The Town of Camberley in the County of Surrey

The town of Camberley is located within the county of Surrey.

Camberley is situated in the South East (England) region of the UK and is governed by Surrey Heath, council.

The town of Camberley is in the West Surrey region of Surrey, East and West Sussex within South East (England).

  • Surrey Heath
  • Camberley Heatherside: Community Centr
  • Camberley: St Martin, Old Dean
  • Camberley: St Mary
  • Camberley: St Paul

Where is Camberley is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Camberley in Surrey

Dentists in Camberley

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Camberley
Camberley Dental Practice 115 Park Street Camberley Surrey GU15 2JB
Coppertop Dental Surgery 45 Upper Park Road Camberley Surrey GU15 2EF
Dental Surgery 1 Heather Ridge Arcade Camberley Surrey GU15 1AX
Dental Surgery 103 Gordon Road Camberley Surrey GU15 2JQ
Dental Surgery 31 The Avenue Camberley Surrey GU15 3LN
Dental Surgery 46 Middle Gordon Road Camberley Surrey GU15 2HT
Frimley Road (dental Surgery) 67 Frimley Road Camberley Surrey GU15 3EJ
High Street (dental Surgery) 34 High Street Camberley Surrey GU15 3RS
Smile For Life Dental Clinic Camberley High Street Branch, 55-57 High Street Camberley Surrey GU15 3RB
Smile For Life Dental Clinic 5 Southwell Park Road Camberley Surrey GU15 3PU

Opticians in Camberley

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Camberley
Bayfield Opticians (camberley) 59-61 High Street Camberley Surrey GU15 3RB
Boots Opticians (camberley) 1b Grace Reynolds Walk, Main Square Camberley Surrey GU15 3SN
Boots Opticians (obelisk Way, Camberley) 26-30 Obelisk Way Camberley Surrey GU15 3SD
Leightons Opticians (camberley) 62 High Street Camberley Surrey GU15 3RS
Specsavers (camberley) 3 Princess Way Camberley Surrey GU15 3SP
Vision Express (camberley) 36 High Street Camberley Surrey GU15 3RS

Chemists in Camberley

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Camberley
Boots The Chemists 20-30 Obelisk Way Camberley Surrey GU15 3SD tel:01276 691006
Camberley Pharmacy Upper Gordon Rd Surgery, 37 Upper Gordon Road Camberley Surrey GU15 2HJ tel:01276 684633
Heatherside Pharmacy 6 Heather Ridge Arcade Camberley Surrey GU15 1AX tel:01276 29919
Superdrug Stores 6-12 Prince Of Wales Walk Camberley Surrey GU15 3SJ tel:01276 28474
Touchwood Pharmacy 199 Upper College Ride Camberley Surrey GU15 4HE tel:01276 23671
Vsm Pharmacy 124 Frimley Road Camberley Surrey GU15 2QN tel:01276 21002
Your Local Boots Pharmacy 143 Park Road Camberley Surrey GU15 2NN tel:01276 21973

Doctors in Camberley

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Camberley
Camberley Health Centre 159 Frimley Road Camberley Surrey GU15 2QA tel:01276 20101
Heatherside Surgery 73 Cumberland Road Camberley Surrey GU15 1SE
Old Dean Surgery Berkshire Road Clinic, Berkshire Road Camberley Surrey GU15 4DP tel:01276 29119
Park Road Group Practice Park Road Surgery, 143 Park Road Camberley Surrey GU15 2NN tel:01276 670056
Upper Gordon Road Surgery 37 Upper Gordon Road Camberley Surrey GU15 2HJ tel:01276 459040
List of Streets in Camberley
Abbetts Lane
Academy Close
Admiralty Way
Admiralty Way
Admiralty Way
Admiralty Way
Albert Road
Alexandra Avenue
Alison Drive
Amber Hill
Amberwood Drive
Angers Close
Appley Court
Appley Drive
April Close
Ardrossan Avenue
Arundel Road
Ashwell Avenue
Augustus Gardens
Avenue Sucy
Azalea Way
Badgers Copse
Bain Avenue
Ballard Road
Barbon Close
Barn Close
Barossa Road
Bath Road
Beaufront Close
Beaufront Road
Beech Avenue
Bellever Hill
Bellingham Close
Belmont Mews
Belmont Road
Belton Road
Bennett Court
Bentley Copse
Berkshire Road
Beverley Close
Birch Close
Blenheim Place
Borrowdale Gardens
Brackendale Close
Brackendale Close
Brackendale Close
Brackendale Road
Bracknell Close
Bracknell Road
Bramley Road
Brandon Close
Branksome Close
Branksome Park Road
Bridge End
Bridge Road
Bristow Road
Brompton Close
Brompton Close
Brook Road
Browning Close
Burbury Woods
Burford Road
Burgoyne Road
Buttermere Drive
Byron Avenue
Byron Avenue
Byron Avenue
Caesar's Camp Road
Caesar's Camp Road
Caesar's Close
Cairn Close
Calvin Close
Cambrian Close
Carlinwark Drive
Carlton Close
Carshalton Road
Castle Close
Castle Road
Chapel Road
Charles Street
Chatsworth Heights
Chaucer Grove
Cherrydale Road
Chesters Road
Chestnut Avenue
Cheviot Close
Cheylesmore Drive
Chillingham Way
Church Hill
Claremont Avenue
Clarence Drive
Clarewood Drive
Clewborough Drive
Coach House Close
College Close
College Ride
Collingwood Grange Close
Collingwood Rise
Conifer Drive
Conifer Drive
Coniston Close
Connaught Road
Consort Drive
Coolarne Rise
Copelands Close
Copped Hall Drive
Copped Hall Way
Copse Close
Copse End
Cornwall Close
Court Gardens
Crabtree Road
Crawford Gardens
Crawley Drive
Crawley Hill
Crawley Ridge
Crawley Wood Close
Cromwell Road
Crondall Court
Crosby Hill Drive
Cumberland Road
Curtis Close
Dalston Close
Darracott Close
Dashwood Close
Dawnay Road
Dawsmere Close
Deep Well Drive
Deepcut Bridge Road
Deer Rock Road
Dene Close
Dennistoun Close
Devonshire Drive
Diamond Hill
Diamond Ridge
Doman Road
Donnington Close
Dorcas Court
Duke Of Cornwall Avenue
Dundaff Close
Earls Grove
Eaton Road
Edgemoor Road
Edward Avenue
Eliot Close
Elsenwood Crescent
Elsenwood Drive
Elsenwood Drive
Epsom Close
Esher Road
Eskdale Way
Everest Road
Fairfield Drive
Fairway Heights
Falmouth Close
Fern Close
Firlands Avenue
Firwood Drive
Forest Hills
Fossewood Drive
Foxdown Close
Foxhill Crescent
France Hill Drive
Francis Way
Frimley Hall Drive
Frimley Road
Frimley Road
Furse Close
Gabriel Drive
Gainsborough Close
Garfield Road
Georgian Close
Georgian Close
Gibbet Lane
Gibbet Lane
Gibbet Lane
Glebeland Road
Goddards Lane
Goldney Road
Goldney Road
Goldney Road
Golf Drive
Goodwood Close
Gordon Avenue
Gordon Crescent
Gordon Road
Gordon Road
Gosnell Close
Grand Avenue
Grange Road
Green Hill Close
Green Hill Road
Green Lane Close
Greenlands Road
Grove Road
Habershon Drive
Hall Close
Hambleton Close
Hambleton Close
Hambleton Close
Hampshire Road
Hanbury Way
Hanson Close
Harcourt Road
Hartford Rise
Haslemere Close
Heath Lane
Heath Rise
Heathcote Road
Heatherdale Road
Heatherley Close
Heatherley Road
Heathlands Drive
Heathside Park
Heathway Close
Herrick Close
High Street
High Street
Highbury Crescent
Highclere Drive
Highland Road
Highview Crescent
Hillcrest Road
Hillsborough Park
Holly Avenue
Hollyfields Close
Hope Fountain
Horseshoe Close
Horseshoe Crescent
Hoskins Court
Iberian Way
Ingle Dell
Inglewood Avenue
James Road
James Way
Kendal Grove
Kensington Drive
Keswick Close
Kilmore Drive
King's Crescent
King's Ride
King's Ride
Kingfisher Drive
Kingsclear Park
Kingsley Avenue
Kingston Road
Kingswood Close
Kirkstone Close
Knights Way
Knightsbridge Road
Knoll Road
Krooner Road
Lancaster Drive
Langdon Close
Langley Drive
Larch Close
Larchwood Glade
Laundry Lane
Laundry Lane
Lawrence Way
Le Marchant Road
Le Marchant Road
Lea Road
Lime Avenue
Lime Avenue
Lincoln Close
Linden Court
Lister Place
Loddon Close
London Road
London Road
London Road
London Road
Longford Close
Lorraine Road
Lower Charles Street
Macnaghten Woods
Maguire Drive
Markham Court
Marlborough Rise
Marshall Close
Marshall Road
Marshall Road
Marstan Place
Martel Close
Martindale Avenue
Martindale Avenue
Martindale Avenue
Matthews Road
Maultway Close
Maultway Crescent
Maultway North
Mayfield Road
Maywood Drive
Meadows Drive
Merrywood Park
Middle Close
Middle Gordon Road
Middle Gordon Road
Middleton Road
Middleton Road
Mitcham Court
Mitcham Road
Mitcham Road
Montague Close
Moorlands Place
Moorlands Road
Mountbatten Mews
Mulroy Drive
Murrells Lane
Myers Way
Napier Drive
Nelson Way
Newlands Road
North Court
Northgate Drive
Norton Road
Norwich Avenue
Oaken Copse
Oakley Road
Obelisk Way
Old Bisley Road
Old Dean Road
Old Green Lane
Old Pasture Road
Old Pond Close
Old Portsmouth Road
Orchard Way
Oriel Hill
Osnaburgh Hill
Overlord Close
Paddock Close
Paget Close
Pan's Gardens
Park Avenue
Park Lane
Park Road
Park Street
Park Street
Parkstone Drive
Paschal Road
Paterson Close
Pembroke Broadway
Pendragon Way
Peninsular Close
Pickwick Gardens
Picton Close
Pine Avenue
Pine Mount Road
Plantation Row
Pollard Grove
Poppyhills Road
Portesbery Hill Drive
Portesbery Road
Portsmouth Road
Portsmouth Road
Princess Way
Prior Croft Close
Prior End
Prior Road
Queen Elizabeth Road
Queen Mary Avenue
Queens Road
Raleigh Way
Ramsay Close
Rapley Close
Ravenstone Road
Ravenswood Drive
Rawdon Rise
Red Road
Red Road
Redcrest Gardens
Redwood Drive
Rideway Close
Ridgewood Drive
Ripon Close
Rivermead Road
Riverside Way
Riverside Way
Riverside Way
Riverside Way
Roberts Road
Roberts Road
Robin Hill Drive
Robin's Bow
Roundway Close
Rowan Close
Roxburgh Close
Rudd Hall Rise
Russet Gardens
Rydal Close
Saddleback Road
Samarkand Close
Sandy Lane
Saville Gardens
Scarlet Oaks
Seaton Road
Seymour Drive
Shalbourne Rise
Shelley Court
Shildon Close
Silver Drive
Silverwood Drive
Sinhurst Road
Slim Road
Slim Road
Southcote Drive
Southern Road
Southwell Park Road
Sovereign Drive
Spring Gardens
Springfield Road
St Catherines Wood
St George's Road
St Michaels Road
Staff College Road
Staff College Road
Stanhope Road
Star Post Road
Stockwood Rise
Sullivan Road
Summer Gardens
Surbiton Road
Surrey Avenue
Sutton Road
Tank Road
Tekels Avenue
Tekels Way
The Avenue
The Buchan
The Fairway
The Maultway
The Maultway
The Maultway
The Pavilions End
The Pines
The Ridings
The Spinney
The Terrace
The Terrace
Theobalds Way
Tichbourne Close
Toulouse Close
Townside Place
Trafalgar Way
Tree Tops Avenue
Tremayne Walk
Turf Hill Road
Tuscam Way
Upland Road
Upper Charles Street
Upper Chobham Road
Upper College Ride
Upper Gordon Road
Upper Park Road
Upper Verran Road
Vale Road
Valroy Close
Vardon Place
Verran Road
Victoria Avenue
Walker's Ridge
Wallington Road
Warwick Close
Watchetts Drive
Watchetts Lake Close
Watchetts Road
Watchmoor Road
Waterloo Close
Waverley Close
Waverley Drive
Ways End
Well Close
Weller Drive
Wendover Drive
Wensleydale Drive
West Road
Westerdale Drive
Westfield Road
Westmorland Drive
Wey Close
Whins Close
Whins Drive
Whitehill Close
Wickham Road
Wilmot Way
Wilton Road
Wimbledon Close
Wimbledon Road
Winding Wood Drive
Windsor Ride
Wingfield Gardens
Wishmoor Close
Wishmoor Road
Wood Road
Woodbridge Drive
Woodbridge Drive
Woodland Glade
Woodlands Road
Wychwood Place
Yeomans Way
Yockley Close
York Road
Youlden Close
Youlden Drive