The Town of Lowestoft in the County of Suffolk

The town of Lowestoft is located within the county of Suffolk.

Lowestoft is situated in the East of England region of the UK and is governed by Waveney, council.

The town of Lowestoft is in the Suffolk region of East Anglia within East of England.

  • Waveney
  • Carlton Colville: St Peter
  • Gunton: St Benedict
  • Kirkley: St Peter & St John
  • Lowestoft: Christ Church
  • Lowestoft: St Andrew
  • Lowestoft: St Margaret
  • Oulton Broad: St Luke the Evangelist
  • Oulton Broad: St Mark
  • Oulton Community
  • Pakefield: All Saints & St Margaret

Where is Lowestoft is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Lowestoft in Suffolk

Dentists in Lowestoft

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Lowestoft
Colosseum Dental (avenue) 2 The Avenue Lowestoft Suffolk NR33 7LL
Colosseum Dental (williams) 7 Regent Road Lowestoft Suffolk NR32 1PA
Dental Surgery 1 Corton Road Lowestoft Suffolk NR32 4PH
Mr Dw Ferns (dental Surgery) Mr Dw Ferns Lowestoft Suffolk NR33 0DF
Oulton Village Dental Surgery Meadow Road, Oulton Lowestoft Suffolk NR32 3AZ
Regent Road Dental Surgery 21 - 23 Regent Road Lowestoft Suffolk NR32 1PA
Regent Road Orthodontic Clinic 6 Regent Road Lowestoft Suffolk NR32 1PA

Opticians in Lowestoft

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Lowestoft
Armstrong & North Opticians 172 London Road South Lowestoft Suffolk NR33 0BB
Boots Opticians (lowestoft) 46 London Road North Lowestoft Suffolk NR32 1EP
Julian Gunn Opticians 2 Bevan Street East Lowestoft Suffolk NR32 2AA
Knight Vision 637 London Road South Lowestoft Suffolk NR33 0PA
Pennington Optometrists 129 Bevan Street East Lowestoft Suffolk NR32 2AQ
Sergeant & Barber Opticians 99 Bridge Road Lowestoft Suffolk NR32 3LN
Specsavers (lowestoft) 101 London Road North Lowestoft Suffolk NR32 1LX
Vision Express (lowestoft) 110 London Road North Lowestoft Suffolk NR32 1HA

Chemists in Lowestoft

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Lowestoft
Asda Pharmacy Horn Hill Lowestoft Suffolk NR33 0PX tel:01502 534210
Boots 120 St. Peters Street Lowestoft Suffolk NR32 1UD tel:01502 573414
Boots 2-4 Stradbroke Road, Pakefield Lowestoft Suffolk NR33 7HT tel:01502 537088
Boots 76a London Road North Lowestoft Suffolk NR32 1ET tel:01502 585717
Boots Meadow Road Lowestoft Suffolk NR32 3AZ tel:01502 530610
Eastpoint Pharmacy Arvor House, Clifton Road Lowestoft Suffolk NR33 0HF tel:01502 572930
F P Cross Ltd 4 Village Rise, Weston Road Lowestoft Suffolk NR32 4PT tel:01502 585296
Hayden Chemist Hayden House, Bridge Road Lowestoft Suffolk NR32 3LL tel:01502 524151
High Street Pharmacy High Street Surgery, High Street Lowestoft Suffolk NR32 1JE tel:01502 580002
Holly Pharmacy 1b Bridge Road, Oulton Broad Lowestoft Suffolk NR32 3LJ tel:01502 583200
Jhoots Pharmacy 187 London Road South Lowestoft Suffolk NR33 0DR tel:01502 573287
Rosedale Pharmacy Rosedale Surgery, 3 Ashburnham Way Lowestoft Suffolk NR33 8LG tel:01502 562101
Superdrug Pharmacy 14 The Britten Centre Lowestoft Suffolk NR32 1LR tel:01502 580237
Victoria Pharmacy Victoria Surgery, 82 Victoria Road Lowestoft Suffolk NR33 9LU tel:01502 511456
Well Carlton Colville - Ashburnham Way Unit 5, 15 Ashburnham Way, Carlton Colville Lowestoft Suffolk NR33 8LG tel:01502 515897
Well Lowestoft - Alexandra Road Alexandra Road Surgery, Alexandra Road Lowestoft Suffolk NR32 1PL tel:01502 565245
Well Lowestoft - Westwood Avenue 55 Westwood Avenue, Waveney Garden Estate Lowestoft Suffolk NR33 9RW tel:01502 560373

Doctors in Lowestoft

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Lowestoft
Alexandra & Crestview Surgeries Alexandra Road Lowestoft Suffolk NR32 1PL tel:01502 526062
Andaman Surgery 303 Long Road Lowestoft Suffolk NR33 9DF tel:01502 517346
Bridge Road Surgery 1a Bridge Road, Oulton Broad Lowestoft Suffolk NR32 3LJ tel:01502 565936
Crestview, Lowestoft Crestview Medical Centre, 141 Crestview Drive Lowestoft Suffolk NR32 4TW tel:01502 564366
High Street Surgery High Street Lowestoft Suffolk NR32 1JE tel:01502 589151
Kirkley Mill Health Centre Kirkley Mill Surgery, Kirkley Rise, Clifton Rd Lowestoft Suffolk NR33 0HF tel:01502 532599
Rosedale Surgery 3 Ashburnham Way, Carlton Colville Lowestoft Suffolk NR33 8LG tel:01502 505100
Victoria Road Surgery 82 Victoria Road Lowestoft Suffolk NR33 9LU tel:01502 572369
List of Streets in Lowestoft
Acton Road
Acton Road
Adrian Road
Ailmar Close
Airey Close
Akethorpe Way
Albany Road
Alder Drive
Aldwyck Way
Alexandra Road
All Saints' Road
Allen Road
Allington-Smith Close
Alma Road
Alma Street
Amberley Court
Ambleside Gardens
Anchor Street
Anchor Way
Andrew Way
Annison Close
Apple Tree Close
Appledore Drive
Applewood Close
Arbor Lane
Arnhem Court
Arnold Street
Artillery Way
Arundel Way
Ashburnham Way
Ashburnham Way
Ashby Road
Ashfield Crescent
Ashley Downs
Ashness Close
Ashtree Gardens
Aspen Coppice
Aspinall Close
Astbury Road
Aubretia Close
Aveling Way
Avocet Close
Avondale Road
Badgerwood Close
Barley Way
Barn Close
Barnards Way
Battery Green
Battery Green Road
Beach Mews
Beach Road
Beaconsfield Road
Beaumont Road
Beccles Road
Beckham Road
Beech Road
Beeches Mobilehome Park
Beeching Drive
Beechwood Gardens
Belaugh Avenue
Belmont Gardens
Belvedere Road
Bentley Drive
Beresford Road
Berkeley Gardens
Berry Close
Bevan Street East
Bevan Street East
Bevan Street West
Beverley Close
Beverley Close
Beverley Court
Birch Close
Birds Lane
Bishops Walk
Bixley Road
Blackberry Way
Blackheath Road
Blackheath Road
Blackheath Road
Blakenham Close
Blinco Road
Bloodmoor Lane
Bloodmoor Road
Bloodmoor Road
Bloodmoor Road
Bloomfield Way
Bloomsbury Close
Bluebell Close
Blundeston Road
Blundeston Road
Blyford Road
Boathouse Lane
Bodiam Way
Bollard Way
Bon Marche
Bonds Meadow
Boon Drive
Borrow Close
Borrow Road
Bosquet Close
Boston Road
Bourne Road
Bramfield Road
Bramfield Road
Breckland Way
Brendon Close
Breydon Way
Briar Close
Briarwood Road
Bridge Road
Bridge Road
Bridge Road
Britten Road
Broad Fleet Close
Broad Road
Broad View Road
Broadland Close
Broadoak Close
Broadwaters Road
Brook Close
Broom Road
Bruce Street
Bryony Close
Bunker Close
Burgess Close
Burlingham Drive
Burnham Way
Burnt Hill Lane
Burnt Hill Way
Burton Street
Burton Street
Burwood Place
Butley Drive
Buttercup Close
Buttermere Way
Cabin Close
Caddies Walk
Caldecott Road
Cambrian Crescent
Cambridge Road
Cambridge Road
Camden Street
Camp Road
Canaletto Close
Canning Road
Capstan Way
Carlton Cross
Carlton Road
Carlton Square
Carnoustie Drive
Cart Score
Cart Score
Castleton Avenue
Castleton Avenue
Castleton Close
Cathcart Street
Cathcart Street
Cavendish Close
Cedar Drive
Celandine Close
Chalmers Green
Chapel Road
Charter Way
Chatsworth Close
Chaukers Crescent
Chedgrave Road
Chestnut Avenue
Chestnut Crescent
Cheviot Road
Chichester Drive
Chiltern Crescent
Chislehurst Road
Christ Church Square
Christmas Lane
Church Avenue
Church Avenue
Church Lane
Church Lane
Church Road
Church Road
Church Road
Church Road
Churchill Close
Clapham Road North
Clapham Road South
Clapham Road South
Claremont Road
Clarence Road
Clarkes Lane
Clarkson Road
Claydon Drive
Claydon Drive
Clemence Street
Clement Road
Clement Square
Cleveland Road
Cliff Rise
Cliff Road
Clifford Drive
Clifton Road
Cliftonville Road
Clovelly Rise
Clover Way
College Meadows
College Road
Coltsfoot Close
Columbine Close
Colville Road
Colville Way
Commercial Road
Commercial Road
Commodore Road
Compass Street
Coniston Walk
Conrad Close
Conrad Road
Conrad Road
Constable Close
Cooke Close
Cooke Road
Coplow Dale
Copper Beech Drive
Corton Long Lane
Corton Road
Cotmer Road
Cotmer Road
Cotswold Way
Cowslip Crescent
Craftmans Way
Cranesbill Road
Cranfield Close
Cranleigh Road
Cranworth Gardens
Crestview Drive
Crisp Close
Crompton Road
Crowhurst Close
Crown Meadow Walk
Crown Street East
Crown Street West
Culzean Gardens
Cumberland Place
Cunningham Way
Curlew Green
Cutler Road
Cypress Way
Dale End
Damask Close
Dawn Pointon Place
Dedham Drive
Degas Gardens
Delius Close
Dell Court
Dell Road
Dell Road East
Dene Road
Denmark Road
Denton Drive
Derwent Gardens
Desmond Close
Diprose Drive
Dixon Drive
Dolphin Close
Dorley Dale
Douglas Close
Dove Street
Drake's Heath
Dukes Head Street
Dunston Drive
Durban Road
Eastern Way
Eastfield Gardens
Eastwood Avenue
Economy Road
Edelweiss Close
Edgerton Road
Edgerton Road
Edinburgh Road
Edinburgh Road
El Alamein Road
Elgar Close
Elim Terrace
Elizabeth Close
Elm Coppice
Elm Tree Road
Elm Tree Road West
Elmdale Drive
Elmhurst Avenue
Elmore Gardens
Enstone Road
Eskdale Way
Essex Road
Ethel Road
Europa Road
Evans Drive
Evergreen Road
Everitt Road
Factory Street
Fairfield Drive
Fairfield Road
Fairhead Loke
Famona Road
Farm Close
Farnham Close
Fastolf Close
Fen Court
Fen Green Close
Fenlands Crescent
Fern Avenue
Ferndale Avenue
Field Grange
Fieldview Drive
Fillisters Mews
Fir Lane
Fir Lane
Fisher Row
Fisher Row
Fleet Dyke Drive
Flensburgh Street
Flixton View
Flora Road
Florence Road
Fordson Way
Fortress Road
Foxborough Road
Foxburrow Hill
Foxes Walk
Foxglove Close
Framfield Road
Freemantle Road
Frostenden Crescent
Fuller Close
Fullers Teasel
Fulmar Way
Gainsborough Drive
Galley Close
Garden Close
Gas Works Road
George Close
Gilpin Road
Gisleham Road
Glebe Close
Glemsford Road
Glenbourne Walk
Gloucester Avenue
Gloucester Avenue
Godetia Court
Gordon Road
Gorleston Road
Gorleston Road
Grampian Way
Grand Avenue
Grange Road
Granville Road
Grasmere Drive
Gratton Dale
Gravel Dam
Grayson Avenue
Grayson Drive
Green Drive
Green Fleet Drive
Greenacre Crescent
Greenfield Road
Greenwood Way
Gresham Avenue
Gresham Close
Grosvenor Road
Grove Gardens
Grove Road
Grove Road
Grove Road North
Gun Lane
Gunton Avenue
Gunton Church Lane
Gunton Cliff
Gunton Drive
Gunton St Peter's Avenue
Guscott Close
Hadenham Road
Hadleigh Drive
Halcyon Crescent
Hall Drive
Hall Lane
Hall Lane
Hall Road
Hall Road
Hamilton Road
Harbour Road
Hardy Close
Harebell Way
Harold Road
Harp's Close Road
Harrier Drive
Harrington Avenue
Harris Avenue
Harrison Road
Harrop Dale
Harvest Drive
Haven Avenue
Haward Street
Hawthorn Avenue
Healey Close
Heath Road
Heather Road
Hedley Lane
Heigham Drive
Henham Road
Herivan Close
Herivan Gardens
Herons Close
Herring Fishery Score
Hervey Street
High Beech
High Street
Higher Drive
Higher Drive
Highfield Close
Highgrove Close
Highland Way
Hill House Gardens
Hill Road
Hillcrest Drive
Hillcrest Gardens
Hilltop Green
Hobart Close
Hobart Way
Hogarth Walk
Holbein Way
Holden Close
Hollingsworth Road
Hollow Grove Way
Hollow Lane
Hollowell Close
Holly Hill
Holly Road
Hollydene Close
Holst Close
Holton Avenue
Holystone Way
Homefield Avenue
Honeysuckle Close
Hopelyn Close
Horn Hill
Hornbeam Close
Houghton Drive
Howley Gardens
Hubbard's Avenue
Hubbard's Loke
Huntingdon Close
Hunton Road
Ipswich Road
Ipswich Road
Irex Road
Ivy Lane
Jellicoe Avenue
Jenkins Green
John Street
Johnson Way
Jubilee Road
Jubilee Way
June Avenue
Katwijk Way
Katwijk Way
Keel Close
Kelly-Pain Court
Kempshorne Close
Kendal Road
Kensington Road
Kent Road
Kesgrave Drive
Kevington Drive
Kilbourn Road
Killick Crescent
Kimberley Road
Kingfisher Court
Kingston Close
Kingswood Avenue
Kirby Cane Walk
Kirkdale Court
Kirkley Cliff
Kirkley Cliff Road
Kirkley Gardens
Kirkley Park Road
Kirkley Rise
Kirkley Run
Kirkley Run
Kirkley Street
Kirkstone Way
Kirkwood Drive
Kittiwake Close
Lake View Road
Lakeland Drive
Landspring Lane
Langdale Park
Langley Gardens
Lansdowne Road
Larch Road
Larch Road
Larkspur Close
Lattens Square
Laurel Road
Lavender Close
Lavenham Way
Lawrence Drive
Lawson Court
Lawson Road
Laxfield Way
Lea's Drift
Leathes Close
Leisure Way
Leona Crescent
Leonard Drive
Lighthouse Score
Lilac Drive
Lily Way
Lime Avenue
Links Close
Links Road
London Road
London Road North
London Road Pakefield
London Road South
London Road South
Long Acre
Long Acre
Long Meadow Walk
Long Road
Long Road
Long Road
Longbeach Drive
Longbrook Close
Longden Avenue
Longfield Way
Lorne Park Road
Lorne Road
Lothing Street
Lothingland Close
Love Lane
Love Road
Lovewell Road
Low Farm Drive
Lowestoft Road
Lowestoft Road
Lowry Way
Loxley Road
Lucerne Close
Lulworth Park
Lymm Road
Lyncroft Road
Lyndhurst Road
Lyngate Avenue
Lynton Gardens
Magdalen Close
Magnolia Court
Maidstone Road
Mallow Way
Maltsters' Way
Malvern Rise
Maple Covert
Maple Road
Marham Road
Marine Parade
Mariners Street
Marlborough Court
Marlborough Road
Marsden Close
Marsh Lane
Marsh Road
Martello Road
Martin Close
Martin's Avenue
Mast Close
Matlock Dale
May Road
Mayfield Road
Meadow Road
Meadow Way
Meadowsweet Close
Melbourne Road
Melrose Close
Mendip Road
Merrifield Road
Middle Way
Mill Bank
Mill Road
Millennium Way
Miller Close
Milnes Way
Milton Road East
Milton Road West
Milton Road West
Mimosa Walk
Minden Road
Minos Road
Mobbs Way
Monarch Way
Monckton Avenue
Monckton Avenue
Monckton Crescent
Monet Square
Monkshood Close
Montgomery Avenue
Morton Road
Mount Pleasant
Mountbatten Road
Moyes Road
Mulberry Close
Munnings Close
Murillo Drive
Mutford Close
Mylodon Road
Myrtle Close
Nelson Road
Nelson Wharf
Neptune Street
Newark Road
Newcombe Road
Newlands Close
Newson's Meadow
Nicholson Square
Nightingale Road
Ninfield Close
Noel Road
Norfolk Street
Normandy Road
Normanshurst Close
Normanston Drive
Normanston Drive
North Field Close
North Parade
North Quay Retail Park
Northwood Close
Norwich Road
Notley Road
Oakwood Road
Oatlands Close
Ohio Close
Old Farm Road
Old Lane
Old Market Plain
Old Market Street
Old Nelson Street
Olive Court
Oliver Close
Ontario Road
Orchard Avenue
Orchard Croft
Orchard Croft
Orchard Garden
Orford Drive
Orwell Drive
Osborne Street
Oulton Road
Oulton Road
Oulton Road
Oulton Road
Oulton Road North
Oulton Road North
Oulton Street
Oxford Road
Oxford Road
Paddock Hill
Paddock Wood Close
Pakefield Road
Pakefield Street
Palmer Close
Parade Road North
Parade Road South
Park Meadows
Park Road
Park Road
Parkside Drive
Patricia Close
Patterdale Gardens
Payne Street
Peacock Close
Peak Dale
Pebble Close
Peddars Way
Pegasus Mews
Pembrooke Way
Pennine Way
Penny Lane
Pennygate Drive
Pentland Walk
Periwinkle Close
Peto Way
Peto Way
Pier Terrace
Pier Terrace
Pinbush Close
Pinbush Road
Pinewood Avenue
Planters Grove
Pleasurewood Close
Plovers Way
Plovers Way
Police Station Road
Poplar Road
Porthole Close
Portsch Close
Pound Farm Drive
Pound Farm Parade
Princes Road
Princes Walk
Priors Close
Priory Lane
Privet Green
Prospect Place
Prospect Road
Quay View Business Park
Queen's Highway
Queen's Road
Queen's Road
Quinnell Way
Raglan Road
Raglan Street
Rant Score
Ranworth Avenue
Ravenwood Mews
Rectory Road
Rectory Road
Red House Close
Redisham Close
Reeve Street
Regan Close
Regent Road
Rembrandt Close
Reydon Mews
Richards's Close
Richmond Road
Ringsfield Road
Rishton Road
Riverside Road
Robertsbridge Walk
Robin Hill
Rochester Road
Rock Road
Rodber Way
Roman Road
Romany Road
Romney Place
Rookery Close
Rose Court
Rosedale Gardens
Rotterdam Road
Rounce's Lane
Rowan Way
Rowntree Close
Royal Avenue
Royal Terrace
Royal Thoroughfare
Rozlyne Close
Rumburgh Road
Run Meadow
Rushlake Way
Rushmere Road
Rushton Drive
Rye Close
Saffron Square
Salisbury Road
Saltwater Way
San Francisco Walk
Sanctuary Gardens
Sandbank Road
Sanders Close
Sanders Close
Sandringham Road
Sands Lane
Saturn Close
Saxon Road
Saxon Road
School Road
Sea Lake Road
Seago Street
Seavert Close
Secret Close
Sedlescombe Road
Sedlescombe Road
Selby Street
Seven Acres
Shadingfield Close
Sharon Drive
Shaw Avenue
Shelton Road
Ship Road
Shoals Walk
Short Lane
Short Street
Silverwood Close
Siskin Green
Skamacre Crescent
Skoulding Close
Smith's Walk
Snape Drive
Snowdrop Close
Somerleyton Road
Somerton Avenue
Sotterley Road
South Elmham Terrace
South Leet Close
South View Close
Southfield Gardens
Southwell Road
Spashett Road
Speedwell Close
Spencer Drive
Spexhall Way
Spinney Gardens
Springfield Gardens
Spurgeon Score
Squires Walk
St Aubyn's Road
St Catherine's Close
St George's Road
St John's Road
St Leonard's Road
St Margaret's Plain
St Margaret's Road
St Margaret's Road
St Michael's Close
St Peter's Road
St Peter's Street
St Peter's Street
St Peters Road
St Quinton's Court
Stafford Court
Stanford Street
Stanley Road
Stanley Street
Stansfield Close
Stanton Close
Staplehurst Close
Station Road
Station Square
Station Square
Stayngate Walk
Steeple View
Stevens Street
Stimpson Close
Stirling Close
Stirrups Lane
Stoven Close
Stradbroke Road
Stubbs Wood
Suffolk Road
Summer Road
Summerfield Gardens
Sunbeam Close
Sunningdale Avenue
Surrey Street
Sussex Road
Sutherland Drive
Swift Close
Swonnell's Walk
Sycamore Avenue
Tansy Close
Tedder Road
Telesia Court
Tennyson Road
Tenterden Close
Tethys Place
The Avenue
The Avenue
The Boulevard
The Brindles
The Cliffs
The Croft
The Drive
The Eddies
The Fairway
The Firs
The Gap
The Gardens
The Glades
The Graylings
The Hemplands
The Homestead
The Leas
The Meads
The Parklands
The Pastures
The Ravine
The Ravine
The Ridgeways
The Ridgeways
The Shires
The Sound
The Spinney
The Staithe
The Street
The Trossachs
The Weald
The Woodlands
Thirlmere Walk
Thornham Close
Thornycroft Gardens
Thurne Road
Thurston Road
Till Road
Tom Crisp Way
Tom Crisp Way
Tom Crisp Way
Tonning Street
Tower Road
Townsend Way
Trafalgar Street
Triangle Yard
Trinity Road
Tubby Walk
Tudor Walk
Tunstall Drive
Turnberry Close
Turner Close
Ubbeston Way
Uggeshall Close
Underwood Close
Union Lane
Union Place
Union Road
Uplands Close
Uplands Road North
Uplands Road South
Vallibus Close
Velda Close
Verdure Close
Vermeer Close
Victoria Road
Victoria Road
Victoria Terrace
Village Way
Walberswick Way
Walcott Walk
Walmer Close
Walmer Road
Walmer Road
Walton Road
Wannock Close
Warren Road
Water Lane
Water Lane
Water Lane
Waterloo Road
Waters Avenue
Waveney Crescent
Waveney Drive
Waveney Hill
Waveney Road
Wayne Close
Wellington Esplanade
Wellington Road
Wenhaston Way
Wensum Gardens
Wentworth Way
West Grove
West Side Close
Westhall Road
Westland Road
Weston Road
Westwood Avenue
Whapload Road
Wheatfield Road
Whiskin Close
White Horse Street
Whiting Road
Whitton Close
Wilde Street
Willow Road
Willowbrook Close
Wilson Road
Windermere Park
Windsor Road
Windward Way
Winnipeg Road
Winnipeg Road
Winston Avenue
Wissett Way
Witney Road
Wollaston Road
Wood Lane
Wood Lane
Woodchurch Avenue
Woodlands Avenue
Woodpecker Avenue
Woods Loke East
Woods Loke East
Woods Loke East
Woods Loke Ewst
Woods Loke West
Woodside Close
Worlingham Way
Worthing Road
Yarmouth Road
Yarmouth Road
Yarmouth Road
Yarrow Drive
Yeovil Road
York Road