The DT2 8 Puddletown Postcode Sector

DT2 8 is a postcode sector within the DT2 postcode district which is within the DT Dorchester postcode area.

The Royal Mail delivery office for the DT2 8 postal sector is the Dorchester Delivery Office.

Postcode format for the DT2 8 postcode sector
DT2-8 X X
DT2Space8 Letter Letter

Map of the DT2 8 Postcode Sector

Towns, Villages or Cities within the DT2 8 Postcode Sector

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
BroadmaynevillageWest DorsetDorset
CrosswaysvillageWest DorsetDorset
DorchestertownWest DorsetDorset
East Chaldon / ChaldovillagePurbeckDorset
East KnightonvillagePurbeckDorset
GaltonhamletWest DorsetDorset
Higher BockhamptonvillageWest DorsetDorset
HolworthhamletWest DorsetDorset
IlsingtonhamletWest DorsetDorset
Kingston MaurwardotherSettlementWest DorsetDorset
Lower BockhamptonhamletWest DorsetDorset
OwermoignevillageWest DorsetDorset
PoxwellhamletWest DorsetDorset
PuddletownvillageWest DorsetDorset
RedbridgehamletWest DorsetDorset
RingsteadhamletWest DorsetDorset
StinsfordvillageWest DorsetDorset
TincletonvillageWest DorsetDorset
WarmwellvillageWest DorsetDorset
West Chaldon / ChaldohamletPurbeckDorset
West KnightonvillageWest DorsetDorset
West StaffordvillageWest DorsetDorset
West WoodsfordhamletWest DorsetDorset
WhitcombehamletWest DorsetDorset
Winfrith NewburghvillagePurbeckDorset
Winterborne CamehamletWest DorsetDorset
Winterborne MonktonhamletWest DorsetDorset
WoodsfordhamletWest DorsetDorset

Streets within the DT2 8 Postcode Sector