The Town of Kingswinford in the County of West Midlands

The town of Kingswinford is located within the county of West Midlands.

Kingswinford is situated in the West Midlands (England) region of the UK and is governed by Dudley, South Staffordshire, councils.

The town of Kingswinford is covers the following regions.

  • Dudley - West Midlands - West Midlands (England)
  • Staffordshire CC - Shropshire and Staffordshire - West Midlands (England)
  • Dudley
  • South Staffordshire
  • Kingswinford: St Mary
  • Pensnett: St Mark
  • Wall Heath: The Ascension

Where is Kingswinford is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Kingswinford in West Midlands

Dentists in Kingswinford

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Kingswinford
Building 5 First Avenue Kingswinford West Midlands DY6 7TE
Dental Surgery 7 High Street, Wall Heath Kingswinford West Midlands DY6 0HA
Kingswinford Health Centre (dental Surgery) Kingswinford Health Centre, Standhills Road Kingswinford West Midlands DY6 8DN

Opticians in Kingswinford

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Kingswinford
John Hamer Opticians 11 Wordsley Shopping Centre, Wordsley Stourbridge West Midlands DY8 5NU
Pinder & Moore Mill House, 58 Market Street Kingswinford West Midlands DY6 9LE
R.a. Lawley Ltd 3 & 3a The Cross, Summerhill Kingswinford West Midlands DY6 9JA
Special Looks Opticians - Kingswinford 52 Enville Road Kingswinford West Midlands DY6 0JT
Specsavers Opticians Kingswinford 9 Townsend Place Kingswinford West Midlands DY6 9JL
The Eyecare Centre Ltd (kingswinford) 796 High Street Kingswinford West Midlands DY6 8AA

Chemists in Kingswinford

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Kingswinford
Boots Pharmacy Market Street Kingswinford West Midlands DY6 9JR tel:01384 401900
Jhoots Pharmacy 468 High Street, Kingswinford Kingswinford West Midlands DY6 8AW tel:01384 291758
Lloydspharmacy 15 Moss Grove Kingswinford West Midlands DY6 9HS tel:01384 273020
Morrisons Pharmacy Charterfield Shopping Centre, Stallings Lane Kingswinford West Midlands DY6 7SH tel:01384 404045
Murrays Healthcare 9 Market Street Kingswinford West Midlands DY6 9JS tel:01384 287637
The Pharmacy Galleria 96 High Street, Pensnett Brierley Hill West Midlands DY5 4ED tel:01384 77000

Doctors in Kingswinford

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Kingswinford
High Oak Surgery 120 High Street, Pensnett Brierley Hill West Midlands DY5 4DS tel:01384 366155
Kingswinford Medical Practice Kingswinford Health Centre, Standhills Road Kingswinford West Midlands DY6 8DN tel:01384 271241
Moss Grove Surgery 15 Moss Grove Kingswinford West Midlands DY6 9HS tel:01384 277377
The Summerhill Surgery Summerhill Kingswinford West Midlands DY6 9JG tel:01384 273275
List of Streets in Kingswinford
Albany Grove
Albermarle Road
Albert Street
Albert Street
Albion Parade
Albion Street
Alder Road
Allenby Close
Almond Road
Alverley Close
Ambergate Drive
Ambleside Way
Ambrose Crescent
Arbury Drive
Arden Close
Aretha Close
Arlington Close
Ash Crescent
Ashdale Close
Ashley Close
Astor Road
Austrey Road
Avon Close
Avondale Close
Back Road
Back Road
Balfour Road
Barleyfield Rise
Barnett Close
Barnett Green
Barnett Green
Barnett Lane
Barnett Lane
Barnett Street
Barton Lane
Bassenthwaite Court
Beachcroft Road
Beachwood Avenue
Beaubrook Gardens
Beech Road
Beech Tree Close
Beeches Close
Bell Street
Belmont Road
Berkeley Drive
Beverley Drive
Birbeck Place
Birds Meadow
Blackwater Close
Blaze Hill Road
Blaze Park
Blenheim Road
Blewitt Street
Blossomfield Close
Bobeche Place
Booth Close
Bradley Street
Braithwaite Drive
Brenwood Close
Bridgend Croft
Brinley Way
Broad Street
Broad Street
Broadfield Close
Broadlands Drive
Bromley Lane
Bromley Lane
Brook Crescent
Brook Street
Brooklyn Grove
Brookside Way
Bryce Road
Buckingham Grove
Butterfield Road
Byrchen Moor Gardens
Byron Street
Cam Gardens
Camden Way
Carnforth Close
Casewell Road
Catesby Drive
Cavendish Close
Cedars Avenue
Celandine Close
Chandler Drive
Chandler Drive
Chapel Street
Chapel Street
Charterfield Drive
Chelmar Drive
Chelsea Way
Cheltenham Drive
Cherry Tree Road
Chestnut Grove
Chingford Close
Church Street
Cinder Road
Claydon Road
Clear View
Clover Lane
Clyde Mews
Coach Mews
Colliers Fold
Collindale Court
Comber Drive
Compton Drive
Compton Grove
Coniston Drive
Consort Crescent
Coopers Bank Road
Copper Beech Drive
Corbyns Close
Corbyns Hall Lane
Corbyns Hall Road
Cornfield Close
Cornwall Close
Corrin Grove
Cot Lane
Cot Lane
Cottage Street
Cottage Street
Court Crescent
Courtland Road
Cranham Drive
Cross Street
Cross Street
Cygnet Lane
Cypress Gardens
Dalesman Close
Dandy Bank Road
Dartmouth Avenue
Dawley Brook Road
Dawley Brook Road
Dawley Road
Dell Road
Dene Avenue
Derwent Close
Digby Road
Dovedale Road
Dowells Gardens
Dreadnought Road
Dubarry Avenue
Dudley Road
Dudley Road
Dudley Road
Dudley Road
Dunlin Close
Dunston Close
Earl Street
Earlswood Road
Eaton Place
Edale Close
Elgar Crescent
Elm Road
Enville Road
Essex Avenue
Fairgreen Gardens
Fairlawn Drive
Fairview Crescent
Farrier Way
Faulknor Drive
Fellows Avenue
Fenn Rise
Fens Pool Avenue
Fernhurst Drive
Fernleigh Gardens
Field Sidings Way
Firs Road
First Avenue
First Avenue
Fitton Avenue
Flanders Drive
Florida Way
Forge Lane
Foundry Road
Foundry Road
Foundry Street
Francis Close
Frayne Avenue
Friars Close
Furber Place
Garret Close
Gibbons Lane
Gladstone Grove
Glynne Avenue
Gordon Crescent
Graham Road
Graham Road
Granary Close
Grant Close
Grantley Crescent
Granville Drive
Grasmere Close
Grasmere Close
Great Western Way
Green Lane
Greenfields Road
Greenfields Road
Greenland Close
Greystoke Drive
Grove Park
Grove Park
Hainult Close
Halt Mews
Halt Mews
Ham Lane
Hamble Close
Harriet Close
Harrow Road
Hartland Street
Harvester Way
Haweswater Drive
Hawkeswell Drive
Hayrick Drive
Haywharf Road
Hazel Road
Hazelmere Gardens
Heathbrook Avenue
Heathlands Close
Hedgerow Drive
Hewell Close
Heydon Road
High Oak
High Street
High Street
High Street
High Street
High Wood Close
Highcroft Avenue
Hillcroft Road
Hilldene Road
Hillwood Close
Hinsford Close
Hodnet Drive
Holbeache Lane
Holbeache Lane
Holbeache Road
Holcroft Road
Hollies Street
Hollyhurst Drive
Honeysuckle Avenue
Horsham Avenue
Hunts Mill Drive
Ibis Gardens
Ingatestone Drive
Jay Road
Jervis Close
Kayne Close
Keepers Close
Kendall Rise
Keswick Drive
Ketley Fields
Ketley Road
Ketley Road
Keyes Drive
Kidderminster Road
Kidderminster Road
Kilburn Drive
Kingsdene Avenue
Kingsford Nouveau
Kingsley Road
Kingston Way
Kingswood Road
Kingswood Road
Kirkham Gardens
Laburnham Road
Lambert Court
Lammas Road
Lanark Close
Landrake Road
Lapwood Avenue
Larch Road
Lawnswood Avenue
Laxton Close
Leacroft Road
Leaford Way
Lerryn Close
Lerwick Close
Levenwick Way
Lifton Croft
Lingfield Way
Linhope Drive
Lodge Lane
Lodge Lane
Lydgate Road
Lymsey Croft
Lyndon Grove
Lynwood Avenue
Lynwood Avenue
Maidendale Road
Maidensbridge Drive
Maidensbridge Gardens
Maidensbridge Road
Man Der Ville Gardens
Mancroft Close
Manor Park
Manor Park
Maple Grove
Market Street
Marsh Crescent
Mayfair Drive
Mayflower Drive
Maygrove Road
Maywood Close
Meadfoot Drive
Meadowsweet Way
Medina Way
Medway Close
Mellowdew Road
Metfield Croft
Middleway Avenue
Milcote Way
Millers Green Drive
Milton Street
Mimosa Walk
Monteagle Drive
Moss Grove
Moss Grove
Mount Pleasant
Mount Pleasant
Muirville Close
Mullett Street
Murdoch Drive
New Dudley Road
New Dudley Road
New Street
New Street
Newbridge Road
North View Drive
Oak Lane
Oak Street
Oakdale Close
Oakfield Avenue
Oakleigh Walk
Oasthouse Close
Orchard Court
Oregon Close
Ostler Close
Park Lane
Park Street
Parkview Court
Pensnett Road
Penzer Street
Penzer Street
Petchells Close
Pine Close
Pleasant Close
Ploughmans Walk
Ploverdale Crescent
Poplar Road
Portway Close
Prestwick Road
Primrose Park
Prosper Meadow
Pullman Drive
Quayle Grove
Queen Street
Queen Street
Quillets Road
Quorn Crescent
Redfly Lane
Redruth Close
Regency Place
Regent Close
Renown Close
Richmond Park
Ridge Road
Roach Close
Robin Close
Rokewood Close
Rookery Park
Rose Avenue
Ross Drive
Rowan Rise
Rushlight Gardens
Russett Way
Ryefield Way
Sanderling Rise
Sandfield Bridge
Sandmeadow Place
School Street
Second Avenue
Severn Drive
Silverdale Gardens
Smithy Lane
Southbank View
Southwood Close
Stalling's Lane
Stalling's Lane
Stalling's Lane
Standhills Road
Stewart Road
Stonefield Drive
Stream Park
Stream Road
Stream Road
Summer Hill
Summer Street
Summercourt Drive
Summercourt Square
Summerfield Avenue
Swan Street
Swindon Road
Swindon Road
Sycamore Road
Tansey Green Road
Tansey Green Road
Taper Close
Taper Close
Tarry Hollow Road
Tennyson Street
Terrace Street
Teviot Gardens
Thames Close
Thanet Close
The Crossing
The Knoll
The Lych Gate
The Nook
The Parade
The Plantation
The Portway
The Portway
The Rise
The Village
Third Avenue
Tiled House Lane
Tresham Road
Tunstall Road
Tythebarn Drive
Ullswater Gardens
Ullswater Rise
Underley Close
Vernier Avenue
Veronica Road
Vicarage Lane
Viceroy Close
Victoria Street
Victoria Street
Wainwright Close
Warren Gardens
Wartell Bank
Wasdale Drive
Water Street
Water Street
Waterford Road
Waterford Road
Weaver Close
Wesley Road
West View Drive
Wharfedale Close
Wharfedale Close
Wheatridge Close
White Oak Drive
Whitehall Road
Windermere Drive
Windmill Grove
Wolverhampton Road
Wolverhampton Road
Wolverhampton Road
Woodfield Avenue
Woodlawn Grove