The Town of Port Talbot in the County of West Glamorgan

The town of Port Talbot is located within the county of West Glamorgan.

Port Talbot is situated in the Wales region of the UK and is governed by Neath Port Talbot, council.

The town of Port Talbot is in the Bridgend and Neath Port Talbot region of West Wales within Wales.

  • Neath Port Talbot

Where is Port Talbot is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Port Talbot in West Glamorgan

Dentists in Port Talbot

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Port Talbot
Dental Surgery 116 Talbot Road Port Talbot West Glamorgan SA13 1LB
Dental Surgery 41 Forge Road Port Talbot West Glamorgan SA13 1PG
Dental Surgery 44 Victoria Road Port Talbot West Glamorgan SA12 6AD
Dental Surgery 66 Forge Road Port Talbot West Glamorgan SA13 1PF
Dental Surgery 24 Station Road Port Talbot West Glamorgan SA13 1JB
Jeremy D Isaac And Associates Dental Surgery, 68 Commercial Road Port Talbot West Glamorgan SA13 1LR
Port Talbot Resource Centre Moor Road Port Talbot West Glamorgan SA12 7BJ
Ty Arian Silver Avenue Port Talbot West Glamorgan SA12 7RX

Opticians in Port Talbot

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Port Talbot
Boots Opticians (port Talbot) 6 Aberavon Shopping Centre Port Talbot West Glamorgan SA13 1PB
Cr Jean Opticians - Port Talbot 42a Station Road Port Talbot West Glamorgan SA13 1JS
Specsavers (port Talbot) 31a Riverside Port Talbot West Glamorgan SA13 1EJ
The Optic Shop 6 Riverside Walk Port Talbot West Glamorgan SA13 1PH
List of Streets in Port Talbot
Abbey Road
Abbeyville Avenue
Abbott's Close
Abbotts Mews
Acacia Avenue
Acacia Close
Adare Street
Addison Place
Addison Road
Afan Valley Road
Afan Way
Afan Way
Afan Way
Alexandra Street
Alfred Street
Alma Terrace
Amber Close
Angel Street
Arthur Street
Aster View
Attlee Avenue
Avan Street
Bailey Street
Bath Street
Bay View
Bay View Heights
Beach Street
Beechwood Road
Bertha Road
Bevan Street
Beverley Street
Blodwen Street
Border Road
Borough Street
Brahms Avenue
Bridge Street
Broad Street
Brombil Court
Brombil Gardens
Brombil Paddocks
Brombil Street
Brombil Street
Brook Street
Brooklyn Gardens
Brwyna Avenue
Brynheulog Place
Brynheulog Street
Brynhyfryd Road
Burke Avenue
Burns Road
Byass Street
Cambrian Place
Caradog Street
Carlos Street
Castle Street
Catherine Street
Cefn Ffynon
Cefn Gwrgan Road
Cei'r Morwr / Mariners Quay
Central Road
Central Road
Cerise Close
Chalice Court
Chapel Close
Christchurch Road
Church Street
Citrine Close
Clarice Street
Clifton Terrace
Clos Arian / Silver Close
Clos Coed Arian
Clos Dalton / Dalton Close
Clos Golwg Y Bae / Bay View Close
Clos Greig / Greig Close
Clos Kern / Kern Close
Clos Lorraine / Lorraine Close
Clos Sable / Sable Close
Clos Tuar Mor / Seaward Close
Clos Y Lanfa / Pier Close
Clos Y Tywod / Sandy Close
Clos Y Wern
College Green
Commercial Road
Conduit Place
Conduit Place
Conduit Street
Connaught Street
Constant Road
Constant Road
Corporation Road
Courtland Buildings
Courtland Place
Cramic Way
Cresawnt Dylan / Dylan Crescent
Cresawnt Gordon / Gordon Crescent
Cresawnt Hafren / Severn Crescent
Cresawnt Morrison / Morrison Crescen
Crib Y Tywod / Sandy Ridge
Crimson Close
Crimson Court
Cronin Avenue
Cross Street
Crown Street
Cwmavon Road
Cwmavon Road
Cwrt Coral / Coral Court
Cyncoed Road
Daffodil Close
Dalrymple Street
Dan-Y-Bryn Road
Darwin Road
Devonshire Place
Dinas Baglan Road
Dock Road
Dolphin Place
Duke Street
Duke Street
Dunraven Street
Dyffryn Road
Dyffryn Road
Eagle Mews
Eagle Street
East Road
Edward Street
Elfed Avenue
Elgar Avenue
Endeavour Close
Enfield Street
Eveline Terrace
Fairview Avenue
Fenbrook Close
Ffordd Baglan / Baglan Way
Ffordd Blair / Blair Way
Ffordd Croes Y De / South Cross Way
Ffordd Deg / Fairway
Ffordd Deg / Fairway
Ffordd Y Cefnor / Ocean Way
Ffordd Y Dywysoges Margared / The Pr
Ffordd Y Dywysoges Margared / The Pr
Ffordd Y Gadeirlan / Cathedral Way
Ffordd Yr Harbwr / Harbour Way
Ffordd Yr Harbwr / Harbour Way
Ffordd Ysgol
Ffrwd-Wyllt Street
Field Terrace
Ford Road
Forge Road
Frederick Street
Gallipoli Row
Geifr Road
Gelli Tudur / Tudor Grove
George Street
Gerald Street
Gladys Street
Glandyffryn Close
Glen View Terrace
Glyn Street
Glyndwr Street
Gol Wg-Y-Mor
Golwg Y Rhodfa / Promenade View
Golwg Y Sianel / Channel View
Gower Street
Graig Avenue
Grange Road
Grange Street
Green Park Street
Green Street
Greenfield Avenue
Groeswen Park
Grove Place
Gwendoline Street
Gwyn Terrace
Haford Street
Harbourside Road
Harlequin Road
Harvey Crescent
Heilbronn Way
Heilbronn Way
Heilbronn Way
Henshaw Street
Heol Aberavon / Aberavon Road
Heol Bach / Bach Road
Heol Bevin / Bevin Avenue
Heol Cae Morfa / Cae Morfa Road
Heol Carodog
Heol Carodog
Heol Chopin / Chopin Road
Heol Cove / Cove Road
Heol Croes Y De / Southcross Road
Heol Dalton / Dalton Road
Heol Dewi Sant / St David's Road
Heol Golff / Golf Road
Heol Gordon / Gordon Road
Heol Iarll / Earl Road
Heol Marchog / Knights Road
Heol Margam / Margam Road
Heol Margam / Margam Road
Heol Miaren / Briar Road
Heol Parry / Parry Road
Heol Pellau / Pellau Road
Heol Rhedyn / Bracken Road
Heol Romney / Romney Road
Heol Sandown / Sandown Road
Heol Sant Paul / St Paul's Road
Heol Southdown / Southdown Road
Heol Southville / Southville Road
Heol Stallcourt / Stallcourt Road
Heol Strauss / Strauss Road
Heol Tir Morfa / Tir Morfa Road
Heol Tyfry / Ty-Fry Road
Heol Verdi / Verdi Road
Heol Viola / Viola Road
Heol Wagner / Wagner Road
Heol Y Bronwen
Heol Y Gwlith / Dew Road
Heol Y Gwlith / Dew Road
Heol Y Pentref / Village Road
High Street
Hill Terrace
Holland Street
Hopkin Street
Hospital Road
Incline Row
Iris Close
Isaac's Place
Island Mews
James Street
Jasmin Close
Jenkins Terrace
Jersey Quay
Jersey Street
John Street
Joseph Street
Julian Terrace
King Street
Knight Street
Knox Street
Lady Charlotte Lane
Lady Jane Street
Lake Road
Leslie Street
Library Lane
Lilian Street
Lister Avenue
Lle Bertha / Bertha Place
Llewellyn Close
Llewellyn Street
Llewellyn's Road
Llys Abbeyville / Abbeyville Court
Llys Rupert Hallowes / Rupert Hallow
Lon Groeswen / Groes-Wen Lane
Long View Road
Lupin Close
Maes Melyn Street
Maes Y Drindod / Holy Trinity Place
Maes-Gwyn Street
Man St Kitts / St Kitts Place
Man Webb / Webb Place
Manor Street
Mansel Street
Mardon Park
Margaret Street
Marine Close
Mariners Point
Maritime Road
Marsh Street
Maximin Road
Mayfield Street
Michna Street
Moor Road
Moorland Road
Morfa Avenue
Morfa Road
Morlais Road
Morrison Court
Morrison Road
Mount View Terrace
Mountain Road
New Street
Newbridge Road
Newton Avenue
Nobel Avenue
Norman Street
North Bank Road
North Street
Oakwood Lane
Oakwood Place
Oakwood Road
Oakwood Street
Olive Street
Orchid Close
Owen's Place
Pant Celydd
Parc St Joseff / St Josephs Park
Park Street
Park View
Pembroke Terrace
Pen-Y-Cae Road
Pendarvis Street
Pendarvis Terrace
Penrhyn Street
Pentre Afan
Pentre Wern
Pentre Wern
Pentyla-Baglan Road
Pier Way
Pont Street
Poppy Close
Prince Street
Prince Street
Prior Street
Purple Close
Rees Street
Reginald Street
Rhes Inkerman / Inkerman Row
Rhes Inkerman / Inkerman Row
Rhes Scutari / Scutari Row
Rhoddfa Ysgarlad / Scarlet Avenue
Rhodes Avenue
Rhodfa Arian / Silver Avenue
Rhodfa Aur / Golden Avenue
Rhodfa Brymbo / Brymbo Avenue
Rhodfa Caer Fferm / Farmfield Avenue
Rhodfa Citrine / Citrine Avenue
Rhodfa Crom / Chrome Avenue
Rhodfa Dugoch / Crimson Avenue
Rhodfa Elba / Elba Avenue
Rhodfa Fferm / Farm Drive
Rhodfa Fferm / Farm Drive
Rhodfa Ganol / Bryn Gardens
Rhodfa Glan-Y-Mor / Glan-Y-Mor Avenu
Rhodfa Gorllewin / Western Avenue
Rhodfa Gwifr / Wyvern Avenue
Rhodfa Gwinau / Auburn Avenue
Rhodfa Handel / Handel Avenue
Rhodfa Helios / Helios Drive
Rhodfa Landore / Landore Avenue
Rhodfa Lansbury / Lansbury Avenue
Rhodfa Lingfield / Lingfield Avenue
Rhodfa Mor / Marine Drive
Rhodfa Mozart / Mozart Drive
Rhodfa Parc Vivian / Vivian Park Dri
Rhodfa Penderyn / Penderyn Avenue
Rhodfa Pheonix / Phoenix Avenue
Rhodfa Purcell / Purcell Avenue
Rhodfa Sabl / Sable Avenue
Rhodfa Sirius / Sirius Drive
Rhodfa St Helier / St Helier Drive
Rhodfa Toronto / Toronto Avenue
Rhodfa Tuar Mor / Seaward Avenue
Rhodfa Tuar Mor / Seaward Avenue
Rhodfa Wheatley / Wheatley Avenue
Rhodfa Wilden / Wilden Avenue
Rhodfa'r Glwysti / Cloisters Walk
Rhodfar Dickens / Dickens Avenue
Rhos Yr Abad / Abbottsmoor
Rhos Yr Abad / Abbottsmoor
Rice Street
Richmond Place
Riverside Road
Road No 1
Road No 2
Road No 3
Ruskin Avenue
Russet Close
Saltoun Street
Sandfields Road
Sandpiper Court
Sarnfan Baglan Road
Sea Breeze
Sea View Terrace
Seabrook Place
Seaforth Close
Seaway Parade
Sepia Close
Sitwell Way
Smyrna Cottages
Somerset Street
South Street
Southdown View
St Alban's Terrace
St Asaph Drive
St Mary Place
St Mary Street
Stair Street
Stallcourt Close
Station Road
Station Terrace
Street No 19
Street No 21
Stryd Donnen / Donnen Street
Stryd Donnen / Donnen Street
Stryd Glenafon / Glenavon Street
Stryd Rhanallt / Rhanallt Street
Stryd Tydraw / Ty-Draw Street
Stryd Y Coed / Wood Street
Stuart Close
Sunny Road
Sunnybank Place
Sunnybank Road
Talbot Road
Talcennau Road
Tan-Y-Groes Place
Tan-Y-Groes Street
Tan-Y-Groes Street
Teras Maes Y Gwanwyn / Springfield T
The Uplands
Theodore Road
Thomas Street
Tollgate Road
Trefelin Crescent
Trefelin Street
Trinity Court
Tudor Street
Turnstone Court
Turnstone Court
Twll-Yn-Y-Wal Road
Ty'r-Groes Drive
Ty-Draw Hill
Ty-Draw Hill
Ty-Draw Place
Tywyn Close
Tywyn Crescent
Vaughan Close
Velindre Street
Victoria Road
Village Gardens
Villiers Street
Vivian Court
Vivian Terrace
Water Street
Webb Place
Wellfield Road
Wellington Place
Wern Road
West End
White Close
Windsor Village
Woodfield Street
Woodland Avenue
Wyndham Street
Y Poplys / Poplars
Ynys Street
Ynys Y Gored
Ynys Y Gored
York Place
Ysguthan Road