The Town of Redditch in the County of Worcestershire

The town of Redditch is located within the county of Worcestershire.

Redditch is situated in the West Midlands (England) region of the UK and is governed by Bromsgrove, Redditch, Stratford-on-Avon, councils.

The town of Redditch is covers the following regions.

  • Worcestershire - Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire - West Midlands (England)
  • Warwickshire - Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire - West Midlands (England)
  • Bromsgrove
  • Redditch
  • Stratford-on-Avon
  • Church Hill: St Andrew's Church Centre
  • Crabbs Cross: St Peter
  • Greenlands: St John the Evangelist
  • Headless Cross: St Luke
  • Ipsley: St Peter
  • Matchborough: Christ Church
  • Redditch: St Stephen
  • Webheath: St Philip

Where is Redditch is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Redditch in Worcestershire

Dentists in Redditch

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Redditch
Crabbs Cross Dental Surgery Evesham Road Redditch Worcestershire B97 5JB
Dental Centre Of Excellence No 5 Tanhouse Lane Redditch Worcestershire B98 9AA
Dental Surgery 107 Archer Road Redditch Worcestershire B98 8DJ
Dental Surgery Churchill Development Centre, Loxley Close Redditch Worcestershire B98 9JG
Headless Cross Dental Practice 3-5 Birchfield Road Redditch Worcestershire B97 4LB
Kingfisher Dental Surgery 272 Evesham Road Redditch Worcestershire B97 5EP
Matchborough Dental Practice Matchborough Centre, Matchborough Way Redditch Worcestershire B98 0EP
Oasis Dental Care 53 Bromsgrove Road Redditch Worcestershire B97 4RH
Pinnacle Orthodontics 343 Birchfield Road Redditch Worcestershire B97 4NE
Red House Dental Clinic The Red House, Prospect Hill Redditch Worcestershire B97 4BG
Smallwood Dental Clinic Smallwood House, Church Green West Redditch Worcestershire B97 4BD
Tynsall Avenue (dental Surgery) 11 Tynsall Avenue Redditch Worcestershire B97 5SF
Winyates Health Centre Winyates Centre Redditch Worcestershire B98 0NR

Opticians in Redditch

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Redditch
4845 Redditch Asda Opticians, Jinnah Road, Smallwood Redditch B98 7ER
Bainbridge Optometrists (redditch) 14 Kingfisher Walk, Kingfisher Shopping Centre Redditch Worcestershire B97 4EY
Boots Opticians (redditch) 7 Kingfisher Walk Redditch Worcestershire B97 4EY
Eyedeals Direct 9 Evesham Walk, Kingfisher Shopping Centre Redditch Worcestershire B97 4ET
Redditch Extra Coldfield Drive, Oakenshaw Redditch Worcestershire B98 7RU
Specsavers (redditch) 13 New Walk, Kingfisher Shopping Centre Redditch Worcestershire B97 4YP
Vision Express (redditch) Unit 7, New Walk, Kingfisher Shopping Centre Redditch Worcestershire B97 4YP
Winyates Opticians Unit 8, 17 Winyates Shopping Centre Redditch Worcestershire B98 0NR

Chemists in Redditch

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Redditch
Boots Uk Ltd Unit 1-4, Kingfisher Walk, Kingfisher Shopping Centre Redditch Worcestershire B97 4EY tel:01527 68166 18 Oxleasow Road, East Moons Moat Redditch Worcestershire B98 0RE tel:08081 561686
County Pharmacy 13-15 Church Road Redditch Worcestershire B97 4AB tel:01527 591501
Hillview Pharmacy Hillview Pharmacy, 60 Bromsgrove Road Redditch Worcestershire B97 4RN tel:01527 591737
Homeward Pharmacy Pipers Road, Park Farm Ind Estate, Park Farm Industrial Estate Redditch Worcestershire B98 0HU tel:01225 580289
Knights Crabbs Cross Pharmacy 434 Evesham Road, Crabbs Cross Redditch Worcestershire B97 5JB tel:01527 402146
Knights Headless Cross Pharmacy 65 Evesham Road, Headless Cross Redditch Worcestershire B97 4JX tel:01527 545194
Knights Winyates Pharmacy Winyates Health Centre, Winyates Centre Redditch Worcestershire B98 0NR tel:01527 529277
Lloyds Pharmacy 15 William Street Redditch Worcestershire B97 4AJ tel:01527 592109
Lloydspharmacy Church Road Redditch Worcestershire B97 4AB tel:01527 64337
Rowlands Pharmacy 7 Church Green West Redditch Worcestershire B97 4DU tel:01527 62431
Rowlands Pharmacy Churchill Neighbourhood Centre, Tanhouse Lane Redditch Worcestershire B98 9AA tel:01527 65771
Stock And Lindsay Ltd Unit 3, Matchborough Centre, Matchborough Way Redditch Worcestershire B98 0EP tel:01527 501817
Tesco In Store Pharmacy Coldfield Drive Redditch Worcestershire B98 7RU tel:01527 535847
Woodrow Pharmacy 9 Woodrow Centre Redditch Worcestershire B98 7RY tel:01527 501143

Doctors in Redditch

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Redditch
Crabbs Cross Medical Centre The Medical Centre, 39 Kenilworth Close, Crabbs Cross Redditch Worcestershire B97 5JX tel:01527 402149
Crabbs Cross Surgery 38 Kenilworth Close, Crabbs Cross Redditch Worcestershire B97 5JX tel:01527 544610
Elgar House Church Road Redditch Worcestershire B97 4AB tel:01527 69261
Hillview Medical Centre 60 Bromsgrove Road Redditch Worcestershire B97 4RN tel:01527 66511
Maple View Medical Practice Churchill Medical Centre, Tanhouse Lane, Church Hill Redditch Worcestershire B98 9AA tel:01527 910501
Millstream Surgery Cherry Tree Walk, Batchley Redditch Worcestershire B97 6PB
St Stephens Surgery St. Stephens Surgery, Adelaide Street Redditch Worcestershire B97 4AL tel:01527 595600
The Bridge Surgery 8 Evesham Road Redditch Worcestershire B97 4LA tel:0844 4771758
The Dow Surgery William Street Redditch Worcestershire B97 4AJ tel:01527 62285
The Woodrow Medical Ctre Woodrow Centre, Woodrow Redditch Worcestershire B98 7RY tel:01527 917010
Winyates Health Centre Winyates Centre, Winyates Way Redditch Worcestershire B98 0NR tel:01527 513888
List of Streets in Redditch
Abberley Close
Abbey Road
Abbeyfields Drive
Abbots Wood Close
Acanthus Road
Acre Lane
Acton Close
Adelaide Street
Adelaide Street
Albert Street
Alcester Highway
Alcester Street
Alcester Walk
Aldborough Lane
Alder Carr Close
Alderbrook Close
Aldermans Lane
Alders Close
Alders Drive
Aldington Close
Allensmore Close
Almondsbury Close
Alton Close
Alvechurch Highway
Alvechurch Highway
Alvechurch Highway
Alveley Close
Alveston Close
Ambergate Close
Ansley Close
Appletree Lane
Archer Road
Ardens Close
Arley Close
Arrow Road North
Arrow Road South
Arrowdale Road
Arrowdale Road
Arthur Street
Arthur Street
Ash Tree Road
Ashmores Close
Ashorne Close
Ashperton Close
Ashton Close
Aspall Close
Astley Close
Aston Close
Atcham Close
Atherstone Close
Atworth Close
Austcliff Close
Auxerre Avenue
Avenbury Close
Avonbank Close
Badger Close
Banners Lane
Barford Close
Barlich Way
Barnwood Close
Barrow Close
Bartestree Close
Bartleet Road
Bascote Close
Batchley Road
Bates Hill
Batsford Close
Battens Close
Battens Drive
Beaufort Street
Beaufort Street
Beckett Close
Beech Tree Close
Belbroughton Close
Belmont Close
Bengrove Close
Bentley Close
Beoley Road East
Beoley Road West
Beoley Road West
Berkeley Close
Berkeswell Close
Berrington Close
Bilbury Close
Binton Close
Birchensale Road
Birchfield Road
Birchfield Road
Birchfield Road
Birmingham Road
Birmingham Road
Bishopstone Close
Black Soils Road
Blackstitch Lane
Blackwell Lane
Blakemere Close
Blockley Close
Blythe Close
Bodenham Close
Boot Piece Lane
Bordesley Lane
Bordesley Lane
Boultons Lane
Bowood Court
Boxnott Close
Breaches Lane
Bredon View
Breedon Gardens
Brickyard Lane
Bridge Street
Bridley Moor Road
Brinklow Close
Britannia Close
Britten Street
Britten Street
Broad Ground Road
Broadwas Close
Brockhill Drive
Brockhill Lane
Bromfield Road
Bromsgrove Highway
Bromsgrove Highway
Bromsgrove Highway
Bromsgrove Road
Brook Street
Brookfield Close
Brooklands Lane
Brotherton Avenue
Brueton Drive
Burns Close
Burnt Meadow Road
Burrington Close
Burton Lane
Bushley Close
Butler's Hill Lane
Byford Close
Byron Road
Callow Hill Lane
Campden Close
Cardington Close
Cardy Close
Carlton Close
Carthorse Lane
Castleditch Lane
Caynham Close
Cedar Park Road
Cedar Road
Cedar View
Cemetery Lane
Chaddesley Close
Chadwick Mews
Chandlers Close
Chapel Street
Chapel Street
Charlecote Close
Charles Street
Charles Street
Chedworth Close
Chelmarsh Close
Cherington Close
Cherry Tree Walk
Cherry Tree Walk
Chesterton Close
Cheswick Close
Church Down Close
Church Green East
Church Green East
Church Green West
Church Green West
Church Hill
Church Hill Way
Church Hill Way
Church Road
Church Road
Churchfield Court
Clarendon Close
Clarke Street
Claverdon Close
Claybrook Drive
Claybrook Drive
Clearwell Road
Cleeve Close
Clent Avenue
Clews Road
Clifton Close
Clive Road
Clive Road
Cofton Close
Coldfield Drive
Coldfield Drive
Coleford Close
Colemeadow Road
Coleridge Close
Coleshill Close
Collinson Close
Colts Lane
Compton Close
Congleton Close
Cookridge Close
Coppice Close
Corner Lane
Cornhampton Close
Cornwell Close
Cosford Close
Costers Lane
Coventry Highway
Coventry Highway
Coventry Highway
Crabbs Cross Lane
Crabtree Close
Cradley Close
Cranham Close
Croft Close
Croome Close
Cropthorne Close
Crossgate Road
Crumpfields Lane
Cur Lane
Dagnell End Road
Dagtail Lane
Dairy Lane
Dale Road
Damson Close
Danzey Close
Davids Close
Daybrook Close
Deans Close
Deer Barn Hill
Deerhurst Close
Defford Close
Devonport Close
Didcot Close
Dilwyn Close
Dinedor Close
Dinmore Close
Ditchford Close
Dixon Close
Dolben Lane
Dolphin Road
Donnington Close
Dormston Close
Dorridge Close
Dovecote Close
Doverdale Close
Dowler's Hill Crescent
Downsell Road
Drakes Close
Draycott Close
Drayton Close
Driffield Close
Dumphouse Lane
Dunchurch Close
Dunlop Road
Dunstall Close
Dursley Lane
Duxford Close
Eadie Mews
Eagle Road
Eardisley Close
Earls Close
Easemore Road
Easemore Road
Easenhall Lane
Eastham Place
Eastnor Close
Eathorpe Close
Eckington Close
Edenfield Close
Edgeworth Close
Edgmond Close
Edward Street
Edward Street
Eldersfield Close
Elgar Close
Elizabeth Way
Ellerdene Close
Ellerdene Close
Elm Road
Elmhurst Close
Elmstone Close
Elrington Close
Elvington Close
Enfield Road
Epsom Close
Erwood Close
Ettingley Close
Evenlode Close
Evesham Road
Evesham Road
Evesham Road
Evesham Street
Exhall Close
Eyton Close
Fairbourne Gardens
Fairford Close
Fairweather Close
Far Moor Lane
Farlow Close
Farm Road
Farmcote Close
Farnborough Close
Farthing Lane
Featherbed Lane
Feckenham Road
Feckenham Road
Felton Close
Fenwick Close
Ferney Hill Avenue
Fernwood Close
Field Farm Lane
Findon Close
Fir Tree Close
Fish Hill
Fishing Line Road
Fladbury Close
Flanders Close
Flaxley Close
Fleetwood Close
Flyford Close
Fordbridge Close
Foredrift Close
Forest View
Forge Mill Road
Four Oaks Close
Fownhope Close
Foxcote Close
Foxholes Lane
Foxlydiate Crescent
Foxlydiate Lane
Foxlydiate Lane
Frankton Close
Fringe Meadow Road
Fulbrook Close
Furze Lane
Ganborough Close
Garden Meadow Close
Garway Close
Gateley Close
Gaydon Close
Gibbs Road
Gilbertstone Close
Gisburn Close
Glebe Close
Glenfield Close
Gloucester Close
Gloucester Close
Glover Street
Goodrich Close
Goosehill Close
Goscote Close
Grafton Close
Granby Close
Grange Road
Grangers Lane
Granhill Close
Grazing Lane
Great Barn Lane
Great Hockings Lane
Green Lane
Green Lane
Green Lane
Green Sward Lane
Greenford Close
Greenlands Avenue
Greenlands Drive
Grendon Close
Gretton Close
Greystone Close
Grimley Close
Grove Street
Guinness Close
Hadlow Close
Hallowfields Close
Hamilton Road
Hampton Close
Harbury Close
Haresfield Close
Harport Road
Harpswell Avenue
Harris Close
Harrison Road
Hartlebury Close
Harvington Close
Haseley Close
Hatfield Close
Hatton Close
Hawkesbury Close
Hawthorn Road
Hayford Close
Hazel Road
Headless Cross Drive
Headless Cross Drive
Heathfield Road
Heathfield Road
Hedera Road
Hedgerow Close
Heming Road
Heming Road
Hemming's Entry
Hennals Avenue
Hentland Close
Herbert Street
Heronfield Close
Hewell Lane
Hewell Road
Hewell Road
High Trees Close
Highfield Avenue
Highfield Road
Highland Way
Highley Close
Hill Top
Hillmorton Close
Himbleton Close
Hindlip Close
Holloway Drive
Holloway Drive
Holloway Lane
Holloway Lane
Holloway Park
Hollowfields Close
Hollyberry Close
Holmwood Drive
Holy Oaks Close
Home Meadow Lane
Honeychurch Close
Hopyard Lane
Hoveton Close
Howard Road
Huband Close
Huins Close
Hunt End Lane
Huntingdon Close
Ibstock Close
Icknield Street
Icknield Street
Icknield Street
Icknield Street Drive
Icknield Street Drive
Illshaw Close
Ilmington Close
Impney Close
Insetton Close
Ipsley Church Lane
Ipsley Lane
Ipsley Street
Ipsley Street
Ipsley Street
Ivor Road
Izod Street
Jackfield Close
Jakeman Close
Jays Close
Jersey Close
Jinnah Road
Johnson Close
Jordans Close
Jubilee Avenue
Keele Close
Kemble Street
Kempsey Close
Kempsford Close
Ken Somner Gardens
Kenchester Close
Kendal Close
Kenilworth Close
Kenneth Vincent Close
Kerry Croft Close
Kerswell Close
Kilpeck Close
Kimberley Close
Kineton Close
Kingham Close
Kingscote Close
Kingsley Avenue
Kingstone Place
Kinlet Close
Kinnersley Close
Kite Lane
Kitebrook Close
Knightsford Close
Knowle Close
Laburnum Close
Ladbrook Close
Lady Harriet's Lane
Ladygrove Close
Landor Road
Langley Close
Lapworth Close
Larkfield Road
Lassington Close
Latchford Close
Laurel Close
Lea Croft Road
Lechlade Close
Leckhampton Close
Ledbury Close
Lench Close
Leysters Close
Lightoak Close
Lilac Close
Lilleshall Close
Lily Green Lane
Lime Tree Crescent
Lindridge Close
Lineholt Close
Lingen Close
Linton Close
Linton Mews
Little Acre
Little Forge Road
Little Woods
Lock Close
Lodge Pool Drive
Lodge Road
Longborough Close
Longdon Close
Longfellow Close
Longhope Close
Longmoor Close
Lordswood Close
Lovage Road
Love Lyne
Lowans Hill View
Lower Common Lane
Lower Common Lane
Lower Grinsty Lane
Lowfield Lane
Lowlands Lane
Loxley Close
Ludlow Road
Lydham Close
Lydney Close
Lygon Close
Mabey Avenue
Madeley Road
Mainstone Close
Maisemore Close
Malfield Avenue
Mallard Close
Malvern Road
Mansell Road
Mappleborough Close
Marchwood Close
Margaret Llewlyn Davies Close
Mark Close
Market Place
Market Place
Market Walk
Market Walk
Marlfield Lane
Marlpit Lane
Marlpool Drive
Marsden Road
Marshfield Close
Martley Close
Mason Close
Mason Road
Matchborough Way
Maxstoke Close
Meadow Hill Crescent
Meadowhill Road
Meir Road
Melbury Way
Melen Street
Melen Street
Mercot Close
Merevale Close
Meriden Close
Merse Road
Michaelwood Close
Mickleton Close
Middle Piece Drive
Middle Piece Drive
Middlehouse Lane
Middleton Close
Middleton Mews
Milcote Close
Milford Close
Milhill Road
Mill Street
Mill Street
Millrace Road
Millrace Road
Millsbro Road
Milton Close
Minworth Close
Mitcheldean Close
Moons Moat Drive
Moons Moat Drive
Moorcroft Close
Moorcroft Gardens
Moorgate Close
Mordiford Close
Morsefield Lane
Morton Lane
Mount Pleasant
Mount Street
Munsley Close
Myrtle Avenue
Nailsworth Road
Nairn Close
Napton Close
Naseby Close
Nash Road
Needle Mill Lane
Neighbrook Close
Neville Close
New Meadow Road
Newent Close
Newland Close
Newport Close
Newton Close
Nine Days Lane
Noonan Close
Norbury Close
Norgrove Lane
Northfield Close
Northleach Close
Northside Close
Norton Close
Oak Tree Avenue
Oakenshaw Road
Oakham Close
Oakly Road
Oakridge Close
Offenham Close
Offwell Road
Old Crest Avenue
Old Forge Drive
Old Forge Drive
Oldbury Close
Ombersley Close
Orchard Street
Oswald Street
Oswestry Close
Other Road
Other Road
Otter Close
Outwood Close
Oversley Close
Oxhill Close
Oxleasow Road
Packwood Close
Padbury Close
Paddock Lane
Padgets Lane
Painswick Close
Palmers Road
Paper Mill Drive
Paper Mill Drive
Park Court
Park Way
Parkfield Close
Parklands Close
Parmington Close
Parsons Road
Parsons Road
Partridge Lane
Patch Lane
Paxford Close
Peakman Street
Pebworth Close
Pedmore Close
Pembridge Close
Pennyford Close
Perryfields Close
Peterbrook Close
Petton Close
Pheasant Lane
Phillips Terrace
Pine Tree Close
Pink Green Lane
Pioneer Close
Pipers Road
Pitchcombe Close
Pitchcombe Close
Plumstead Close
Plymouth Close
Plymouth Court
Plymouth Road
Polesworth Close
Pool Bank
Pool Bank
Poplar Road
Poplar Road
Prestbury Close
Preston Close
Priestfield Road
Proctors Barn Lane
Proctors Barn Lane
Prophets Close
Prospect Hill
Prospect Road North
Prospect Road South
Prudden Close
Pulman Close
Pumphouse Lane
Purshall Close
Queen Street
Quibury Close
Quinneys Lane
Quinton Close
Radway Close
Raglis Close
Rangeworthy Close
Ravens Bank Drive
Ravensmere Road
Rectory Road
Red Hill
Red Hill Close
Red Lion Street
Redditch Ringway
Redditch Ringway
Redditch Ringway
Redditch Ringway
Redditch Road
Redstone Close
Reyde Close
Reynard Close
Reynard Close
Rickyard Lane
Ridings Lane
Robins Lane
Robinson Mews
Rochester Close
Rockford Close
Romsley Close
Rookery Close
Rosedale Close
Rosehall Close
Rough Hill Drive
Rough Hill Drive
Rowan Crescent
Rowan Road
Runcorn Close
Rush Lane
Rushock Close
Ryegrass Lane
Ryton Close
Salford Close
Salop Road
Salter's Lane
Sanders Close
Sandhurst Close
Sandon Close
Sandygate Close
Scott Road
Sedgley Close
Seven Acres Lane
Seymour Drive
Shakels Close
Shakespeare Avenue
Shawbank Road
Shawbury Close
Shaws Close
Sheepcroft Close
Sheldon Road
Shelley Close
Sheltwood Close
Sherbourne Close
Shipston Close
Shirehampton Close
Shireland Lane
Shottery Close
Sillins Avenue
Sillins Avenue
Silver Street
Silver Street
Silver Street
Skilts Avenue
Slimbridge Close
Smallwood Street
Snowshill Close
South Street
Southcrest Gardens
Southcrest Road
Southlands Court
Southmead Crescent
Spetchley Close
Springhill Gardens
Springvale Drive
Springvale Road
St Georges Road
St Peter's Close
St Stephens Gardens
Stableford Close
Stallard Close
Stanford Close
Stanley Close
Stapleton Close
Station Way
Station Way
Stevenson Avenue
Stoke Lane
Stonehouse Close
Stoneleigh Close
Stonepits Lane
Studley Road
Studley Road
Summer Street
Summerhouse Close
Sunningdale Close
Sutton Close
Swinburne Road
Sycamore Avenue
Sydnall Close
Tanhouse Lane
Tanwood Close
Temple Close
Tenacres Lane
Tenbury Close
Tennyson Road
Terrys Close
The Folly
The Mayfields
The Mayfields
The Meadway
The Rough
The Slough
Thornbury Lane
Thorncliffe Close
Thornhill Road
Throckmorton Road
Thruxton Close
Ticknall Close
Tidbury Close
Tillington Close
Tipping's Hill
Torrs Close
Towbury Close
Tredington Close
Trescott Road
Treville Close
Tunnel Drive
Turnpike Lane
Twiners Road
Tynsall Avenue
Tysoe Close
Ullapool Close
Underhill Close
Underwood Close
Unicorn Hill
Union Street
Upper Crossgate Road
Upper Field Close
Upper Hall Close
Upton Close
Valley Close
Vaynor Drive
Vernon Close
Vicarage Crescent
Vicarage View
Victoria Street
Vine Street
Vowchurch Close
Walkers Road
Walkwood Crescent
Walkwood Road
Walton Close
Wapping Lane
Warwick Highway
Warwick Highway
Warwick Highway
Washford Drive
Washford Drive
Washford Lane
Watery Lane
Weatheroak Close
Weavers Hill
Weights Lane
Welford Close
Well Close
Wellesbourne Close
Wellington Street
West Avenue
West Street
West Street
Westbury Place
Wharrad Close
Wharrington Close
Wharrington Hill
Wheatcroft Close
Wheelers Lane
Whitehouse Lane
William Street
Willow Way
Wilson Close
Windmill Drive
Windmill Drive
Windmill Gardens
Windrush Close
Windsor Road
Winforton Close
Winslow Close
Winstone Close
Winterborne Close
Winward Road
Winyate Hill
Winyates Way
Winyates Way
Wirehill Drive
Wishaw Close
Wolverton Close
Wood Piece Lane
Woodberrow Lane
Woodbury Close
Woodcote Close
Woodend Close
Woodfield Close
Woodgreen Close
Woodland Road
Woodland Road
Woodrow Centre
Woodrow Drive
Woodrow North
Woodrow South
Woodrow Walk
Woolaston Road
Woolhope Close
Wooton Close
Wordsley Close
Wordsworth Avenue
Wychbold Close
Wychwood Drive
Yardley Close
Yarningale Close
Yarr Mill Close
Yeadon Close
Yew Tree Close
Yvonne Road