The Town of Jarrow in the County of Tyne & Wear

The town of Jarrow is located within the county of Tyne & Wear.

Jarrow is situated in the North East (England) region of the UK and is governed by South Tyneside, council.

The town of Jarrow is in the Tyneside region of Northumberland and Tyne and Wear within North East (England).

  • South Tyneside
  • Jarrow : St Peter
  • Jarrow Grange: Christ Church
  • Jarrow: St John the Baptist
  • Jarrow: St Paul
  • South Shields: St Simon

Where is Jarrow is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Jarrow in Tyne & Wear

Dentists in Jarrow

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Jarrow
Grange Road West Dental Practice 6 Grange Road West Jarrow Tyne And Wear NE32 3JA
J G Mcdonald's Dental Surgery 22 Bede Burn Road Jarrow Tyne And Wear NE32 5AR
Palmer Community Hospital Out Of Hours Dental Service Palmer Community Hospital, Wear Street Jarrow NE32 3UX

Opticians in Jarrow

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Jarrow
J. S. Lowry Eyecare - Jarrow 9 Grange Road West Jarrow Tyne And Wear NE32 3JA
On-spec Optical Company Bede Trade Park, Straker Street Jarrow Tyne And Wear NE32 3HE
Optica Eye Clinic - Jarrow 15 Bede Precinct, Viking Centre Jarrow Tyne And Wear NE32 3LW

Chemists in Jarrow

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Jarrow
Boots 30 Bede Precinct Jarrow Tyne And Wear NE32 3LN tel:0191 4898351
Boustead Pharmacy 187 Albert Road Jarrow Tyne And Wear NE32 5AF tel:0191 4897477
Edinburgh Road Pharmacy 89 Edinburgh Road Jarrow Tyne And Wear NE32 4BB tel:0191 4898053
J Dinning (jarrow) Limited Mayfield Medical Centre, Park Road Jarrow Tyne And Wear NE32 5SE tel:0191 4897257
Metro Pharmacy 79 Ellison Street Jarrow Tyne And Wear NE32 3JU tel:0191 4833005
Morrisons Pharmacy Morrisons Supermarket, 20 Viking Precinct Jarrow Tyne And Wear NE32 3LQ tel:01914 898534
Neil Pharmacy 47 Fellgate Avenue Jarrow Tyne And Wear NE32 4LZ tel:0191 5364640
Neil Pharmacy 95 Wenlock Road South Shields Tyne And Wear NE34 9BD tel:0191 4516576

Doctors in Jarrow

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Jarrow
Albert Road Surgery 118 Albert Road Jarrow Tyne And Wear NE32 5AG tel:0191 3009659
Dr Vinayak 158 Calf Close Lane Jarrow Tyne And Wear NE32 4DU tel:0191 4280448
Dr Vis-nathan The Medical Centre, Wear Street Jarrow Tyne And Wear NE32 3JN tel:0191 4280606
East Wing Practice East Wing Surgery, Palmer Community Hospital, Wear Street Jarrow Tyne And Wear NE32 3UX tel:0191 4028075
Mayfield Medical Group Park Road Jarrow Tyne And Wear NE32 5SE tel:0191 4897183
The G.p.suite Palmer Community Hospitals, Wear Street Jarrow Tyne And Wear NE32 3UX tel:0191 4028078
Wenlock Road Surgery 171 Wenlock Road, Simonside South Shields Tyne And Wear NE34 9BP tel:0191 4560463
List of Streets in Jarrow
Abbey Drive
Aberdeen Drive
Abingdon Way
Abingdon Way
Aidan Court
Albert Road
Albert Road
Alderley Close
Alnwick Grove
Amos Ayre Place
Arran Drive
Arthur Street
Ashbourne Road
Auckland Terrace
Australia Grove
Avon Avenue
Aydon Grove
Ayr Drive
Ayrey Avenue
Badminton Close
Bainbridge Avenue
Balmoral Avenue
Bamburgh Grove
Barnard Grove
Barns Close
Beaufront Terrace
Beaumont Terrace
Bede Burn Road
Bede Burn View
Bede Terrace
Beech Street
Beechwood Close
Belsfield Gardens
Bensham Street
Berkeley Close
Bideford Gardens
Bilton Hall Road
Binchester Street
Birch Street
Birch Street
Birnam Grove
Biscop Terrace
Bishop Crescent
Blackett Street
Blackpool Parade
Bladen Street
Blenkinsop Grove
Blyton Avenue
Boldon Court
Borough Road
Bournemouth Parade
Brampton Road
Brancepeth Terrace
Breamish Street
Bridlington Parade
Brighton Parade
Brisbane Avenue
Brixham Crescent
Brockhampton Close
Brooklands Way
Burford Way
Burn View
Burns Street
Butcher's Bridge Road
Buxton Close
Bywell Terrace
Calder Green
Calder Green
Calf Close Drive
Calf Close Lane
Calf Close Walk
Canberra Drive
Canon Grove
Capulet Grove
Caroline Street
Caspian Close
Castleton Road
Cedar Drive
Cemetery Road
Ceolfrid Terrace
Chapel Road
Chatsworth Road
Chaytor Street
Cheltenham Drive
Chestnut Close
Cheviot Road
Chillingham Terrace
Chipchase Terrace
Church Bank
Church View
Churchdown Close
Cinderford Close
Clayton Street
Clervaux Terrace
Clive Street
Cloister Avenue
Cloister Walk
Clovelly Place
Colchester Street
Colliery Mews
Collin Drive
Colman Avenue
Colwyn Parade
Commercial Road
Concorde Way
Concorde Way
Coniston Drive
Connaught Terrace
Coquet Street
Coupland Grove
Crieff Grove
Croft Terrace
Crudwell Close
Curlew Road
Cuthbert Court
Dame Flora Robson Avenue
Davison Street
Dee Street
Dene Terrace
Dillon Street
Dilston Terrace
Don Dixon Drive
Douglas Parade
Dove Avenue
Drummond Crescent
Duchess Crescent
Duchess Crescent East
Dumfries Crescent
Dunelm Grange
Dunstanburgh Court
Durham Drive
Durham Grove
Durham Grove
Eastbourne Parade
Eastcombe Close
Eastleigh Close
Ebchester Street
Ebor Street
Ecgfrid Terrace
Edgeworth Close
Edhill Avenue
Edinburgh Road
Edith Street
Elberfeld Court
Elgin Street
Ellison Place
Ellison Street
Elm Street
Elswick Way
Eskdale Drive
Etal Crescent
Ettrick Road
Evesham Close
Ewart Crescent
Falmouth Drive
Fareham Grove
Fawley Close
Featherstone Grove
Featherstone Grove
Fellgate Avenue
Fenwick Avenue
Ferry Street
Field Terrace
Fife Avenue
Finchale Terrace
Finlay Court
Fir Street
Ford Crescent
Fox Avenue
Friar Way
Front Street
Glasgow Road
Grange Place
Grange Road
Grange Road West
Grant Street
Grasmere Avenue
Grays Terrace
Green Lane
Hadrian Road
Hadrian Road
Hadrian Road
Haggerston Terrace
Hambledon Close
Hanlon Court
Hanlon Court
Harbottle Crescent
Harold Street
Hartford Road
Hastings Parade
Haughton Crescent
Havelock Terrace
Hawthorn Drive
Hawthorn Street
Hazel Street
Hedworth Avenue
Hedworth Lane
Hedworth Lane
Hedworth Lane
Henderson Road
Hendon Gardens
Hereford Way
Hibernian Road
High Back Close
High Street
Highgate Gardens
Hill Park Road
Hill Street
Hither Green
Hobart Avenue
Hobson Way
Holland Park Drive
Holly Street
Hope Street
Hounslow Gardens
Howard Street
Humbert Street
Hurworth Place
Hutton Street
Hylton Road
Hymers Avenue
Hyperion Avenue
Inverness Road
Iona Road
Jarrow Road
Jarrow Road
John Reid Road
Kennet Avenue
Kent Street
Kielder Gardens
Kings Meadow
Kingswood Close
Kirby Close
Kirkstone Avenue
Kitchener Terrace
Kristin Avenue
Laburnum Gardens
Lambton Terrace
Lanark Drive
Lancaster Way
Langford Drive
Langley Terrace
Lavender Grove
Lawson Avenue
Laybourn Gardens
Lea Avenue
Leam Lane
Leam Lane
Leam Lane
Leander Drive
Leopold Street
Lindisfarne Recess
Lodore Grove
Lulworth Avenue
Lumley Terrace
Lune Green
Luss Avenue
Lynton Avenue
Madras Street
Maple Street
Margaret Grove
Marine Drive
Market Square
Market Walk
Mayfield Gardens
Meadow View
Melrose Grove
Mill Dene View
Milton Street
Minster Parade
Mitford Terrace
Moffat Avenue
Monkton Avenue
Monkton Lane
Monkton Road
Monkton Terrace
Monkton Terrace
Morecambe Parade
Morpeth Avenue
Mull Grove
Nailsworth Close
Nairn Street
Napier Street
Naworth Terrace
Newcastle Road
Newcastle Road
Newcastle Road
Newcastle Road
Newcastle Road
Newlyn Drive
Newmarch Street
Newton Grove
Norham Terrace
North Street
North View
Oak Street
Oak Street
Oban Street
Ogle Grove
Ormonde Street
Palmer Street
Palmer Street
Palmer Walk
Park Road
Park View
Pearson Place
Peel Gardens
Penshaw View
Penzance Parade
Percy Street
Perth Avenue
Perth Avenue
Pine Street
Pintail Court
Porlock Road
Portchester Grove
Potter Street
Primrose Hill Terrace
Primrose Terrace
Prince Consort Road
Priory Road
Prudhoe Grove
Quay Corner Avenue
Queensland Avenue
Raby Gardens
Railway Street
Randolph Street
Ranson Crescent
Ravel Court
Ravensworth Terrace
Rede Street
Regent Road
Rhyl Parade
Richardson Avenue
Riley Street
Roberts Terrace
Robson Close
Rolling Mill Road
Roman Road
Roman Road
Roman Road
Romsey Drive
Rothbury Avenue
Rowsley Road
Russell Street
Salcombe Avenue
Salem Street
Saxon Way
Scarborough Parade
Seine Court
Selkirk Street
Seton Avenue
Severn Drive
Shaftesbury Avenue
Shaftesbury Avenue
Shakespeare Street
Sheldon Street
Sherburn Grange North
Sherburn Grange South
Shipton Close
Silverdale Way
Simonside Hall
Simonside View
Skegness Parade
Skye Grove
Slake Road
South View
Southend Parade
Southport Parade
Spenser Street
Springwell Avenue
Springwell Road
St Aidans Walk
St David's Way
St John's Terrace
St Joseph's Way
St Paul's Road
St Simon Street
Stanhope Road
Stanley Street
Staple Road
Station Road
Station Street
Stephen Court
Stirling Avenue
Stoker Avenue
Stothard Street
Straker Street
Suffolk Street
Surrey Street
Sussex Street
Swinbourne Terrace
Swinburne Street
Sydney Gardens
Tasmania Road
Taunton Avenue
Tavistock Place
Tennant Street
Teviot Way
Thames Avenue
The Bower
The Circle
The Crescent
The Grove
The Willows
Thirlwell Grove
Thornbury Close
Torquay Parade
Towers Place
Towers Place
Trent Drive
Tweed Street
Tyne Approach
Tyne Street
Tynemouth Road
Tynemouth Road
Ullswater Avenue
Union Street
Usk Avenue
Valley View
Victoria Terrace
Walter Street
Walworth Grove
Wansbeck Road
Wark Crescent
Warkworth Terrace
Watson Street
Wear Street
Wellesley Street
Wenlock Road
West Pastures
Western Road
Whitchurch Close
Wilberforce Street
Willow Grange
Wilton Gardens North
Wilton Gardens South
Wimborne Close
Winchester Court
Windermere Crescent
Winskell Road
Witney Way
Witton Gardens
Wood Terrace
Woodside Close
Woodstock Way
Wooler Walk
Wuppertal Court
Wye Avenue
Wylam Street
York Avenue
York Street
Young Close