The Town of Ossett in the County of West Yorkshire

The town of Ossett is located within the county of West Yorkshire.

Ossett is situated in the Yorkshire and The Humber region of the UK and is governed by Kirklees, Wakefield, councils.

The town of Ossett is covers the following regions.

  • Calderdale and Kirklees - West Yorkshire - Yorkshire and The Humber
  • Wakefield - West Yorkshire - Yorkshire and The Humber
  • Kirklees
  • Wakefield
  • Ossett: Trinity Church
  • South Ossett: Christ Church

Where is Ossett is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Ossett in West Yorkshire

Dentists in Ossett

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Ossett
Dental Practice 46 Bank Street Ossett West Yorkshire WF5 8NW
Wesley Dental Care 68 Bank Street Ossett West Yorkshire WF5 8NW
Wesley Street Dental Practice Consort House, Wesley Street Ossett West Yorkshire WF5 8ET

Opticians in Ossett

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Ossett
Auckland Opticians (ossett) 27 Towngate Ossett West Yorkshire WF5 9BL
Date Opticians Ltd 5 Wesley Street Ossett West Yorkshire WF5 8ER

Chemists in Ossett

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Ossett
As Carlton Ltd 10 Station Road Ossett West Yorkshire WF5 8AD tel:01924 275595
Giles & Ward Pharmacy 21 Church Street Ossett West Yorkshire WF5 9DG tel:01924 264800
Ossett Pharmacy Ossett Health Village, Kingsway Ossett West Yorkshire WF5 8DF tel:01924 910810
Well Ossett - Dale Street Yorkshire Co-op Foodstore, Dale Street Ossett West Yorkshire WF5 9HQ tel:01924 273178

Doctors in Ossett

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Ossett
Church Street Surgery Ossett Health Village, Kingsway Ossett West Yorkshire WF5 8DF tel:01924 217667
Prospect Surgery Ossett Health Village, Kingsway Ossett West Yorkshire WF5 8DF tel:01924 274123
List of Streets in Ossett
Albion Croft
Ash Close
Ashbrook Close
Ashleigh Gardens
Ashmore Drive
Ashwood Court
Aston Court
Athold Drive
Athold Street
Audrey Street
Back Lane
Bank Street
Bankfield Close
Baptist Lane
Barmby Close
Barmby Crescent
Barmby Fold
Beech Court
Belgrave Avenue
Belgrave Street
Belgrave Street
Berryfield Garth
Birchen Avenue
Blue Butts
Bradwell Lane
Branstone Grove
Bridle Avenue
Bridle Lane
Bridle Place
Broad View
Broadacre Road
Broadowler Lane
Broadwell Road
Brook Close
Brook Street
Brookdale Avenue
Brooklands Court
Broomcroft Road
Calder Close
Calder Veiw
Calder View
Calverts Walk
Cardigan Lane
Carlton Court
Cavewell Close
Cavewell Gardens
Cedar Avenue
Chancery Court
Chancery Lane
Chancery Road
Chapel Street
Charles Street
Charlotte Grove
Chidswell Lane
Church Street
Constable Drive
Cromwell Place
Cross Keys
Cross Ryecroft Street
Cross Street
Crown Point Close
Crown Point Drive
Crown Point Road
Crown Street
Crownlands Lane
Crownlands Lane
Cyprus Street
Dale Close
Dale Street
Dale Street
Dearden Street
Denholme Drive
Dewsbury Road
Dewsbury Road
Dimple Gardens
Dimple Wells Close
Dimple Wells Lane
Dimple Wells Road
Dunstan Close
East View
Eden Avenue
Elder Mews
Eldon Street
Elm Close
Fairfield Avenue
Fairfield Close
Fairfield Drive
Fairfield Gardens
Fairfield Mount
Fairfield Road
Fairfield Terrace
Fairfield Walk
Far Richard Close
Fearnley Avenue
Fearnley Drive
Fellowsides Lane
Field Lane
Fisher Grove
Garden Close
Gawthorpe Lane
George Street
Gordon Avenue
Goring Park Avenue
Grange Drive
Greatfield Close
Greatfield Drive
Greatfield Gardens
Greatfield Road
Green Park Avenue
Greenacres Close
Greenfield Avenue
Greenfield Close
Greenfield Road
Greystones Drive
Grove Street
Guildford Street
Gunson Crescent
Haggs Hill Road
Harvest Mews
Hawthorn Terrace
Headlands Avenue
Headlands Grove
Headlands Park
Headlands Road
Headlands Walk
Healey Crescent
Healey Drive
Healey Road
Heather Close
Heather View
High Close
High Street
Highfield Court
Hilda Street
Hillcrest Avenue
Hinchcliffe Avenue
Hirstlands Avenue
Hirstlands Drive
Hirstlands Drive
Holly Approach
Holly Dene
Holly Mede
Holme Field
Holme Leas Drive
Holme Way
Hope Street
Horbury Road
Horbury Road
Horton Street
Hostingley Lane
Howard Street
Howroyd's Yard
Illingworth Street
Ingfield Avenue
Intake Lane
Intake Lane
Junction Lane
King Street
Kings Close
Kings Croft
Kings Lea
Kings Meadow
Kings Meadow
Kings Paddock
Kingsway Close
Kingsway Court
Kingsway Gardens
Kingsway Mews
Kingsway Mews
Knoll Close
Lady Close
Lady Mill Lane
Laurel Court
Lavery Close
Lee Court
Leeds Road
Leopold Street
Lime Street
Lionel Street
Littlefield Grove
Littlefield Road
Lodge Hill Road
Lombardi Court
Longlands Close
Longlands Road
Love Lane
Low Fold
Low Mill Road
Lynda Grove
Manor Avenue
Manor Close
Manor Court
Manor Drive
Manor Grove
Manor Lane
Manor Road
Maple Court
Mapplewell Crescent
Mapplewell Drive
Marlborough Street
Marsden Avenue
Marsden Avenue
Maryfield Gardens
Matty Marsden Lane
Mayfield Court
Mayfield Gardens
Meadow View
Milner Way
Milner Way
Milton Place
Moorlands Avenue
Mortimer Rise
Mortimer Rise
Naylor Street
Neston Way
Netherly Brow
Nettleton Chase
Nettleton Street
New Street
New Street
New Street
Northfield Avenue
Northfield Road
Old Church Street
Old Mill Yard
Oldfield Close
Owl Lane
Palesides Avenue
Park Court
Park Gardens
Park Mill Lane
Park Square
Park Street
Parkfield Drive
Parkfield View
Pickering Drive
Pickering Lane
Pickersgill Street
Pildacre Brow
Pildacre Croft
Pildacre Lane
Prestwick Fold
Priory Close
Priory Croft
Priory Road
Prospect Road
Prospect Road
Prospect Road
Queen Street
Queen's Crescent
Queen's Drive
Queen's Gardens
Queen's Terrace
Queen's Walk
Queens Drive Close
Richmond Garth
Rock House Way
Roundwood Road
Royd Head Farm
Royds Avenue
Runtlings Lane
Rushmead Court
Rydale Court
Ryecroft Street
Sandholme Drive
Saville Park
Saville Street
School Street
Shearburn Close
Silverwood Grange
Smith Way
South Parade
South Street
South Terrace
Southdale Gardens
Southdale Road
Southdale Road
Sowood Avenue
Sowood Gardens
Sowood Grange
Sowood Lane
Sowood Lane
Sowood View
Spa Croft Road
Spa Lane
Spa Street
Spring End Road
Spring Mill Lane
Spring Mill Lane
Spring View
Springstone Avenue
Springwell Road
St Aiden's Walk
St John's Avenue
St John's Crescent
St Oswalds Place
St Peters Gate
Station Road
Station Road
Stithy Street
Stoneleigh Grove
Storrs Hill Road
Storrs Hill Road
Sunnybank Street
Sunnydale Croft
Sunnydale Gardens
Sunnydale Park
Sunnydale Road
Sunnydale Terrace
Swithenbank Avenue
Swithenbank Street
Tateley Close
Tateley Lane
Taylor Close
Taylor Crescent
Taylor Drive
Teall Court
Teall Street
Tenterfield Road
The Green
The Green
The Hawthorns
The Orchard
The Wheatings
Thorpe View
Tolson Street
Top Headlands
Town End
Town End
Town End
Trinity View
Tumbling Close
Turn O'the Nook
Union Street
Valley Road
Valley View Road
Ventnor Close
Ventnor Drive
Ventnor Way
Vicar Lane
Wakefield Road
Warneford Avenue
Wells Way
Wesley Court
Wesley Street
West Wells Crescent
West Wells Road
Westcroft Drive
Westfield Crescent
Westfield Drive
Westfield Farm
Westfield Street
Westwood Road
Wheatroyd Crescent
Whinfield Terrace
Whitley Spring Crescent
Whitley Spring Road
Willow Grove
Wilman Drive
Wilman Post
Wilson Avenue
Wobourn Court
Wood Grove
Wood Street
Woodbine Street
Woodhead Close
Wycliffe Street
Zion Street