Streetlist is an online gazetteer of over 800,000 streets and roads in the UK. 

Explore the nation’s highways and byways.

Streetlist offers a real insight what the road is really like and provides an invaluable tool for both house buyer and occasional visitor alike.

  • View Crime Statistics.
  • View maps and street view.
  • Find out details about the streets location.
  • Find dialling codes and postcodes.
  • View local weather.
  • See a gallery of photos taken nearby.
  • View local issues on ‘Fix my Street’.
  • View House Sales.
  • View details of nearby schools.
  • Find transport information such as nearest stations, ferries or airports.
  • View contact details of the Local Council, County Council.
  • View which electoral ward and Westminster constituency the street is in.
  • Read comments left by locals on what a street is really like to live in.
  • Find nearby places to stay.

I hope you enjoy your visit and join in with the discussion.