southridge Heights
Southville Road
Spencer Drive
Spinners End
Spring Hill
Spring Hill
Spring Hill
Spring Hill Drive
Spring Terrace
Spring Valley
Springfield Avenue
Spruce Way
St Andrews Close
St Aubyn's Avenue
St Austell Road
St David's Close
St Ives Road
St James Street
St John's Close
St Joseph's Road
St Jude's Terrace
St Margaret's Terrace
St Marks Road
St Marks Road
St Martins Court
St Mary's Court
St Matthew's Close
St Michaels Avenue
St Nicholas Road
St Paul's Road
St Peter's Avenue
Stabbins Close
Stafford Place
Stafford Place
Stafford Road
Stafford Road
Stanhope Road
Stanley Grove
Stanley Road
Staples Green
Starcross Road
Starling Close
Station Approach
Station Approach
Station Road
Station Road
Station Road
Stepping Stone Walk
Stock Close
Stodelegh Close
Stonebridge Road
Stormont Close
Stradling Avenue
Stroud Way
Stuart Road
Summer Lane
Summer Lane
Summer Lane North
Summerlands Road
Sunningdale Road
Sunnyside Road
Sunnyside Road North
Sutton Close
Swallow Gardens
Swan Close
Sweetgrass Road
Swift Close
Swiss Road
Sycamore Close
Tamar Road
Taunton Road
Taverners Close
Tavistock Road
Tawny Way
Taylor Court
Teal Close
Teasel Walk
Teesdale Close
Tennyson Road
The Avenue
The Badgers
The Barrows
The Brambles
The Burrows
The Copse
The Cornfields
The Crescent
The Crescent
The Dell
The Drive
The Fielders
The Fields
The Glen
The Hedges
The Inclosures
The Keep
The Lawns
The Lindens
The Maltings
The Paddocks
The Poplars
The Ridgeway
The Rows
The Runway
The Runway
The Saffrons
The Scaurs
The Scaurs
The Seven Acres
The Spinney
The Swallows
The Weind
The Wrangle
Thirlmere Road
Thorn Close
Thornbury Drive
Thornbury Road
Thorndale Close
Thrush Close
Tichborne Road
Tirley Way
Tiverton Gardens
Tivoli Lane
Toll Road
Toll Road
Tor Close
Tormynton Road
Torrington Crescent
Totnes Close
Totterdown Lane
Totterdown Road
Tovey Close
Tower Walk
Townshend Road
Trawden Close
Trelawn Close
Trelissick Gardens
Tremlett Mews
Trenleigh Drive
Trevelyan Road
Trewartha Park
Trinity Place
Trinity Road
Tudor Road
Turnbury Close
Turner Court
Tynings Mews
Ullswater Close
Underhill Drive
Underwood Avenue
Union Place
Union Street
Uphill Road North
Uphill Road South
Uphill Way
Upper Bristol Road
Upper Bristol Road
Upper Bristol Road
Upper Church Road
Valda Road
Vale Crescent
Vale Mill Way
Valetta Close
Verbena Way
Vicarage Close
Vicarage Close
Victoria Park
Victoria Place
Victoria Quadrant
Victoria Quadrant
Victoria Square
Vine Gardens
Wadham Street
Wagtail Gardens
Wainwright Close
Wakehurst Gardens
Walford Avenue
Walkers Drive
Walliscote Grove Road
Walliscote Road
Walliscote Road
Walliscote Road South
Walnut Close
Walsh Close
Waltham End
Wansbrough Road
Wansbrough Road
Warleys Lane
Warne Road
Warrilow Close
Warwick Close
Watcombe Close
Waterloo Street
Waverley Road
Wayacre Drove
Wayland Road
Wedmore Close
Well Close
Wellsea Grove
Wentwood Drive
Wentworth Close
Wesley Drive
Wesley Walk
Wessex Road
West Links Close
West Street
Westbrook Road
Westbury Crescent
Westfield Close
Westfield Road
Westmarch Way
Westwood Close
Wheatfield Drive
Whirlwind Road
Whitecross Road
Whitney Crescent
Whitting Road
Whittington Drive
Wick Road
Wigmore Gardens
Williton Crescent
Willow Close
Willow Close
Willow Gardens
Wilton Gardens
Windermere Avenue
Windsor Road
Windwhistle Circle
Windwhistle Lane
Windwhistle Road
Wingard Close
Wingard Court
Winscombe Road
Winterstoke Road
Winterstoke Road
Wood Lane
Woodcliff Avenue
Woodcliff Road
Woodhurst Road
Woodland Road
Woodpecker Drive
Woodside Avenue
Woodspring Avenue
Woodspring Crescent
Woodstock Road
Woodview Terrace
Wooler Road
Wooler Road
Wordsworth Road
Worle Court
Worle Moor Gate
Worle Moor Road
Worlebury Close
Worlebury Hill Road
Worlebury Hill Road
Worlebury Park Road
Worthy Lane
Worthy Place
Wren Close
Wyllie Court
Wynter Close
Wyvern Close
Yarbury Way
Yeo Close
York Close
York Street