The City of Lichfield in the County of Staffordshire

The city of Lichfield is located within the county of Staffordshire.

Lichfield is situated in the West Midlands (England) region of the UK and is governed by Lichfield, council.

The city of Lichfield is in the Staffordshire CC region of Shropshire and Staffordshire within West Midlands (England).

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  • Lichfield: Christ Church
  • Lichfield: St Chad
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  • Lichfield: St Mary
  • Lichfield: St Michael

Where is Lichfield is located in the UK

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Map of the city of Lichfield in Staffordshire

Dentists in Lichfield

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Lichfield
80 Upper St John Street (dental Surgery) 80 Upper St. John Street Lichfield Staffordshire WS14 9DX
Asquith House Dental Practice 5 Lion Court, Wade Street Lichfield Staffordshire WS13 6HL
Bore Street Dental Surgery 24 Bore Street Lichfield Staffordshire WS13 6LL
Dental Surgery 9 Dam Street Lichfield Staffordshire WS13 6AE
Dental Surgery Greenhill Health Centre, Church Street Lichfield Staffordshire WS13 6JL
Guys Dental Surgery 11 Church Street Lichfield Staffordshire WS13 6DZ
Lichfield Dental Care 67 Shortbutts Lane Lichfield Staffordshire WS14 9BU
Lichfield Family Dental Surgery 19 Beacon Street Lichfield WS13 7AA
Pickering House Dental Practice 76 Upper St John Street Lichfield Staffordshire WS14 9DX

Opticians in Lichfield

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Lichfield
Boots Opticians (lichfield) 2 Bakers Lane Lichfield Staffordshire WS13 6NF
Colin Lee Opticians (lichfield) 33 Market Street Lichfield Staffordshire WS13 6LA
David Arthur & Partner 9 Market Street Lichfield Staffordshire WS13 6JX
Lichfield Extra Church Street Lichfield Staffordshire WS13 6DZ
Lichfield Factory Specs (lichfield) 49a Tamworth Street Lichfield Staffordshire WS13 6JW
Specsavers (lichfield) 43 Market Street Lichfield Staffordshire WS13 6LA
Vision Express (lichfield) 35 Bakers Lane Lichfield Staffordshire WS13 6NF

Chemists in Lichfield

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Lichfield
Boots The Chemist 4-8 Tamworth Street Lichfield Staffordshire WS13 6JJ
Co Op Pharmacy 3 Boley Park Centre, Ryknild Street Lichfield Staffordshire WS14 9XU tel:01543 258370
Co Op Pharmacy Church Street Lichfield Staffordshire WS13 6JL tel:01543 252221
Jhoots Pharmacy St Chads Health Centre, Dimbles Lane Lichfield Staffordshire WS13 7HT tel:01543 419200
Tesco Pharmacy Church Street Lichfield Staffordshire WS13 6DZ tel:01543 401447

Doctors in Lichfield

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Lichfield
Darwin Medical Centre St.chad's Health Centre, Dimbles Lane Lichfield Staffordshire WS13 7HT tel:01543 412980
The Cloisters Medical Practice Greenhill Health Centre, Church Street Lichfield Staffordshire WS13 6JL
The Westgate Practice Greenhill H/ctr,church St Lichfield Staffordshire WS13 6JL tel:01543 416633
List of Streets in Lichfield
Abbotsford Road
Abnalls Croft
Abnalls Lane
Abnalls Lane
Agincourt Road
Alamein Way
Alder Close
Alesmore Meadow
Allington Avenue
Anglesey Road
Angorfa Close
Anson Avenue
Armada Close
Ascot Close
Ash Grove
Ashmole Close
Aspen Close
Auchinleck Drive
Austin Cote Lane
Autumn Drive
Backcester Lane
Bains Drive
Balmoral Close
Bardell Close
Barn Close
Barnfield Close
Baskeyfield Close
Beacon Gardens
Beacon Mews
Beacon Street
Beacon Street
Beech Gardens
Beechfield Rise
Beecroft Avenue
Bell Close
Benson Close
Birch Grove
Birchwood Road
Bird Street
Birmingham Road
Birmingham Road
Blackberry Avenue
Blackthorne Road
Blakeman Way
Bloomfield Crescent
Bloomsbury Way
Bluebird Close
Boathouse Field
Boley Close
Boley Cottage Lane
Boley Lane
Booth Close
Bore Street
Borrowcop Lane
Bower Close
Bracken Close
Braeburn Close
Breadmarket Street
Britannia Way
Broad Lane
Broadbent Close
Broadbent Close
Broadlands Rise
Brook Close
Brownsfield Road
Bulldog Lane
Burns Close
Burton Old Road
Burton Old Road East
Burton Old Road West
Burton Road
Burwaye Close
Byron Avenue
Cairns Close
Canterbury Close
Cappers Lane
Cappers Lane
Carmichael Close
Castle Dyke
Caterbanck Way
Caterbanck Way
Cathedral Rise
Cedar Close
Chadswell Heights
Chapel Lane
Charnwood Close
Chatterton Avenue
Chaucer Close
Cherry Orchard
Chester Close
Chesterfield Road
Chesterfield Road
Christ Church Gardens
Christchurch Lane
Church Street
Claypit Lane
Clayton Drive
Colling Drive
Colling Drive
Collins Hill
Coltman Close
Conduit Street
Coppice Grove
Cornfield Drive
Covey Close
Crane Field
Cranleigh Way
Crecy Place
Cricket Lane
Cromwells Meadow
Cross In Hand Lane
Cross In Hand Lane
Cross Keys
Cross Lane
Crossfield Road
Curborough Road
Curlew Close
Darnford Lane
Darnford Moors
Darnford View
Darwin Close
Davidson Road
Deans Croft
Deans Slade Drive
Deykin Road
Deykin Road
Dimbles Hill
Dimbles Lane
Dovehouse Fields
Eastern Avenue
Eastern Avenue
Eastern Avenue
Elgar Close
Elias Close
Ellsmore Meadow
Elm Gardens
Epsom Close
Erasmus Way
Essington Close
Europa Way
Falkland Road
Falkland Road
Falkland Road
Fallow Field
Featherbed Lane
Fecknam Way
Fern Croft
Ferndale Road
Field Road
Flinn Close
Forge Lane
Fosseway Lane
Fox Lane
Foxglove Close
Francis Road
Freeford Gardens
Friary Avenue
Friary Gardens
Friary Gardens
Friary Road
Friary Road
Friday Acre
Frog Lane
Furnivall Crescent
Gable Croft
Gaia Lane
Gaiafields Road
Gaialands Crescent
Garrick Close
Garrick Road
George Lane
Giffords Croft
Gilbert Road
Giles Road
Gledhill Park
Gloucester Close
Godfrey Drive
Goodwood Close
Gorse Lane
Gorsty Bank
Grange Lane
Grange Lane
Greenhough Road
Greenwood Drive
Gresley Row
Grosvenor Close
Halfpenny Lane
Hardy Place
Harman Drive
Harrington Walk
Harwood Road
Havefield Avenue
Hawkesmoor Drive
Hawkins Close
Hawthorn Close
Hayes View
Hayworth Road
Hazel Grove
Heathcot Place
Heather Close
Heenan Grove
Henderson Close
Heritage Court
Hermes Road
Hewitt Close
High Croft Crescent
High Grange
Highfield Gardens
Hill Crest Drive
Hob's Road
Holywell Rise
Hunter Close
Irving Close
Ivanhoe Road
Ivanhoe Road
Jackson Road
Johnson Close
Jordan Close
Kean Close
Keepers Close
Kenilworth Road
King's Hill Road
Knowle Lane
Lambourne Close
Lanthorn Close
Larch Close
Laurel Close
Lawford Avenue
Lawrence Way
Leomansley Close
Leomansley Road
Leomansley View
Levetts Fields
Lewis Close
Lichfield Road
Lightwood Close
Lillington Close
Limburg Avenue
Limburg Avenue
Lime Grove
Lincoln Close
Little Grange
Lomax Close
Lombard Street
London Road
Long Bridge Road
Longstaff Croft
Lower Sandford Street
Lunns Croft
Lyn Avenue
Lynfield Road
Maddocke Walk
Maddocke Walk
Mallicot Close
Manley Road
Manor Rise
Maple Grove
Market Street
Marlborough Court
Marsh Lane
Martin Croft
Mary Slater Road
Maryvale Court
Masefield Close
Mawgan Drive
Maxtock Avenue
Maxwell Close
Maybank Close
Meadowbrook Road
Mesnes Green
Miller Close
Minors Hill
Mulberry Drive
Nash Lane
Needwood Hill
Nelson Close
Nether Beacon
Netherbridge Avenue
Netherstowe Lane
Netherstowe Lane
Newbold Close
Newlyn Close
Newton Road
Norwich Close
Nursery Croft
Oakley Close
Old London Road
Orchard Close
Ormonds Close
Paget Close
Park End
Parnell Avenue
Partridge Croft
Patrick Mews
Pennys Croft
Pentire Road
Pinfold Road
Pipers Croft
Ploughmans Walk
Ponesfield Road
Poolfield Road
Prospect Drive
Purcell Avenue
Purcell Avenue
Quarry Hills Lane
Queen Street
Redlock Field
Redlock Field
Reynolds Close
Richmond Drive
Rocklands Crescent
Roman Way
Romilly Close
Rotten Row
Rowan Close
Royal Oak Close
Ryknild Street
Saddlers Close
Sainte Foy Avenue
Sainte Foy Avenue
Salisbury Close
Samuel Close
Samuel Close
Sanders Way
Sandfield Close
Sandfield Meadow
Sandford Street
Saxon Walk
Scotch Orchard
Scott Close
Seckham Road
Seward Close
Shakespeare Avenue
Shaw Lane
Shepherd Close
Sheriffs Close
Shortbutts Lane
Siddons Close
Simpson Road
Smithfield Rise
Smithy Lane
Southwark Close
Spencer Road
Spring Road
St Annes Road
St Catherines Road
St Chad's Road
St Chad's Road
St Chads Close
St Helens Road
St John Street
St John's Close
St Margarets Road
St Mary's Road
St Michael Road
Stafford Road
Stafford Road
Station Approach
Station Road
Stevenson Walk
Stonneyland Drive
Stonynge Place
Stowe Hill Gardens
Stowe Road
Stowe Street
Strawberry Lane
Sturgeon's Hill
Sturgeon's Hill
Stychbrook Gardens
Sullivan Way
Summer Grove
Swallow Croft
Swan Mews
Swan Road
Swinfen Broun Road
Tamworth Road
Tamworth Street
Terry Close
Tewnals Lane
Thacker Drive
The Brambles
The Charters
The Close
The Close
The Dell
The Friary
The Garth
The Leasowe
The Maltings
The Paddock
The Parchments
The Pines
The Spires
The Whytmore
The Windings
The Woodlands
Thistley Nook
Thropp Close
Titan Way
Trafalgar Way
Tregony Rise
Trenance Close
Trent Valley Road
Trunkfield Meadow
Truro Close
Tudor Close
Upper St John Street
Upper St John Street
Vale Close
Valley Lane
Verdi Court
Victoria Gardens
Victory Close
Vulcan Road
Wade Street
Walkers Croft
Walnut Grove
Walnut Walk
Walsall Road
Walsall Road
Warren Close
Waterloo Croft
Watery Lane
Watery Lane
Wentworth Drive
Western By-Pass
Western By-Pass
Western By-Pass
Weston Road
Wharf Close
Wheel Lane
Whitehouse Drive
Whitehouse Drive
Wightman Close
Willowsmere Drive
Willowtree Close
Wilmott Close
Wiltell Road
Winchester Close
Windmill Close
Windmill Lane
Winter Close
Wissage Court
Wissage Lane
Wissage Road
Witley Drive
Wolsey Road
Wood Ridings
Woodfields Drive
Woods Croft
Worcester Close
Wordsworth Close
Yew Tree Avenue
York Close