The Town of Coseley in the County of West Midlands

The town of Coseley is located within the county of West Midlands.

Coseley is situated in the West Midlands (England) region of the UK and is governed by Dudley, Sandwell, Wolverhampton, councils.

The town of Coseley is covers the following regions.

  • Dudley - West Midlands - West Midlands (England)
  • Sandwell - West Midlands - West Midlands (England)
  • Wolverhampton - West Midlands - West Midlands (England)
  • Dudley
  • Sandwell
  • Wolverhampton
  • Coseley: Christ Church
  • Coseley: St Chad

Where is Coseley is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Coseley in West Midlands

Dentists in Coseley

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Coseley
Maple Green (dental Surgery) 100 Maple Green Dudley West Midlands DY1 3QZ
Roseville Dental 14-15 Roseville Precinct, Castle Street Bilston West Midlands WV14 9EP

Opticians in Coseley

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Coseley
Taylor Made Specs 3 Ltd 27 Castle Street, Roseville Precinct, Coseley Bilston West Midlands WV14 9EP

Chemists in Coseley

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Coseley
Millard & Bullock Unit 2, Josiah Houses, Castle Street, Coseley Bilston West Midlands WV14 9DD tel:01902 883182
The Co-operative Pharmacy 100 Maple Green Dudley West Midlands DY1 3QZ tel:01902 676962
The Co-operative Pharmacy Woodsetton Medical Centre, 40 Bourne Street, Woodsetton Dudley West Midlands DY3 1AF tel:01902 882619

Doctors in Coseley

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Coseley
Coseley Medical Centre 32-34 Avenue Road, Coseley Bilston West Midlands WV14 9DJ tel:01902 882070
The Greens Health Centre 100 Maple Green Dudley West Midlands DY1 3QZ tel:01902 667949
Woodsetton Medical Centre 40 Bourne Street, Woodsetton Dudley West Midlands DY3 1AF tel:01902 883346
List of Streets in Coseley
Acacia Drive
Anchor Road
Andersleigh Drive
Anvil Crescent
Arcal Street
Ash Green
Ashford Drive
Autumn Berry Grove
Avenue Road
Banbury Close
Bancroft Close
Bank Street
Barnes Meadow Place
Bayer Street
Bayer Street
Bean Road
Beddow Avenue
Beech Green
Beechfield Grove
Bell Street
Benbeck Grove
Bennett Avenue
Bermuda Close
Berrington Drive
Berrybush Gardens
Biddings Lane
Billau Road
Birmingham New Road
Birmingham New Road
Birmingham New Road
Birmingham New Road
Birnham Close
Blackthorne Close
Blackthorne Road
Bond Street
Bosworth Close
Bourne Street
Bourne Street
Bradley's Lane
Bramble Green
Bramford Drive
Brandon Close
Branfield Close
Breen Rydding Drive
Bridge Street
Bridgewater Drive
Broad Street
Bronwen Road
Brook Street
Brooklyn Grove
Brunel Court
Budden Road
Burton Road
Butterworth Close
Byron Crescent
Caddick Street
Calder Rise
Canal Street
Cannon Drive
Carlton Close
Castle Street
Catherine Road
Causeway Road
Cedar Avenue
Central Drive
Central Drive
Central Drive
Chad Road
Chad Road
Chainmakers Close
Chartwell Close
Chaucer Close
Cherry Green
Chevening Close
Church Road
Claremont Road
Claycroft Terrace
Clayton Road
Clifton Street
Conway Close
Coppice Road
Corfe Road
Coseley Hall Drive
Cox Road
Crowesbridge Mews
Daffodil Close
Daisy Street
Dalwood Close
Darkhouse Lane
Darkhouse Lane
Davena Grove
Davies Avenue
Dawlish Road
Dearne Court
Denise Drive
Dickens Road
Dimmocks Avenue
Douglas Road
Downfield Drive
Eachus Road
Earl Street
Ebenezer Street
Eden Gardens
Edge Street
Eliot Croft
Ellenvale Close
Elm Green
Elmbridge Way
Elmdale Road
Elmdale Road
Elmley Close
Elwell Crescent
Eton Close
Evans Close
Eve Lane
Eve Lane
Evergreen Close
Fellmeadow Way
Fern Close
Fir Tree Drive
Flamborough Way
Flamborough Way
Flavell Avenue
Flavell Street
Flaxen Field
Flowerdale Close
Foundry Street
Fountain Lane
Fox Street
Foxmeadow Close
Foxyards Road
Fullwoods End
Galbraith Close
Garner Close
Gate Street
George Road
George Road
George Street
Georgina Avenue
Glen Road
Glenfern Road
Gorge Road
Gorge Road
Gough Road
Gough Road
Grange Road
Green Lane
Green Lane
Green Street
Greenfield Croft
Greenoak Crescent
Greensand Drive
Griffiths Road
Groucutt Street
Growers Meadow
Hall Grove
Hampton Street
Harding Street
Hartland Avenue
Hartland Road
Harvington Road
Havacre Lane
Hayward Street
Hazelwood Road
Heath Green
Helford Close
Helmsdale Way
Henlow Close
Henne Drive
Higgins Avenue
High Arcal Drive
Highfields Drive
Highfields Road
Highland Mews
Highmoor Close
Hilary Crescent
Hinchliffe Avenue
Hockley Road
Hockley Road
Hollywell Street
Horace Street
Hospital Lane
Huntsman Close
Hurst Road
Ivyhouse Lane
Jesson Road
Jevon Street
Keats Drive
Kenelm Road
Kimberley Place
King Street
Kings Road
Kipling Avenue
Ladymoor Road
Lane Street
Langley Avenue
Lansdowne Close
Larch Grove
Lea Green Avenue
Legge Lane
Lime Street
Littleworth Avenue
Lordsmore Close
Maple Close
Maple Green
Marlborough Road
Mars Close
Martin Close
Masefield Avenue
Maslin Drive
Mason Street
Melstock Close
Millard Road
Milton Road
Minith Road
Mitchell Avenue
Mons Hill
Mossdale Way
Mount Pleasant Street
Mulberry Green
Nailors Fold
Neath Way
Nicholds Close
Norton Crescent
Oak Green
Oak Street
Oakfield Avenue
Old End Lane
Old Meeting Road
Old Meeting Road
Old Park Road
Oldfield Road
Paget Close
Painters Croft
Park Close
Park Road
Park Road
Parkes Hall Road
Parkes Hall Road
Parkes Hall Road
Parkes Lane
Parkes Lane
Parklands Road
Patricia Crescent
Paul Pursehouse Road
Paul Street
Pear Tree Lane
Pemberton Road
Perivale Grove
Perkins Close
Philip Street
Pickrell Road
Pine Green
Pirrey Close
Pool Street
Poole Crescent
Poplar Green
Portland Place
Priory Field Close
Priory Road
Providence Row
Queens Crescent
Queens Road
Quilter Close
Rainbow Street
Rainham Close
Ratcliffe Close
Redwood Avenue
Redwood Road
Regent Street
Reynards Close
Ribbesford Crescent
Richmond Road
Rifle Street
Rock Road
Roper Way
Rosalind Avenue
Rosemary Crescent
Rounds Hill Road
Rounds Road
Rowan Crescent
Salcombe Grove
Sangwin Road
School Street
School Street West
Seagull Bay Drive
Sedgley Road
Sedgley Road
Setton Drive
Shakespeare Close
Shenley Avenue
Siddons Road
Silverthorne Avenue
Skidmore Road
Somerford Way
Southall Crescent
Spencer Avenue
Spring Vale Close
St Marys Close
Stanton Avenue
Strathern Drive
Summerhill Road
Summerhouse Road
Sunbury Close
Sycamore Green
Tamar Drive
Tenacre Lane
The Castings
The Crucible
The Paddock
Thetford Close
Thistle Close
Thornfield Croft
Tipton Road
Tipton Road
Tipton Road
Tipton Street
Tunnel Street
Turley Street
Turls Hill Road
Turls Hill Road
Turls Street
Udall Road
Upper Ettingshall Road
Vicarage Road
Vicarage Road West
Vicarage Road West
Victoria Road
Wagstaff Close
Wallbrook Street
Wansbeck Walk
Ward Street
Waterfield Close
Watts Close
Webb Street
Wellesbourne Drive
Westerdale Close
Wheatstone Close
White's Drive
Whitegates Road
Whitehouse Street
Wilson Road
Wilton Close
Windmill View
Winnall Close
Winterley Gardens
Woodcroft Avenue
Woodsetton Close
Woodville Gardens
Wren Street
Wrens Avenue
Yew Tree Lane