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The DT2 Puddletown Postcode District

The DT2 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 24,826 and is within the DT Dorchester postcode area.

Map of the DT2 Postcode District

Hotels within the DT2 Postcode Area

We found 43 hotels and guest houses within the DT2 postcode area

Royal Yeoman B&B
Royal Yeoman B&B
9 Dorchester Rd, Grimstone, Dorchester, dorchester-aireborough, DT2 9NA.
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Cob Cottage in Dorset
Cob Cottage in Dorset
3 Hardys Row, West Knighton, Dorset, Broadmayne, broadmayne, DT2 8PF.
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Piddle Inn
Piddle Inn
Piddle Inn - Dorchester, Dorset, Piddletrenthide, piddletrenthide, DT2 7QF.
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Waterfield House B&B
Waterfield House B&B
Waterfield House Bradford Peverell, Charminster, charminster-aireborough, DT2 9SA.
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Churchview House
Churchview House
, Winterbourne Abbas nr. Dorchester, winterborne-abbas, DT2 9LS.
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15 Main Street Broadmayne, Broadmayne, broadmayne, DT2 8EB.
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Mi Tyme
Mi Tyme
, Maiden Newton near Dorchester, frome-vauchurch, DT2 0AA.
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Tudor Cottage Frampton
Tudor Cottage Frampton
9 Dorchester Road Frampton, Dorchester, dorchester-aireborough, DT2 9NB.
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South House Retreat
South House Retreat
South House Dorchester, Dorset, Piddletrenthide, piddletrenthide, DT2 7QP.
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1 Coombes Close, West Bay, west-bay, DT2 9EX.
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Little Court
Little Court
5 Westleaze, Charminster, Dorchester, DT2 9PZ.
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George Albert Hotel
George Albert Hotel
Wardon Hill, Dorchester, frome-saint-quinton, DT2 9PW.
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The Acorn Inn
The Acorn Inn
28 Fore Street, Evershot, Dorset, DT2 0JW, Evershot, evershot, DT2 0JW.
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The Countryman Inn
The Countryman Inn
Blacknoll Lane, East Knighton, wool, DT2 8LL.
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Summer Lodge Hotel
Summer Lodge Hotel
Evershot, Dorset, Evershot, evershot, DT2 0JR.
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Yalbury Cottage
Yalbury Cottage
Lower Bockhampton, Dorchester, dorchester-aireborough, DT2 8PZ.
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The Black Dog Inn
The Black Dog Inn
50 Main Street, Dorchester, broadmayne, DT2 8ES.
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The Gamekeeper
The Gamekeeper
16 North Street, Charminster, charminster-aireborough, DT2 9QZ.
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New Inn - Dorchester
New Inn - Dorchester
High Street, West Knighton, Dorchester, dorchester-aireborough, DT2 8PE.
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Cheriton House
Cheriton House
Winfrith Newburgh, Lulworth Cove, winfrith-newburgh, DT2 8JN.
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Wynards Farm
Wynards Farm
Wynards Farm, Winfrith Newburgh,, Dorchester, winfrith-newburgh, DT2 8DQ.
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The Manor House
The Manor House
West Bexington, Bridport, puncknowle, DT2 9DF.
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Wooden Cabbage House
Wooden Cabbage House
East Chelborough, Dorchester, Dorset, halstock, DT2 0QA.
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Frogmore Farm, Toller Porcorum, Dorchester, toller-porcorum, DT2 0DL.
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Rylstone Bed and Breakfast
Rylstone Bed and Breakfast
Main Street, Martinstown, Dorchester, dorchester-aireborough, DT2 9JR.
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The Pavillion
The Pavillion
, Long Bredy, puncknowle, DT2 9HN.
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Pleck Barn
Pleck Barn
Pleck Barn, Higher Ansty, Ansty, ansty-gb, DT2 7PU.
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Primrose Cottage II
Primrose Cottage II
, Winterbourne Steepleton, portesham, DT2 9HD.
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Rose Cottage IV
Rose Cottage IV
, Winterbourne Steepleton, portesham, DT2 9HD.
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Peach Tree Cottage
Peach Tree Cottage
, Winterbourne Steepleton, frampton, DT2 9HD.
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Buzzards Beau
Buzzards Beau
East Wing Conygar House, Broadmayne, Dorchester, dorchester-aireborough, DT2 8LX.
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Woods Cottage
Woods Cottage
, Evershot, evershot, DT2 0PG.
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Millbury Cottage
Millbury Cottage
, Dorchester, dorchester-aireborough, DT2 9SB.
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Hammett Cottage
Hammett Cottage
, Tolpuddle, tolpuddle, DT2 7EZ.
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The Hollies
The Hollies
, West Bexhington, puncknowle, DT2 9DG.
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Melbury B&B
Melbury B&B
Melbury, Cuckoo Lane Higher Bockhampton Dorchester Dorset, Dorchester, dorchester-aireborough, DT2 8QH.
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Higher Waterston Farm
Higher Waterston Farm
Higher Waterston Farm, Slyers Lane, Dorchester, dorchester-aireborough, DT2 7SW.
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The Granary
The Granary
, Piddlehinton nr. Dorchester, piddlehinton, DT2 7TH.
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Mill House
Mill House
, Maiden Newton nr. Dorchester, frome-vauchurch, DT2 0BG.
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Brace of Pheasants
Brace of Pheasants
Plush, Alton Pancras, alton-pancras, DT2 7RQ.
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Old School Cottage
Old School Cottage
, Toller Porcorum nr. Dorchester, toller-porcorum, DT2 0DF.
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Somerville Bed and Breakfast
Somerville Bed and Breakfast
Somerville, Athelhampton, Puddletown, puddletown, DT2 7LG.
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Higher Melcombe Manor
Higher Melcombe Manor
Higher Melcombe Manor, Melcombe Bingham, Dorset, Dorchester, ansty-gb, DT2 7PB.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the DT2 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
AllerhamletNorth DorsetDorset
Alton PancrasvillageWest DorsetDorset
AnstyvillageNorth DorsetDorset
Ansty CrosshamletNorth DorsetDorset
AskerswellvillageWest DorsetDorset
AthelhamptonhamletWest DorsetDorset
BenvillehamletWest DorsetDorset
Bingham's MelcombeotherSettlementWest DorsetDorset
BookhamhamletWest DorsetDorset
Bradford PeverellvillageWest DorsetDorset
BroadmaynevillageWest DorsetDorset
Buckland NewtonvillageWest DorsetDorset
BurlestonhamletWest DorsetDorset
BurtonhamletWest DorsetDorset
CattistockvillageWest DorsetDorset
Cerne AbbasvillageWest DorsetDorset
ChalmingtonhamletWest DorsetDorset
Charlton DownvillageWest DorsetDorset
CharminstervillageWest DorsetDorset
CheselbournevillageWest DorsetDorset
ChilfromehamletWest DorsetDorset
ClifthamletWest DorsetDorset
Compton ValencehamletWest DorsetDorset
CorscombevillageWest DorsetDorset
CosmorehamletWest DorsetDorset
Cross LaneshamletWest DorsetDorset
CrosswaysvillageWest DorsetDorset
CruxtonhamletWest DorsetDorset
DewlishvillageWest DorsetDorset
DorchestertownWest DorsetDorset
DuntishhamletWest DorsetDorset
East Chaldon / ChaldovillagePurbeckDorset
East ChelboroughhamletWest DorsetDorset
East KnightonvillagePurbeckDorset
East PulhamhamletNorth DorsetDorset
EvershotvillageWest DorsetDorset
ForstonhamletWest DorsetDorset
FramptonvillageWest DorsetDorset
Frome St QuintinvillageWest DorsetDorset
GaltonhamletWest DorsetDorset
GodmanstonevillageWest DorsetDorset
GrimstonehamletWest DorsetDorset
HenleyhamletWest DorsetDorset
HermitagevillageWest DorsetDorset
Higher AnstyvillageNorth DorsetDorset
Higher BockhamptonvillageWest DorsetDorset
Higher CoombehamletWest DorsetDorset
Higher KingcombehamletWest DorsetDorset
Higher MelcombehamletWest DorsetDorset
Higher WraxallhamletWest DorsetDorset
HolworthhamletWest DorsetDorset
HolywellhamletWest DorsetDorset
HuishhamletWest DorsetDorset
IlsingtonhamletWest DorsetDorset
Kingston MaurwardotherSettlementWest DorsetDorset
Kingston RussellhamletWest DorsetDorset
LewcombehamletWest DorsetDorset
Little Ansty / PleckhamletNorth DorsetDorset
LittlebredyhamletWest DorsetDorset
Litton CheneyvillageWest DorsetDorset
Long BredyvillageWest DorsetDorset
Lower AnstyhamletNorth DorsetDorset
Lower BockhamptonhamletWest DorsetDorset
Lower KingcombehamletWest DorsetDorset
Lower WraxallhamletWest DorsetDorset
Lyon's GatehamletWest DorsetDorset
Maiden NewtonvillageWest DorsetDorset
Melbury BubbhamletWest DorsetDorset
Melbury OsmondvillageWest DorsetDorset
Melbury SampfordhamletWest DorsetDorset
Melcombe BinghamhamletWest DorsetDorset
Minterne MagnahamletWest DorsetDorset
Minterne ParvaotherSettlementWest DorsetDorset
MucklefordhamletWest DorsetDorset
NottonhamletWest DorsetDorset
OwermoignevillageWest DorsetDorset
PiddlehintonvillageWest DorsetDorset
PiddletrenthidevillageWest DorsetDorset
PimpernehamletWest DorsetDorset
PleckhamletWest DorsetDorset
PlushvillageWest DorsetDorset
PoxwellhamletWest DorsetDorset
PuddletownvillageWest DorsetDorset
PulhamvillageNorth DorsetDorset
PuncknowlevillageWest DorsetDorset
RampishamvillageWest DorsetDorset
RedbridgehamletWest DorsetDorset
RedfordhamletWest DorsetDorset
RewhamletWest DorsetDorset
RingsteadhamletWest DorsetDorset
SandhillshamletWest DorsetDorset
Sharnhill GreenhamletWest DorsetDorset
SouthoverhamletWest DorsetDorset
StinsfordvillageWest DorsetDorset
StockwoodhamletWest DorsetDorset
StrattonvillageWest DorsetDorset
SwyrevillageWest DorsetDorset
Sydling St NicholasvillageWest DorsetDorset
TincletonvillageWest DorsetDorset
Toller FratrumhamletWest DorsetDorset
Toller PorcorumvillageWest DorsetDorset
TollerfordvillageWest DorsetDorset
TolpuddlevillageWest DorsetDorset
Turners PuddlehamletPurbeckDorset
Up CernehamletWest DorsetDorset
Up SydlinghamletWest DorsetDorset
UphallhamletWest DorsetDorset
WarmwellvillageWest DorsetDorset
West BexingtonvillageWest DorsetDorset
West Chaldon / ChaldohamletPurbeckDorset
West ChelboroughhamletWest DorsetDorset
West ComptonhamletWest DorsetDorset
West KnightonvillageWest DorsetDorset
West PulhamhamletNorth DorsetDorset
West StaffordvillageWest DorsetDorset
West WoodsfordhamletWest DorsetDorset
WestonhamletWest DorsetDorset
WhitcombehamletWest DorsetDorset
White LackingtonvillageWest DorsetDorset
Winfrith NewburghvillagePurbeckDorset
Winterborne CamehamletWest DorsetDorset
Winterborne HerringsthamletWest DorsetDorset
Winterborne MonktonhamletWest DorsetDorset
Winterborne St MartinvillageWest DorsetDorset
Winterbourne AbbasvillageWest DorsetDorset
Winterbourne SteeplethamletWest DorsetDorset
WoodsfordhamletWest DorsetDorset
WoolcombehamletWest DorsetDorset
Woolford's WatervillageWest DorsetDorset
Wynford EaglehamletWest DorsetDorset

Postcode Sectors within the DT2 Postcode District

Postcode Districts Closest to DT2

Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the DT2 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
DT2 0Dorchester Delivery Office
DT2 7Dorchester Delivery Office
DT2 8Dorchester Delivery Office
DT2 9Dorchester Delivery Office
Postcode format for the DT2 postcode district
DT2 - X X X
DT2 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Tourist Attractions within the DT2 Postcode Area

We found 1 visitor attractions within the DT2 postcode area

Hardy's Cottage
View Hardy's Cottage on Google Maps

Streets within the DT2 Puddletown Postcode Area