The Town of Brighouse in the County of West Yorkshire

The town of Brighouse is located within the county of West Yorkshire.

Brighouse is situated in the Yorkshire and The Humber region of the UK and is governed by Bradford, Calderdale, councils.

The town of Brighouse is covers the following regions.

  • Bradford - West Yorkshire - Yorkshire and The Humber
  • Calderdale and Kirklees - West Yorkshire - Yorkshire and The Humber
  • Bradford
  • Calderdale
  • Brighouse : St Martin
  • Brighouse, Hove Edge: St Chad
  • Clifton: St John
  • Rastrick: St John the Divine
  • Rastrick: St Matthew

Where is Brighouse is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Brighouse in West Yorkshire

Dentists in Brighouse

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Brighouse
Bailiff Bridge Dental Surgery 629-631 Bradford Road Brighouse West Yorkshire HD6 4DN
Dental Surgery 10 Church Street Brighouse West Yorkshire HD6 3NF
Fresh Smile Clinic 2 High Street Brighouse West Yorkshire HD6 1DE
Park Street Dental Practice 42 Park Street Brighouse West Yorkshire HD6 1JL
S & S Care Limited 46-48 Bradford Road, Brighouse Huddersfield West Yorkshire HD6 1RY
West Park Dental Practice 2 West Park Street Brighouse West Yorkshire HD6 1DU

Opticians in Brighouse

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Brighouse
Donovan Smith Optometrist 7 Bethel Street Brighouse West Yorkshire HD6 1JR
Moorhouse Opticians (brighouse) 11 Chapel Court, Park Street Brighouse West Yorkshire HD6 1JL
See You At Home 24 Archbell Avenue Brighouse West Yorkshire HD6 3SU
Specsavers (brighouse) 57 Commercial Street Brighouse West Yorkshire HD6 1AF

Chemists in Brighouse

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Brighouse
Bailiff Bridge Pharmacy 615 Bradford Road, Bailiff Bridge Brighouse West Yorkshire HD6 4DN tel:01484 713238
Boots Uk Limited 59-61 Commercial Street Brighouse West Yorkshire HD6 1AF tel:01484 714070
Brighouse Pharmacy Church Lane Surgery, 24 Church Lane Brighouse West Yorkshire HD6 1AT tel:01484 766909
C E Naylor Rastrick Health Centre, Chapel Croft, Rastrick Brighouse West Yorkshire HD6 3NA tel:01484 714709
Instore Pharmacy Tesco Stores Ltd, Huddersfield Road Brighouse West Yorkshire HD6 1RZ tel:01484 887847
Rowlands Pharmacy 35 Church Lane Brighouse West Yorkshire HD6 1AT tel:01484 717984
Rowlands Pharmacy 98 Commercial Street Brighouse West Yorkshire HD6 1AQ tel:01484 715255
Ryans Pharmacy 2 Somerset House, Somerset Avenue Brighouse West Yorkshire HD6 3TR tel:01422 253510
Wellcare Pharmacy 2 Castle Avenue, Rastrick Brighouse West Yorkshire HD6 3HT tel:01484 723047

Doctors in Brighouse

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Brighouse
Church Lane Surgery 24 Church Lane Brighouse West Yorkshire HD6 1AT tel:01484 714349
Longroyde Surgery 38 Castle Avenue, Rastrick Brighouse West Yorkshire HD6 3HT tel:01484 721102
Rastrick Health Centre Chapel Croft, Rastrick, Brighouse Brighouse West Yorkshire HD6 3NA tel:01484 710853
Rydings Hall Surgery Rydings Hall, Church Lane Brighouse West Yorkshire HD6 1AT tel:01484 715324
List of Streets in Brighouse
Acacia Drive
Aire Street
Aire Street
Albert Street
Albion Street
Alegar Street
Alfred Street
America Lane
Amport Close
Anvil Street
Anvil Street
Archbell Avenue
Archer Road
Armitage Avenue
Armytage Road
Armytage Way
Arncliffe Crescent
Arnold Royd
Arthur Street
Ascot Grove
Ash Grove
Ash Grove Terrace
Ashlea Avenue
Ashlea Close
Ashlea Drive
Asquith Mews
Atherton Lane
Atlas Mill Road
Austin Avenue
Avenue No 2
Axminster Drive
Aysgarth Avenue
Back Charles Street
Back Close Lea
Back Close Lea Drive
Back Gooder Lane
Back New Street
Back William Street
Badger Hill
Bank Street
Barber Street
Barber Street
Barton Street
Bedale Avenue
Beech Grove
Beechwood Park
Belgrave Court
Bentley Avenue
Bethel Street
Birch Close
Birds Royd Lane
Birdswell Avenue
Birkby Lane
Birkhouse Road
Black Brook Court
Blackburn Road
Blake Law Lane
Blakelaw Drive
Bolehill Park
Bond Street
Bonegate Avenue
Bonegate Road
Booth Royd Lane
Bottomley Street
Bowling Alley
Bowling Alley Terrace
Bowling Court
Bracken Avenue
Bracken Close
Bracken Road
Bracken Road
Bradford Road
Bradford Road
Bradford Road
Bramston Gardens
Bramston Street
Brick And Tile Terrace
Brick Terrace
Bridge End
Bridge End
Bridge Road
Bridge Road
Brier Lane
Brighouse Wood Lane
Brighouse Wood Row
Broad Oak Lane
Broad Oak Street
Brook Grain Hill
Brooke Street
Brookfoot Lane
Brookfoot Lane
Brooklyn Terrace
Brookroyd Avenue
Bryan Street
Burnsall Road
Bute Avenue
Calder Street
Calder View
Cam Lane
Camm Street
Canal Street
Cannon Hall Close
Cannon Hall Drive
Capel Street
Carr Green Avenue
Carr Green Close
Carr Green Drive
Carr Green Lane
Carr Street
Castle Avenue
Castle Terrace
Castlefields Crescent
Castlefields Drive
Castlefields Road
Catherine Slack
Catherine Street
Cawcliffe Drive
Cawcliffe Road
Cawcliffe Road
Cedar Grove
Chapel Croft
Chapel Street
Charles Street
Church Farm
Church Lane
Church Paddocks
Church Street
Churchfields Road
Clara Street
Cliffe Avenue
Cliffe Road
Cliffe Road
Clifton Common
Clifton Common
Clifton Road
Clog Sole Road
Close Lea
Close Lea Avenue
Close Lea Drive
Close Lea Way
Closes Road
Clough Lane
Clough Lane
Co-Operative Buildings
Coach Road
Coal Pit Lane
Coal Pit Lane
Commercial Street
Common Terrace
Cookson Street
Cornwall Crescent
Cote Lane
Cote Lane
Cow Lane
Croft Place
Croft Place
Croft Street
Cromwell Bottom Drive
Cross Lane
Cross Street
Crossley Street
Crow Hurst Gardens
Crown Street
Crowtrees Crescent
Crowtrees Lane
Crowtrees Park
Daisy Road
Daisy Street
Danebury Road
Deep Lane
Delf Hill
Denham Street
Devon Way
Dewhirst Road
Dewsbury Road
Dyehouse Lane
Dyson Street
East Mount
East Street
East Street
East Street
Eastwood Street
Edward Street
Edward Street
Eleanor Street
Elland Road
Elland Road
Elm Wood Street
Elmwood Drive
Empsall Row
Fairless Avenue
Field Lane
Field Top
Field Top Road
Finkil Street
Firth Avenue
Firth Avenue
Firth House Lane
Firth Street
Fletcher Crescent
Foundry Street
Foxcroft Drive
Frances Street
Ganny Road
Garden Road
Garden Road
Gargrave Close
Garlick Street
Gathorne Street
Gathorne Street
George Street
George Street
Glyndon Court
Gooder Lane
Gooder Lane
Gooder Street
Grange Lane
Granny Hall Grove
Granny Hall Lane
Granny Hall Park
Green End
Green Lane
Green Lane
Greenfield Avenue
Greenfield Place
Greenhead Lane
Greystone Court
Grove Street
Haigh Street
Half House Lane
Halifax Road
Halifax Road
Halifax Road
Hall Street
Hangram Street
Hanson Road
Hardy Place
Hardy Street
Hardy Street
Harley Head Avenue
Harley Head Avenue
Harley Street
Harriet Street
Hawthorn Close
Hazel Grove
Healey Wood Crescent
Healey Wood Gardens
Healey Wood Grove
Healey Wood Road
Healey Wood Road
Heath Mount Road
Heaton Street
Henry Street
Hey Street
High Street
Highfield Avenue
Highfield Road
Highley Hall Croft
Highley Park
Highmoor Crescent
Highmoor Lane
Hions Close
Holly Bank Park
Holly Bank Road
Holme Street
Holtby Grove
Houghton Street
Houghton Street
Huddersfield Road
Huddersfield Road
Huddersfield Road
Huntingdon Road
Huntock Place
Imperial Close
Industrial Street
Industrial Street
Ivy Street
Ivy Terrace
Ivy Terrace
James Street
Jay House Lane
John Street
Jumble Dyke
Kenilworth Drive
Kiln Fold
Kimberley Street
King Street
Knightsbridge Court
Knowles Road
Laburnum Grove
Larkfield Court
Laura Street
Laura Street
Laverock Crescent
Laverock Lane
Lawson Road
Lee Street
Lightcliffe Road
Lilac Close
Lillands Avenue
Lillands Lane
Lillands Lane
Linden Close
Linton Grove
Lister Street
Little Woodhouse
Locksley Road
Long Fallas Crescent
Long Ridge
Longroyde Close
Longroyde Grove
Longroyde Road
Lord's Lane
Low Lane
Lower Crow Nest Drive
Lower Edge Road
Lower Finkil Street
Lower Fold
Lower Newlands
Lower Wyke Lane
Ludenscheid Link
Lyndhurst Avenue
Lyndhurst Grove Road
Lyndhurst Road
Malham Avenue
Malham Road
Manley Street
Marion Street
Market Street
Martin Street
Mary Street
Maryville Avenue
Maurice Avenue
Mayfield Avenue
Mayfield Grove
Mayster Grove
Mayster Road
Meadow Court
Mill Grove
Mill Hill Lane
Mill Hill Lane
Mill Lane
Mill Royd Street
Mission Street
Mitchell Street
Mount Lane
Mount Pleasant
New Hey Road
New Street
New Street
Newbury Road
Newlands Close
Newson Court
Newton Park
North Cut
Nunlea Royd
Nunnery Lane
Oakhill Road
Oakroyd Drive
Oaks Green Mount
Oddfellows Street
Oddfellows Street
Ogden Lane
Old Farm Way
Old Lane
Old Lane
Orchard Way
Owler Ings Road
Park Row
Park Street
Parsonage Lane
Phoenix Street
Piggott Street
Pinfold Lane
Pinfold Lane
Pond Farm Drive
Poplar View
Princess Street
Priory Road
Prospect Place
Prospect Place
Prospect Way
Quarry Court
Railway Street
Railway Street
Rastrick Common
Rayner Drive
Rayner Road
Rayner Road
Reeth Road
Regent Close
Reins Road
Richard Street
Richard Street
Ridge Hill
Ridge Lea
Ridge View Road
Ridgeway Gardens
Ripley Street
River Street
Robertson Avenue
Robin Hood Way
Rock Street
Rogerson Square
Rooke Lane
Rookery Place
Rookery Place
Rosemary Close
Rosemary Lane
Rough Heys Way
Rowan Drive
Rowan Drive
Royds Avenue
Russell Way
Rydings Avenue
Rydings Close
Rydings Drive
Ryecroft Close
Ryecroft Lane
Sage Grove
Savile Close
Savile Lane
Scholey Avenue
Scholey Road
School Green
Sefton Avenue
Sefton Crescent
Sefton Drive
Shaftesbury Avenue
Shannon Close
Shannon Road
Shepherds Thorn Lane
Sherburn Road
Sherwood Road
Ship Street
Shirley Grove
Slade Lane
Slead Avenue
Slead Crescent
Slead Grove
Slead Royd
Smith Crescent
Smith House Avenue
Smith House Close
Smith House Crescent
Smith House Drive
Smith House Grove
Smith House Lane
Smith House Lane
Smith House Lane
Smithy Carr Lane
Smithy Carr Lane
Somerset Avenue
South Grove
South Street
South View Court
Sovereign Square
Spout Hill
Spout House Lane
Spout House Lane
Spring Street
Springfield Grove
Spruce Heights
St Andrew's Drive
St Chad's Avenue
St Giles Close
St Giles Road
St John Street
St Martin's View
Stanley Street
Stoney Hill
Stoney Hill
Stoney Lane
Stratton Close
Stratton Park
Stratton Road
Studleigh Terrace
Sugden Close
Summerfield Avenue
Sunderland Court
Sunderland Court
Sunderland Way
Sunny Bank Road
Sunnydale Avenue
Sutcliffe Wood Lane
Sycamore Drive
Sycamore View
The Copse
The Hoods
The Ings
The Orchards
The Spinney
Thomas Street
Thornes Park
Thornhill Bridge Lane
Thornhill Bridge Lane
Thornhill Bridge Lane
Thornhill Road
Thornhill Road
Thornhills Beck Lane
Thornhills Lane
Thornhills Lane
Thornton Road
Till Carr Lane
Tithe Barn View
Tofts Grove
Toothill Avenue
Toothill Bank
Toothill Lane
Towngate Avenue
Trevelyan Street
Tufters Fold
Upper Bonegate
Upper Green Lane
Vale Street
Vale Street
Valley Avenue
Vicarage Gardens
Victoria Avenue
Victoria Chase
Victoria Place
Victoria Road
Victoria Street
Vine Close
Vine Court
Vine Garth
Vine Grove
Vulcan Street
Wakefield Road
Wakefield Road
Wakefield Road
Walter Clough Lane
Warren Park
Warren Park Close
Water Street
Waterloo Road
Waterloo Road
Well Close Street
Well Green Lane
Well Grove
Well Lane
Wensley Grove
Wentworth Court
West Avenue
West Park Street
West Street
West Street
Westminster Road
Wharf Street
Wherwell Road
Whinney Hill Park
William Henry Street
William Street
Wilton Street
Windermere Rise
Windsor Walk
Wood Bottom Lane
Wood Croft
Wood Street
Wood Top
Wood View Grove
Woodhead Lane
Woodhouse Gardens
Woodhouse Lane
Woodhouse Lane
Woodland Drive
Woodvale Road
Woolrow Lane
Wyke Old Lane
Ye Farre Close
York Street