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The RG7 Burghfield Common Postcode District

The RG7 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 31,944 and is within the RG Reading postcode area.

Map of the RG7 Postcode District

Hotels within the RG7 Postcode Area

We found 13 hotels and guest houses within the RG7 postcode area

Hinds Head
Hinds Head
Wasing Lane, Reading, aldermaston, RG7 4LX.
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Berkshire Arms by Good Night Inns
Berkshire Arms by Good Night Inns
Bath Road, Midgham, midgham, RG7 5UX.
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The Mill House
The Mill House
Basingstoke Rd, Swallowfield, Reading, reading, RG7 1PY.
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Holiday Inn Reading West
Holiday Inn Reading West
Bath Rd, Padworth Lane, Reading, reading, RG7 5HT.
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Old Lamb Hotel
Old Lamb Hotel
Church Street, Theale, Reading, reading, RG7 5BZ.
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Burgh House
Burgh House
11 Lamden Way, Burghfield Common, Reading, reading, RG7 3LZ.
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Trunkwell House Hotel
Trunkwell House Hotel
Beech Hill Reading, Reading, reading, RG7 2AT.
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Red Kite House
Red Kite House
Reading Road, Burghfield Common, burghfield, RG7 3BH.
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Flexistay Reading West Aparthotel
Flexistay Reading West Aparthotel
Bath Rd, Padworth, Reading, reading, RG7 5HT.
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De Vere Wokefield Estate
De Vere Wokefield Estate
Goodboys Lane, Mortimer, Reading, reading, RG7 3AE.
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Best Western West Grange Hotel
Best Western West Grange Hotel
Cox's Lane, Bath Rd, Midgham, Newbury, thatcham, RG7 5UP.
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Little Park Farm
Little Park Farm
Little Park Farm, Beech Hill Road, Mortimer, Berkshire, Reading, stratfield-mortimer, RG7 2AN.
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Meadow Thatch
Meadow Thatch
Bath road, Midgham, Nr Reading, Berkshire, Midgham, midgham, RG7 5UU.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the RG7 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
AldermastonvillageWest Berkshire
Aldermaston SokevillageWest Berkshire
Aldermaston SokevillageBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
Aldermaston WharfvillageWest Berkshire
Beech HillvillageWest Berkshire
BeenhamvillageWest Berkshire
Beenham StockshamletWest Berkshire
BradfieldvillageWest Berkshire
BrimptonvillageWest Berkshire
Brimpton CommonvillageWest Berkshire
Brimpton CommonvillageBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
BuckleburyvillageWest Berkshire
Burghfield CommonvillageWest Berkshire
Chapel RowvillageWest Berkshire
CrookhamhamletWest Berkshire
EnglefieldvillageWest Berkshire
Fair CrosshamletBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
Farley HillvillageWokingham
Goddard's GreenhamletWest Berkshire
Grazeley GreenhamletWest Berkshire
Great Lea CommonvillageWokingham
Hyde EndhamletWest Berkshire
Kiff GreenhamletWest Berkshire
Lower PadworthvillageWest Berkshire
MidghamvillageWest Berkshire
Midgham GreenhamletWest Berkshire
MortimervillageWest Berkshire
MortimervillageBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
Mortimer West EndvillageBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
North StreethamletWest Berkshire
Old WarrenvillageWest Berkshire
Old WarrenvillageBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
PadworthhamletWest Berkshire
Padworth CommonvillageWest Berkshire
PoundgreenhamletWest Berkshire
Ryeish GreenvillageWokingham
Sheffield BottomhamletWest Berkshire
SilchestervillageBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
SouthendvillageWest Berkshire
Spencers WoodvillageWokingham
Stanford DingleyvillageWest Berkshire
Stanford EndotherSettlemenWokingham
Stratfield MortimervillageWest Berkshire
Stratfield SayevillageBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
SulhamsteadvillageWest Berkshire
Sulhamstead AbbotshamletWest Berkshire
Sulhamstead BannisterhamletWest Berkshire
TadleytownWest Berkshire
TadleytownBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
The SladehamletWest Berkshire
ThealevillageWest Berkshire
Three AsheshamletBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
Three Mile CrossvillageWokingham
Tutts ClumpvillageWest Berkshire
Ufton GreenhamletWest Berkshire
Ufton NervetvillageWest Berkshire
Upper BuckleburyvillageWest Berkshire
Upper WoolhamptonvillageWest Berkshire
West End GreenhamletBasingstoke and DeaneHampshire
Whitehouse GreenhamletWest Berkshire
WoolhamptonvillageWest Berkshire
Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the RG7 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
RG7 1Hook Delivery Office
RG7 2Tadley Delivery Office
RG7 2Hook Delivery Office
RG7 3Hook Delivery Office
RG7 3Thatcham Delivery Office
RG7 4Tadley Delivery Office
RG7 4Thatcham Delivery Office
RG7 5Thatcham Delivery Office
RG7 6Southend (reading) Scale Payment Delivery Office
RG7 6Thatcham Delivery Office
RG7 8Tadley Delivery Office
Postcode format for the RG7 postcode district
RG7 - X X X
RG7 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Streets within the RG7 Burghfield Common Postcode Area